Pokémon GO Announces Halloween Event Details

While datamining has given us a preview of what to come in Niantic’s Pokémon GO Halloween event, official details have been revealed along with a trailer to celebrate the spooktacular holiday!

From October 20th to November 2nd trainers can take advantage of the following bonuses:

  • Gastly, Drowzee, Cubone have increased encounter rates along with some other Ghost-type Pokémon
  • Sableye, Banette and Duskull (and the latter two’s evolutions) from Hoenn are able to be found!
  • Candy rewards from catching, hatching, and transferring Pokémon will be doubled
  • Your buddy Pokémon will find Candy twice as fast
  • Witch-hat Pikachu can be caught
  • New Mimikyu Hat available for player avatars

In addition, the developers have said that other Hoenn Pokémon will be rolling out soon, with some coming as soon as December!

Are you looking forward to these treats from Pokémon GO?!

  1. Shigeru Ohmori interview with IGN:

    “When we were making Pokemon X and Y, we really were trying to push the 3DS system to its absolute limits – which is what we thought we’d done. But when Sun and Moon came around, we completely redesigned the system, and actually ended up pushing the 3DS even further to what we thought was the most we could draw out of it. With Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon we’ve tried to eke that out more and really, really push the system to its absolute limits, and we’re now feeling that perhaps this is the maximum of what we can get out. So we’re really treating Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as the culmination of our work with the 3DS system.”

    So USUM are confirmed to be the last pokemon games for the 3DS. Exciting stuff!

          1. You’re telling me we’re not getting Pokémon Mega Sun and Moon on the 3DS ten years from now?

  2. I think we should have got the Cacnea line as well. Plus the Poochyena line and Absol.

    Thematically they fit , But I guess they’re sticking to the ghosts.

      1. I really hope you are wrong. The regional Pokémon tick me off because not everyone can travel :/ it’s already bad enough I can’t catch a heracross

        1. Yeah it’s really annoying. I hope to go to florida next year so I can have a chance at getting Heracross..

          1. Good luck! And I really hope absol isn’t region exclusive since it’s easily one of my favorite Pokémon lol as long as I can get Sceptile, torkoal, absol, and flygon I will be happy

  3. So they introduced Johto Pokémon through babies, and Hoenn through its Ghosts. I’m definetly not gonna be playing when Sinnoh happens but I wonder how they’ll introduce Gen IV :0

    Probs through the cross Gen evos tbh

      1. I guess that’d work through an Easter event again and then intro Gen V through Litwick, Yamask, Frillish, and Golett

        1. Hm that could work. Though Gen 5 is so big, it make take longer for them to release so it may not line up with an easter event

          1. I mean, if they want to stay relevant they have to do it fast. I predict that gen 8 games will release the same day gen 8 mons will be added to Go.

          2. But Gen 8 will probably be on the Switch fall 2018 or maybe fall 2019. That’s way too soon to pump out 5 generations of pokemon for GO

  4. If you remember few weeks ago, I wrote about how I wanted to talk to a girl from my class that liked pokemon (that’s rare in Poland). Well, I did. And it was pretty nice. She doesn’t like Incineroar, but I can live with that.

    1. It looks like a Kanto gym while being located in a city inspired by Johto, makes sense.

      1. Well I mean Kanto and Johto are right beside each other and are probably part of the same country so it isn’t that weird

          1. I’m using ‘country’ loosely because they’re connected physically and through their gym system (sharing a league)

          2. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh are part of the same mainland, but they are seperately based on specific regions in Japan. (Kanto and Johto are the actual names of 2 of these regions in Japan)

          3. You can apply that to everything though

            ‘They’ve never referred to national politics in Pokémon so they don’t exist’

            ‘They’ve never referred to toothbrushes in Pokémon so they don’t exist’

            We don’t know if they exist, but we can only be sure when GF officially confirms their nonexistence

          4. I mean, if the regions were country they would say countries instead of regions, and if the some regions were part of a country, then they’d mention it in a form or another

            But from what i’ve seen most regions already have the requisites for being a country sooo

          5. This is all just semantics. Clearly “regions” in the pokemon world function AS countries. It’s just another word for it. They’re just world building by using different names. Saying “pokemon countries” just doesn’t sound right.

          6. Actually tbh, regions as a term would’ve came around because Japan is split into regions and the first four regions are all based on Japanese regions. It’s just kinda stayed after

          7. That’s a good point. Though they are definitely the pokemon equivalent of “countries” since that word just doesn’t exist there

          8. Tbf every region in the Pokémon universe besides Kalos is only based on part of a country, we don’t know if countries are a thing or not or what region are part of what countries if they are a thing

          9. I said basically. They work like countrys

            PS: Okay, Is ”countrys” the correct form? Cause I kinda feel I sound like an idiot saying it

          10. iirc correctly, every word that ends in Y, its plural is going to end in “ies”

            Baby – Babies fe

          11. I’m not saying they’re not based on them lol, I’m just giving you a correction on the last part of your statement

            Settle petal

  5. Awesome can’t wait to start catching gen 3 pokemon! Especially can’t wait until I can get a treecko!

  6. Well I think if Ryuki isn’t giving you a Jangmo-o egg, it’ll be catchable around Malie city, in some difficult to find spot

    1. Or Jangmo-o’s just going to be found in Poni Canyon again because GF doesn’t really care that much about people complaining about something they’ve done repeatedly before

          1. Nah. In my experience trading over a team creates a way more fun playthrough. I’ve done non-trade ones and they’re generally miserable because some of those ones I catch end up sucking or I have to wait incredibly long amounts of time to catch one that I want to use now.

      1. I doubt it, Jangmo-o lives in isolated areas whereas Blush Mountain is right beside a power plant

    2. Don’t think they’ll change the area they’re encountered for no reason tho.

      And Malie city doesn’t seem to fit its habitat

  7. Well I’m officially dying (or at least my foot in the water) I have a bit of a kidney infection that’s bugging me and making me feel like a miserable old fart…

    I just want the rest of the month to go by and to get Odyssey and do that until USUM

      1. I mean it honestly didn’t make sense cause it’s a starter
        Mantine literally fits the alola waters so well.
        If you can’t catch it, I’ll legit eat my own elbows

  8. Just when I thought I couldn’t get any luckier, I was able to find 2 GameStop Salazzle codes on 4chan following the Charizards. That was definitely unexpected and welcome because it was exactly what I was looking for at the moment. Also, you’ve probably discussed this but the Ohmori interview confirmed that USUM are the last mainline 3DS games. There goes my theory of Sinnoh remakes in 2018! Well I suppose this is really good news…no reason why we shouldn’t be seeing Sinnoh on the Switch in a few years!

    1. We still don’t know what the story DLC will bring! I wonder when they’ll reveal that…I guess there’s a case for a Direct before December.

    2. *flashbacks to water temple boss in orcarina of time* nope nope nope lol and I seriously can’t wait to play BOtW when I get my switch in a few weeks hopefully

  9. So with ultra sun and ultra moon being confirmed as the last 3ds pokemon games what is everyone’s hope for Pokémon switch? What part of the world do you want the region to be based on? Starter predictions?
    For me personally I am hoping that we get more new Pokémon in gen 8 than we did on 6 and 7, would love it if the region was based on Egypt or Canada. And finally the starters. Personally I would love it if we got a snake for the fire starter and a plataypus/ elephant for water starter. Maybe a deer for grass? And hopefully we get more regional forms as well!

    1. I very much want an Australian based region (and when I say this not a gigantic assortment of cliche Australian animals making up the dex)

      And I just want the main gimmick of the generation is just extreme variety and selection of all types, all unused combinations used and more rare combos,

      1. An Australian based region would be interesting! Didn’t think of that honestly. And I doubt they would but I would love some kind of tribute to Steve Irwin in a region like that.

        1. No, no tributes, don’t make everything a koala or a kangaroo or bush baby

          Just a gigantic region filled to the brim with exotic Pokemon

          1. More importantly, a lot of Poison types as they are under represented so far. Australia has so many native poisonous animals that even GF cant mess that up

          2. When I say tribute I just mean maybe a character reference him or something. I believe they actually referenced the guy who snag over the rainbow in sun and moon.

    2. Personal wishes: A region based on either Australia, Egypt or Western USA, around 120 new Pokemon (excluding regional variants because i dont count those as new)
      As for starters:
      Water/Fighting platypus
      Fire/Steel bull
      Grass/Dragon pitaya

      Whats really going to happen: Kanto remakes, because gen 1 is all they care about

      1. Just looked up the pitaya and that would be an interesting Pokémon. And I really hope we do get a platypus. It has so much potential lol and if we got a bull starter it would be the one time I would be okay with it going bipedal since it would be a Minotaur and I love Greek mythology

    3. A region based on China, first and foremost. I think that’s been strongly hinted at in Sun and Moon, in case anyone remembers that huge analysis I did about the shapes in Malie City the day after Sun and Moon came out. Also, I do expect something more along the lines of Black and White in terms of throwing players into an isolated region with little connection to previous regions. With this considered, over 100 Pokémon should be attainable.

      1. That’s actually where I think the next region will be based on with all the hints as you said. And yes please to an isolated location! That was easily my favorite part about black and white!

        1. Sometime soon I’ll recreate my theory about Malie City (and feature it selfishly) so people can see how much work I put into it. To summarize, it basically shows that the next games COULD have connections to Black and White in terms of the Yin and Yang, but overall it’s a bit of a reach.

    4. I’d Like a Big UK region with parts that represent England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Maybe a small infependant Ireland region with its own league could be avaible after you beat the UK champion, and maybe a post game train to Kalos that would work like a Pokemon Z/X2Y2. The Switch could handle it.
      For the starters I’m thinking about a Sheep that Evolves into a Feminine Grass/Dark mon, an Eel or something like that that becomes part Poison and a horse that becomes a Bipedal Fire/Fairy Unicorn Warrior,

      1. Oh my my youngest niece would freak if we got a unicorn starter ? and I would love it if we could go back to kalos to wrap it up! Didn’t think of that.

    5. I have one more wish for the gen 8 region. Give us a dolphin pokemon already gamefreak. Please.

    6. I don’t really care about where or what starters are based on but yeah it would be nice if GameFreak stopped being lazy aholes and actually made a decent number of new Pokemon on again bit that won’t happen. I’d guess around 60 new is all.

      1. I wouldn’t say it’s them being lazy moreso them not wanting to get to 1000 pokemon too quickly for some reason. Also don’t think it helps how some people reacted to gen 5

  10. I’ve been blazing my way through Mario Galaxy and it’s just as great as I remember it (although much easier.) I hope to squeeze in some Galaxy 2 and 64 along with a few classic 2D games before next Friday. Man am I getting excited!!! I don’t know why it’s taken me this long.

    1. I’m looking for my copy of Galaxy 2 so I can boot it up again and finish the level I was stuck on few years ago

      1. I’m also going to boot up 3D World because I remember the one thing I needed to do was beat the final level with all characters for the stamps or whatever it was. If I can manage that, I’ll probably start a new file as well!

  11. Since Game Freak will have had 9 games on DS and 8 games on 3DS (if you count separate versions as different games), how do you think this approach will change for the Switch? Goodbye to dual versions? Will we still get 4 or 5 games (equivalent to 8 or 9 games in the past) throughout the Switch lifetime?

    1. I really hope the dual versions won’t stop, Maybe they’ll just make more core diffrences so it would be worth it

    2. They probably wont stop with dual versions because money. But they should consider it, as the Switch is a lot more powerful than the 3DS so they can chuck in a ton of Pokemon into 1 game

    3. Maybe one version where the exclusives are locked behind your trainer ID? Similar to the skull and armor fossils in platinum.

      1. I kinda don’t think we’ll get double versions for the switch, aside from the game probably going to be more expensive, trading wouldn’t be as available as much as before.

      2. Actually tbh, I don’t think being split into versions really effects dev type in super meaningful ways. Some of the best received games in the series had bigger differences between versions (Unova and Alola so far)

        That said, I agree with Kuppo in that taking it to the switch will make trading through different versions more of a hassle so I feel they may ditch the concept or do it differently: for example, there’s still ‘two versions’ but it’s actually based on in game choice, adding to replay value.

        1. It’s not as much a matter of development time issue as much as I wish they would stop making people feel like they need to buy two versions.

          And obviously you don’t HAVE to buy both but many people do and that’s bad for the consumer

          1. Then the consumer should have more control over themselves. The fact that Pokémon has such an active community online and trading is a core part of the series really negates the need for someone to buy both versions

            I wouldn’t really mind either way tho tbh

          2. ‘Pointless cash grabbing’

            No cash grabbing is pointless for a business, which GameFreak is. More money = more staff, more payment for existing staff, better development tools, better facilities, etc

            And to be honest, if you can’t hold yourself off buying a game you already buyed and then complain about it, it’s not really GameFreak’s issue. Version exclusives are pretty much negligible nowadays

          3. I don’t understand why you’re defending it though? You’re locking content behind a 40$ game. It may have made sense prior to gen 4, but now we have the GTS and highly active competitive scenes. Most trade isn’t for version exclusives any more. There is no need to continue doing this

          4. Version exclusives are still going to be a major reason for trade, and along with events and ‘only ones’ are probably the foundation of the GTS. Without them, trading would be nowhere near as important. Transferring for oneself has mostly been taken over by PokéBank or just having friends with the game, which is cheaper than buying the second version anyway. Whilst I don’t find having versions necessary by any means, I just don’t see why people perceive it as so bad. Nobody’s forcing anyone to buy two versions because there’s a plethora of alternatives for getting exclusives and transferring/storing yourself, so it’s an individual issue whether one buys the game or not and if it gets the company more money and they’re not forcing anyone to do anything then I don’t see the problem. Tbh most people only get one version and are happy enough with it, it’s not like you have to buy two games to get the full enjoyment because both games are individual, they don’t rely on each other for really anything outside of trading. It doesn’t effect your story experience or gameplay experience to a major extent so it’s pretty much a non issue. There’s nothing forcing people to buy both versions

    4. Kind of hoping they go with a so flexible game version. They can really go all out and spend less time changing it into two versions. I realize it’s the least amount of time they spend on development, but it’s still time they could use on making the games better.

    5. I actually dont mind dual versions so much because I make one a hub and the other is the one I replay. But if they do away with that I wouldnt be too upset

  12. Because I’m sad and have no life, I made area descriptions for an idea that developed from the PJN Anime joke

    Astra, the World of Darkness – Part 1: Stone & Earth

    Sienna Badlands
    A ring of dry, rugged land surrounding Mt. Umber. Mt. Umber, whilst inactive, ravaged the area in the distant past. This left the land near barren, and caused the people of the Sienna Plains to become the fierce rogues and warlords they are today. In these lands, power is everything. The native clans focus on Fighting, Steel, Rock, Ground, and Fire-type Pokémon.

    The tribes are constantly in a state of conflict, although it’s usually in the form of a cold peace. Although battles have happened over territory, riches, and politics, no war has occurred since the eighteenth Sienna Warlord single handedly struck down all the tribes.

    There is usually a Sienna Warlord who maintains some semblance of balance, but they really just exist to prevent the clans in the canyon from making the land impossible to live in. If a clan is in the Warlord’s bad books, they’re punished by being banished from the controlled watering holes across the region. Bandits often prey on banished clans forced to search for their own water.

    Ruddle Canyon
    The largest canyon in the world, cutting through the Sienna Badlands like an ugly scar. The Ruddle River flows through it. The Ruddle Canyon’s Pokémon mirror the behaviour of their Badland counterparts – strength is everything, and it’s one of the most vicious places in the world. Pokémon caught from the Ruddle Canyon tend to be ferocious, and must be tamed before being of any use to their partner.

    There are tribes that have built colonies on the sheer cliff faces, thriving off the aquatic Pokémon in the river and the berries that grow around the area. They trade with other clans by using the masses of minerals found in their canyons. They focus on Rock and Dragon-typed Pokémon, and typically are overlooked by the warlord as long as they provide the fish, berries and jewels that their half of the trade agreement requires.

    The Stone Crystal is believed to be within a collapsed cavern – the very first large cavern in n the canyon, if legend is to be believed – and it was this cavern that inspired the Ruddle Tribes to dig into the canyon to make their homes. The Stone Guardian rests within the sealed chamber, waiting for the time it must fulfill its sacred duty.

    Mt. Umber
    The extinct volcano that homes the Sienna Warlord and their family. Sacred Pokémon roam the crater, interior caves, and subterranean mines. The Warlord’s throne room, which also function as a grand hall for meeting and dining, is actually the now emptied magma chamber.

    The crater has the greatest volume of fresh water in the Sienna Badlands, thanks to Umber Lake. This crater lake is the personal watering hole of the Warlord, their family, their attendants, and all of their Pokémon. The sacred Pokémon also drink from here.

    On an island in the middle of Umber Lake, secured by a ring of trees and sacred stones, is the Earth Crystal. When The Supreme Creator shattered its own divine power to share it throughout the world, the Earth Crystal was believed to of fallen into Mt. Umber and caused its extinction. The guardian of the Earth Crystal is believed to be sleeping well underneath the ground, embedded in the planet’s crust.

    Ochre Peaks

    The Ochre Peaks segregate the Sienna Badlands from the rest of Astra. They’re a perfect ring around the region, and are believed to be caused by the Crystals somehow. Either the Stone and Earth Crystals together influenced the growth of the mountain range, or they were created by the impact of the crystals hitting into the land.

    The tallest peaks coincidentally shield Sienna from the sea, which can contribute to the area’s poor relationship with water and Water-types. The tallest, roughest peaks are in the same direction as the Stone Crystal’s cavern mouth, indicating that the discrepancies in the north peaks size compared to the rest of the range is due to the Stone Crystal.

    Before the Pigment Pass was constructed, which cuts the south peaks and enters the Ebony Woods, travellers had to overcome the Ochre Peaks. Due to this, trade was nearly non existent and it forced the self reliance the Sienna Badlands are known for.

    Tribes live in these treacherous mountains, and even the Sienna Warlord knows not to mess with the people of the higher peaks. These Flying and Ice-type specialists are very unusual for the region, and it is the rarity of their Pokémon that makes them a large threat. They’re hard to observe and learn from. However, it’s said that the Stone Guardian had once singlehandedly destroyed many higher peak tribes when they tried to stage a coup and take control of the crystals. Thus, they now make it a point to keep to themselves.

  13. While it was obvious the 3DS was dying, it’s nice to know that whenever we get DPPt remakes they’ll be on the Switch in all its glory 😉

      1. Im ready for the music. It’d be nice if we could get a live orchestra honestly. Zelda has been better off with it imo

  14. Earlier this morning I had a test in my hardest class and the desk that I sat in had this written down. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bb704b6f3e8ca2d58a133dda62ea89dd20129a4335056f9a74f5ec2f6dc22fe5.jpg

    This prophetic chicken scratch could either mean that I have failed my test and that I am destined to join Team Rocket due to what my be first grade that is not an A in college. Or it is a sign that Team Rocket is making a return in USUM. And if the hints in SM, the USUM wishlist, the Chinese Riddler, and Masuda’s recent retweets (I believe one of them tweeted about the sun before SM’s announcement) are anything to go off of then I think they will be making a return.

      1. This was on Oct. 9th, it is of Masuda sitting at a Pokémon cafe with the Ace Pokemon of each of the team bosses in the background. Not that big of a deal but it can be interpreted as a slight nod to the old Team leaders and the possibility of them returning.


        Here is Masuda retweeting about an event where they will be recruiting Team Rocket members on the 25th. This was done on Oct. 18th. Thereby, further intensifying my suspicions of Giovanni returning.


        I know these tweets could have nothing to do with the upcoming USUM games, but considering how Masuda actually teased SM with this tweet before it was leaked/announced.


        I feel like I am not wild in thinking there is a hidden meaning behind these recent tweets.

        1. Awesome!
          Noo don’t. I think there’s every chance. I would be so happy if we had returning teams especially TR in Alola with gen 7 graphics and plot detail. Anytime!

    1. Remember that is the same company that put a baby Battle Frontier in Oras but never gave it to us. Trolls everywhere…

    2. Cerulean Cave but turned into a corridor

      I could see full dungeons but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were just a small area with the legend in it

      1. We had to stop we were doing 6 questions in because of that (Also, partly because of people messing with it, with at one point, there were 70 people on.).

          1. I’m talking about the Kahoot we were doing. A bunch of people (somehow) logged on to it, and the teachers decided they had enough with that and almost everyone in my class acting immature

          2. KahOOOOOOOO

          3. Also, someone in my grade possibly reported my Instagram account (for “annoying content”), so I’m pissed about that

  15. I started watching Scorpio, but the fact that the guy it’s based on is a fraud is kinda a bummer

  16. Y’know how I was considering buying FE Warriors a few days ago? Well, turns out that the developers have locked some already-in-the-game content behind a DLC wall. Ugh, ridiculous. Nothing new, but gamers shouldn’t have to put up with this. :/

    Guess I’ll be waiting on this one for a bit, but at least I have Odyssey in a week and a day!

      1. It goes deeper. The characters they want people to pay for, the ones already in the game, are just clones of already existing ones, for the most part.

        On the bright side a bunch of new XC2 came out! 😀

          1. Ugh, who knows. I want the game eventually, but this has definitely swayed my day one vote. Heck, maybe they’ll eventually release a version with all the DLC as a middle finger to the early fans.

          2. Not in the same sense though. The extras weren’t there when the game was released, I mean physically in the game’s files. I’ll admit, they do it to an extent, but it’s nothing like HW -> HW:L.

            On that note, though, split versions is an outdated idea IMO, and it’s just there for routine at this point.

          3. That came out wrong, let me re-phrase. I’m not talking about the game’s files with HW, bad example. But that being said, early fans could get the game for 60 bucks, then DLC for 20 bucks, where the Legends people could get it all and more for 40 bucks.

            Though I love Emerald and Platinum to death, they aren’t great consumer practices. USUM shows promise not to fall into that hole though.

        1. -On disc DLC (what you said) except the NOT ONLY had a shitty roster, they straight up ADMITTED they did it for money
          -When asked about not having Xmen, they responded by asking “who remembers the xmen”
          -200 dollar pre order edition with low quality figures and infinity stones that literally looked like low quality colored eggs
          -when asked about character, the company made a response about the characters being “just functions” and how they could just be replaced by someone else who can do the same

    1. Sorry friend….that’s the one thing about finding the Lucky Egg that REALLY sucks…..SOOOOOO many Oval Stones!!

  17. THEORY TIME!! So I’ve been thinking about the Ultra Recon Squad since they’ve been revealed. It’s currently a mystery who they really are or if they’re good or bad. I’d say they still have a 50/50 shot at being either one, but I had a thought since the arrival of the new rumors that I think makes sense. So one part of the new rumors states that Team Rainbow Rocket takes over the Aether Paradise and (at least try to) steal Nebby (or at least that’s what people are gathering from it) What if the shot of the URS stopping someone isn’t a direct link to the beginning of SM? When we all saw that scene most of us assumed it was the URS in place of the regular AF grunts when trying to stop Lillie from stealing Nebby. This however has bugged me as we’ve since then seen scenes of them talking to the player and being friendly about how Nebby is actually safer with you and Lillie. So here’s my theory! What if that scene is actually the URS trying to stop Team Rainbow Rocket from taking Nebby? Nebby would ultimately escape with Lillie in the end, but I think that makes way more sense then them trying to stop Lillie when they seem chill about it later. It would be the red herring I assumed it was plus it would change even more about the game.The rumors are making the AF out to be way more altruistic in these games so if the AF and the URS are actually good guys then there would be a gap for a new villainous team. And no Team Skull doesn’t fit the bill. Not only have we seen that Guzma is also chill, but they also just don’t have the vibe or aspirations of a super evil team. What peeps think?

    1. TBH I feel like Guz is bad but he turns good later
      And I imagine the Recon is like that too

      1. Idk I don’t think our boi has it in him. Also I think that one shot of him talking friendly is at the end of the game (or close to it) I also am not sure about the URS being evil either. I feel like them pulling the old “Look they’re good guys!! Oh wait they aren’t…..” trick wouldn’t be all that creative..

      2. I don’t think Recon’s gonna be evil at all, I think they’ve just got Nebby as their number one priority because it’s the only thing that can stop Necrozma from repeating what it did to UM in Alola

    2. Team Skull was never really an evil team. They were more like the boyz (and galz) from the hood. Who happened to look up to Guzma as their leader. Lusamine was one of the few adults that showed interest in Guzma and made him feel valued. Thus the actions he did in service to the Aether Foundation and to the detriment of your and your friends was ultimately to feed this feeling. With the different direction of things, Lusamine on top of Guzma when she said that thing was a monster; and the leaked image of Lusamine, Guzma, and the URS just chilling at the Sun/Moon plaza, it makes me think that either another force is making Necrozma acting this way or Necrozma is independently causing this mess. Considering how Gamefreak has handled the behavior of Legendary Pokémon, it seems unlikely that they would have a Legendary Pokémon carry out this behavior. This reasoning is reinforced by the marketing such as the poster of Necrozma gently holding Nebby. Thus, I do believe that another organization has to be in this storyline, and Rainbow Rocket fits the bill.

      1. Unrelated but I wish there was a female/
        gender neutral word for boi that has that same kind of feel.

        Something about “boi” is just super fun to say

        And boi is very different from boy btw.

      2. Yeah I completely agree. As much as I’d like to finally see an actually evil Pokemon it’s more than likely they’ll continue the trend of it being the humans that are really evil instead of the Pokemon. But yeah I think RR is a real contender for the new evil team spot. Especially given the new interviews of them saying USUM are really a culmination of everything they’ve done up til now.

        1. I’m not sure if they were hinting at RR when they mentioned that, but if you scroll down you can see Masuda’s tweets that I posted and why I think they hint at RR.

          1. Maybe they were maybe they weren’t, but everything seems to becoming together like that………wait ….IT ALL COMES TOGETHER!!! teehee

          2. Prolly to the point it becomes meaningless. I can wee people two gens from now saying “Back in gen 7 they said it was all coming together!! I bet they meant Blank space game!!!!” lol

      1. I mean for all we know it’s not actually called that. It could just be a stand in name for the people leaking the info. They may not know the real name and Rainbow (the basic theme of Alola) Rocket (the apparent renewed evilness of Giovanni) makes for a creative place holder. We shall see tho XP

        1. I agree with the possibility of it being a placeholder. I think rainbow (Niji) was also the placeholder for SM.

          1. Yeah it was the development code name for it. So the Rainbow Rocket idea doesn’t seem too far off base as a code name in one way or another

          1. Team rockets air craft for a swift get away once you’ve grabbed a few early copies of USUM?
            By grab I mean steal 😛

    1. Would like to see Cilan again. I HATED Iris in the anime( She chill in the games tho) but Cilan was a real guy. I liked him quite a bit. Never got annoyed by him like I did Iris…….

      1. I bet Anabel shows up. I just hope Ash remembers her and it’s not like their past has been rebooted.

          1. I meam considering we don’t really know how much time ( or lack there of) between Ash’s Hoenn adventure and now she could change a bit without it being crazy. Also they tend to alter certain characters to better fit with the anime. So she could still have longer hair and the same general design as SM without it being too weird.

