4/29 Pokemon Smash Live Coverage [VIDEO UPD]

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dxQWsQLj04& Pokemon Smash aired earlier today, and, as per usual, we did our live coverage! The episode really focused on Keldeo, and to showcase some of it’s abilities the cast of Pokemon Smash used it in several battles! The gameplay footage shown revealed Keldeo to be #298 in the BW2 Pokedex and showed off a … Read more

Upcoming News to Watch: Nintendo Direct & Pokémon Smash!

Tomorrow, April 21st (12:00pm Japan time), there will be another Nintendo Direct event hosted by Nintendo President Iwata. Although it’s slated to focus on Wii/3DS news we will be doing a live translation of any relevant information.  NL will be with us for that 🙂 Then… April 29th (7:00am Japan time) will be the a … Read more

Pokemon Smash Coverage! [UPD5] HQ Gameplay Video

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJlA3hbi0JU Pokemon Smash just ended, and as per usual we did our live coverage for the episode. Although nothing new was really revealed, some gameplay footage was seen showing the first few minutes of the game. This revealed Hiougi City as a far larger starter town then ever before and Azuril and Lillipup being available … Read more

3/8 Pokémon Smash

This is the post we’ll be updating to cover Pokémon Smash!  Stay tuned! * Official Pokémon twitter confirms BW2 info * Anime episode is airing * Live-acted part has started! * News coming! Battrio news! * Lots of Battrio footage of Kyurem being shown off * Showing BW2 Packages * Saying next week episode will … Read more

New Announcement on Next Week’s “Pokémon Smash”!

At the end of today’s Pokémon Smash episode, a short blurb was shown about a new project that would be announced on next week’s show! This could be game, merchandise, or TRETTA related… or something else entirely. The Japanese there says “Urgent new project announcement!” Perhaps whatever it is will leak on 2ch this week, so … Read more

Pokemon Smash Reveals…

Show announces new game information will be revealed Now the anime episode is airing… new new stuff for about 20 minutes 😐 (Advanced Generation’s Grass Hysteria!) Anime over, Pokemon Smash team visiting an elementary school Ooooh, commercial for Nobunaga, def going to buy it <3 Pokemon Black 2 / Pokemon White 2 revealed!  For Nintendo DS … Read more