[RUMOR] What are these images? New Pokémon? (UPD: Full Fake Revealed)

Leaving these here.  Found on 2ch, reportedly from a leak of CoroCoro or another magazine. Cactus pokemon would be Saburou or Sapurou. Bird pokemon would be Kawanoashi. That last name seems very suspicious, it literally is “river foot”. I’m going to declare this picture FAKE FAKE FAKE due to both the name of the second pokemon and also the fact that battle text is wrong.  Should be Nameはどうする? not Nameどうする?

Nostalgia alert, remember this grass owl?!

UPD: The creator came forward and admitted that they had made it.  In it’s full glory above.  That cactus owl… amazing.  A very sad day for us all indeed.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Thanks Mercury for the tip about the 2ch board!

  1. This looks like what was described from that rumor that was released a few days ago.

  2. These are exacly what the other rumor described about. Im still not falling for it though. I dont see the need for new starters in the same region. HOWEVER, if this is true, i will truly be dissapointed because i think a change this drastic is unessesary. The pokemon do look like they could be real, but come on, does Unova REALLY need two sets of starters?? Really? Sure, i wouldnt mind a hero change but, starters?? Anyways, its been a while, miss my PJ family. <3. Cant wait for BW2 regarless.

    1. “The pokemon do look like they could be real, but come on, does Unova REALLY need two sets of starters??”
      I wouldn’t mind but, no, the Unova region doesn’t need another set of starters. But it would make sense if these are starters from a NEW region! >8D
      *crosses fingers*

      1. I mean, im a true pokemon fan even though im probably one of the youngest ones here at 16 years old, and my first pokemon game being LG/ FR. Im open to change, but lets be real. I do not think that a region needs two sets of starters. It just does not feel right to me. If it was another region but same gen, sure. But not two sets from the same region. “Would you like Oshawott or this platapus for your starter” Ehhh, i dont like it…… 😛

        1. Yeah, I agree with ya. That’s why that supposed new region that might exist in this sequel would be the best place to obtain these “new starters.”

          “Would you like Oshawott or this platapus for your starter?”
          Remember when people haaated Oshawott?
          Poor lil’ Kawanoashi. The latest underdog; Oshawott’s apprentice.

          1. Im not gonna lie, i actually LOVED oshawott when it first came out, because as a little kid i used to love sea otters and everytime i used to go to the zoo i would just go to them first and watch for around an hour, lol. So the first time i visited Pokejungle.Net, i saw that the starters sihluettes (please excuse that horrible spelling of that word) and oshawott was described sea otter like in appearance, i was soooo happy and i couldnt sleep that while night. But thats enough about me, lol. The Oshawott line are still my all time favorites and always will be.

  3. ALso wanted to point out that the there is a person with a pokemon behind them?? The grass starter. Possibly the return of a pokemon following you ingame from yellow/HGSS? I dont see that happening imo, thus to me decreasing its validity due to the fact that there really is no “Pokemon Aniversary” or anything, unless of course that from now on and the rest of the Gen’s, pokemon will be able to follow you.. ANd i wouldnt mind

  4. Wow, if these are real then those rumors might be true, the owl, platypus & Pokemon following you, along with the blond hero is all corresponding with this!!!, I’m kinda hoping its true.

  5. i dont see why people would be so against new starters or a sub region, honestly i think thats what pokemon needs to make up for the stale plotline and boring pokemon of gen V

  6. Hate too burst anyone’s bubble, but why is does the battle have the SAME look as in BW? I do like the pokemon though

    1. why WOULDNT the battle have the same look as BW? it is a continuation after all.

      thatslike saying why does emeralds battles look similar to ruby/sapphire’s.

      1. I just mean that the only change is the splash of background coloring. The tiling looks exactly the same, which bothers me because I like both of the designs

  7. I really really really love that owl.

    I will cry if it’s fake.

    I’m already tearing up.