          2. Because she had a new design in SM? And just because Brock and Misty were wearing their original clothes doesn’t mean they haven’t grown as characters. The fact that they both have Mega Stones now shows they have. Either way if Anabel shows up she’ll likely be in her SM outfit. I’m just hoping they don’t write out the fact that her and Ash have met before.

    1. Joe Merrick is the last person that should lecture people on being negative. If you aren’t dying for whatever Pokemon/Nintendo game he is you automatically are the enemy. He’s basically negative against negative people . He’s such a hypocrite. If it wasn’t for his vast knowledge of Pokemon and his site he’d be insufferable.

    2. I think today has proven that no matter what Pokemon fans say, they can’t win and Joe Merrick will always complain.

    3. People complaining about people complaining just makes the people complaining complain more

      1. And that people complaining more will give the other people a reason to complain more, what a lovely set

        1. Yup, just accept other people have opinions and ignore them if they’re that annoying to you

          I know I still need to learn that

          1. BUT THAT’S THE POINT!! (sorry don’t mean to yell…..lol) Joe Merrick does the exact opposite of what you just said. It’s not a matter of having different opinions and being chill with that. He’s just snobby and anyone who disagrees with him is immediately a hater.

          2. Oh no I was speaking about Joe, not you. It’s Joe complaining about complaining that bugs me for the reasons you stated

    4. Not true in the slightest. Merrick is a glorified fanboy. Give us battle frontier and stop being lazy and no one will complain.

      1. He has a point to a certain extent.
        This has been proven especially over the last few months and with certain people you find here for example.

        1. To be fair I felt much of the criticism was warranted. Luckily they’ve stepped up the marketing and most major concerns for the game have died off. I’m assuming Joe is talking about the reaction to pokemon officially being done on the 3DS though. I’m not sure what he expected. Yes, it is absolutely a good move for the franchise, but of course people were going to be upset that they have to buy a new system to play future titles. They’ll get over it though when they see how great the move is (hopefully)

  18. Any of you ever wonder how governments work in the world of Pokemon? are the regions essentially their own countries or do they they have some kind of umbrella government that reigns over them all. Do some regions work under a single government while others do’t? How do they all have the same currency? Is there a single language in the world or are kids and people just taught from an early age to learn all or most languages that are prominent in the world?

    1. An actual really good theory is that the E4 rule and the champion (with the help of Gym Leaders) rule the region. In Alola there wasn’t a league, but Kahunas are shown as the leaders from the start.

      1. That makes sense I suppose. It would keep things relatively simple. Seems like a HUGE responsibility for them tho hahaha

  19. Well Seraph and Earthen since your hear I want you two to look at my OU tier team that’s been doing quite well.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/122a2c5b115db41201b26ce4df6e14ac5cc212482acb13287c407c6401376098.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/59bbb8eb714dfdf2aa4d3e9e46bca84e16e338706e377ccf5a86c5798d44585e.jpg

    It actually has a pretty good win rate, that or someone hates they are losing to it (Yes this team actually can take on some decent teams)

      1. Mantine does a lot in battle actually

        And Tropius sets up well with Torkoal

        And Torkoal’s Clear Smog beats stuff that requires Nasty Plot and Bulk Up

        And Venomoth has some useful tricks

    1. It’s not a wise idea to use Chlorophyll Tropius just cuz u have drought ….just go for Harvest if u want this pkmn

        1. That’s will not work in the battle ………Tropius is kinda defensive not aggressive so just harvest and toxic stuff

    2. Venomoth and Torkoal in OU? Is this a normal thing in OU or…

      Because I didn’t expect them to be that viable

      1. No, but Torkoal is a perfect set up (Rapid Spin to destroy field problems and flame thrower literally kills all Skarmory)

        And Venomoth is a real rare here, but I use it to fight stuff that use Toxic or Willo-Wisp and Status moves (Shield Dust, prevents them) then Disable to take out any move that threatens its allies

    3. You’ve amassed quite the Rock weakness
      This thing is total Terrakion or Aerodactly bait

          1. Troo but still it is very much at risk of being rocked down unless tree Dino has an opening

        1. That’d be cool. I’ve had an ides for an entire arc to be based around Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for series floating in my head (Admittedly, I’ve already written some of what’d be considered Episode 1 out). You’ve seen the actually multi parter PMD series I’ve wrote, right? Well, I only have Part 1 finished (Yet, I’m still making edits), but it’s a start.

  20. I really want someday to see the Kalos Trio visit Alola (Fairy gave me the idea) in a way. I really would like to see something like this:
    First, a little older Bonnie with this team:
    Chestnaught (given from Clemont)
    Diggersbt (also from Clemont)
    Dedenne (of course)
    Tyranitar (from that episode)
    Then she invites Serena and Clemont to make a full reunion. Serena’s plane is late, so Clemont arrives first. He’s better at being a gym leader now, he has a more advanced team:
    Manectric (that can Mega evolve)
    Then, in a dramatic scene, Serena appears. She has a career in Hoenn and her team changed:
    In the end of the special, as the bond between Delphox and Serene is pushed to its limits, they’re in perfect sync, Serene-Delphox is shown, an awesome prettier version of Delphox, and it kicks some butt!

    1. But not much of this makes sense

      First off why would Chespin have fully evolved? (and why would Bonnie take over them both? They showed 0 sign of him giving them up)

      And ummm how should I put this… Bond Phenomonon happens once a every Millennia If I’m correct. And Ash just had his, so your telling me their logic is flawed enough that a girl who rarely battles can get perfect enough to form such a link?

      1. If Bonnie wanted to become a trainer and Clemont wanted to get better as an Electric Gym leader, giving Chespin and Bunnelby to Bonnie would make a lot of sense

        1. But have you ever seen a trainer just give away there Pokémon to become better in one type? He’d be more likely to take them off his team or loan them too Bonnie so he could carry his team of 6 with him

          1. But, she is bonded with both Bunnelby and Chespin almost as much as Clemont, if anyone would receive them, it’d be her. And the reason you said made sense too.

          2. I said loan not give. They are different

            Loaning is borrowing something than giving it back later

            Giving is getting something that you don’t have to give back (most likely :P)

            It’s more I had a problem with the wording than the idea

    2. Nah bring back the Unova duo, they were by far the best duo in Pokemon and in anime in general, but that’s not surprising considering the BW series is the best season of Pokemon by a mile.

  21. Kind of want to watch the XY anime again. It really was a very good series. Even the more meh episodes were still pretty good in mind. My only criticism would be that I wish they didn’t dick around as much in the beginning with Serena and her true goal, but ultimately she found herself and everything was good.

    1. The battles were excellently choreographed and visual spectacular but I can’t tell if the episodes are crummy because of their plots or the dumbed down dialogue

    1. All kinds of annoying, wait until you get to the really annoying sets like Quagsire or Alomolamola

          1. Cats are really low maintenance. I think they fit well with someone with a chill and uncaring personality like Nanu’s

          2. Being depressed doesn’t define all of his actions and what he finds interesting. He might like the Alola Persian line for their gray fur. A color that can be associated with clouds, which are usually present when it is stormy and…wait…Regardless, he likes cats and I like cats so Nanu is my type of man.

          3. Well yeah no I dont think his depressive state is what links him to cats. Take that away and he’s still really nonchalant and apathetic, which are qualities that I think cats tend to exude at times

          4. So you agree with me in thinking that he should be the caped crusader CatNanu in USUM that will teach us how to use the Ultra Ride feature and will fight alongside us against the Rainbow Rocket Gang.

    1. He’s not just one of the best sun and moon characters he’s one of the best Pokémon characters in general

      1. Well for one, we’re talking about Pokémon here. It’s never been filled with complex characters. The closest we’ve got is probably N, Lillie, Guzma, and Cyrus. BUT I do think Nanu has some complexity to him. He does even have a bit of an arc. After the mission where his faller partner got killed, he basically gave up on his ambitions. This led to team skull taking over an entire town on his island and him letting it happen. Eventually the player gives him a spark and he gets back in on the action with tackling the Ultra Beasts. It’s not the most intricate arc ever, but I think for a Pokémon game it’s decent. I do think they could take him further, Id like to see a more active role for him and maybe delving deeper into his depression

      2. Uh, a character doesn’t need complexity to be good and also, Nanu was some sort of Gym leader esque character, so he wasn’t supposed to be complex

      3. I think Nanu had enough development for the kind of character he was meant to be. Keep in mind he wasn’t one of the main characters of the SuMo story.

        Even then they went above and beyond with the post-game UB story with his character.

    2. There may have not been that many old male characters in SM, but the old male characters they did had were done right.

    3. The part where he’s hiding behind the tree like a creeper during the Iki Town celebration makes him so much better.

  22. Starting tomorrow
    One week until Super Mario Odyssey and Four more until USUM
    Do you think that’ll be enough time to 100% it?

      1. Monkeybutt you do realize i spent at least 16 hours yesterday on South Park the fractured butt whole?

        1. No because I am not your keeper, nor do I have a log of all your activities, I am also not: stalking you, a member of your family, or indeed you. Sorry to disappoint Earthbutt.

