Pokémon Black 2 / White 2 Release Date: 6/23 (Probably)


Online Japanese retailer Raku-Ten has updated their release date for Black 2 and White 2 as June 23, 2012. This is likely the finalized release date and not typical online speculation.

As always, this date is subject to change and could be off slightly. Huge thanks to our translator NL for catching this.

<3 pokejungle

  1. That’s awfully soon. I figured wed have alot of information by now. I’m hopeful of something big. By the way PJ, I was wondering about something you said. You said there couldn’t possibly be new Pokemon in BW2. Why is that? Why can’t they do that? They have already done some much new things with Gen 5 that I see it as being possible. So I just want to know why you said it can’t possibly happen.

    1. Since there are no sprites for extra Pokemon (“formes” not included, data for which WAS included although Black/White Kyurem will show up as “Kyurem” in BW) they cannot add anything new for BW2 unless they want to make it so that the two games cannot battle. They can’t just show a question mark sprite for anything new and there isn’t any coding that allows the game to download sprites for new data.

      That’s why 🙁

      1. It’s possible, they could do something like with Gold and Silver, where they could only connect through the time machine, and programmed in Alternate Forms so that the Pokemon present in BW could always be used, but it’s incredibly unlikely.

  2. Thanks for the answer bro. I really wish they would have new Pokemon because I’ve been playing since the very beginning and Id love to see that much change one generation. And new Pokemon always makes me feel like a kid again. Again PJ thanks for clarifying.

    1. Sorry, I don’t mean to be too much of a downer. Don’t completely rule new pokemon out.

      1. Nah dude you aren’t a downer. You’re being realistic. And you are saying it nicely. It that and the awesome rumors why I come to the site. Friendly discussions about Pokemon is something I look forward to and you’re site in my opinion is the best place to do it. But yeah I’m going to remain hopeful about new Pokemon still. It would make the games infinitely better to me.

    1. Corocoro is coming closer and closer. Have a little patience, my friend. I’m anxious too xD

  3. Wouldn’t it be lovely if there WAS some block of code no one seemed to understand in BW1 that allowed for expansion or even just downloading new Pokémon data when you start a battle? It seems entirely unlikely to me that people (besides the Game Freak programmers) looked through ALL of the game’s code and could understand everything. I’m not saying I think it’ll happen, but, as BW2 has so far proven, they’re up to a lot of things we weren’t expecting!

    1. Well, I think IF (and only IF) they are going to release completely new Pokémon, they would only make the games partially compatible with the first one (see time machine above)
      The roms have been searched so hard, there is really no extra data to be uncovered. Old DS games don’t have an option for dlc, meaning that they can only unlock data on the cartridge. (that’s how many ‘dlc’ happens on the old ds).

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