Is Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Truly an Enhanced Version?

Upon release Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon really left the fanbase somewhat divided. Although we at PJN loved the remixed return to the Alola region, not everyone had the same opinion – it really seemed like a “you either love it or hate it” entry into the franchise. Whatever your stance, we can’t deny that at the end of the day USUM is made to be a “third” or “enhanced” version of Pokémon Sun & Moon. So did Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon really give an “enhanced” experience compared to their originals? To find out we’re going to look back at last year’s Things We Didn’t Like About Sun & Moon article, look over the gripes of the originals, and see if they truly have been improved upon in its enhanced version.

The Rotom Pokédex

In our original journey through Alola in Sun & Moon the biggest disappointment with the Rotom Pokédex was how useless it became and how much of a wasted opportunity it was overall. Although it was a cute concept and had some useful features like the pinpoint navigation during the main story, once you became the Champion Rotom quickly became relegated to spouting repetitive, generic phrases as you completed the Pokédex. So did its upgrades and changes fare well in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon? If you were to ask me that in the early hours of my adventure through USUM I would’ve responded with a resounding, “YES!” – however having completed the game my opinion has wavered a bit. Overall, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon rounded out the Rotom ‘Dex as a character by giving it much more personality and depth. And gave us, the player, much more opportunity to interact with it and benefit from doing so. Through some light petting and answering prompted questions about Rotom, yourself, and relevant events happening in game, we’re now able to build a stronger bond and connection with it. This can trigger change’s in Rotom’s dialogue and, more importantly, the occasional Roto Loto to receive Rotom Powers that help the player through the Island Trials. Rotom’s Z-Power tie in and inclusion of in game boosters are more than welcome upgrades to the age old Pokédex, however, the constant attention I needed to give the Rotom ‘Dex got real old, real quick. Normally I would just ignore features that aren’t required to move through the story if I don’t like it. But ignoring Rotom outright, for even a minute, prompts the ever present bottom screen to develop a sad, defeated expression. And as much as I just want to leave it be, it’s incredibly distracting to traverse through the lively, bright Alola with such annoyingly somber eyes lurking just a few centimeters below. Overall GameFreak brought some incredible upgrades to the Rotom ‘Dex, but they’re overshadowed by the blunder of making the relationship upkeep more of a constant distraction from the storyline first, and a useful feature second. Aaron Burr said it best, Rotom: “Talk less. Smile more.”

New Pokémon’s Low Encounter Rates

Despite what the title suggests, our biggest pet peeve wasn’t actually the low encounter rates themselves. Since we, and most people reading this, are hardcore fans and players of the series the low encounter rate brings a welcome challenge in completing the Pokédex. Despite it specifying where a Pokémon could be found down to the patch of grass in Sun & Moon, our biggest complaint was simply that the ‘Dex didn’t have any way to tell players if Pokémon could only be found through SOS battles. This made the hardcore players rely on third party databases, and caused the younger Pokémon audience to frustratingly search an area for hours without any luck. Luckily the Rotom Pokédex in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon now includes an Adrenaline Orb icon to denote whether or not you need to trigger an SOS battle to encounter a Pokémon! The low regular and SOS encounter rates are still prevalent in USUM, and that’s fine – but atleast we won’t be un-knowledgeably spending hours looking for a Mareanie and finding nothing but Corsola!

Protagonists Being Numb to Everything

There’s not much to say about this one. Despite adding several new cutscenes, and a completely shocking and robust new storyline in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, our protagonist still has that empty, dumbfounded smile no matter what’s happening in game: A hole leading to an alternate dimension opens up in the sky? Derpy empty smile. Lusamine wants to battle you after the reveal of her being the mother of Gladion and Lillie with the backdrop of cryogenically frozen Pokémon? Derpy empty smile. You literally get to travel on the back of a Legendary Pokémon through a highway of alternate dimensions to chase Necrozma and later encounter Ultra Beasts in their respective worlds? Derpy empty smile. The Pokémon franchise is known for their silent protagonists, but that doesn’t mean they have to be numb and seemingly detached from everything happening around them. The protagonists’ animation and expressions for Z-Moves are a wonderful example of how our avatar can remain silent and neutral, but keep a personality and react/emote appropriately to the situation. Hopefully GameFreak revisits the protagonist and how they react to the story as it unfolds around them when Pokémon makes their move to the Switch.

The Poké Finder

Another one of Game Freak’s amazing but poorly implemented ideas in Sun & Moon, the Poké Finder featured ridiculous slow down, boring and repetitive gameplay, and was used in game pretty haphazardly. Causing it to quickly became seen less as a new exciting feature, and more of thing you’re forced to use in order to get all the stamps on your Trainer Passport. Although the photo spots from Sun & Moon still remained mostly untouched and unchanged, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon introduced the Alola Photo Club! These club buildings scattered throughout the region allows you to take photos with your Pokémon and edit them to your hearts content using a plethora of poses, frames, stickers, and more! You might think that going from the concept of taking photos of what you experience along your adventure (The Poké Finder) to a stationary studio (Alola Photo Club) would be a step back, but the way it’s implemented, and the ridiculous amounts of photo customization brings the idea of taking pictures in game leaps and bounds forward. Unlocking backgrounds, frames and stickers naturally along your journey without ever having to ever visit the Photo Club in between (instead of unlocking more features through constant opening and use) puts the emphasis back on adventure and discovery. And having Rotom prompt you to take a commemorative photo whenever Pokémon evolves or levels ups, or when you clear a Trial or become Champion integrates the Photo Club wonderfully into the story and gives each photo meaning. And although the Poké Finder and Alola Photo Club are technically separate entities, the latter definitely built of off, and would not exist without, the former. If only you still didn’t have to unlock the Poké Finder Pro to complete your Trainer Passport…

Removal of Amazing Features From Past Generations

Even when the possibility of an enhanced version for Sun & Moon first came into the fanbase’s forefront with the rumored Pokémon Stars, I don’t think anyone expected we would see the return of previously lost, amazing features from the previous generation – and rightfully so. Unsurprisingly, in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon horde battles didn’t make a return, the connection features didn’t get any more convenient, and the clunky, universally hated Festival Plaza is still as prevalent as ever. Yes, some new, small “features” within the Plaza were added, but its not to the point were you can say the Festival Plaza is any better overall. However, I will give props to Game Freak for cunningly allowing the Rainbow Rocket storyline to take place in the Festival Plaza. Because now when I think of the PSS’ failed successor my epic battle with all of the franchise’s big baddies come to mind first, not the overall clunkiness. So I guess that’s something?