  23. Just hit 2000 SRs for Zekrom, starting to think my game is the only one where it’s shiny locked.

    1. I’m guessing this is ORAS? B/c 2000 isn’t really a whole lot. I mean even with the shiny charm you’re still not over odds.

        1. What’s the process like for soft resetting on the 3DS? What’s the quickest way to do it?

          1. Not sure what you mean? I just shoulder buttons+start, it’s waiting for the game to load and skipping the intro that takes the longest.

          2. Well, that’s not for all games. In Dragon Ball Fusions, you have to manually go to the menu by pressing Start, go to the Quit the Game option, and pres either Save and Quit or just Quit.

          3. At least it’s not an old console where you have to get up, walk over to it, turn it off and on again and wait the entire loading screens.

          4. I wasn’t sure if they changed the button combination or not, or if they made some new shortcut for the 3DS. Like for Gold and Silver, you can now reset with the touch screen menu, which is pretty nice.

          5. Well you no longer have to also press select, but I’m not sure that was ever necessary. Otherwise no, at least I don’t have to catch it before I know if it’s shiny.

        2. I’ve gone over odds for finding a shiny Fennekin (starter SR) in X/Y. I know how long it can feel like. X/Y’s intro is super long too

    2. took me 3555 SRs before getting mine. But it was glorious when this Shiny dragon darker than darkness itself shone upon me. Don’t give up!

        1. honestly Soft resetting doesn’t feel nearly as long as Masuda Breeding.
          Especially for pseudo-legendaries @[email protected]
          It all depends really.
          Zekrom took me 3555 with shiny charm
          Lugia took me 112 with charm
          Type:Null took me about 1250 without charm
          I tried Soft Resetting for Shiny Rayquaza in Sapphire once but gave up after 1 full month of non-stop SR X.x

          1. Depends on which thing you’re soft resetting for. A single moment of inattention could cause you to Soft Reset over a shiny!
            Zekrom is a good example of that since his shiny is not very very obvious at first.
            Though after seeing him 3554 times, you jump up when you notice the difference. I swear though sometimes I would hallucinate going like “Is this one slightly different?! O_o” XD

    1. Good because rape isn’t funny. Why is Ralts named Trans? Couldn’t fit ‘cendent’ at the end?

          1. I’m referencing Dokkan Battle, cards in that game have different rarities(?), those being:
            UR (Only obtainable by Z-Awakening SSRs)
            TUR (Only avaiable by Dokkan Awakening URs)
            And finally, LRs (Only available by Dokkaning TURs)
            Well, there’s also the Lvl 140 and SA 15 TUR Awakenings coming, but I don’t know if they’re gonna be called something else or not

      1. I think PumpkinLord was going for Transform in reference to Wally’s transformation as a character but PumpkinLord misclicked again. Yea…that is what happened.

          1. I am sorry but I don’t get if that was a reference to your reaction to what I said or if it is what you were enviosioning my reaction to be. I was thinking of also putting “turns eyes away at the end” of my comment because I was trying to stay ignorant to the situation in my comment (not sure if I was that obvious).

          2. I am not really invested in this, I am still coming down from the high I got from the very active discussion a couple hours ago that has started to die down since. Now I am really just trying to talk about anything.

      2. I named it trans because it’s male but looks like a girl. And no I don’t have anything against trans people

      1. Perhaps there’s an alternate universe shifted one month into the future where the present is November 19 and we’re all enjoying USUM.

  24. I’m thinking about doing some shiny hunting in Black 2 before USUM releases. I chose this because my fondest memories of shiny hunting are from White, so I find Gen 5 to be the most fun to try with its large Pokémon variety and (especially) its double battle grass. I still don’t know where in particular I want to go, all I know is that I probably won’t restart my file again.

          1. I mean the show itself is really funny. BTW, My favorite characters are Luan, Lola, Leni, Lynn, Ronnie Anne and Lincoln.

        1. Yeah it’s a bit weird cause

          Though it is cartoons it still could be considered in a few ways
          Incest, Bestiality, underaged (whatever that offense is called, wait isn’t underaged sex considered rape?)

          1. Yeah underage sex is considered rape even if both parties consent. But uh I don’t even want to know how bestiality fits into Loud House r34.

          2. Hrm… well alright then I mean incest probably fits into Loud House r34 so I was like uh I don’t even know how bestiality would fit in. Though I guess they do have pets iirc… so uh yeah no I don’t even want to think about it anymore.

          3. Quite. I mean it is one thing if it is adult characters but even then it is kind of gross knowing that there is like… “that” version of those characters out there.

      1. R34? Question that I have because I have honestly not heard about it, but shouldn’t be asking on a children’s game forum.

        1. Well considering the r34 is of a kid show haha. If you want to know what r34 is it is simply sexualized versions of anything basically.

  25. Can we talk about how bad Chickorita is? I decided to try solo running with it for a little
    The entire start of Johto destroys it

  26. Yo another fantasy area because why not

    Carbo Woods

    The largest wooded area in the world, which takes up a good fifth of Astra’s landmass. It also surrounds the Verdigris Marsh. This is a place where the roots weave a floor and the towering canopy creates a permanent night. Light comes in small doses here – dotted clearings, glowing gems, and bursts of bioluminescence. It’s access to this light that determines where most of the clans reside. There are sporadic superlarge clearings, almost all of which are filled with a small village.

    Clans of ninjas reside in the darkness of the woods, off of the paths between settlements. Different settlements have forged relations with ninja clans in order to avoid their wrath, and to gain their protection. In return, marriages are made between the clans and settlements and they won’t interfere with each other’s lifestyles beyond that. There are also groups of nomads wandering the woods, who are tolerated by the clans if they do not cause trouble. That’s if they don’t aggravate the spirits of the forest.

    There’s a massive clearing in the middle of the forest, where all the old trees had seemingly spontaneously died at some point, allowing a manageable clear area to be established. This is the sight of the largest settlement in the Carbo Region, and the site of the Mortal Temple. Although it’d closed off to all but the very elite and the monks inside, it’s said that the Mortal Crystal sleeps deep beneath the earth. Although the crystal was lowered so it’d stop immediately killing any crop grown, it was not lowered enough to stop the town from being a veritable ghost magnet: both ghastly geists and serene spirits. The Mortal Guardian is said to stalk the shadows at night, fighting for the townsfolk to rest in peace whilst the dead attempt to walk among them.

        1. The Mortal Crystal, the manifestation of the world’s Ghost-type energy

          In the story, the crystals are a driving force. They’re also related to the mysteries of Z-Power and Mega Evolution

          Bonus point if you guess the Mortal Guardian :p

      1. In that case I want muh shiny Smeargle. I’m. It crazy far into it, but if complaining helps then I’ll do it!!

          1. Yea normally I like to do it naturally but my deadline is drawing close so I might just cave and give it a go.

          2. Well you’re still working for it, it just takes far far less time, especially for Larvesta and it’s long hatching time.

  27. since were not seeing any new pokemon revealed for (possibly) a few weeks, ill be your new nintendo for now :3

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b32d6c7af74c9e5a0e857b5e94b5dfd0b5b490c1ea850cbf9cbc6950f1330257.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cb144d808f37764ddf5d23b1591a58deca0e936378ed1e1ca06af1ffb7084b69.png

    both ground/grass type

    the first one burrows under the ground with its leaves showing above ground and farmers pick them thinking theyre turnips, if they pick it up by the tail itll be passive but they may get attacked they pick it up by the head, it evolves into the second one when its left in the ground long enough (or in game terms, when it learns dig and gets to level 30)

    the second one stays burrowed in the ground with its “beanstalk” showing above ground and its considered extremely good luck to find one, if you befriend it it can bring you up to the clouds

    hope you enjoy ^w^;

        1. I feel they’ll keep the main legends and Tapus locked but might free up these ones. Still hoping for the other Tapus by event, especially for shiny Bulu.

      1. Well, he managed to push back Goku’s Spirit Bomb (filled with the energy of all of the Universe 7 participants, even the Androids) with just his glare, and eventually cause it to collapse under it’s own weight, for one.

          1. There’s also the fact that he managed to break through Hit’s Time Skip cage (essentially he trapped him in an infinite loop of frozen time) through sheer willpower, and managed to block Hit’s trump card with just his glare. You could argue that Hit was in a weakened state, which I guess is true, but idk

    1. Meeeee meee mee!
      I still remember how amazed and happy I was when corocoro revealed the therian genie forms.
      I really hope Tapus get smiliar treatment!

      1. That’s what sparked my question actually. I mean it never happened before the genies but it could still happen again (there weren’t any sub-legends in XY).

    2. Kind of hope they get new forms like the Kami trio got. I know it’d technically be them repeating themselves, but it’d be cool if they were like that fan art we got a number of weeks back.

      1. Yeah I was thinking that, or individual Z-Moves to fit their other types (Electric, Psychic, Water and Grass) though that might be a bit disappointing.

        1. That’d be cool I think I can see individual Z moves more than new forms happening. Best case scenario we’d get both haha

    1. Supposedly there is a bunch left for them to show. We shall see. Hopefully some good stuff

    2. Me too.
      My hopes and expectations:
      – New tapu forms, alolans etc
      – Bigger post game perhaps similiar delta episode
      – Improved Battle tree
      – This team rocket or other evil teams returning theory to come true
      – Being able to travel to the actual location of the legendary mons like distortion world etc
      – Battle frontier
      – More side quests/side games
      – More change to Alola than initially seen
      – Return of older gym leaders and champions being able to rebattle them

      Can you think of anything else or is their anything major you’d like to see that i haven’t mentioned??

