Weekly Wrap Up 10/16-10/22

Weekly Wrap Up is our end of the week digest of smaller news stories that are just as important, but didn’t get a dedicated post! If you’d like to get real time updates about what’s mentioned here you can follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Here’s what you missed from October 16th to October 22nd!

This Week’s Big Stories:

PokéLand Gets New Alpha Test, Screenshots

RUMOR: New Alolan Forms in Ultra Sun & Moon & More!

Mewtwo and Other Legendaries Catchable in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Pokémon GO Announces Halloween Event Details

More Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Version Exclusives Revealed

Event Reminders

  • The Kalos Cap Pikachu event will be ending this Monday, October 23rd. Be sure to use the code PIKACHU20 in Mystery Gift to get this event ‘mon while you can, and remember: you can only get one of the Ash Hat Pikachu – use the code wisely! Kalos Cap Pikachu comes with the moves Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Iron Tail & Electro Ball, as well as the Pikashunium Z Z-Crystal
  • For those in the Americas and Oceania the Marshadow serial code distribution is set to end on Monday, October 23rd. For a full list of where you can pick up a serial code based on your region, and details on the event ‘mon itself head over to our dedicated Marshadow Event post

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

  • An English version of the Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon story trailer has been posted on the official Pokémon YouTube channel, however it is purely a translated trailer and provides no new information about the games
  • In an interview with IGN, game producer Shigeru Omori confirmed that Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon will be the final main series Pokémon games on the Nintendo 3DS
  • Starting on USUM’s launch day, Pokémon Centers across Japan will be doing special once per day distributions of Rotom Power from the Roto Loto! The Rotom Powers you can receive include Roto Hatch, Roto Bargain, Roto Prize Money, Roto Experience Points, Roto Friendship, Roto Encounter, and Roto Stealth. No word on whether this daily distribution will make it to other regions by different means
  • In their latest interview, Eurogamer Portugal has revealed that the points you earn from Mantine Surf can then be used to get items and other rewards – most notably to allow Move Tutors to teach your Pokémon moves that they couldn’t learn in Pokémon Sun & Moon. However the interview wasn’t explicit with whether or not these “points” are Battle Points, or an entirely different currency unique to Mantine Surf


  • Despite it being a year old, the 3DS app Swapdoodle allowed use of all Badges from the Nintendo Badge Arcade except for Pokémon – until now! You can now attach any and all Pokémon related Badges (up to four per message) to go along with your handwritten Swapdoodle messages!

Pokémon GO

  • Shiny Sableye has been confirmed to be available in game – making it the only newly released Gen III ‘mon to have it’s shiny variant available so far
  • All Sponsored Starbucks PokéStops across the US will be having “Lure-A-Thons” everyday of the Halloween event from 3pm – 6pm. So stop by your local Starbucks and take advantage of some free lures!
  • For those lucky to attend TwitchCon 2017, Unown T, W, I C, H are spawning at the event until it concludes on the evening of October 22nd

Pokémon Duel

  • A patch for Pokémon Duel is now available! Requiring 163 MB, version 4.0.5 fixes several bugs and is required to update in order to continue playing the game. The more obvious changes include the new Pumpkin Time Booster (which are guaranteed to hold Ghost-types), and a special 10 pack booster with a guaranteed EX or UX figure. As usual, the update has also added some brand new figures:
    • EX Figures: Lunala, Chandelure & Decidueye
    • R Figures: Mimikyu, & Dartrix
    • UC Figures: Litwick, Lampent, Rowlet, & Oricorio Sensu Style

Magikarp Jump

  • The popular mobile game, Magikarp Jump is now available on the Amazon App Store and on Amazon’s Fire Tablet Devices

Pokémon Shuffle

  • Both the new Alolan Marowak stage, and the repeat run of the Sableye (Costume) stage are available until October 31st
  • The Spooky Safari, which includes Zubat, Golbat, Crobat, Drifloon, Pumpkaboo (Costume), Gourgeist (Costume), and Pikachu (Costume), is currently having a repeat run until October 31st
  • The Bellossom, Kingdra, Ho-Oh, and Shiny Gyarados stages have begun repeat runs until October 24th

Check out the official Pokémon merchandise that was either revealed, leaked or is now available for purchase this week: