3/8 Pokémon Smash

This is the post we’ll be updating to cover Pokémon Smash!  Stay tuned!

  • * Official Pokémon twitter confirms BW2 info
  • * Anime episode is airing
  • * Live-acted part has started!
  • * News coming! Battrio news!
  • * Lots of Battrio footage of Kyurem being shown off
  • * Showing BW2 Packages
  • * Saying next week episode will have a lot of information
  • * We got trolled by Smash
  • * Preview for next week says they’ll bring the new game and have a battle showing off new skills.


<3 pokejungle

ps- Although we did not have a very fun Sunday, keep checking back because CoroCoro leaks will be here within a few days!