Distribution News for the Week

Pokemon Smash has just revealed the final details of the Japanese Mewtwo distrubition! The event Mewtwo’s moveset will be Psystrike, Aura Sphere, Shadow Ball and the newly revealed final move – Eletro Ball! Which is a move that Mewtwo can’t normally learn. (For full details of the Mewtwo distrubition click here)

In Global Link news, the Nintendo Power Banette that will soon be given away in the US and Japan for Halloween! This Banette will be level 37, have the ability Cursed Body and know Cotton Guard (a move it wouldn’t normally learn). To get this special Dream World Pokemon you’ll need a special serial code that is given in Nintendo Power (US) and Famitsu (JPN) magazines. Also, for those with European games, the Zoroark C-Gear skin has made it’s way across the pond! It’ll be available from now until March 29th and to get it you’ll need a password; EUPGLZOROARK11 if you haven’t already, go to the Global Link and get that C-Gear skin!

peace – ozymandis

P.S. I know some of this stuff is slightly late, but we decided to put it all in one post instead of having several small ones. :3

P.P.S One more month until Pokemon Rumble Blast is released in the states! Who’s excited? 😀