[RUMOR] 2ch Tidbits, Black 2 / White 2 Edition

We’re all eagerly awaiting 2ch scans, but let’s keep ourselves entertained. Remember these are FAKE, Serebii will get mad at me if you believe anything until we have actual information 😉

Wasn’t even going to do these, but got a strong reaction on Twitter/Facebook to post them. These are translated from 2ch:
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  • Team Plasma is back
  • N is missing
  • Story takes place two years after BW
  • Kyurem, Darmanitan, and Cryogonal have new forms
  • New Pokemon
  • Cheren is now a gym leader
  • Adventure begins in Castelia City
  • More 3D stuff (Not 3DS, graphics)*
  • Protagonist is 17 years old*
  • Expanded C-Gear that has a ‘secret’*
  • Map has new towns and places*
  • * Thanks for the heads up AAPF!


<3 pokejungle
  1. You should include at the end of these rumours, “Now, go and make a new thread each on Serebii Forums to talk about this!”

  2. Though probably fake, these are easily the most believable of the rumors….which makes me doubt these even more. Argue with that logic! XD

    1. If true at all i expect something like Gary Oak when he became Gym Leader. He had a balanced team based on his Team from previous games, so Cheren would most likely have a mix of his pokemon from B&W

    2. He’d prolly take over Striaton if the rumor about the triplets being the Shadow Triad are true.

  3. Cryogonal getting a new form?
    That would be a fantastic idea. Seriously this low defense nonsense has to stop.
    Darmanitan with a new forme? Hmm it could work but it already has amazing stats already.

  4. Who the fuck cares what serebii thinks. It’s your website, not his. Do whatever you want with it!

    1. I respect him a lot for the quality of his game coverage, that’s why I care.

      Plus [RUMOR] Serebii and I are dating (FAKE FAKE FAKE)

  5. When you say they’re fake, do you mean “100% confirmed to be total Tauros crap” fake, or “oh god no please don’t kill me serebii” fake?

  6. Did anyone else notice that four of the Rumors are just rehashing Gold and Silver’s Changes?

    – Team Plasma is back | Team Rocket’s miraculous return (could even be rumored to do the same thing which has come up a few times)

    – N is missing | Giovanni went missing

    – Story takes place two years after BW | Gold/Silver took place 2 years after Red/Blue

    – Cheren is now a gym leader | Blue becomes a Gym Leader.

  7. Seems like some more stuff has come out, Sunyshore posted this on Bulbagarden’s forums:

    C-gear functions upgrade
    same starters with some new secret
    new places and towns on the map
    main charas are 17
    more 3D than BW
    next issue: new pokemon

    1. If these are true, I’m very interested to see what images would go alongside the info. You’d think someone somewhere would be describing what was on the pages…?

      If these are fake, they are definitely interesting ideas! Some things I’d want to have, and other things I’d never thought of!

  8. Hey Pokejungle,

    can you translate this?

    おぅ。ダンボール公式ブログにコロコロの表紙出てるじゃん。なんか「新ポケモン」の文字が見えるんだけどこ れは…

    1. I’d also like to know what that says. Google Translate is unreliable haha “O~u. Jean is the official blog flop out of the cardboard cover. They seem this is the word “new Pokemon” softening …”

    2. It says roughly that a Danball (shounen anime) had some pictures of CoroCoro. There was stuff about new Pokemon but not like whatever the poster is replying too.

      1. Thanks! That’s really confusing though. Stuff about new Pokemon as in New Pokemon monsters, or new info on the Pokemon franchise? O.o. I wish Corocoro would leak alreaedy! 🙁

      2. I think they mean by New Pokemon (like New 5th gen Pokemon in the sequel). Well.. I doubt it, just probably new forms for legendaries (maybe even Keldeo as well), and a few basic pokemon. And even if it was new pokemon. how would it work?

  9. Hey Paul, I don’t know if you remember me but I used to comment lots in BW pre-release.

    This has apparently been floating around Bulbagarden:

    “There is, apparently, a new gym leader set to replace Clay, still a ground type leader, but a girl, looks quite young. She could be his daughter, its hard to tell. (Speculation: Maybe Clay left to further his business career?) Cheren also now a gym leader, he is teaming up with Iris and Drayden to form a triple battle for the last badge.”

    1. Damn, well the person just deleted their post on BMGf. I guess this debunks those rumours? Sorry ):

      1. Actually, this could just mean that the person doesn’t want to be responsible for leaks. However, I agree that it probably debunks these rumors.

        1. Sorry thought I included this in previous post, but he may not want to be responsible for leaks because it can be a break in copyright; not sure if leaking just info is or if it has to have a scan though.

  10. Maybe kyurem has another form… just my wild speculation but I simply can’t see black/white kyurem… two half’s of a whole, and not releasing thecplete dragon…. just my two little pennies

        1. Why though? Cryogonal will have a role in the new movie, so it’s very possible that it will have a new form.

  11. Out of all the rumors this is the most believable especially the 17 year old part an that cheren a gym leader an that plasma back an that N has gone missing idk bout new Pokemon by new Pokemon they mean new forms an gen 5 pokes now have gender differences that’s probably new Pokemon

  12. Some infos here turned out to be true, but some aren’t. However, it got me thinking.. the other info were just inaccurate or mistranslated (eg. the beginning town Hiun City instead of Hiougi City; new Pokemon being the old Pokemon, newly added to the region). :O I really wonder. Cryogonal new forme? :3

  13. Well, its all good, but It doesn’t start in Castelia City.
    It starts in a new town called Hiougi City, Southwest of The region, and south of Driftveil City.

  14. @pokejungle I know this was very old and i was just looking back because im pretty bored but some of this info came out on this months coro coro i wonder if someone has a source who works for gamefreak or something like that or if they took a wild guess hmmm?

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