Dream World ‘Old Mansion’ Details [UPD]

Previously we found out about the Old Mansion expansion coming to the Dream World, but we didn’t get many details.  A new scan has come out (thanks shellspider!) and finally gives us a few more details about what we can expect.  Pictured are some new antique furniture items, as well as the new minigame called “Candle Extinguisher”!  Obtainable pokemon we know so far:

  • Chimecho
  • Spiritomb (Infiltrator)
  • Houndour (Unnerve)
  • Misdreavus
  • Wobbuffet (Telepathy)

We’ll keep looking for more information! 🙂

[UPD] The Japanese ‘Old Mansion’ expansion will be also be accessible internationally from September 28th under the name ‘Spooky Manor‘!

<3 pokejungle

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