No Side Quest Tracker

Despite the main series Pokémon games being an RPG at its core, it wasn’t until 20 years into the franchise with Sun & Moon that we really began to see side quests implemented into the games. As part of the effort to breathe even more life into Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon’s Alola, dozens upon dozens of different side quests featuring new cut scenes and item rewards were beautifully added into the game. Only one problem: there’s still no way to easily keep track of ’em all! Currently the only way to note quest details and track your progress is by manually writing down them down yourself, or, once again, relying on third party databases. Although the depth of Pokémon as whole has the fanbase looking up info online pretty often, something as simple as side quest completion shouldn’t have to make you open up another device all together just to make sure you cleared it all. Now deep into the post game I have a yearning to finish up all the side quests, but with no formal tracker in game I haven’t the faintest clue which NPC to go to, much less what side quests I have ongoing. These quick diversions from the main plot are one of the most effective ways I’ve seen Game Freak bring depth and life to a region and it’s people, so I welcome the inclusion of side quests in future games with open arms…just add a tracker please.

By no means can you judge an enhanced version of a game based purely on what existing features it built upon – we haven’t even began to scratch the surface of the new moves, Pokémon, areas, characters, and story Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon brought to Alola – but that doesn’t mean the promise of it being “enhanced” can’t be dissected. Do you think Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon lived up to its “enhanced” promise? What are some of your favorite USUM enhanced features? Or do you have some things that you wish got the enhanced treatment?

  1. Although I like USUM, I can agree there are still tons of stuff that could be improved and it still has the same negatives; very complex way to connect online, only 400 Pokémon, no Horde battles, etc…

      1. Ah…of course. I was thinking that considering the time when he lived, that he may have said it to a significant women. He wasn’t the nicest guy around.

  2. Tbf, I personally think that having a sequel rather than a third version is more preferable really, because we still had to sit through most of the story again and sequel not only could have an entirely new story, but improvements as well.

    And regarding the improvements that USUM had, it fixed some things but not all, like the lack of some good battle facility, and I even heard that some things are worse like the Rotom dex and the story ( some people complained about the lack of Lusamine’s final form and how poorly RR was implemented ) :/

  3. The biggest problem with USUM is that they did NOT fix a majority of the issues that many of us have with Gen 7. Instead they bulldozed right over them opting to add features like “pet this pokemon for an hour and get nothing in return!” instead of making a stronger game.

        1. Tbh I’m really slow at playing games. Add that on top of Alola being kinda boring the 4th (5th?) time in a year and I’m not in a hurry atm lol

    1. At this point I think we’ve heard every single possible criticism of this game. No offense

  4. I haven’t played USUM so can’t really share my opinion. Oh well, probably for the better… :p

  5. Lemme add something productive
    USUM are bad

    Boom, I did it

    No but seriously there’s going to be so many arguments in these comments

    1. Nah USUM are great simply cos they added the single greatest Pokemon in the history of pokemon and gave it a name to match…

      ….that’s right…talking of none other than Stakataka

    2. No one is saying they’re bad games. But they’re certainly not flawless. In my review I’m going to talk about the good and bad. I don’t want it to be overly negative, but so far they don’t seem to have fixed my problems with Gen 7, which is what a remastered version should do

      1. Oh I know, it’s that a majority of the time that’s all that’s mentioned

        1. Well I haven’t gotten to the post game so I honestly don’t have many good things to say just yet. It’s mostly the same so far.

  6. How to make the (already great) Stufful line even better:
    Stufful Normal/Fairy
    Bewear Fairy/Fighting

          1. A red panda plush would be based on a red panda. What you mean is it’s based on a teddy bear with some vague red panda features more apparent in its’ pre-evo.

          1. You are missing the entire point.

            Cottonee has a design. It is simple but it is actually… something. It has an idea and it is executed well through its design

            Voltorb (and no one ever gets this) IS DESIGNED TO BE A MIMIC. It is SUPPOSED to look like a pokeball. Thats like saying a mimic is a lazy design because it’s just a treasure chest

            Wingull isn’t just a seagull?? This is a seagull


            It sure has hell looks a bit different than just a seagull


            Beware is LITERALLY A PILL SHAPE. It’s not on purpose like Voltorb either thats a totally different situation. You wouldn’t even know it is a red panda if you didn’t see the tail. It’s a really poor design and it could’ve been so much better

          2. The other thing about Bewear is that the concept doesn’t make sense. Why was it designed to “look” like a plushie?
            And if it was designed to look like a plush, why is it 7 feet tall? Bears aren’t 7 feet tall and neither are plushies, nor are they bipedal.
            And why is its mouth below its muzzle?

            -Just take the good part of the concept: “dangerous teddy bear” and make just that. Make a dangerous teddy bear. Not a pill with legs that’s not a bear or a stuffed animal.

          3. well… which is it? it cant decide it seems. Stuffle is a stuffed animal. Why did they randomly switch that inspiration?

            And even then, it still couldve had a much better design. Just something of an interesting body shape instead of the default pill model from Unity3D

          4. Popplio goes from a sea lion acrobat, to a sea lion dancer, to a selkie/siren singer. Rowlet goes from quills, to darts, to dying and suddenly learning how to use a bow and arrow. Remoraid, Feebas and Magikarp have extreme changes. However, they’re all changes in a set theme. They’re not new.

            They have a ‘cute marketing animal theme’, whether it be mascots or plushes. A mascot suit is practically a plushy someone wears, which is why Bewear has some design choices such as height, proportion, and an obvious line around its neck.