      1. Didn’t they mention in that interview that something like the Delta episode was gonna happen?

          1. What’s wrong with it? You get a free Johto Starter with it

            My teamactually changed to include Cyndaquil for the battle

          2. It’s too much back and forth between places we’ve already been. Post game content should bring us to new locations. Part of why Sinnoh, Johto, and Unova have well received post games. Running around in diglett cave of all places looking for Nihilego isn’t exciting.

          3. Nothing inherently, but the biggest and basic problem with it is that it’s not much of a story. It’s mostly jumping around form place to the next and then occasionally having a battle with Zinnia. If they do a post game episode then it need to have more substance. Then it’ll be awesome!

          4. Agreed. Is it sad I actually lost the battle with Zinnia

            Dragon Ascent 1 hit KO’s Deoxys, but fails to kill M-Salamence that was like 10 or 20 levels lower somehow

          5. I liked Delta.
            But I would like them to really go all out in USUM. Something really dramatic and unexpected. Maybe they introduce new tapu forms and its based around them?

          6. Holy sh*t it was the worst sidequest I have ever done in a video game.

            I have never had a more boring, repetitive experience in a pokemon game including grinding and shiny hunting.

            The entire experience is a game of fetch where you are dragged back and forth and you are greeted with nothing but long drawn out dialogue. Dialogue that feels more like a lecture because it is throwing all of these ideas and concepts at you that were NEVER mentioned in the main story or in other pokemon games.

            They have to introduce Juan for fan service and Zinnia. They have to introduce the draconids, the concept of alternate universes. All of which were not in the main game meaning that much of the dialogue is devoted to explaining these things. This entire experience could’ve had all gameplay cut out of it and replaced with just the dialogue because the only meaningful player input is going place to place and the occasional battle.

            They even make you go through the evil team base again.

            All leading up to one of ORAS’s greatest sins. Ruining both the Rayquaza cutscene theme from Emerald by looping it over and over and changing Sky Pillar from a crumbling relic of the past that the player has to approach as a puzzle to a setting for more dialogue with no puzzles. Just more exposition that doesn’t matter.

            Finally you get to the top where the only enjoyable part of the entire thing happens when you catch Rayquaza and battle Zinnia before flying into Space to fight deoxsys which is admittedly… pretty fuckin’ rad

            But for what?

            This play through of the Delta Episode lasted 2 HOURS AND 45 MINUTES


            And sure whatever, maybe it’s cool the first time coming off of an adrenaline high from flying into space but when you actually think of what you just did, you realize that your input was totally pointless. You could’ve just watched a lets play because at least with a lets play you can skip to the end.

            It was horrible

          7. I agree on all, but the puzzle…

            The puzzle of Sky Pillar is way too hard on Emerald. It took me 5 hours to surpass a certain room because every tile is busted and you must have very quick and agile hand eye coordination plus you must know exactly how to go to get through.

            I never want the floor plan of that magnitude ever again

    3. I really just want to see this mysterious pokemon/form in the background. It has to be a necrozma form, but I really just hope it looks awesome and maybe is composed of light or something. I’m quite disappointed with how the necrozma forms look now so hopefully this other thing is way better

      1. Yeah! Tomodachi life style!

        If you don’t understand its because in Tomodachi life there are clothes for men and women, yet either gender can wear whatever the creator chooses

          1. Ok for realzies? Like what is with Pokemon fans and them hating the fact that we need to move onto a new system every 7 or so years? Is it really that much trouble to buy a new thing? Yeah yeah some people can’t “afford” the Switch, but honestly we knew a new system was coming. If peeps can’t straight up buy a new system then over the 7 years we are on whatever current console they best be saving up. It’s their problem not everyone else’s and certainly not Nintendo/GameFreak’s

          2. Pokemon fans are some of the most unreasonable and selfish people I’ve seen. Of course that is a sweeping generalization but god. The amount of fear of their game actually changing and improving is astounding. This place is way better about that and that’s what I love

          3. Yeah I think here we have enough people that play other kinds of games and have other kinds of interest that it levels us out. Rational thoughts are a dying breed in the Pokemon fanbase lol

          4. I feel like it has been like that for a while honestly. I feel alot of Pokemon fans only play Pokemon and very few other games so they have this very narrow view of games. I was that way until ORAS when I began to branch out.

            Seeing what games are really like really put Pokemon into perspective and made me realize so much

          5. Yeah I love Pokemon, but it doesn’t give me everything I need in gaming. So I game on other consoles where I’ll get the things I don’t get from Nintendo. Also I’m a reasonable person hahaha

          6. I agree its not like we didn’t move up from GBA to DS and then 3DS. It’s nothing new and well worth it if you like your Pokemon games

          7. One of my friends had actually said he’d get back into pokemom if they made one for the Switch

          8. I wouldnt say people hate the idea of moving to a new system every few years. I think that because video game producers still target old systems on occasion that they can still do it for this series. Tbh im actually happy knowing that pokemon would be moving to a new system thatll hopefully produce a better quality of gaming

          9. No there’s plenty of people that hate moving up. They always come up with excuses as to why developers shouldn’t make the jump and in the end it’s their problem and they shouldn’t force their money issues on others. Gaming is an ever evolving hobby and you need to be able to move with it otherwise the people that complain might as well be off playing pong somewhere XP

          10. Hey im not saying i wasnt gonna buy a switch lol im just saying for example with the PS4/XBOX1 game developers/producers were still making copies for the PS3/XB360 although these copies didnt have all the content that the newer versions had. Pkmn definitely needs to hit a much larger platform to handle all of its needs. Theres no reason why a double battle should lag as hard as it did. Horde battles i understand because of how many pokemon on the screen at once but a double battle shouldnt be as slow as D/P

          1. No i know that but they could have pulled a Smash Bros and made a 3ds/2ds counterpart to the switch

          2. That wouldn’t make any sense. The 3ds and the Wii U were contemporary systems. the Switch is leagues better than the 3DS. The 3DS is an old gen console and the Switch is a new one. It’d wouldn’t work well in anyway. Not in development and not in the stores

        1. The problem is the 3DS. GF had to really push the limits. S/M already have frame rate issues. Plus the switch is a handheld, so there’s no issue there.

        2. Nothing, but if the handhelds aren’t putting decent picture then they can always do better. A console that can put out awesome graphics and be playable on the TV AND on Handheld that’s better in every way

        3. The fact that there is superior hardware
          As well as the fact that Game Freak has put more effort into pushing the limits of the 3DS graphically and technically but never used its greater power to create an expansive game with tons to do

          1. I believe Pokemon is a combination of the words “Pocket” and “Monsters”. Being on the Switch is already kinda stretching that.

          2. What does that say of all the spin offs on the Wii and gamecube and so on? Gaming has changed quite a bit since the inception of pokemon. It doesn’t need to be tied down to things like that. Gamers and developers should want games that give us new experiences and overall give us the best game possible. The 3DS cannot provide that any more.

          3. But wouldn’t moving to something like this require more pushing of Graphics? So there would be even less?

          4. No? Not to the extent that Game Freak has done with SuMo. The only game to come close to that level of quality on the 3DS is… idk… Samus Returns? But in Pokemon’s case it comes at a cost.

            The 3DS is limited but for what Pokemon wants to do, the Switch is limitless. They can do whatever they want at this point. There is no pushing of the hardware limitations to wrestle with. They can just make the game

    1. Is this actually a discussion about the Switch not being a handheld or is it just that the games are done with 3DS?

          1. Fair enough. I probably should have thought out my post before contradicting my own statement

  28. Every time a Tangela runs away the less and less sympathy I have for the Safari Zone being gutted

        1. Great Marsh then. I mostly dislike that it’s not really a battle but a roulette with slightly changeable odds.

    1. I played insurgence and had a shiny deino run away from me in a safari zone
      I hope that shitt never comes back

  29. Star?

    For some reason whilst I like Order of the pheonix for me it seems I can’t connect with it as I can with the other 7.
    I know it’s one of stars favourite HP films.
    Sooo tell me what do you guys think of order? What were the good points/moments in the film???

    1. Second to worst movie of the bunch. Pacing was off, weird script decisions compared to the books, and slightly different tone than originally intended. Some great actor performances though. And it’s still a serviceable movie, just not as good as the other movies.

          1. They botched the Cup Final, botched the chaos afterwards, there was soo much focus on the Triwizard Tournament that there was almost no life at Hogwarts shown anymore and then they botched the maze puzzles. At least the Voldemort scene was pretty great.

          2. Well coming from the books I can understand but everything else was A+ for me from the acting, cinematography, the suspense, pacing of the film and the triwizard tournament and just about everything!
            Which is your fav HP movie?

          3. Yeah ofc, movie is still pretty great, just one of the weaker movies.
            Think I’ll go 4 < 5 < 6 < 2 < 1 < 7P1 < 3 < 7P2.

