Pokémon GO Travel Event + Pokémon Bank Update

Niantic has officially announced the Pokémon GO Travel event!

From now until to November 26th, trainers across the globe must work toward the goal of collectively catching 3 billion Pokémon in Pokémon GO! As the week progresses, and more ‘mons are caught, rewards will start to roll out: At 500 million Pokémon caught we’ll get 2x Experience, 6 hour Lure Modules and an increase of worldwide spawns. At 1.5 billion, we’ll get the previosuly mentioned bonuses plus 2x Stardust and even more increased spawns. And if we reach our goal of 3 billion we’ll get all the aforementioned rewards plus Farfetch’d will spawn worldwide for 48 hours (Kangaskhan will spawn in East Asia as compensation)!

If the below infographic isn’t your style you can check out the fun video Niantic put together for the event, or read their official blog post.

In main game news, (much to our surprise) Pokémon Bank is already compatible with Pokémon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon! Requiring 516 block, version 1.4 of the application is now available for download via the eShop. Along this, compatibility for transfers from Pokémon Gold & Silver can now be made in Poké Transporter.

What will be the first Pokémon your transfer to your new Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon games? Excited to finally add Farfetch’d to your Pokédex in GO?