          5. She’s just saying the literal body shape is boring. It could’ve had more texture, wrinkles, pluffiness, anything. It’s just an oval.

          6. ‘well… which is it? it cant decide it seems. Stuffle is a stuffed animal. Why did they randomly switch that inspiration?’

            Read before you try to read me sweetie. I didn’t discuss the body shape because I’m inclined to degree with her on that part

          7. I know you’re discussing both. I’m just discussing the part where the conflict comes from because I agree that Bewear is a boring design in my own opinion.

          8. Woah, calm down. She literally said, “Just something of an interesting body shape instead of the default pill model from Unity3D,” and I was just following up on that. Your following comment didn’t touch on it, so how was I supposed to know you agreed on that part?

          9. Fam, I’m not like actual mad at you. Being a bitch is kind of what I do lol and I’m sorry if I did come across as generally mean, it’s the kind of humour I’m used to when I’m speaking to other peeps but i do genuinely apologise if you felt I was being like actual aggresive

          10. but… all of those were evolving from the previous idea to something higher up than that…

            I cant justify Remoraid because wtf happened with that but Magikarp and Feebas’s changes are part of its lore

            Changing a stuffed animal to a sports mascot is kind of a big jump. It probably needed an evo in between to bridge that gap.

            And even then like… it could be done so much better. Don’t forget that this is still an animal and it looks absolutely ridiculous

          11. All three Alola starters had pretty big jumps. Where did Primarina’s hair come from? Incineroar becoming baracat? Decidueye dying and shooting up in size and becoming way more humanoid? It’s a standard thing for some Pokémon evos to change so much.

            And from certain angles of thought, mascot costumes are higher than pushes. They’re larger, intractable, and tend to look more intricate.

            Also, they’re animals based on fake animals because Pokémon and realism aren’t exactly best friends. Furnace anteater. Robot ant. Cannon turtle. Explosive turtle. And now, stuffed animal animal.

            This point is just veering into subjectivity. Bewear does look like a Japanese mascot, which is the whole point of it, and liking or disliking it from their is a subjective. I really don’t like Bewear as an evo to Stufful but I understand where it comes from.

      1. It’s not what I wanted out of a Pokemon based on a red panda but I like it enough shiny at least.

    1. Just because it’s cute doesn’t mean it has to be fairy. And fairy doesn’t make everything better

  7. I prefer the Rotomdex of SuMo, no amount of ‘powers’ seems to outweigh how disheartening and irritating this new attention ho version. Actually I prefer the dex of ORAS because it had a function I liked using, DexNav. Plaza is bad, there was no attempt at improvement, it’s clunky and I doubt I’d bother if I didn’t need the trade features. I enjoyed mantine surfing which I’ve only done once so far (not played much yet), photo club I’ve only used once and I guess it’s fine. I’m not far enough through to say much more.

  8. I kinda feel the whole, “you can only be a trial captain if you’re under 21” or whatever rule that they made in Alola is really dumb. They could’ve had some sweet trials with Plumeria and Kahili as captains…

      1. Like I’ve said this a million times, but WHY doesn’t Plumeria become a f*cking trial captain during the post game and turn Po town into her poison trial where she also helps the grunts train? And then the golf course or ten carat hill should’ve been a flying trial from the getgo. Mt. Lanakila as an ice trial? Trials take less time and you do less battling than a normal gym so I don’t think it’d be a problem to add a few more to the game overall. Such wasted potential

    1. Yeah it is, like I thought the more experienced the person the better they’d be able to direct the trials but nooooo they all shalt be childs

      1. It’s a shame. They’re just missing out on good storytelling. Plumeria matures as a character off screen, which sucks for us.

  9. Can the ultra recon squad just go away? Like please take your poipole and f*ck right off with your dumb battles that are the same OVER and OVER again. Cookie cutter battles are not content.

      1. Me too, but do I need to battle it like 3 or 4 times….? Just put it in it’s ultra space environment like everyone wanted.

        1. That would be better. Then I could catch it in a ball I want. Why do they give you it in a Pokeball when they use it in a Beast Ball?

          1. It makes zero sense. It makes me mad to think about how they hyped ultra space and then got lazy and didn’t make spaces for the 3 new ultra beasts.

          2. I so want to see disco clown world. And Toxic Tundra or whatever, goopy poison world for Poipole. Stakataka world could be massive smelting furnaces or something, with large hills and fortresses.

          3. Poipole’s Ultra Space is literally Ultra Megapolis. It’s not even lazy, it’s part of its lore lol

          4. Like Monkeyfuzz, I wouldn’t know, haven’t gotten there. But that still leaves the laziness of blacephalon and stakataka

          5. Those two are defo just laziness but I don’t think it’s smart to critique something you’re not sure on because then you might have to backpedal

          6. It just doesn’t seem like anything I’ve seen from the other ultra environments, which seem to be uninhabited places. I knew Poipole was a giftmon so it was easy to connect the dots. Either way, would it have been possible to still allow Poipole to have been encountered “in the wild” in ultra megopolis? I don’t like being given pokemon, especially rare ones.

          7. They could’ve but it’s a UB with a busted abiltiy that you get before the champion. It’s also a new UB so limiting its number forces you to trade or replay (whether it be reset or with a new copy) which either promotes economy on the GTS or promotes money in their pockets

      1. No they’re actually probably the worst addition to this game so far. The lame Malie gym being the second. They suck as “characters” and their intro theme is just a bunch of electricity noises that don’t sound good

        1. Welp, that sucks how they turned out to be considering the hype and speculation they caused when they appeared in that poster

      1. I honestly like the games I find nothing wrong

        But then again I don’t go in depth of things like graphics or bad story, I just like it because it is what it is and like to live that way

        1. Like if I lived with measuring every detail and pointing out ever small flaw I’d be exactly what I don’t want to be, depressed and miserable

          I admit with Pokémon ignorance is bliss

          1. I can’t play video games that way. I actually can’t look at any media that way. If we as a society don’t look at what did/did not work in media there would never be improvements. We’d get the same thing.