    I don’t think anyone understands: I REALLY LOVE OWLS ;_;

    Even if it’s fake, I am SO making fanart and plushies and everything.
    You will always be real in my heart, little cactus owl. u.u

    1. I completely agree with you in the 2 hours i have known this owl for he has become my new favorite pokemon

      1. I feel like starting a Saburou fan club. I love that owl. I REALLY want these rumors to be true. There is a chance, because Corocoro previously teased possible new starters and/or region, so this isn’t all that unfathomable. My only question is how the person who wrote the rumors knew what the starters looked like if they didn’t have any pictures. 0.o

          1. I thought we were calling the platypus Riverfoot. Anyway Riveroot is second only to Oshawott.

  8. The Japanese in the image is grammatically incorrect.

    But holy crap, these look real. Perfectly copied Sugimori’s style, made a legit-looking clock tower complete with tuxedo ghosts, made the clock tower screenshot match perfectly with the plant owl art (its foot covering the corner) and the sprites. They put a LOT of effort into this. O_O

      1. That may be just something new… The battle scene with a better scenario would be cool…

      2. I agree. These are the most detailed fakes I have ever laid eyes on. Older fakes were just shopped battle screens, but this one perfectly replicates the Ken Sugimori Style! Call me crazy, but maybe Nintendo could be dabbling in the art of viral marketing? Meh…its a thought.

        I missed this site! I have’t posted since BW leaks!

  9. Omg seriously compare the pictures with the description a few days ago! Matches perfectly and the pics look pretty legit!

    1. That means nothing. Anybody can write descriptions of fake Pokemon, and somebody could have just made fakes based on those descriptions.

      1. Japanese fake creators usually go by Japanese rumors or their own imagination, I don’t think they’ve ever drawn inspiration from the English fandom before.

      2. Fair point, either this is true or someones gone to ALOT of effort to follow up the rumour. I’m loving the starters already so they better be real 🙁

      3. The Creator of these Scans freely admits that they are fakes. He just made them for fun, and the people on the 2ch board “blew it up”

  10. This is fake! No doubt about it. Also, one of the pictures of the protagonists looks like it was taken straight from a DeviantArt account, in my opinion anyway. But seriously, I wouldn’t take this to heart. This guy has been posting crap like this all over the internet but the real CoroCoro should be coming within the next 2 days or so. Just a little longer! 😀

  11. Okay, I really hope I’m wrong and that this is nothing important because I’d love these to be real, but it kinda looks like there’s a laser printer failure marks on the paper– most easily seen on the clocktower scene. Not a camera error– since it’s aligned with the page, not the camera angle.

    This happens on printers when there’s dust stuck on part of the printing rack, or when a piece of paper jams into the machinery. But I’d love to be wrong.

    1. By failure marks, notice the white lines going through the paper– apologies for my lack of specificity.

  12. The biggest tell that they are not real is that the advanced characters in that Cactus chick art do not have the hiragana above them. The Chinese characters used in that picture are not able to be understood by a good number of Japanese children (and adults.) Look at all the pre release leaks from corocoro and you will see it.

  13. In an odd way, I appreciate the time and effort that has gone into these. I find it very amusing, and I love to see dialogue about new pokemon, region, storyline and all of that open up. That cactus owl really grows on me the more I look at it, I’m impressed.

    1. Once again, the fact that the picture matches the descriptions means NOTHING. He just read the descriptions and based the images on them. Doesn’t make it any more real at all. The descriptions themselves have no reason to be believed. Anyone could write a bunch of fake details and post them.

  14. Something tells me that these are real… First you have a guy say that he has a whole bunch of info about BW2 and then you have pictures leak from a completely different source. I have been playing Pokemon since it first made debut in the United States, and I like every advancement they make to the series. When Pokejungle first mentioned B&W2 I automatically expected either a new region or new Pokemon and I find it very exciting! But you guys who barely grew up with it complain more than the older players who don’t like the change and number of Pokemon. I’m ready to catch a whole new 200 Pokemon every year or two!!

  15. Not to bring down anyones hopes, but i think most of you are asking for alot more than is realistically possible. If Gen 5 is going to have a new region and new starters and speculated new pokemon and gym leaders, can it please just be Gen 6 or something?? I mean, i love new pokemon games as much as all of you, and all these rumors spark ideas into your minds beacause it happens to me too, but there has to be some reason behind it. You are pretty much asking for a new Gen, lol. I mean, come on, its a Black and White sequel, not a new game. Cant wait for what this game has on store for us, and i promise, a new region and pokemon will be here soon enough. 😉

    1. Technically Pokemon Gold and Silver were planned to be Pokemon 2, the direct sequal to Green/Red/Blue (it makes sense when you think of it). This is why we’re excited for this and have hopes for another batch of pokemon like Johto brought.