          4. Seriously the only good part of that movie is when Harry says goodbye to Ron and Hermione. That hit me in the feels. Also the resurrection stone in the forest part. I hate nearly everything else. Crap adaptation

          5. I mean the gringotts scene was really good, the battle of Hogwarts was good too and the scene between snape and harry in the hall were great acting.

          6. Somewhat lessened in significance by other omissions of Snapes past with Harry and his Parents.

          7. Hmm I guess so but for me deathly hallows were good. I guess having 2 parts saved us from losing as much as we did in the other books lol

          8. That’s true. I like the movies, and alot of the pitfalls in the 7s were caused by things being left out in previous movies.

          9. -No Teddy Lupin
            -Glossing over Lupin/Tonks/Fred’s deaths
            -Snapping Elder Wand???? ???? ????? He could’ve at least repaired his first…jesus christ
            -No redemption for Percy
            -Bellatrix EXPLODES. She fucking explodes. Wtf.
            -No Ravenclaw common room. That’s a big no no to exclude that scene.
            -Voldemort and Draco hug. What??
            -Redesigned the layout of Hogwarts AGAIN. The old Hogwarts was fine.
            -Harry and Voldemort morphing heads while apparating. Okay.

          10. The ravenclaw common room, what happens there? I can’t remember
            Ehh most of them I dont mind I guess the harry and voldy speech should have been added.
            Did you like part 1?

          11. Luna takes Harry there because there’s a statue of Rowena Ravenclaw that shows what the diadem looks like. When he sees it he realizes that he’s seen it before in the room of requirement. It’s also a really great scene where Harry exposes his being back at hogwarts. The Carrows come in with McGonagall, they literally spit in her face, and Harry rips off the invisibility cloak and knocks them out. Which I thought was sweet because he has so much respect for her ;(

            Plus it’s just cool world building to see how the other houses THAT ARE NEVER MENTIONED live and exist.

          12. Oh yeah that would have been awesome but as I mentioned below at least we got 2 parts to DH if we didnt imagine how much theyd miss from the books?

          13. To me the harry and voldemort dialogue that they have at the end is really important. It basically wraps up their whole experience together and it’s nice because no one like ever gets to clap back at Voldemort in person without dying. I also think it’s important that when he’s killed that he actually has a body instead of disintegrating into a thousand pieces because it shows that despite all of his evil efforts to overcome death, in the end he was just a cruel and twisted man. Not a god, not a demon. Just a person.

            But I really like pt 1, I think that one’s better.

          14. His dead body is necessary because it actually humanises him, forcing him to be just like everyone else, whatever their magical status, which is what he ultimately would’ve hated the most. It removes a level of satisfaction from his death that the book handles so well.

          15. The only reason I am semi-OK with the less life at Hogwarts stuff is that we had just had 3 films of quite alot. It gets worse in the following films imo (although it’s not meant to be in 7s obviously).

      1. The Dumbledore vs Voldy battle could have been much better for one but I think ive just gotten over that

        1. Yeah I wish Dumbledore had manipulated the statues as shields like he did in the book. I also recall something like Fawkes being in the battle and taking an Avada Kedavra to protect him. And then the whole possession thing could’ve been explained better because they only spent like one scene talking about what occlumency is

          1. That annoyed me so much. Whilst the battle was great it was much better in the book. Not only did Dumbledore perform better and had the upper hand it was just the way he handled Voldemort. I guess im almost over it and appreciate the film adaption now kinda

          2. They also miss out on so much of the Harry/Voldemort psychic bond that makes Occlumency necessary so it kind of makes the whole ministry trip seem more stupid of them. They also miss out on St.Mungos and seeing Nevilles parents.

          3. It’s a huge part of Nevilles story and why his part in the final battle is so epic in the book.

          4. Tbh most of the link between Harry and Neville is absent from the movies. Whilst it’s not necessarily glaring it is still quite disappointing for anyone who has read the books that essentially his entire character arc is omitted. I guess if we had 2 movies per book we might’ve gotten around 80% of book content.

    2. Order of the Phoenix is the weakest of all the movies. It’s so forgettable and the only part that is memorable is the very end. And that’s only because they rehash the ending in the next 3 movies…….

    3. Thestrals are the best. Film 5 is a big tonal shift from the previous films, it also changes in overall look, becoming much darker. Changes from the books become rather more significant. Umbridge actually feels less sinister and oppressive in the film and more just annoying and unfair. Much of the Occlumency lessons are cut, including fairly important stuff. The battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort makes it seem more like Dumbledore is struggling which shouldn’t happen at this point. I do like the stuff with Dumbledores Army but again the book does it better. I do like the film but it is weaker. Luna is one of the best things in the film, and even then a large part of her story is cut. There’s time constraints and then there’s cutting important things like the Centaur stuff. They also changed Sirius’ Animagus form which just irritated me. There’s also the fact that you’ve just come out of GoF which feels like it has much higher stakes and is generally far more fun.

    4. Book? Amazing. Perhaps overly long, but stuffed with good content.
      The movie? Actually probably my least favorite. I appreciate the really nice moments between Luna and Harry. Those were perfect and it really captured their new friendship from the books. But some things are just kind of muddled in the translation from book to film. This was a big chance to make Ginny awesome, but they kinda failed her (especially in Half Blood Prince as well.) Grawp’s CGI is awful. The ministry battle is just weak, imo. It needed like 10 more minutes for that at least. They only went into two rooms when in the book there were so many cool rooms. I also really don’t like that they cut Quidditch. In the book it’s a huge deal that Harry is kicked off the team. Then he’s replaced by Ginny, which, again, would’ve been nice for her character. They also sort of glossed over the fact that it was Kreacher who sold Sirius out to Bellatrix (I believe that’s how it went). Probably more stuff honestly, I would have to read it again to make a full analysis. It was a daunting task to adapt it though, so I understand that some stuff was cut..but idk. Not as good as the other movies.

      1. Exactly! The battle at the ministry could have been much longer and the film could have added a little more with the pacing but I guess it had good points likr the acting and lol when Dunbledore escapes from the Fudge and co

        1. And the book just adds more urgency. Like when the brain latches onto Ron and Hermione is hit with the purple fire (I think?) and knocked unconscious. She’s their powerhouse essentially. Would’ve added quite a bit of tension

    5. I don’t have a true favorite honestly. I just love the tone of it. I’d have to watch it again to really nail down why I like it or if I like it as much as I think I do lol

    1. I believe it was mentioned but it hasn’t been emphasized enough in the comments. Kind of like the content of the Pokémon Go article. But that is another story.

    2. It’s prolly the gym simulator everyone keeps taking about. That seems like the most likely thing for now at least.

        1. Konikoni is really nice, but a few things make it fall short of being the best, imo. The light house not being accessible. This could’ve put it over the edge if we could go in and something awesome happened inside. Also the docks being completely pointless. Why can’t I take a boat from there or something? Maybe a surfing area? Plus we’ve got two trial captains and a Kahuna living there and we only get to battle them once. Where’s the rematches?!? Though I guess that’s more of a problem with the game content than the city itself.

  30. Sometimes when I’m SOS chaining I forget that I’ve clicked the counter and when I look down to actually do something I confuse myself because the count is a little off

        1. too much work
          i just go with my Marowak and Scyther and slice down until i get what i want

  31. I think all Wormhole Legendaries should have their Hidden Abilities at least 50/50. This would be very beneficial to Lugia and Ho-oh at least.

    1. Eh tbf in December you can get them both with their HAs 100% and manipulate their nature’s

          1. Oh yeah, well I guess they are bad examples then. Maybe if the Genie trio are available or something.

  32. Any middle earth fans here?
    For some reason don’t ask lol I never watched Battle of the 5 armies! I hope to soon.
    Is it any goood??

    1. I enjoyed it but I see why people don’t, also the LotR trilogy is far far superior in the films.

      1. They were really good films.
        Arghhh neeed to watch it soon probably tmoro ill start the trilogy (the hobbit)

          1. -Surly crude and grumpy
            -fondness for weaponry (specifically Hammers and Axes)
            -Love of gold and precious minerals
            -Associated with Earth and Fire
            – Fucking hate dirty knife ears

          2. Goatee but its really long on my chin that i kinda twirl into a point (maybe like 2 1/2 inches long)

          3. i like my goatee look, i don’t want a full beard (yet) (a full beard doesn’t work with my Italian face)

      1. I can’t believe they fucking made him irish. And on top of that he was fucking CGI’d up the asshole

        1. Billy Connolly is Scottish and I’m fairly certain he used his natural voice. I think he was CGI’d largely due to illness.

          1. Scottish. My bad. Just think he was a horrible choice. I don’t understand why they chose him and why they gave him lines that indicate a certain accent by saying crap like, “laddies an ‘ya.’ Just stupid and emersion-breaking

          2. I thought he was good, but then I like him anyway so that might be why. Also I haven’t read the book or seen the animated film so my experience and opinions will likely largely differ from yours so I can’t really argue any points with you.

  33. Okay in a dramatic twist I’m leaving Hogwarts and Middle earth just to say why don’t the Superman films ever live up to expectations???