            But looking at flaws isn’t hating on the game because everything we say is pretty much fair. It’s constructive criticism.

          2. The thing is that things like character development, story, visuals, music or things like that is that you don’t have to be so critical to notice that they’re flawed, an average player would notice that consciously or not.

            Critics just points if these things work or not and why.

          3. I’m not like a super critical person but like… You need a bit of critical thinking for like everything in life my dude

          4. Thats stupid though. If you don’t figure out why you like something or dislike something you are just going to be complacent.

            I think if you are a strong enough person to criticize the thing you love, you are a true fan

            HGSS are my favorite pokemon games and some of my favorite games ever

            – Level curve is awful
            – Kanto is pretty empty after you beat the gym leaders
            – You can’t evolve or catch many pokemon until Kanto
            – Team Rocket’s areas (Radio Tower and HQ) are super tedious

            BOTW is absolutely incredible and I stand by the opinion that it is one of the greatest games ever made

            – Rain ruins climbing
            – Difficulty drops off after around 70 hours
            – The champions could’ve been more fleshed out (though the dlc seems to be working to fix this)
            – load times
            – Shrines can get pretty samey and repetitive
            – Koroks are not satisfying to search for

            I love these games to death but because I took some time to break them down, I learned from them and found greater love and appreciation for them

          5. It’s not stupid at all. He is entitled to his own opinion.
            I think what kurusu is trying to say is he is trying to appreciate the good things in the game, enjoy the experience rather than cry over spilt milk.
            Criticism and objective thinking is good but if he wants to go the other way then he can and in all honesty although I can be very very critical but lately I’ve been similair to Kurusu in my approach.

          6. If you’re not goona apply critical thinking in your life then you’re never going to demand better.

            Its like… if you took a test at school and you fuckin bombed it. You got like 10/100. That means that hey, you need to do better. You don’t look at that and say well at least I got 10 right then just never learn.

            It is stupid.

          7. Don’t worry dude you can play and view the games as you please that’s YOUR choice.
            Furthermore I prefer your/our way of enjoying the game rather than counting every pixel and organism and ruining the experience :]
            im loving usum so far how far are you??

          8. I am waiting outside Lush Jungle

            I normally only get time to play at night and I want to fight Lurantis during the Day

            I have set times I want to fight a few of them
            Lurantis- Day
            Mimikyu- Night time
            Kommo-o- Day time
            Ribombee- Day time

            Electric trial I have no preference for

        2. Tbf, there is nothing wrong with liking these games, a lot of people do. But some people like I wanted these games to have some stuff that we wanted ( actual improvements in some aspects fe) and we’re just disappointed with some aspects of the game.

      2. I realized that even trying to review this game is infuriating. From an objective view point it is great. But coming off of Sun and Moon and not fixing Sun and Moon’s many problems like Platinum just sours the experience.

        I’m just tired of it really

        1. Yeah that’s why I wanted a sequel instead, if you’re not going to fix SM then just a tell a different story with different and new characters instead of just changing a few things in the final parts!

      1. If it’s early 2019 then mid 2018 is the very latest we’d hear about it, probably a bit before E3 and then a small trailer there.

    1. You don’t need to talk about USUM considering this place isn’t even used for Pokémon discussion half the time ?

      1. I mean if it’s coming out next year prolly right? Either that or in February. If not those two months then it likely won’t be coming out next year

  10. I feel dumb for not noticing that Mahagony Town and Cherrygrove Town share a theme. Sorta odd they didn’t change it up like they did with Cianwood and Eckruteak

  11. The GTS needs fixing, it should be impossible to request certain things at levels they’ve never been available at. It needs a general overhaul and some better hack checking.

    1. That’s going to be hard trawling through every Pokémon to do that, but at the very least obviously illegal Pokémon requests (gendered legends, Pokémon below their evo levels) need sorted out like immediately.

      1. That’s mostly what I mean. Though you can get underleveled evos like SOS Salamence in gen 7.

      1. Laziness, I don’t seeit can be that difficult. They managed to stop perfectly legal and possible safari ball pokemon being traded a while back.

    1. hmmmm I’d say least 50. Can’t remember for sure what level I had my pokes at tho

      1. Mine are 51-52, but I like to be the same level as the boss I’m about to fight. What level is necro?

        1. Actually now that I’d looked it up I’d say have your pokes a little higher. Necro is lvl 60. So maybe more like lvl 55 at lowest. That’s if you want a challenge tho

        2. Deliberately overlevelled so if you go out your way to match its level you’ll be overlevelled for the rest of the game

          1. Yeah that seems like too much grinding for me. I’ll shoot for lower. I just want my Pupitar evolved

  12. Meh, I don’t get how you’re all apathic for the (second) best RPG of this year, the best awesome music player, the best collactathon fair gacha system and the craziest battle simulator, yet everyone indulges in masochistic behaviour of crawling through USUM. 🙁

      1. Oh, but the system is completely different now. Combat is the best part. The game takes lot of times to explain everything in steps, and even 50 hours in you can get new combat tricks/tips.

    1. I’m apathetic because it’s a pathetic game ?

      I actually think it looks good but the character design is literally trash. I don’t care about how sexualised anything is. Even the non sexual ones are just yawn inducing. But XCX had thag problem too and I really enjoyed that game so if I get a switch I’ll probs pick it up at some point tbh

      1. Yeah the characters are too anime like an so on, but eh you shouldn’t let the art style turn you off of one of the best games for the Switch tbh

          1. Boob armour is ineffective as armour. It would actually be more of a hindrance than protection.

          2. Normally blades themselves don’t fight or take damage and they’re normally immortal anyway so yeah.

          3. The only part about her that bugs me about her is that some parts of her body look squeezed. Especially her hips. Like I’m really chill with skimpy outfits on either men or women but like… If it looks like it hurts them? Then your design has major issues lol

          4. It’s pretty bad sometimes, but you can ignore most of it. There’s some great non sexualised designs too, and most of the story is actually mature.

