Dae asks: Favorite Rival

Some time ago I asked you guys to send in ideas for a new Dae asks, and a got a few responses. However I need more suggestions for the next community question, so send me a private message if you have something. Today’s question is courtesy of Jandro27, and is rather interesting.

Who is your favorite rival? You know, that guy/gal that always pops out of nowhere to fight you. There aren’t many rivals in the games, but you don’t have to pick the nicest guy, just the one that does a very good job at being a rival. Please explain who you choose him/her, as we don’t want the same comment appearing over and over again.

Made your choice? Good, tell us about it in the comments!

  1. I Like Wally and his green floppy hair, I love it when he’s like ‘I’m gonna beat yoyu and prove that I’m awesome!’ Then your like ‘yeah right…. not with my super powerfl… on my team!’
    Also, he gets a ralts which is one of the bets Pokemon ever especially Gallade… !

  2. DICKS. Or Blue, whatever the fanbase says it is.
    Bad-ass attitude, awesome intro music, ACTUALLY BECAME A CHAMPION. He’s essentially a cooler version of Link. Or Red, whatever you guys are calling him.

    Oh, and you killed his Rattata. Shame on you.

  3. Silver by far. He looked so bad a** i wanted to battle him everytime just to look at his cool artwork and also it was different to the usual childhood friend/ friendly rival, he had an interesting personality and background. He was more the opposite of the main character than any of the others

  4. Hm..I’ll have to go with Gary “Mother F-ing” Oak. He just had a big impact on me than other rivals…always appearing at times when half of your Pokemon fainted and so on, and who can forget that “Smell ya later!”?..He seemed more of a challenge to me. I actually felt like he was my rival and I had some competition. Now a days I don’t really pay much attention to my rival cause it feels like they make it a bit easy, I mean it’s nice to have those friendly rivals in game so don’t get me wrong ha ha.

        1. Yeah, but you couldn’t name them. Or Brendan/May, for that matter. Which sucks IMO becuase you can’t call a your rival a name.

  5. I’d have to agree with jenny and say “Gary “Mother F-ing” Oak.” Honestly he’s just an awesome rival, he seems pretty weak up to Silph co and then you’re like WTHeck! How’d your Pokemon get all awesome. Then you face him as the champion and he’s just awesome. Plus his snazy little comments, when he loses to you or is bragging about his pokedex. Gary FTW

  6. I’m probably gonna get some hate for this, but I really liked Barry the best of all the rivals. He was just kind of funny and all over the place, and I never got tired of seeing him show up places, unlike the two Unova rivals who I very quickly tired of. Also, if I won a battle against him (which, naturally, was very often) I felt like “well of course he’d lose, he’s ridiculous” but if he ever happened to win (which… might’ve happened, once or twice…) I thought “well that’s nice for him, way to go.”

  7. I’d have to say Wally, because by the end of Victory Road he actually put up a good fight, giving him the 3rd starter to finish off a team of six woulda made him deadly, lol. Also he is the least recognized for being a rival, and he deserves more credit!!!

  8. woohoo! you chose me 🙂 i will have to say, i like gary the best because he is the only one that feels like a rival that was also your childhood friend. plus he’s the only one who becomes the champion and that music is epic xD

  9. Hmm… I guess my favorite would have to be Silver. I feel like he was a more three-dimensional rival. He seemed to have the most in depth back story that you have to figure out through gameplay. He grows the most, just as your character supposedly does. I also found his battles to be the hardest… He just didn’t have Pokemon that you typically expect a rival to have, and I never remembered when Silver would show up. I would be totally unprepared every time his battles came up.

  10. I really like Gary and all, but I think Silver is the best of them all. I never liked gary because he was also in the anime and he was a child in the anime when he appeared to me as like a 15-17 year old in the game…..

    After gen II, the rivals just got less rival-ey. I mean i liked the guy with the ralts and i like the 2 rivals concept of B/W, but they’re mostly just your ”childhood” friends. You’d want them to be douches so you actually have some motivation to fight them…

  11. Well, let’s take this one by one:
    Gary was a douche from his first entrance. Yeah, he was a tough, challenging rival, but he was also supposed to be a friend. I just didn’t like his rudeness and seeming antagonism.
    Red-head was also a good challenger, but I always felt bad for his pokemon. Sure, he gets over himself in the end, but the journey is hard to imagine.
    May was useless, and I didn’t feel like Wally was around enough to constitute a solid rival, even though I really did like him.
    Barry was fun, in my opinion. He was the first rival that had a really well developed personality (especially in Platinum), and all of the battles with him were good-hearted competition, never a fight. I liked him.
    Cheren and Bianca were, in my opinion, great. I was happy the “leftover” starter was finally taken care of, and the friendship with the two was great. They have their downsides (Cheren is way too serious and stubborn with the whole powertrip thing, while Bianca is kind of an idiot), but overall, I really enjoy my encounters with them, which should be the goal of the rival battles, should it not?

  12. Wally by a long shot. He actually showed progress throughout the game, and I liked his story the best. N is a close second. Thinking of that scene of his room gets me every time. He wasn’t that challenging but he was the first rival I ever really FELT anything for. Barry gets an honorable mention too 🙂 I find him fun to battle lol

    1. Really? I like N the least. His character design is alright, I guess, and his multiple parties using Pokemon in the area, I’ll admit, are pretty cool. But his backstory… it’s kind of dumb, in my opinion. He was only shown injured Pokemon throughout his life, so that made him want to free them all from their Trainers? Sorry, but that’s a huge, sort of ridiculous stretch.

  13. i have to say Bianca, i just like her personality. However she is too easy to beat. She should get the stronger starter! Pokemon were sexist!

  14. I’d say Trip. Mostly because he’s a better trainer than Ash yet he’s still just starting out (and therefore has some good character development potential), but also because his name is one of my favorite things to do. lol

    1. Oh, and if this was a game-only deal, my vote is for Wally. He’s my favorite because a) he’s actually quite difficult at the end, and b) he’s not the regular formula for a Pokémon rival. You actually teach him a thing or two and he looks up to you, so he’s more like your student who can whoop your ass by the end if you’re not ready for him. lol

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