RUMOR: Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Details

OBLIGATORY WARNING: Why do we post rumors? Because Pokémon fans love to talk about the latest gossip and they often give us new ideas about what we’d like to see in a future game or, perhaps, what we wouldn’t want to see. This information is always explicitly marked as a rumor in the post title and should never, never, never be shared as fact. Treat it as false until proven otherwise.

Our good friend JynxClub and Pokesan (of BMGf) have alerted English fans about new information that was posted before the Nintendo Direct that announced Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon aired on a Chinese fan forum. Remember that if you care about spoilers you may not want to read these rumors!

Without further ado, here is a translation of the post:

  • Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon take place in an “alternate universe” than the one we explored in the original Sun & Moon. Chronologically, the new games take place a year after the first two.
  • Alola has finally built its own Pokémon League, but the Champion is shrouded in mystery…
  • There is a new organization, Rainbow, with some familiar faces in it.
  • Lillie has a lot of surprises in store for us

Not too much to go on, but my curiousity has really been piqued by this alternate-universe-Alola we might get to explore!