          5. Ugh, this doesn’t even fit her body type at all, makes me think that the fact that there are so many female blades compared to males is just to show skin. Atleast there are some characters with chest that have reasonable size -_-

          6. Tits this size with how small her body is would be so damn bad for her back.

            I don’t have an issue with sexy characters, as long as they don’t have tits the size of their head and wearing armor that would get them murdered in an actual combat scenario like this.

          7. Thing with the blades is is that they asked lots of famous artists from other games and anime and made them do whatever they want without any sort of guidance. That’s why many are overly sexualised and mostly female.

            The pink mineral girl (Agate) I showed is from a Fire Emblem dev for example, so that’s why it’s so good.

          8. I don’t know. It just really bugs me.

            Especially since she’s such a big part of the plot? It feels like she should’ve been more carefully designed

          9. Yeah, they went a bit overboard with the ‘fanservice’ and boob job, but some of the really bad blades are not by the main devs.

          10. Different artists

            They wanted the main artist to make the main characters design and guest artists to make the blades design

    2. – They’re cheaper
      – They’re something more familiar thus safer
      – They’re Pkm


      1. – They’re only like $10 cheaper?
        – They’re a bit too familiar wouldn’t you agree?
        – This is Xenoblade

    3. I’m poor and don’t have the money to spend going out on a limb and trying out a franchise I’ve never played before

    4. Cos ive spent a fortune on DLCs and full games for other platforms already this year

  13. I’m also reminded by the release of Xenoblade Chronicles 1 in Europe (it was a pretty under the radar release), that many review outlets said the game was very good, but they could never understand why this was made for the Wii instead of PS3 and said that the devs made some questionable business decisions.
    Nintendo literally owns the whole studio, smh >.>

  14. I made a big mistake, I allowed Rotomdex to call me Roto-J and now it won’t stop giving me ‘helpful’ advice.

      1. It’s just so distracting, I rarely use the map but when I do I want it to actually be there.

        1. It bothers me that they add this map on the bottom screen yet there are some areas that it just doesn’t show us a detailed map for. Why can’t I see what the trial areas look like?

          1. I hope they upgrade maps, they’ve always been basic which means I rarely bother with them.

  15. I enjoyed them a lot more than usum & many other main line titles tbf. Probably makes top 5 even

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        1. Don’t worry
          I’m sure you’ll love fighting me! Not like I use an Araquanid that carried me on it’s back throughout all of OU right?

          1. Dude seriously do you know how it feels to constantly lose and to have you constantly show me up, it sucks, i just feel like slamming my face into a wall or binge eat

            just a constant sense of inferiority day and night

          2. I’m just kiddin aroundddd. I’m not actually tryin to hurt ya
            If I was I’d say something much meaner

          3. well cut it out, i’ve been losing a lot lately to things that should be easy but aren’t

            Seriously Poison monos should be cake but they gained a new sweeper and they still can abuse Mega Venusaur and the Dragon monos are just hit or miss, usually them covering the spread with the Latis

          4. I mean there’s literally zero way naga is staying.

            Also poison has one more buff you’re forgetting

          5. Toxapex? Nihilego? Vileplume because of Strength Sap?

            I mean the standard Poison Mono is
            M. Venus (Nearly unbeatable without Flying and Psychic stab)
            Weezing (Again a physical attackers worst nightmare)
            Amoongus (Annoying)

          6. meh that doesn’t bother me in the slightest

            I fear Scald more since it doesn’t have to worry about damage it just needs to burn you which is very easy

      1. Seriously that thing is everywhere (IE Dragon and Poison monos and they’re annoying on their own especially Poison monos)

        one Nasty Plot and Devastating Drake and it just rode Beast Boosts until not even Excadrill in the sand outsped it…

          1. Naga. Literally a day 3 ban….
            Though to be honest Tyranitar is stupidly annoying to beat -_-

  16. *Mina”Get ready to face the strongest Totem Pokemon*
    *Totem Rimbombee appears*
    *Snowshrew uses Corkscrew Crash*
    *1HKO’s it*

    “You were saying?”

  17. Ok this Stakataka really needs to be a shiny now so I can move onto the RR episode and start shiny hunting officially in the Ultra Wormholes

  18. So i’m considering upgrading to a New 3DS XL
    and the only thing preventing me from doing so is the System Transfer and the Micro SD cards which you gotta do more to transfer data

      1. I like Ryan Reynolds. I think he’s a fine actor. He hasn’t been in the most amazing things, buy he does have a certain charm and is very likable. Also he’s Deadpool so that brings him up to 100% alone lol

  19. I’m upset they didn’t actually add a dragon trial captain and just left it with just Kommo-o…why not Riyuki?

    1. Idk I kind of like that the dragon trial is abandoned. On an island that’s much less inhabited than the rest and has a deep history it adds to the mystery. If they added someone to over see the trial then it would just be another average trial like the others. It being a left over mystery from the days of old makes it feel special.

      1. But the whole thing with USUM is that it’s an alternate universe, so they could’ve just kept it abandoned for the SM universe and spice it up in this one. All well.

  20. I agree with all the points listed above though I have additional arguments with the games

    Lillie’s watered down story:
    In SM Lillie is a scared character. She’s constantly paranoid, and she talks about how she doesn’t really like Pokemon Battles. But I felt like a lot of this character of her was gone in USUM. TBH in SM it just looks like she just wants Nebby in the bag and safe. We barely get any character development as she doesnt seem as scary as last time. and the famous Exeggcutor Island scene where she explains how the cruelty of her mother started to harm everything around Lillie, including her. Lillie’s role just seems less amazing

    No good Post game facilities:
    cough cough ( )

    Lusamine’s craziness:
    Ok, this REALLY confused me in the game. It’s like they made Lusamine seem like she was the main villain, but she really wasn’t. But they kept a lot of her dialogue/ evil facial expression the same. Why? Did she even need to act like a villain anymore? It seems like just a lazy excuse to me to keep all the scenes very similar. They should have just redid the story rather than making these one line references to necrozma.

