Dae asks: BW2 Wishlist

The hypetrain is going harder and harder. Rumours spread around the internet and fake scans appear. We’re back to prerelease-season!

But all those things aside, what would YOU want to see from Black & White 2? Give us your best shot at what you think will appear in the new games. Do you believe there will be a new region, or even new Pokémon? Everything’s possible!

I’ll be busy going shopping and enjoying my Easter Break, but the rest of the team is standby to bring your full coverage of Corocoro. It can leak anytime soon, so keep an eye on this site.


  1. What would I like to see? Well it’s a simple list, but regardless of what is or isn’t likely to appear in the game…

    – New Pokemon and/or Forms – I’m not a huge fan of competitive battling, I’m literally a collector. I enjoy capturing all the different species and forms, so if more Pokemon included besides Kyurem’s new forms, I’ll be happier.

    – New Locations – I don’t think there will be another full region, but like others, I would like either new locations added within Unova or a second sub region akin to the Sevii Islands for FRLG. These spots can contain…

    – More Intractable Pokemon – Give me some more overworld Pokemon to hunt down post-game, both normal Pokes (Shiny Gyarados of Johto) and previous generation Legends (Regis in Platinum).

    – More Triple/Rotation Battles or at least a Vs. Seeker- I think this is self explanatory, They are new types of battles and yet there are only half a dozen of them in-game between the first two versions…dumb.

  2. Everyone wants new Pokemon of course! But I think that’s highly unlikely. The only possible new thing I could think of is a new region, but as stated above it will probably be an extension of the existing region of Unova. If nintendo wants to be boring, the only real difference between bw2 and something like platinum could be the fact that there are 2 of them, so in the end all we might get is twice the letdown. BUT if I do get surprised then I won’t be complaining 🙂 as for the above comment about having more interact-able legends, I think we can assume the musketeer trio will feature more in these sequels, or at least earlier on/as part of the plot.

    Actually crazy idea time: how about having a completely different starter? Like pikachu in Pokemon yellow except something like keldeo in bw2? I guess that would fulfill the “new starters” thing that’s been floating around.

    Has anyone else really missed fake scans? I know I have 😛 glad they’re back

    1. Keldeo is a legendary. As much as I like your idea, it would be more like Zorua or Emolga.

    2. See, the thing is, it’s just never happened before. But neither has a direct sequel, outside of Gold and Silver, so we’re basically in uncharted waters here. The status quo is gone.

  3. The only thing I really want to see is again that Pokemon follow you around. And maybe a couple of more routes. A new system that you can choose which Gym you’re going to battle. So the might be 10 Gym’s in the Region instead of just 8.

  4. I would like to see a fishing rod that you get earlier in the game. I would also be happy if we were introduced to at least a slight variation within the region.

  5. I’d like the ability to create custom battles against your own pokémon, not for experience points necessarily, but as like a simulator in the vein of Battle Revolution. Also I want to see new creatures, to me that is one of the biggest pulls of the franchise when it comes to new games – I never really bother with spin-offs.

  6. I believe BW2 will has new pokemon and new maps~……although I think I deceive myself.

  7. Pokemon following the trainer and those missing TMs either as TMs and or Move Tutors. Just like HG/SS have more Breeding moves. As I said before MORE FORMES!!

  8. time ago, i created a hashtag in Twitter where i was writing all the things i expected in these games, but it has been deleted
    my main wishes are:
    -new history (confirmed)
    -bigger rutes: they were too lineal and without things for exploring
    -or maybe new rutes
    -Battle Frontier and Safari Zone
    -rebattle gym leaders
    -new area to explore (not region, but an island or something like that)

  9. As I’ve said before, all i want is that Prof.Juniper discovers the distant releationship between Luvdisc and Alomomola and finds an odd method to evolve Luvdisc into Alomomola.

  10. Its not gonna be a completely new game guys.
    Although Im pretty sure they’re working on gen VI like crazy while we’re distracted with this.

    The most reasonable expectation of them all is as follows:

    No new hero, region or pokemon.
    The beginning will essentially be the same, and quite similar up to the important parts of the story,
    the story will continue after E4 as you travel the east side of Unova, which this time won’t just be a long odd sidetrack with pretty places and not much to do, oh no, this time the main parts of the story will happen there.
    Of course add to that plenty of improvements and new features, like obvious subway upgrade, move tutors, some new places etc etc.

    Because its a sequel in the same generation.
    There cant be a new hero as there wont be new starters and neither would you be able to catch the dragons (even kyurem since the BW hero meet him.).
    Given how BW ended though, it makes perfect sense. Itll be the same, but the story will continue for a good while longer.

  11. My wish list:

    -New Pokémon, and a lot! :O
    -Cute new trainer designs
    -A cool new region
    -The story to take place at LEAST 10 years after the original BW, so when we DO go back to Unova, it’s completely different! B2 is a super hi-tech region with major industrialization! W2 has fallen into disrepair and large buildings are being overtaken by new forests!

