Dae asks: Favorite Pokémon

The one question that rules them all, the one that lies at the heart of every Pokémon trainer. Some will say they have no preference, but we all know that deep inside, they do have one. So, here it comes….

Who’s your favorite Pokémon of all generations? No need for me to explain it further, it’s you who should say why!

As always, discussion belongs in the comments below. So speak up, my friends!

  1. Milotic!!

    its a beautiful elegant pokemon and god do i love mine
    Mirror Coat just kills off others so unexpectedly i only wish i could see the faces of those i use it on

    Also Weavile beacause hes silly and fast and i love my huge plush of him

  2. Infernape! @(^o^)@

    I also like Monferno and Chimchar, too, as well as Pansear, Simisear, Darumaka, and Darmanitan. ^‿^

    (In case it wasn’t obvious, I like fire monkeys! XD)

    1. Fire Monkey Crazy much?

      Anyway, my favourite is Combusken, followed in very hot pursuit my Dewott. I’m not a fan of final evos too much design-wise. Combusken looks and is pretty much awesome, and Dewott’s design is excellent. His moveset and stats aren’t too shabby either.

  3. I have to say it has to be Lucario. I think that because it can act like a human, it makes it so cool and the fact that it can use it’s aura powers to read minds… say no more…. Also, I have to say I also like Lucario because of Riley… his outfit is epic!

  4. Mine would have to be Glaceon.♥ I’m always fond of the eeveelutions but there was just something about it when I first used it back when Diamond and Pearl came out. It may not be as fast as the others, but that doesn’t matter to me. I also love the design, just something about it seems beautiful for an Ice Type. I’m having a hard time putting what I feel into words about it though ha ha. ^_^”

  5. Togepi! I just love it! Although it could be Haxorus, but only because it only took me 97 eggs to get a shiny. Hydreigon is the reason I even tried to get a shiny Haxorus. It only took 10 eggs for me to get a shiny! My friend does have me beat, however. I finally convinced him to try for a shiny Gligar, and it only took him 6 eggs. Of course, we were using the masuda method. The next time I tried for a shiny was a Charmander, which took a whopping 828 eggs! The next shiny I tried for was Snivy, which took 244. I’m currently trying to get a shiny Lucario, and I’m currently on 245, but I’ve taken a short break to play some Pokémon Rumble Blast! I’ll probably tell you guys when I get my Lucario 😉
    But yeah… Definitely Togepi or Haxorus =)

  6. Haunter!!! I love its design, I love its movepool, everything. Whenever I catch one or evolve Ghastly into one, I never evolve it further. His cry on the show and in the games is just pure awesomeness.

  7. Mew has been and always will be my favorite. :3 Last year I bought a pink Christmas tree and decorated it with Mews. Planning on doing it again this year!

  8. Leafeon. Grass is my favourite type and I’ve always wanted a grass eeveelution. Once I saw it in my dream(it was very different, I saw it as a grass eeveelution) after I had watched the Eevee brothesr episode. Yes here it is, very elegant looking pokemon and with a bonus: influenced from cats, my favourite animal.

  9. RALTS :D! I really love his design and he just reminds me of the little boy I used to be.. Shy but still cute ;P No really.. Ralts can evolve in two of my most favorite Pokemon ^^


    their snakes,their so smug,their freakin green,and they are beasts in competitive battles.contrary+leaf storm+glare+light screen+reflect=F’ing my opponents up.

    also PALPITOAD!
    its a dang awesome toad,nuff said

    its squirtle darnit

    its a crocodile,and the best water starter,and second fave water,next to palpitoad.

    the best shiny,my first evd pokemon,shiny and all,and the best shiny design.

  11. For me… it’s probably Gligar. It has that silly face and that awesome type combination, and it’s version-exclusive, which makes it even more special, in my opinion. Gold was the first version I ever had, and the minute I caught Gligar, it became my star team member. Gliscor is cool, too, but Gligar is awesome on its own. So yeah, my favorite Pokemon is definitely Gligar!

  12. Zekrom will forever be my favorite. I like the unique types, though I was hoping for Dragon/Dark like many people, but Dragon/Electric is cool too! His design was greatly done and truly shows what a dragon should look like, in my opinion.

  13. mines would of course be totodile. his awesome dance is just awesome. and i remember that when i was younger and gold just came out, i’d think that croconaws pattern on its body was a diaper lol.

  14. I love the Porygon line, just because it is so different. I also favor Charmander because of its cuteness, and Kingdra just because it looks so awesome.

  15. Ninetales no doubt, from the very first time over ten years ago.

    It’s just beautiful and powerful. If only in-game was nicer to her.

    A close second would either be Blaziken(5th gen) or Gardevoir.

  16. Staraptor
    An amazingly creative design makes this pokemon my all-time favorite. I loved loved LOVED this guy when he first came out, and I still use him today. His aura reminds me of myself, if that makes any sense at all. Until the end of time, Staraptor will have a special place in my heart.

  17. Snorlax. Forever.
    Not completely sure why, its been around 10+ years since I laid my eyes on it….. its just so cool, and freaking epic. I lunge at an opportunity to get a Snorlax in any Pokemon game… It was on my team way back when I played Blue, and its on my team now, playing post-game White.

  18. I’ve thought about this a LOT A LOT A LOT A LOT A LOT…
    Here are my top faves:
    Swampert – Awesome design for the Mudkip evolved monster! Star of my team in Gen 3!
    Toxicroak – One dangerous purple frog, one STAB Focus Punch and bye bye!
    Scrafty – So the best Bulk Up user in existence, I love my droopy lizard!

    There are more of course, but those are the top three, and I’d hate to keep you reading here about Dragonite, Gliscor, Drapion, Scizor, Tyranitar, Nidoking… The list just goes on, doesn’t it?

  19. Weezing. Everything about it is just awesome! It looks awesome, it has good stats, it has a diverse movepool, and it has a skull and crossbones symbol. It doesn’t get more badass than Weezing!

  20. Crobat. It’s very satisfying, after raising a sniveling Zubat or Golbat for such a long time, to evolve it into a BA poison-type that you can use Fly on. It’s got a coolr, simple design, and it feels like an accomplishment to raise.

    Mostly, though, this is probably me justifying my nostalgia. Crobat was the first non-starter I raised and evolved (I needed a flying type).

  21. Wow, this was tough! I guess the number one spot goes to Gallade. He’s a tough physical attacker with some good support moves. He has a sleek humanoid design with a sharp green and white color scheme. And his typing is pretty cool – psychic and fighting.

  22. I also have to say Crobat. I remember that time when I couldn’t find the charger , the ds was on low power and I had no good poke balls… But then I saw the shiny, and I furiously tried to wear it down. Finally, though, I caught her with a Great Ball, in Iron island.
    But since then, she was the star of my 4th gen team – I always used her, and she helped me catch Pokemon like Mesprit using Mean Look.

  23. Snivy FTW he’s like a ninja.

    BTW could u update the pokemon black and white app it has no updates shince October

  24. Mewtwo has been a fan favorite since my childhood years… though not my Favorite until just under a year ago. He seeks a reason for his existence (in the anime), he’s a just hero who sees himself in the Pokemon Giovanni manipulates (in the manga), and he’s an unstoppable tank of Psychic power (in the games). He can be so many things at once, it’s crazy, and I dare to say he has the most established personality of all Pokemon.
    …Plus he’s got his own birthday (February 6). How many Pokemon can say that? (;

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