    Ultra Necrozma fight:
    Yes, yes. I asked for. “I want pokemon to be more challenging.” But this fight is just SO stupid on sooo many levels. For starters this thing has HIGHER stats than Arceus. Which is pretty scar, but then it has a +1 Boost to every stat. That’s just unfair. How can my regular pokemon even compare to that?? Second, At this point in the game your pokemon should be 50ish. Why is thing level 60!? That’s just bad game design! It’s one thing to be challenging but at this point it’s bad game design. You just beat a level 50 trial and youre going to go fight a level 52 trial. How does fighting a level 60 right in the middle even fair? ITS BAD GAME DESIGN. It’s like having your very first Hau battle him having a 20 starter that beats you. Sure that’s hard, but thats more unfair than hard.

    Why does it have to be a lottery? Why is it a lottery? Why cant it be O-powers and I just CHOOSE what ones I want. WHY IS IT A LOTTERY? The games are RNG enough as is.

    Excluding the unfair Necrozma match, the games were reasonably difficult like SM were, and I commend that! I struggled with a lot of totem mons.

    Too many similar problems with SM:
    It’s like they didn’t even notice a lot of real problems with SM. Sometimes the text got blurry from so many words on one line, not fixed. Festival Plaza sucks… not fixed. Z poses are too long (not to me, but I definitely saw this complaint a lot) not fixed. It’s just like they barely tried to fix the game, but just tried to add new stuff to the game. Too much dialogue (when SM just came out last year, and I played both last year this is very annoying to have it a third time) not fixed.

    Honestly, all these not being fixed makes it seem like they dont want me to play a third version of this game. Which is my BIGGEST problem with this game. Emerald had a huge Frontier facility and used the double battle mechanic a lot more, and I more changed story and the first ever pokemon cutscene, the Frontier alone makes you want to play the game after RS. Platinum literally fix almost ALL of DP problems which made you want to play the game. B2W2 were sequels which alone makes want to play the game after BW. The ONLY thing keeping people wanting to play USUM is there is 4 new pokemon. Not even new Alola forms. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend USUM to someone if they just played SM. It’s just not worth it.

  21. Earthen boooooooored, where is everybody

    So i was dusting my old game shelf and i noticed my cache of old obscure Nick gamecube games
    Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom, Fairly Oddparents Shadow Showdown, Jimmy Neutron Jet Fusion and lastly all the Tak and the power of Juju games 1-3, anybody a fan of any of these titles?

        1. lets see i still have

          Gameboy Color (Sound does not work)
          2 Nintendo 64s (only one working controller sadly)’
          Gameboy SP (Limited edition silver and black)
          Original DS
          Original 3DS
          3DS XL
          Wii U

          1. I’ve got

            -Game boy advanced SP (A few pixles are faded out, but it’s hardly an issue)
            -2 Gamecubes
            -3 Wii’s
            -A broken ds lite (still procrastinating since I was like 8 on getting it rebuilt)
            -DSi (white) (This thing is literally god! It has no problems What SO ever)
            -3ds original
            -Technically even if they are my brothers, DS lite, DSi, New 3ds XL galaxy style, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox 1

            This is everything I’ve got

        2. I got it back in the Summer, it’s my first GameCube, actually. I had a Wii, so that’s how I could play the GameCube games I had

      1. noice, sadly mine is broken, it always glitches out at one sequence (the very first cave area in Jellyfish Fields it ALWAYS stops running at that spot)

        It really was a fun game same with the Fairly Oddparents games

  22. “Enhanced” version.. yeah right like they enhance an already shitty, shallow, over convoluted story into more shitty, shallow, over convoluted story. This game is not worth for a whole price of $40+ and everything is basically the same and my experience on Alola is fairly new since SM was just release exactly a year before this shitty game. I hope Gamefreak learned from this mistake and make a better version not something shallow on first and fill it on the other version. And please GF stop aiming this game for kids already. even an unborn child can finish this game.

  23. Blech….not related to anyone here, but I feel like these recent days haven’t been my lucky day, I feel like all my opinions have been shut down or have been ganged up on. It feels like everything I like is denied and everything I don’t want is given the V.I.P treatment.

          1. It’s no surprise people disagree with you especially whenever someone brings something up they like and you talk about how you hate it :I

    1. Plenty of people here share your opinions, it’s just slow right now. Most conversations I see here are civil, I haven’t seen any ganging up tbh

        1. Ah, well that is rough. Sucks when people constantly put you down for not sharing their opinion

      1. it was a upcoming Disney Movie, Jack and the Beanstalk but with a twist
        Something involving a young Spaniard Man climbing a beanstalk and meeting a young giantess and yadda yadda something about Storm Giants

    1. Kinda glad there won’t be Gigantic, I forgot it was going to happen and thought BfG was it.

    2. Was kinda looking forward to their spin on it. I hope this doesn’t mean we have a huge gap between their animated movies

      1. I was looking forward for it…for obvious reasons but lets not get into that

        Tis a shame but hopefully they really nail Incredibles 2 (Which i’m kinda sad that its not the direction i hoped they’d take)

        1. Come on dude, the giant was clearly like a 6 year old girl

          I am excited for Incredibles 2 though. It’s my favorite non-toy story pixar movie

          1. dude i know and i was thinking about possibility other giantesses 😀

            But nonetheless I am very excited for the Incredibles 2, i was hoping they would do a massive age shift, Bob and Helen now elderly but still trying to cling to the superhero game but they just can’t do it and retire (Some kinda Super retirement home) and their kids are full fledged heroes and tales of their deeds and the new villian and plot plot plot never too old to do the right thing lesson

          2. No kidding media is the only way this kink flourishes
            But hopefully it will be good and restore my faith in movies

    3. I mean, Incredibles is PIXAR, Gigantic was Disney’s own Animation studio. Incredibles probably won’t be affected by it.