    I feel like the more time I have without actual information, the higher my hopes get… I’m hoping when news appears it isn’t a big disappointment… :C

    1. If there aren’t very many changes, it’d be hard for them to “rip me off”, because I won’t be buying the game. :/

      I’m not saying I won’t buy it if there aren’t new ‘mons, or the things I listed earlier – that’s not the only factor in whether or not a game is good! – but if these super-hyped “sequels” don’t change much, and turn out to be plain old third versions, I’m not being forced to waste my money on them. I’ll just wait for Gen. VI.

  12. -Walking Pokemon: Seriously. That was one of the best features of HG/SS, and they already have the sprite models for Gens I-IV. All they’d need to do is tweak them a bit and make overworld sprites for Gen V Pokes (and they have some already made)
    -New Formes: I really think the season system was under-utilized to a degree. I’d love to see some Pokemon from every Gen getting new formes, but I doubt that would happen.
    -Addition of previous Gen wilds before national Dex: This is something I’d really like to see. And if we get a new location, completely feasible. I’m not saying every route needs old Gens, but maybe put a few additions in here and there to help give more variety. If nothing else, an Ice-type expansion is desperately needed for Winter months. Icirrus Gym was just plain sad to me.
    -Fishing: Okay. This is one that just irked me. Just bring back the Old/Good/Super Rod system, please. I’d like to have access to more than 2-3 Water types before Surf is unlocked halfway through the game.

  13. Something I just thought of – I kind of wish they’d retroactively add some gender differences to Gen. V ‘mons. After introducing the idea in DPPt, I was sure all new Pokémon after that would have differences! But then BW came along with next to nothing. Female Sawsbuck could have had smaller horns, male Emboar could have had a bigger “beard”. I feel like nearly every ‘mon they introduced could have had some diversity added. :/

  14. Now that i think of it..the scan was fake…but it hasn’t been 100% confirmed that Ganondolphin’s information is fake

    1. Ganondolphin is supposedly an American student.
      I don’t think 21-years old students have had a long time relationship with Nintendo.

  15. True..it is very likely it was made up..but there is no offical quote from him saying that it was fake

    1. He used some sort of hit and run tactic. He spread the rumour all over the internet, but then he disappeared. The fact that he didn’t give further comments on his supposed leak damages his credibility a bit, if you ask me.

  16. I want better-looking cities.
    In Unova, I think Castelia City was the only one that was made with effort. The others looked like DPPt/HGSS all over again.

  17. i want the game to be a ruby/sapphire remake. and i know this is a little far fetched but why don’t they make it such that you have to complete a certain challenge like catch a certain pokemon or get an item to get your badge. battling pokemon on and on gets a little boring after some time even though you get to foil some evil teams plans.

  18. wish list: new eeveelutions, new pokemon, new moves, new characters and new region. by the way, b/w 2 are sequels, gf confirmed thay are completely new so whoever doubts new region, mons, etc. there negative this may seen far fetched but maybe legendarys should evolve

        1. I’m sorry, but your IP’s match. That means that either your brother comments with your account, or that you’re are trolling. Not much we can do about it.

  19. The one thing I want is sort of strange: I want a effect when you get a critical hit, like in some other rpgs. It doesn’t have to be big and flashy like Golden Sun, but something would be cool.

  20. Aren’t there enough cactus pokemon already?

    If that cactus owlis real then we would hav3 3 line of cactus pokimonim.

  21. Here are my heart’s desires:

    The Pokemon follow you. This was the game’s manifestation of the bond between a trainer and their Pokemon that previously only existed in the anime and manga. This was an incredible feature.

    Honestly, new characters. I feel Hilda/Hilbert, Cheren, and Bianca have played their parts in Black and White and it’s time for a new cast to shine. I still have no idea when B/W 2 takes place, but it’s been stated to be a “direct sequel”, which I interpret as it taking place directly, or fairly soon after the events of B/W. New characters are the only way I can see this working, since it doesn’t make sense for Juniper to have the character ditch all of the previously caught Pokemon.

    A hope somewhat branching from the previous thought and hope involves the fact that N has fled to a faraway land. This has to involve him someway. I’m hoping it features somewhat of a sub-region in Gen V, similar to Orre and Fiore in Gen III, and this is where N has gone. What if, similar to ganondolphin’s rumors (which I don’t believe have any truth to them since the only truth we thought we had were the scans, now proven to be fake) this region sort of branches off from Unova. It has all of the Unova Pokemon, but there are new evolutions and pre-evolutions stemming from its sister region.

    Then the characters living in this region have to deal with N’s arrival on the dragon he captured at the end of B/W. This explains still using Unova starters, and not being Hilda or Hilbert. Some of the Unova gym leaders could have come here as well. Hell, this could even be where Chili starts that Fire Gym he talked about, or where Iris gets a gym of her own. I think the idea of a sub-region to Unova is very appealing.

