[RUMOR] What are these images? New Pokémon? (UPD: Full Fake Revealed)

Leaving these here.  Found on 2ch, reportedly from a leak of CoroCoro or another magazine. Cactus pokemon would be Saburou or Sapurou. Bird pokemon would be Kawanoashi. That last name seems very suspicious, it literally is “river foot”. I’m going to declare this picture FAKE FAKE FAKE due to both the name of the second pokemon and also the fact that battle text is wrong.  Should be Nameはどうする? not Nameどうする?

Nostalgia alert, remember this grass owl?!

UPD: The creator came forward and admitted that they had made it.  In it’s full glory above.  That cactus owl… amazing.  A very sad day for us all indeed.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Thanks Mercury for the tip about the 2ch board!