FAKE: Pokémon “Stars” Leaks (UPDATE)

FAKE ALERT: The information contained in this post has now been debunked!

It’s that time again folks! A Pokémon Direct has just been announced for tomorrow and Pokémon fans are frantically speculating over what the 8 minute broadcast will announce. Meanwhile, some users online have begun posting information claiming to have insider knowledge on the upcoming game.

One user on 4chan posted the following information regarding the game:

  • The games will be available for both 3DS and Switch and the two versions can communicate with each other
  • The above image shows Gladion in his new outfit
  • Alola will be the setting for the game and Kanto will not make an appearance
  • Characters from Sun & Moon will appear and have grown up since we last saw them
  • Gladion now runs the Aether Paradise
  • Gyms are now present in Alola, with Trials no longer existing
  • No new Pokémon or Mega Evolutions
  • Necrozma receives a new form
  • New exclusive Z-Moves
  • Plot of the game is heavily focused on past events and will feature many cutscenes
  • The game will explain how Necrozma fell into our world
  • Characters are called Kaosu and Hoshi

CONFIRMED FAKE: In addition to the above supposed “leaked” concept art was also posted online, show a number of reference poses for Gladion in his new getup. It has been confirmed the the screenshot and concept art are both an creations, consequently meaning the leaked information is also false. Art done by Italian artist Emdy.

As always with rumors and “leaks” we urge our readers to take this information cautiously. We do not claim it to be real and have chosen to post it for discussion purposes. We believe these images and information are 100% false. That said, how would our readers feel if this did turn out to be true? Is it something you like to see in a Sun & Moon follow-up game? Let us know in the comments below!