    That said, I’d like to see some new Pokemon. I know this is not Gen VI yet, but if the new Pokemon were to come from Gen V Pokemon I see this as possible. After all, as many have stated, Game Freak is throwing us for a loop here, they have been since Black and White. They’re breaking patterns we used to predict their actions.

    Black and White were announced the same day in Japan AND the US. The same thing happened with these games, and this is the first time in all of the main games, and possible all of the games period (I’m not sure) that we get the game the same year it comes out in Japan. We had to wait a full year for Black and White after it was announced here, but we are getting it Fall 2012, the same year the games were announced.

    Given all of these broken trends I’m not ruling out anything really, because I see it all being possible.

  22. I’d love to see some new Evos for the monkeys. I always thought they’d be like Eevee and have some different type evos. Hope so.

    Also better region, not a fan of Unova layout.

    I quite liked the pokemon following you too. Might be nice to have the option to turn it on or off then it would please everyone 🙂

  23. i want those rumours to be true! I know that scan was fake, but the person who made it just based it off the rumour so anything is possible at the moment!

  24. What I am really hoping for is the new region. I swear, GameFreak must know at this point that a new story in the same region is not enough to satisfy their fans. I don’t mind not entering a new generation, but it would be kinda ridiculous considering there are TWO versions. Just imagine if they were both designed the same way Platinum was, with the ONLY difference being the Kyurem formes. That would truly suck and prove that they only want more money. I’m sorry, but I stick to that statement if what I hope doesn’t occur is true.

  25. I think that we should think logically about Black and White 2. From what we’ve seen in part 1, there’s a lot of unexplained characters and happenstance around all of Unova.

    Starting with the characters, we’ll defiantly see N’s two sisters take a more prominent role in the story, with N making a re-appearance near the end of the story. Ghetsis probably won’t be part of the story, but the Shadow Triad will. Perhaps both Reshiram and Zekrom will be prominent as well, but I think we can assume that the story will revolve mainly around Kyurem.

    Unova is a very land locked region with much of the surrounding land unexplored to us, as it’s only a sequel, it will also take place in Unova but perhaps we’ll see some sort of Kanto/Johto thing happening but perhaps we’ll continue to the north. Regardless, we’re going to see more of this vast region.

    To have these games come out this fast they’ve had to have used the same basic map from the first one, and to have another two games come out besides one means that there will still be many version differences, perhaps we will see Unova go completely futuristic like Opelucid City in Black 2. Or a nature driven region where cities are no more than a gym and a few homes in White 2.

    All I know for sure is that we’ll be seeing Unova in a whole new light and that we could possibly be seeing some vast differences from every other Pokemon Generation.

    Expect the unexpected.

  26. New Pokemon, MAYBE 3D models for battling (sprites would be fine too)

    The “Pokemon follow you” system used in Heartgold…

    That’s basically it.

  27. 1. The Owl dude would be awesome

    2. A new region

    3. Exotic cool storyline Ex: Rainforests, Volcanoes, Glaciers, Deserts and such.

    More of an adventure and fun stuff and quests other than just beating boring gyms.

    But this probably wont happen because why not name it something different than black and white 2? Because it has to be a continuation of sorts.

  28. I want rematches for gym leaders,
    Pokemon following you, (i found it very dumb that the game that preached pokemon being free left this out)
    Custom Main characters,
    Going to an old region,
    More pokemon from previous regions,
    More triple/rotation battles.
    And that’s it.

  29. I think it’d be cool if all the Unova Pokemon in BW2 have their hidden abilities. THat seems like the kind of gimmick they would do, right? Plus that way we could actually get them.

  30. So I’ve said this a couple of times, and I think many people already know this:
    Gold/Silver were actually called Red and Blue 2 at first. They had a new region, though significantly smalled, to explore, along with the old region, simplified.
    I would want the new (original character) hero to start in an extension of Unova and then work his way through, until he meets the hero from B/W and helps him confront N. When N is beaten, the hero from B/W releases his Legendary and forces N/makes N realize that it’s better to release his. Then you can catch both.
    I don’t care that much for new Pokes, since I don’t want to take a gamble at them ending up shitty.
    What I do want is:
    -bigger and more significant graphical and gameplay enhancements of the seasons system.
    -better use of weather. Get inspired from the rainy routes in R/S/E
    -Widescreen support for the 3DS (possible to do even with a DS game)
    -3D effects for the 3DS (possible to do even with a DS game)
    -Some new areas
    -Post E4 something happens that floods old pokes over the already existing areas. this creates a balanced mix of old and new okes.

    But most importantly:

  31. my wishlist
    -starters ability has a side effect of transforming them into a new form
    -genosect event with a battle with an npc mewtwo battling with you
    -indentity of shadow triad ninjas
    – changing the pokedex sprites into other art styles
    – use of internet within the game
    – extracievery messages voiced by voice actors

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