      1. Your right, they were *planned, as you all know Ho-Oh appearing in the first anime show. However, this is a confirmed sequel, BW2, not a *planned sequel. Im sure a direct continuation of the game will not be this drastically different with everything being brand new. Its just a continuation

    2. Yeah its a SEQUEL!!! Not a completely new series but that doesn’t mean expansion is impossible. They have to keep the series fresh. Even though it wasn’t a new game or Pokemon they added “Sevii Islands” in FireRed and LeafGreen.

      1. i never said that an expansion is not possible. But all these rumors of new pokemon, starters, gym leaders, everything, it sounds like a complete new region, does it not? OF course there may be a new “area or something, not quite as large as a region but, similar.

  16. Is there Any chance of a ‘Proper’ coro coro leak within the next 24 hours? Really want confirmation about if theyre real or fake…

  17. Man I’d hate if this was fake, that is in fact the first EVER water starter I liked the design of. If it’s not real I’d still want to see the sprite and art of the platypus.

  18. I wonder if this is how the whole pokemon series was supposed to’ve taken off, Gold and Silver were supposed to be like pokemon red and green 2 or something. I would be pretty awesome if this is how it went. Every time there was a new duo title we could expect a part two not long after the first comes out, plus a few new pokemon, region and starters. I think it would be pretty interesting if that’s the route they went, not that I’m hooked on it being true anyway lol.

  19. Do you know what guys? I agree with André Carter… And just because we got these pictures and that they match the latest rumored info, it doesn’t mean the info is totally fake. The person who wrote the info (which is NOT japanese) may be telling the truth, and the images (which are from a japanese source) possibly are fake, but they are inspired on the “real” info that source heard about. 😉

  20. I have to say, I’m disappointed that so many people here are falling for these fakes even though the evidence that they’re falsified is overwhelming. Really, you guys, don’t get your hopes up. New Pokemon rumors should be reserved for when there’s even a slim chance that they’ll be real. This is just impossible. Whoever’s fakes these are, they’re just playing off our eagerness for new things. You can’t ignore the fact that new Pokemon in B2&W2 would be impractical and unheard-of.
    That being said, that owl is pretty freakin’ cute.

  21. Translation aside… It also seems odd that the sprite’s head is larger than the official artwork…

  22. I know these rumors are probably false, but do you know why am i defend the idea that it may not be totally fake? Because of the legit scan 2ch released one week ago… pokejungle posted this:

    “This has surfaced on 2ch. The article alleges that there may be new gym leaders in the sequels to Black and White. Interesting… The article also teases us by asking if the region will still be Unova. The text around Snivy, Oshawott, and Tepig questions whether there are any more new Pokémon to be revealed.

    Serebii says scan is legit.”

    Remember that?

    Yet, it can be just an april’s fool joke!

  23. I would be willing to accept this if it weren’t for one very important thing. That CANNOT be what the first platypus Pokemon looks like. Don’t get me wrong, that’s pretty cool design. But the first platypus Pokemon HAS to look at least somewhat like Perry the Platypus. Any other way will just be disappointing.

    If you tweak that design a little, I may be willing to accept it as an evolution for the platypus starter, sort of like a biped Marshtomp to Perry’s quadruped Mudkip. But the first form has to look at least somewhat like Perry. No exceptions.

    1. I’m sorry but I’d have to disagree with you there, Flaming E. Why have a Pokemon look like an american cartoon character, such as Perry, when the company making the Pokemon is situated in Japan? Seems kind of ridiculous if you ask me. I’d much rather prefer the Platypus that we see in this picture being the first stage, and getting even cooler as it evolves. The spritework and design, while jpeg’d, looks crisp and clean, and much more preferable than that of an american cartoon platypus could ever be.

