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There is a new Shaymin event coming to Japan soon, but I’ll report it once we get full details.

So I’ve done a Trainer Class article some time ago, and now we’re going one step further: Gym Leaders and their Gyms. With five generations, and two remakes, we have seen a lot of different Gym designs and Leader rosters. So which one is your favorite? I don’t really need to inspire you, as I think most of you have a preference for a particular gym.

So, tell us all about in the comments! I have a lot more time to report on news stories now, and although we can’t always be the quickiest, I’m not letting important news slip from now on!


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    1. Okay, I’m going with Reece’s method

      Kanto: Celadon Gym
      Johto: Cianwood Gym
      Hoenn: Sootopolis Gym
      Sinnoh: Hearthome Gym
      Unova: Opelucid Gym

      All-time favourite: Celadon and Erika

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  2. This is a tough question! Uhh… well, in terms of my favorite Gym, as in, my favorite Gym building and Gym puzzle, I’d say it’s probably the Ecruteak Gym. I love the weird ghostly floor in both its Gen 2 and Gen 4 incarnations, and the Gym Trainers inside are suitably nuts. But Morty’s team wasn’t particularly impressive (I’ve always swept him with nothing but Croconaw’s Crunch) so in terms of my favorite Gym Leader/Gym Leader roster, it’s probably Flannery’s team. Just tough enough to be a real challenge, but not so difficult that it’s downright frustrating. (Wow, this really was a tough question.)

  3. Ha! Suprisingly, I think that my favourite gym leader is Whitney! The 2nd Generation games are my definite favourites but it was a close call between the first three Johto gym leaders. I remember playing Silver and Crystal as a 7 year old and not being able to figure our what to do after I defeat Whitney. I remember getting owned by Miltank and rage quitting the game several times. Many years later (I was about 11?) I learned that internet can be used for other things than playing games on the Cartoon Network website (fail much?) so I found the solution online… Then the game became much less enjoyable. I was underlevelled and I got a fright first time I encountered Raikou (I blame the music) etc. Went a bit off topic here… Anyways, I just love the whole Goldenrod City blues. You finally manage to find your way out the forest (it seemed big and difficult back then..) and see this epic, huge and detailed (…back in the days) city that just wants to be explored. Also, my disappointment in Miltank as soon as I got my own one. Whitney’s one was just too much of a win… Good times, good times. In conclusion, Whitney’s my favourite gym leader just for the sake of having an overpowered cow and being situated in Goldenrod City. Winona, Jasmine, Falker and Bugsy would my my other favourites.

  4. Damn you for xhoosing such as HARD question…. hmmmm… so many to chose from so I’ll chose one from each region:
    Lt Surge: I loved having to guess where the first swtich was then tossing a coin to see it was the right or left switch. Also, Visiting the Digglet’s cave, ctaching a Dugtrio then spamming Dig on his Pokemon…classic
    Pryce: Purely because of the puzzle… the other gyms (in the original game) didn’t seem like much of a challenge
    Winnona: I loved the rotating door thingies and I just thought that it was the best one in the region… Bring back the trick house!!!!1 (slightly off topic)
    Candice: I absolutely loved the idea of building up enough momentum to smash though the snowballs, then going from the platform she’s on to slide right to the entrance of the gym (sorry it got a bit sciencey in here)
    This one was a hard one as the graphics where amazing in most cases however the puzzle was too linear, and for that reason, it is Skyla: The idea of being shot out of a cannon-and through rings in the sky – was a hilarious approach to a gym, especially the bit when you go straight into the wall!

  5. The Opelucid Gym had a pretty cool concept, as a tricky maze that required making a path by leaping back and forth to rotate the dragons’ heads and tails. My only complaint about it is that I wished the gym had aesthetic differences between Black and White, like color swaps of the dragons and the floor pattern or something.

  6. Hmmm..this is quite tricky- im gonna regionalise and categorise lol…..

    Okay o in terms of the Gym aesthetics and puzzle id say:

    Kanto: Ceruleon Gym- its just so natural looking and i always loved the pool in the middle where you could actually fish!!
    Johto: Goldenrod Gym- really because i spent the most time ther lol (i am looking at you stupidly overpowered miltank :<)
    Hoenn: Sootopolis Gym- love the puzzle and the beauty of the gym.
    Sinnoh: Snowpoint Gym- tis soooooo fun when you go wheeeeeee after the battle XD
    Unova: Nimbassa Gym- it has a ROLLERCASTER…nuf said lol

    as for gym leaders..

    Kanto: Misty
    Johto: Morty
    Hoenn: Winona
    Sinnoh: Candice
    Unova: Lenora

    Overall id say Misty and the Ceruleon Gym 🙂

  7. this is a hard question and since i cant decide on one i will put my favorites from each gen lol
    gen 1- cerulean city gym
    gen 2- Ecruteak City (i just loved the darkened floors and the suspense of not knowing if you would get on the floor)
    gen 3- sootopolis city gym ( hated this when i was younger because it was a pain but now that is exactly why i like it)
    gen 4- hearthome city gym (platinum versions) ( i loved the theme it had going here)
    gen 5- a tie between the nimbasa city and the Mistralton City gyms ( i loved the nimbasa gym because of the roller coasters and loved the mistralton gym because i thought it was pretty cool that they thought of putting cannons in a gym)

  8. Well. That’s hard. I just want to mention Jasmine’s Gym in Olivine City in HGSS: you don’t even fight a single trainer inside it! That took me by surprise. Okay: I’m also going to classify my favorite gyms by regions:

    Kanto – I guess my favorite at Gen. 1 is Erika’s Gym at Celadon City (is it?). I just love grass types and it’s redesign in HGSS was just mindblowing. (Although that puzzle, was plainly annoying.)

    Johto – Okay, for my 2nd Gen. is Claire’s Gym. The lava thing was pretty cool and it signaled the challenge up ahead.

    Hoenn – I don’t really remember any Hoenn Gyms.. But I loved the Twin’s Gym. Not really for it’s design, but having a tag battle with Gym Leaders in-game is pretty cool.

    Sinnoh – I loved Candice’s Gym. I solved the puzzle all by myself! Haha, not necessarily an achivement, but sliding on those ice was pretty fun.

    Unova – Castelia’s Gym was my favorite here. Call me a geek, but the honey thing was pure GENIUS.

    My favorite Gym leader is………. Whitney! I just love her preppy and girly attitude. And what a shock when she refused to give my badge (bad Whitney!). But the thing that me like her so much was her HGSS Sprite. Cheery much?

    1. I also loved the honey 🙂 Wish it would’ve been more of a “puzzle” and they would’ve taken the concept even further!

  9. My favorite gym:
    Kanto- Vermillion City
    Johto- Mahogany City
    Hoenn- Sootopolis City
    Sinnoh- Sunnyshore City
    Unova- ummm i like em all!!!!

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