Pokemon the Movie: White/Black Victini and Zekrom/Reshiram


Could they give us a more confusing title?  They’ll have to work on that one next time.  Wouldn’t want something simple or overtly memorable… Anyways, here’s the English trailer!  Thanks Jenny for the heads up 😀  This isn’t super new, but I figured we might as well keep the frequent updates going and hopefully some of you can comment about your feelings regarding the movie(s)!

<3 pokejungle

  1. lol Iris is just as annoying in the English DUB as she is in the Japanese DUB. :p


  2. Iris sounds like a small child. Man I thought this was gonna be lame but it seems like its gonna be EPIC!

  3. Ah, I don’t think I’ve seen a Pokemon movie (in theaters or out) since the one with Entei came out. I may have to find a way to go see this. 🙂

  4. I haven’t seen any of the more recent movies… I think the last one I saw was the Lucario movie? I’m not really sure. I kind of want to go see this one, just for the nostalgia of seeing a Pokemon movie in the theatre again. I saw the first three…

    I hadn’t heard Cilan’s voice yet, I really like it. Although, it’s not really what I pictured it would be like.

  5. Seriously cannot express how excited I am to see this, it looks like a step up from the last couple of movies. 😀
    And a big thing for me is they seem to lower the amount of times they use 3D graphics in the movie, from what I’m seeing in the trailer. It always irks me seeing the 3D graphics in the newer movies so frequently, when it could look so much more natural and beautiful animated.

  6. Ew, Zek-ROM? Is that really going to be the English pronunciation? For those of you wondering what I’m complaining about, well, the romaji of Zekrom (that is, the direct translation of its name from the Japanese characters) would be Ze-ku-ro-mu. If you happen to know a bit of Japanese, the “u” sound on both the “ku” and the “mu” can pretty much be ignored when speaking. However, the resulting “krom” sound would be pronounced much more similarly to how we would say “chrome.” And I think personally think Ze-chrome sounds cooler anyways. =P

    And IIRC, didn’t they also get Cilan’s name pronounced wrong? From what I’ve seen of the dub, they say something like Sai-lan or whatever, when it should just be more like Se-lan, since it comes from Cilantro and all. But eh, I’m just being really nitpicky about pronounciation, aren’t I?

    The movie seems interesting, to say the least. Don’t think it is worth a trip to the theater to see, but I may watch it if it happens to get aired on Cartoon Network later along the line. It’s not important that I actually see it though, since the movies are not exactly that amazing, and it’s hard to enjoy them when I find the dub cast to be incredibly grating.

    1. Also, I understand that there will always be differences in pronunciation between the two languages (i.e. King Dee-dee-dee versus King Day-day-day from English and Japanese versions of Kirby), but this is mostly just a personal preference for me (and probably a bit of a grammar nazi in me too XP).

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