      1. Sorry I mean the recent ones
        like originals were fine its the recent ones that receive so much negativity

    1. In the case of man of steel, there is so much they did wrong.

      A major element is just not understanding what Superman is. He isn’t Batman. He’s not dark and brooding. He is a symbol of hope and freedom and justice. Man of Steel fails to show this by having him murder millions of people by fighting the baddie in a crowded city destroying property that would be considered one the biggest losses of human life at one time. That’s the exact opposite of what Superman is.

          1. Oh yeah absolutely.
            I wish they did Superman justice for once (that pun was not intended haha) :]

          2. They need to give up on it now. Just keep wonder woman and scrap every single other part. Every part.

          3. Wonder Woman and the Flash might be good in it. I just hope Superman comes back with a Mullet.

          4. It looks like they really ruined Aquaman. Just seems like a more-comical thor rip off now. And Cyborg’s cgi is still eye-catchingly bad. Wonder Woman will probably be good, though I doubt she will have any semblance of an arc. Idk about Flash. Never liked him as a character tbh

          5. Well Wonder Woman did just get a whole movie to herself, which is what the other characters should’ve had before throwing them together (Avengers did it right). Cyborg does look bad, not sure how hard it is to get right but oh well. Hopefully we get a real Lex Luthor showing up, not that dweeb from BvS.

          6. I have no hope for Lex Luthor. I’m really not worried about wonder woman for the reason you mentioned. Cyborg doesn’t deserve to even be on the roster, imo.

          7. We all know why Cyborg is really there, unless it actually turns out he is necessary for the plot which I doubt. I’d rather have had Martian Manhunter.

        1. I still like Man of Steel, it’s better than the previous one and BvS even though it’s still incredibly flawed.

          1. Yeah I guess Man of Steel was still very good. I’ve only watched it once and should probably give it another chance.

            The Dark knight trilogy was epic wasn’t it?

          2. The Dark Knight Trilogy is great, largely because it understands Batman. TDK is the best of them, Rises kind of suffers due to not being able to live up to its’ predecessor.

          1. Horrible CGI, horrible additions to the story, overly long, unnecessary added characters, completely STUPID connections to the LotR that DID NOT need to exist. Morgul arrows? Are you joking????!? Legolas mario jumping up rocks. A troll being brought into battle when all four of its limbs are fucking peg legs!?!?! WTF!!?!? The Great Eagles being given no dialogue and instead are just lifeless McGuffins. Not to mention he couldn’t even get the most pivotal scene in the entire franchise right: when Bilbo and Gollum meet and he finds the ring. Instead of it being creepy, PJ decided to make Gollum cutesy and funny instead. Seriously the creature hasn’t had any amount of social interaction for a huge amount of time. And Bilbo stumbles upon him in a completely dark cave yet there’s literally no tension to the scene and it’s super bright in there. Just awful.

            Seriously if you have read the book, which you should, watch the 1977 animated Hobbit. The art style is a bit strange, but it gets the book mostly right and does it in like an hour and a half. I grew up watching that version and having the book read to me a young age so excuse me if I’m very passionate about how the movies turned out. PJ made great adaptations of the LotR books, but he got the Hobbit, my favorite, so so so wrong. I know part of it was studio interference, but it’s still his product and he should be ashamed

        1. I enjoy them mostly. They are nothing compared to the LotR trilogy though. Part of the problem was that Peter Jackson wasn’t meant to be doing them himself but ended up having to which caused alot of issues for him.

  34. Any Lois and Clark New adventures of Superman fans here?
    If so it’s arguably my favourite series!
    Big fan here

    1. Loved watching it growing up, though it is kind of bad in terms of action from what I remember.

  35. Why the hell is sonic colors literally the only non-classic sonic game to actually be good in the past 15 or so years

    1. Oh dam it sonic riders zero gravitywasn’t be in the past 15 years………..I feel old as a hell now.

  36. Sometimes I take pride in liking Vocaloid
    Sometimes I feel embarrassed
    And now there’s a weird mix of both

  37. The universe is making joke with me …..my internet was crashed when I need just for an attack to win in my battle……….fuccck u universe I will challenge u and I will fucking beat u.

  38. So, since I’ve been writing and editing my PMD fanfics for most of today (As well as watching the anime specials), I have a question that I’ll probably regret asking later on: If you were sent the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon world, what (non-legendary) Pokemon would you think you’d be? It doesn’t have to be your favorite Pokemon (though it probably will be), but in my case, it is. As in Riolu/Lucario.

    1. I still don’t watch this ……….tell me is this a joke?………I am not in that mood right now.

  39. Bah!!! I wasn’t paying enough attention and killed the Smeargle I was chaining…..oh well I suppose luckily I had just finished a chain and needed to build back up to 70 anyway. Only thing is now I gotta find another so I can keep hunting.

  40. As much as I hate bringing up this since I’m not so negative towards anything pokemon related. I feel like I need to get this off my chest. I was against pokemon games making its transition to the Switch. I’m so used to playing on a small handheld console since the beginning. But now I have to buy a Switch in order to continue playing the franchise I love so much.The thing I loved about the 3DS is that I can easily carry it around in a small purse but now I can no longer do that with the bigger handheld device. I like the simplicity of a smaller console in my hands despite being an old relic for so long.

    I don’t hate the Switch by any means, it’s a great new home console with great games coming later on in the coming years. I’m just….upset about the sudden changes. I’ll just hang my head low about this process until I see for myself what the upcoming pokemon Switch will be like

      1. It’s either that or a highly unlikely more powerful handheld console. I have small hands lol

    1. This irritates me. I don’t have a switch right now either mostly because it’s approx $500 and the games are about $80. But I’m happy that Pokemon is moving forward. The 3ds is extremely underpowered for a device in 2017, it struggles to run sun and moon and if gf had stuck with the 3ds Pokemon wouldn’t​ get a chance to evolve like Mario and zelda did. Our first Mainline pokemon rpg on a big screen, and in HD, and on something that isn’t underpowered is something to be excited about.

      Also, it was confirmed that a Mainline pokemon game was being developed at e3. And the switch is portable as well so that’s not an issue

      (And isn’t not like Pokemon is the only game you’re getting with the switch)

      1. Well yeah, stuff costs money, and once you get older money is a lot easier to obtain, the feel of ‘having to’ buy new stuff will get better.

      2. Yes yes I am aware of this. I am aware of the technological limits of the 3DS because of how old it is. I’m old fashioned about handheld consoles, that’s all it is. I like them small enough to fit in my small hands and small purses. I may be a sourpuss when it comes to this controversial topic but I just feel I need to express my attitude towards the situation at the current moment. In the future I’ll calm down about this and be chill about things again

    2. This is the most tired complaint I ever heard. “Why do I have to buy new stuff for my other new stuff to work.” That’s how companies, the market and technology works. You can’t expect company to support products that have long been on the downturn forever. If they don’t make Pokémon on Switch, there wouldn’t have been a Pokémon anymore. The console is fine. It won’t feel too big when holding it, and I usually carry a backpack wherever I have to take my console to.

      It’s a bit like the complaint that smartphones got bigger compared to old dumbphones, in the end nobody complains anymore because the added benefits far outweigh the inconvenience of a larger phone.

      1. Look, I’m not trying to pick up a fight or anything, it’s going to take me a while to get used to this idea. I’m someone who takes things slowly, I’m not fast paced like everyone else here of the world. In time I will embrace the future of pokemon consoles, just meddling things over right now

        1. It’s a console, not moving to the other side of the world :P. You’ll get used to it in approximately five hours of using it.

          1. I mean the only other game that interests me other than pokemon is Mario Odyssey and Kirby Star Allies, I have never handled a Switch, let alone touched it so I don’t know how it feels or plays

    1. OH GOD!!!! IS SHE TRYING TO USE A TOUCH SCREEN?!?!?!?! No little girl that’s not what that is!!!!!!!

  41. So apparently you can pet and interact with overworld Pokémon in USUM. Definitely seems this Gen is prepping us for walking Pokémon, like Sinnoh prepped us for walkers in HGSS. I’m not annoyed for the feature not being in USUM, because if they wanted to make it meaningful it could’ve conflicted with the other changes they want to make, but I do blame everything after HGSS for dropping the feature – including the original SuMo

    Unova had literally no excuse though, they already had most of the sprites they needed and the whole storyline was about the bonds between people and Pokémon. At least Kalos and Alola were massive graphic overhauls (transition to 3D and then transition out of the chibiesque overworld)

        1. I hope there are a lot of overworld Pkms in USUM from many different species instead of like 6 or 5, so we get to see more cute interactions

  42. Jesus fucc it’s actually really fun portraying Deci as a ghost! There’s so much that doesn’t get shown in the games and especially now that I know what Spirit Shackle is based off of it makes him like 20 gazillion times cooler

      1. We have all been at this point or will be at that point of fear. Regardless of what color our underwear is or the music that we like to listen to.

      2. Where is Deerlia? The only one that can continue this rhyme and has the power to turn it into a more jovial one is the aforementioned.

  43. Welp. It has been confirmed that the UB that were exclusive in SM retain their exclusivity in USUM.

  44. Probably posted this before, but I love this song. Seriously, Persona 5 has such an amazing soundtrack. The images shown while the music is playing in this video are very spoiler-y tho (I think), so be warned or something.

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