FAKE: Heracross and Pinsir Pre-Evolutions?

The above image was done by a Serebii Forum user. Although the original article made it more than obvious that there was no real chance they were legitimate, at least we now know for sure 🙂 Still up for discussion… do you want to see a pre-evolution for these two 1 stage Bug-Pokémon or full on evolutions? Or … Read more

What the fake?! Chespin’s Evolution & XY Rival

 During the lead up to this week’s overwhelmingly disappointing CoroCoro leak there were a few tricksters that tried to mislead the fandom with some creative fake images. Because I was waiting for the CoroCoro leaks I didn’t want to distract anyone with misinformation before the real images came, so I held off on mentioning them. … Read more

Fake Victini “Stellar Forme” Image Surfaces

…and I know that readers of this site love fakes/rumors to discuss 🙂 All the alleged scan says is that it’s the Stellar Forme and questions what new power it has.  Of course, that’s all moot because this is COMPLETELY FAKE. Sill though, would you have liked to see an alternate forme similar to this … Read more

[RUMOR] 2ch Tidbits, Black 2 / White 2 Edition

We’re all eagerly awaiting 2ch scans, but let’s keep ourselves entertained. Remember these are FAKE, Serebii will get mad at me if you believe anything until we have actual information 😉 Wasn’t even going to do these, but got a strong reaction on Twitter/Facebook to post them. These are translated from 2ch: [list style=”arrow” color=”green”] … Read more

[RUMOR] What are these images? New Pokémon? (UPD: Full Fake Revealed)

Leaving these here.  Found on 2ch, reportedly from a leak of CoroCoro or another magazine. Cactus pokemon would be Saburou or Sapurou. Bird pokemon would be Kawanoashi. That last name seems very suspicious, it literally is “river foot”. I’m going to declare this picture FAKE FAKE FAKE due to both the name of the second pokemon … Read more

[RUMOR] Black 2 / White 2 Details (FAKE)

Let me preface this by saying I DON’T BELIEVE ANY OF THIS CRAP (and I don’t think you should either)! Now… that being said… I know you guys love rumors and visit my site to see them.  That’s why my hands are tied and I have to post this rumor fan fiction. I’ve updated the title … Read more