      1. Still wondering who thought Justice Smith would be a good idea for the co-star role

        And I wonder what exactly is going to be the plot? I mean they could just make the game into a movie, but I feel it would need to go much farther in depth with it

  24. Ultra Megalopolis was Ultra Lame. Not even explorable. Disappointment after disappointment with this game.

  25. Oh here I was silly ol’ star and then seraph comes along and is like look at this cute girl watch this anime so I watch this anime and it’s really rad and has cute girls and a fantasy plot and an adorable cat boy who dresses like a girl and I love him and I’m having a great time watchig this rad anime and then it all goes to sh*t and I’m just left feeling dead and I don’t even know what to fuckin say or do

        1. Oh lol, I love the concept of this anime, like it looks like generic SAO garbage in the start where the protag could turn out to be a Mary Sue, but it turns out to be dark and gritty where the main character doesn’t stop suffering ha

  26. Game Awards tomorrow at 5:30PM PST! It’ll be a cringe fest, of course, but I’m excited because I know Breath of the Wild will be blessed with awards it deserves. Hopefully Odyssey gets some recognition as well!

    1. Honestly Horizon Zero Dawn deserves it the most out of any of them, unfortunately Zelda will win by name alone, don’t get me wrong it was great, but not better than HZD

        1. yes it was, never said it wasn’t but for anyone who has played it and Horizon zero dawn I’ve noticed they’ve all pretty much prefered HZD, BOTW was great but hopefully next zelda game will have a more compelling story that you can get lost in like other zelda games

      1. I think Horizon Zero Dawn’s going to get 3rd, BOTW and SMO are games to not reckon with you know.

      1. I just watched a mind and heart f*cl episode then got spoiled that one of my favorite characters is actually worthless by the end of the series

  27. Tbh I’m just waiting for gen 8 on the switch with some new fairy babies for me, also yes I am alive

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      1. same girl, I work on a resort in the mountains and never have any time to myself except for now because of the flu so I thought I’d check out the site briefly

    1. Where more likely to see Arceus become available to the public and leave the Sacred halls than Gen 8 being on the Switch. We’ll have a new handheld by then and NOT the Switch.

  28. So I’ve always looked around and noticed people always question how the actual hell mon X is considered terrible in competitive while mon Y (The best examples I can see as mon Y for outsiders of competitive would probably be Pelliper or Alolan Muk, especially considering the rank of the original while mon X is usually a legendary or Pseudo. Early gen 7 Kommo-o got a lot of this). So here’s a competitive analysis from a sorta competitive player. Feel free to destroy my dignity if I mess up a few small details

    1. Typing and the stats that go along with them
    This is stupidly important and is probably the most surface level of all the traits Pokemon have. For this argument I’m going to use Incineroar because it actually fits the reasoning incredibly well.
    Lemme give its stats

    HP: 95
    Attack: 115
    Defense: 90
    Special Attack: 80
    Special Defense: 90
    Speed: 60

    As you can tell, Incineroar’s stat spread is actually pretty good! It looks like it could see some serious use and considering its ability, Intimidate, it seems bound to be amazing…. except for one… huge… glaring… flaw

    Its type…. and oh my god does the type hurt it

    Let’s have a little run down

    Water- One of the most common types of the meta, weak to this. In most cases water types can easily outbulk and kill Incineroar
    Ground- Earthquake is a consistent move on pretty much every team, weak to this
    Rock- Stealth Rocks are undeniably the most spammed hazard, weak to this
    Fighting- Another common offensive type, weak to this. Most fighting types either outspeed or carry priority so this is a scary situation.
    Poison-Can get whittled down by toxic and toxic spikes
    Bug- Neutral to this, can be sticky webbed and outsped easily
    Fairy- A very common type these days and is walled by a fair amount of them.
    Steel- Actually beats this type but the sad thing is that bulking out Incineroar in the majority of tiers isn’t actually that hard.
    Fire- Is immune to Will-o-wisp, a noice scenario
    Additionally it has prankster immunity which is cool too

    As you can tell, a lot of common stuff hurts it. It’s immune to will-o-wisp which is a HUGE plus but that’s about it. It’s bulk suddenly means a lot less once you realize the fact that wearing it down is as easy as breathing, you have a load of options.

    I’d bring up Avalugg as another example but that thing is a special level of bad.

    Regardless, this is one of the reason mon x may be bad

    Of course this isn’t the only reason. If it was, Tyranitar wouldn’t be considered one of the best current OU mons like it is now

    Part 2 coming soon

    1. Part 2: Movesets and abilities

      As such, a mon like Incineroar as I mentioned last time is held down by its type. Even fire/fighting would have increased its viability a bit but I digress..
      It’s ability is a common competitive staple which immediately is a plus and with its moveset giving nearly everything it wants (outside of like, y’know, reliable recovery), USUM saved Incineroar from having this issue (though reason 1 is FAAAR too strong)

      This isn’t the case for all mons though. Mega Sceptile is pretty good examples of this. Mega sceptile, undeniably, is a relatively scary mon. 145 special attack is nothing to scoff at in the slightest. Considering all the tools it has access to, why isn’t it OU? Along with a few other reasons, it has a relatively crappy movepool. It has Grass moves… dragon moves…Literally all of its coverage is put into physical attack which isn’t what the mon is meant to do for the most part. There’s also a LOT of mons that literally run stab moves plus focus blast…. like they literally depend on focus blast to hit anything. Mega Ampharos is a nice example of this considering its…. less than average coverage…. It also has mold breaker as an ability which does literally nothing for it in 99% of scenarios. On another mon, sure, but on Ampharos it’s kinda garbage. Compare this to Pokemon like Araquanid or Klefki who are good SOLELY for the fact that they have really strong abilities.

      A lot of bulky low tier mons are held back by one huge factor, they lack recovery. This alone is proof to how gaining a single move can make a mon so much better.That’s why people care so much about move tutors and hidden abilities.

