Clearer Screenshot for Yanappu ‘n Co (UPD2)

Sadly we still can’t see much of the blue one and the (red?) one is out of the picture.  Thought this would be good to take our mind off some other topics we’ve been talking about though.  Also, I would like to point out that no official types have been shown yet… so… what if … Read more

Pokemon Sunday Wrap-up 9/5

Ok here’s what happened: Nothing 😐  You’ll get a special message at PokeCenters on your birthday.  Whoo. You’ll also unlock special items for Pokemon Musical on your birthday (such as… a cake) Masuda will reveal a NEW thing about Black/White next week <3 pokejungle ps- We can resume squabbling about the starters now that Pokemon … Read more

Starter Evolutions? Who cares

Anyone else sick of wasting their brain thinking about it?  😐 <3 pokejungle ps- hour and a half until pokemon sunday airs :3  Stream will be posted just like most weeks 😀

‘the493’ Exclusive Wallpaper

Way back when I did a post linking to a gallery of minimalistic Pokemon wallpapers that I really liked and thought my visitors would too.  After that the artist gladly agreed to help me with the next PJN layout and we affiliated with PLDH.  Now they have finally finished all 493 pokemon wallpapers… so what … Read more

Few New Screenshots

Not huge, but felt I should post it :3  Things that may be of interest: NPC saying Cheren, Bell, and you look fantastico and is saying goodbye ‘N’ talking about the black and white nature of Humans and Pokemon in a cave Minezumi, Tsutaaja, and an unidentifiable pokemon doing an appeal (the smiley face is … Read more