“Grass/Fire/Water Oath/Vow”

The most common translations for these new attacks seem to be “[type] Oath” which has struck me as… less than poetic.  I love the English language and I love for it to sound elegant.  It made me curious to find out whether or not this common translation was actually the best.  After doing some research … Read more

BW Rumors III

I am back from Chicago safely; survived the 7hr car ride home.  Time to post some rumors for you guys!  :3  Now these come from the same thread on 2ch as the last ones did, but obviously were posted after.  The thing to keep in mind is that sometimes after an original rumor is posted … Read more

BW Rumors II

These are old, but let’s go over them anyways.  They seem to correspond with the last rumors that I posted, so I waited to see if Oha Suta aired any new footage on Friday.  It did.  Nothing new game-wise, just new footage.  Right now it isn’t available on YouTube or anything.  Because it DID show … Read more

Best Wishes News

As was advertised on Pokemon Sunday, a small amount of news was revealed on today’s episode of anime.  :3  Wouldn’t give you any spoilers from Ash’s match though! Yanappu is Dento’s!  Grass trainer?!  And of course Ash’s obligatory costume change :p  Also Ash is revealed as catching a Mamepato.  If you want to see promotional … Read more

Meet Yanappu

Full Sugimori art and screenshot of the front of the sprite :3  Frankly I’ve grown to like it a little more now.  The tail is ultra-cute! UPD: Added transparent background image of Yanappu for whoever wants it! <3 pokejungle ps- Fat fake-yanappu was ugly :<

Pokemon Sunday News: Yanappu + Vid

Yanappu 「ヤナップ」: Grass Monkey Pokemon Type: Grass Ability: Gluttony Height: ~2ft Weight: 23.1lbs New Move: Acrobat (Video shows it’s effect in triple battle is to attack a pokemon on the far side of it, not normally possible… also base power is doubled if pokemon isn’t holding item.  Flying type?) ‘Ya’ in its name probably comes … Read more