New Pokémon Reveal Could Come Soon

An upcoming product reveal has a mysterious placeholder for a “secret” battle disc with an unknown Pokémon (image below courtesy of PokéShopper). With CoroCoro’s next issue expected to leak in just over a week(!), this could be an indication more Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon reveals could be just around the bend! PokéShopper also … Read more

RUMOR: Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Details

OBLIGATORY WARNING: Why do we post rumors? Because Pokémon fans love to talk about the latest gossip and they often give us new ideas about what we’d like to see in a future game or, perhaps, what we wouldn’t want to see. This information is always explicitly marked as a rumor in the post title … Read more

FAKE: Pokémon “Stars” Leaks (UPDATE)

FAKE ALERT: The information contained in this post has now been debunked! It’s that time again folks! A Pokémon Direct has just been announced for tomorrow and Pokémon fans are frantically speculating over what the 8 minute broadcast will announce. Meanwhile, some users online have begun posting information claiming to have insider knowledge on the upcoming game. One … Read more