[RUMOR] 2ch Tidbits, Black 2 / White 2 Edition

We’re all eagerly awaiting 2ch scans, but let’s keep ourselves entertained. Remember these are FAKE, Serebii will get mad at me if you believe anything until we have actual information 😉

Wasn’t even going to do these, but got a strong reaction on Twitter/Facebook to post them. These are translated from 2ch:
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  • Team Plasma is back
  • N is missing
  • Story takes place two years after BW
  • Kyurem, Darmanitan, and Cryogonal have new forms
  • New Pokemon
  • Cheren is now a gym leader
  • Adventure begins in Castelia City
  • More 3D stuff (Not 3DS, graphics)*
  • Protagonist is 17 years old*
  • Expanded C-Gear that has a ‘secret’*
  • Map has new towns and places*
  • * Thanks for the heads up AAPF!


<3 pokejungle