      The owl looks kind of neat as well, I’ll admit. If it turned out to be pretty decent, I might actually consider it on a second playthrough or something. However, seeing as platypus are my FAVORITE animal (always have since I first heard about them around 3rd grade, which is over ten years ago. Yikes!), I’ll most likely pick it.

      That is, providing these images are real. I’m hoping they are, but if they aren’t I won’t be like “Uuhn. Nintendo and Game Freak are the worst.”

  24. i am really hoping these are real and am not giving up hope just yet. if i may point out remember when the starters evos got leaked out for black and white every site said they were fake then they turned out real. just saying not going to rule this out yet

  25. I am just LOVING this. 😀 Oh these fun rumors and CoroCoro “leaks”. How I missed you. ; u ;
    There’s one thing that catches my eye that I would not mind being fake. In the second picture with the boy, it kinda looks like he has that owl Pokemon behind him. Dunno if it’s been stated before or not, but HNNG I miss having my Pokemon follow me. Please let that feature come back.ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  26. sad sad sad day, i so want a grass owl (and this one looks way better than that old one) i can still hope the real fake to these, is that they are not fake

  27. Maybe, if these starters are imported, then maybe that would give the new professor a reason to give them to the protagonist. Have them follow him/her around and study their unique behavior… (hence them being out of the pokeball)

  28. I must admit, being a lover of Grass-type Pokemon, that I am extremely… disappointed, fearful, etc. of this little cactus owl starter. I mean, I COULD accept it’s validity as a starter, but I don’t want to. It just seems so different compared to the others… However, given that these scans are indeed real, I will reserve my judgement about this “starter” in hopes that the latter evolutionary stages are more satisfying, as well as leaving the little cactus owl some time to grow own me. (I’ve never EVER liked the desert, so challenge accepted, I suppose.) I, through clenched teeth, may find B/W2 being the first main series Pokemon game wherein I do not choose the Grass type starter. :/ (Nah, I’ll probably choose the little fuck anyway.)
    -All new region? Awesome; I hate Unova’s ring-design.
    -All new Pokemon? Awesome; I’m fine with having more. Seems a little soon for it though.
    Other than that, I’m leaning toward the persuasion that this is fake.

  29. Also note that none of the Unova Pokemon have split evolutions. Maybe Black2 and White 2 is the remedy for such an instance. (Even Eevee had a 3-way split evolution in Generation 1)

    Maybe Gamefreak got smart and pulled a ‘bait and switch’ on us,by not having these extra Pokemon built in the Black and White cartridges, but planning to release them for a sequel rather than a third version. (This also explains Kyerum being the mascot in alternate formes)

    They have to have figured out that ‘we’ noticed their patterns/trends of the past 4 generations… idk…

    1. …also I cannot see the reasoning of having a “whole new adventure” without a ‘whole new region’, and a ‘whole new region’ without new Pokemon/Gym Leaders/etc…

      1. THIS! … You understand me. lol This is seriously my reasoning for why these rumors and scans don’t seem entirely fake. It is not a whole new adventure, or a sequel, without at least a new region… And, you can’t have a new region without new starters/pokemon. They aren’t sequels without it; they are just a third game with two versions.

  30. Oh God… I want these to be real so so so so bad. I honestly will not be impressed with these sequel games if they don’t have new Pokemon and a new region. To me, and I’ve been saying this ever since Black and White 2 were announced, these games aren’t sequels if they are in the same region with just a slightly different storyline. If that were the case, it’s like we are just getting two versions of a third game instead of one. For it to be a sequel it has to be massively different.

    … I just want this to be real. And reading people’s comments make me so frustrated. What is the point in arguing this, if we are just going to know (at the most) by the end of this week if this is real or not. With this scan, I’m leaning even more so on it being real….

    1. You’re not gonna get your wish. There will not be new Pokemon in B2&W2. I pity you if you’re actually getting your hopes up for that.

      1. You pity me, who the hell are you? A comment like that is totally unnecessary and out of line, because there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting your hopes up.