      For an example of this, take a look at Passimian

      With a rather decent stat spread, Passimian looked good but during the SuMo meta, it was an utter pile of trash and most people who used it would pretty much find zero success. In USUM, the gods of move tutor decided to grace it by giving it every fucking move it could have possibly needed. While it’s not going to become the next god of the metagame, but it might actually move up a tier or two. In fact, it’s not done yet. Its hidden ability is defiant, aka, that one ability you use to troll intimidate and defog users before sweeping their team. With all of this, the mon will have likely made a two tier jump based on abilities and moves alone.

      Part 3 coming soon

      1. And now for the final thing, the one that’s honestly the least controllable of all these: meta placement. Lets say you’re playing a typical game of RU and you just got rocks and webs up. Suddenly your foe busts out an Articuno to defog the rocks away only for it to hilariously die from the entry hazards it was meant to get rid of. In that same tier, Gligar and now even rotom possess defog: both of which perform the role better than Articuno. It’s from here you take the mon and work to see what actually works better for it. Decidueye, for example, is a rather mediocre defogger due to its rather lackluster defense but it works a lot better as a cleaner. But what happens when a mon DOESN’T do anything better? At this point you have an interesting scenario. A mon will get stuck in a tier where it does absolutely nothing but if it were to drop into another tier, it would basically obliterate everything in there. Want an example? Staraptor… The thing has spent several generations in limbo… that’s all I need to say about that

        If it’s never used and never drops, nobody will talk about the mon competitively once they realize they can just use something much better to the meta…. however the meta is kinda inconsistent at times
        What may be OU last gen may sink down next gen. (ohhaitalonflamehowareyou). Some mons literally become good solely because of the fact that they counter things that are currently used. There’s a reason Alolan Marowak stayed in OU y’know.

        Anyways, this is a small analysis of what separates good mons and shitmons from each other. If you feel I missed anything, let me know. I feel like someone like Chaos could have explained this way better than I did but I just felt like mentioning this myself simply because a lot of people don’t entirely get why certain mons are as good/bad as they are.I wanted to make a kinda simple little guide to help people get better at competitive so.

        Anyways, that’s that, thanks for bothering to read this

        And sorry for taking so long to post this, my chromebook giga crashed

  29. Ultra sun team update. So I just finished the grass trial in ultra sun. Finally decided on a water type and got my fourth team member as well! Ended up dropping my arbok as well! Anyway here’s the team updates!

    1. Note my torracat is lv 27. Funny thing on the passimian I fully expected it to take forever. Needless to say it was walking around in the grass when I got in lush jungle. Got the nature I wanted on my first try as well! So excited about finally using this Pokémon since I wanted to use it in multiple playthroughs but never had spot for it. This is my first time using ribombee and shellos as well! I plan to get poipole for my team and one more member just not sure who.

  30. So I’m kinda burning out my Pokémon lusts and have been leaning towards BOTW but this time it’s trial of the sword I made it pretty far and made it to the middle section until a guardian lasered my head off so yeah

    All I have left in Moon is to go to the elite four and beat the champ

    Then it’s a storage unit for my living dex which I am getting more lazy with trying to accomplish

    1. Meh I will treat people the way they treat me lol if someone’s an ass I will be an ass too and vice versa

        1. I know what you mean. I tend to be friendly towards people to the point I will have conversations with complete strangers lol now on me being an ass to someone for being an ass it only happens if they push my buttons way too much.

      1. I used to have that mentality and still kinda do but the best way in life is being mature and well rounded regardless if the person you’re dealing with is nice to you or not. If they’re an ass then you being an ass back doesn’t reflect well on you.
        It takes a lot of emotional control and maturity to get there but it’s well worth it 🙂

        1. As I said I will only be like that if they push my buttons too much. Now what will set me off is when someone messes with people close to me. If that happens all hell breaks loose and I turn into the meanest person ever. That said I am pretty easy going and it takes ALOT to set me off

          1. Oh yeah absolutely defending family friends etc is most important.
            And have you ever noticed the most respected characters and succesful people don’t waste their time fighting fire with fire. They have confidence, emotional strength and are not phazed by what people say. They get on with their life focusing on what matters, avoiding trouble or going down to the level of others as they are better than that.
            It’s like me or you arguing with a 6 year old over what film we should watch doesn’t look good but with mature adults they avoid it completely:)
            Takes time but that^ is my current focus in life just being better as an individual!

          2. Tbh I’d rather see a flawed character become strong through their own unique hardships. An immediate emotionally strong character is boring

          3. That’s normally the case with everyone. No one is born flawless, we all have to go through lifes hardships and phases to become better.
            Emotional strength is severely underrated and imo lacking in this day and age.
            It is pivotal that we promote emotional strength in ourselves, families and future children. This is what will help create positivity and mutual respect/growth.
            I mean this is a deep topic but I cant stress it any further it’s helped me so much in being a better person :]

          4. And being emotionally strong doesn’t mean you can’t break down or you have no weakness.
            For me it means willing to listen and understand others rather than brushing them off, not taking everything personally, having the strength to be objective and logical under pressure and not breaking down at every miniscule opportunity.
            Being able to forgive,understand, show emphathy and sympathy etc

    2. You don’t realize today’s society is the biggest most obnoxious dickfaces run everything

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  31. I regret buying them.
    The worst mid-gen games I ever played. In the past they got better Emerald, Platinum and BW2 they made the differences bigger in every gen, but these ones just feels like we are back to what Yellow was for Red and Blue/Green.

  32. I wasn’t going to buy these new games until I found out that they added new Pokemon. I’m strict and enslaved to completing the pokedex and keeping it updated and no, I don’t like to rely on the glorious trolls of GTS.

  33. These games shouldn’t have existed in the first place. In the age of DLC, it’s unexcusable that a game being released mostly unchanged just with a few improvements one year after the original. Just because they already did this with Emerald and Platinum doesn’t mean it’s ok to do it now. In fact, I doubt people would like these games nowadays. It just feels like they needed a new game to end the 3DS lineup, and did whatever they could

    1. In this case I would agree. (USUALLY they add so much stuff that makes it worth the game itself being a ‘third’ but this time it really didn’t.)

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