Pokémon Bank Offers Alolan Starters with Hidden Abilities [UPD]

Pokémon Bank, the Nintendo 3DS tool to store your Pokémon caught Generation III or later (though quite a few jumps may need to be made in the earliest games), has begun a new distribution event for players. The Alolan starters’ final evolutions, Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina, will be offered upon starting Pokémon Bank. These are special … Read more

March CoroCoro Leaking [UPD]

Another month, another CoroCoro leak! The first images of March 2018’s issue have surfaced and bring some minor information about what’s upcoming for Pokémon in 2018! Japan will be having a special distribution for Shiny Poipole to coincide with the TCG merchandise – other regions will most likely get this event in the not too … Read more

TPCi Announces Year of Legendary Pokémon

The Pokémon Company International has announced 2018 as the Year of Legendary Pokémon! To celebrate, special distributions for several Gen VII version exclusive Legendaries will be ongoing for the remainder of the year! These Legendaries can be obtained with any copies of Sun & Moon and Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, however, the game you’re … Read more

Is Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Truly an Enhanced Version?

Upon release Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon really left the fanbase somewhat divided. Although we at PJN loved the remixed return to the Alola region, not everyone had the same opinion – it really seemed like a “you either love it or hate it” entry into the franchise. Whatever your stance, we can’t deny … Read more

Pokémon GO Travel Event + Pokémon Bank Update

Niantic has officially announced the Pokémon GO Travel event! From now until to November 26th, trainers across the globe must work toward the goal of collectively catching 3 billion Pokémon in Pokémon GO! As the week progresses, and more ‘mons are caught, rewards will start to roll out: At 500 million Pokémon caught we’ll get … Read more

Amazon Reviews are Tanking for Ultra Sun & Moon

While many of us have enjoyed our foray back into Alola in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on the Nintendo 3DS which was released just days ago, not all fans have been happy with their purchase. Japanese gamers who expected more than an end-game scenario and expanded regional Pokédex have taken to Amazon to vent their … Read more