        My main point with everything I comment, is that these games are not really sequels without (at the very least) a new region. If it takes place in Unova, with the same Region, same starters, all the same Pokemon, and (most likely) the majority of the same character; then, these are not sequels. They are just two versions of a third game. A new regions with new Pokemon is not that crazy of an idea. It’s extremely plausible.

        These images may be fake, but that doesn’t mean the idea of New Pokemon and a new region isn’t true, and it doesn’t mean the rumors from a few days ago aren’t either. We’ll find everything out in just a few days. Yeah, I may be getting my hopes up, but that’s because I have certain expectations when they say these games are “sequels.” I don’t really like the Unova region, so unless there are major major changes, I don’t think I’ll be too interested in buying these games.

        1. Woah there, simmer down. I didn’t mean to sound pretentious, though I guess I kinda did.
          I’m just saying that there are NOT going to be new Pokemon in B2&W2, and if you get your hopes up for that, you’re going to be disappointed. It’s just not gonna happen.

  31. Y’all are gonna be so pissed if these turn out to be real, and like you always do, backtrack and say, “see I told you it was real” when at first you were all like “OMG so obviously fake!”

    On a sidenote, I want all of these things. That owl and platypus are both AMAZING.

  32. I like this style, but is the fake.
    if there is no flaw and news, I might think this is really.

  33. Honestly, if it weren’t for that grammar error in the text I would believe these so much. But everybody makes mistakes, so I’m sitting 50/50 on this. I just want the new CoroCoro to come out already.

  34. please be true…if it is, just accept the fact that gamefreak is making some changes with their traditional generation concepts… new pokemon, new sub-region, new gyms… anything new is accepted.. this is gen5, not gen1-4 and it doesnt need to follow everything what gen1-4 did… (even gen 2 make itself unique with its 16 badges)…

  35. What are we looking at in terms of evidence AGAINST this being real?

    I’m not talking about gut reactions to the images, I mean like the bit about the battle text not being grammatically correct, or maybe someone has noticed a spot that indicates photoshop – stuff like that.

  36. “PS: I messaged him, and he said that he DIDN’T start the rumors started by ganondolphin. Could this mean it’s still real?”

    Yeah, what if the guy just made the fakes based on some official info? That’s what I think happened from the start anyways. A Europe based region would be great, can’t wait to see what ends up being true!

    1. Yeah dude, that’s what i thought since the beginning… i think the information is real, and this guy was just trying to draw those pokemon based on that info.

      Still, there’s hope fans… ther’s some hope!! 😉

  37. We still think (and I have some evidence) that the ganondolphin rumours are fake.

    No matter what comes in corocoro, black and white 2 will be disappointments.

      1. Well, it always looks like I’m negative, isn’t it? xD
        No, we’ve discussed this alot, along with some major hyping, but I’ve always been realistic minded. So, when I decide to comment on something, it’s mostly with bad news, so it seems I’m a bit pessimistic.
        And don’t think my comments means that BW2 will be bad. I expect them to be very good.But when you get rumors like this, it will always below people their (or only my?) expectations.

  38. These are fake, but they look so real! Well done the creator of these, both the art and the sprites look very authentic!

  39. It would be awsome if pokemon creator saw the grass owl and added it to the game I would love that pokemon

  40. Just to point out, you can tell it’s fake by the difference in the image quality. The owl is sharper (higher resolution) while the Kyurem graphics are blurry (low resolution, taken from the internet). You wouldn’t have this consistency in an actual, printed version. Also, the quality is inconsistent with other leaked scans.

    The owl is adorable, though. I wish it was real.

  41. It has been confrimed that B/W2 will have very little changes and they are going to rip you off

  42. We’ll see whether if this scan is legit or not in the next episode of Pokemon Smash.
    Really hoping it’s real! I may even buy Black and White 2 if they are real! 🙂

  43. Sad, though I knew it was a fake, I’ve always taken that hope I’m wrong, but as always the best news is fake, and it is a pity

  44. i think that these are cool. and i think fakemon like this are the reason that game freak should pay attension to designes and story ideas made by the fans.

  45. I really hope we get a new storyline, B&W’s storyline was just so dull…

    I’d love to have new starters aswell, and new pokemon ..you know what they might as well just start Gen 6 because Gen 5 has been a complete fail imo.

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