[RUMOR] Black 2 / White 2 Details (FAKE)

Let me preface this by saying I DON’T BELIEVE ANY OF THIS CRAP (and I don’t think you should either)! Now… that being said… I know you guys love rumors and visit my site to see them.  That’s why my hands are tied and I have to post this rumor fan fiction. I’ve updated the title with (FAKE) because I feel like some people are taking this too seriously. There can’t be new Pokemon in BW2.  This comes from someone who calls themselves “Ganondolphin” (sounds legit, right?). Here it is (what follows is his/her words exactly):

My connection to Nintendo is not limited to my name only, as I actually have connections inside the company due to my involvement with various Nintendo-sponsored publications, and actually have come across information regarding the upcoming Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, information that is quite surprising and possibly the biggest news involving the sequel. This information is planned to be published in the next CoroCoro as the “big scoop”, and I have received descriptions, but no pictures, of what this news entails. All this information will be revealed in CoroCoro, but other sources may perhaps reveal it beforehand, such as the Pokemon Smash program. I have not seen this information first-hand, but have been corresponding with friends in other parts of the franchise, including some who are involved with the Japanese side of the franchise, so the information I have is second-hand, so not everything will be entirely accurate as some details may have been skipped over. Furthermore, I cannot reveal concrete info such as actual names of new Pokemon and characters appearing in the sequel but can reveal basic descriptions and general information.

So, what is this big news? Well, it turns out that, since Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 is the franchise’s first official numerical sequel, just as Gold and Silver was originally planned as, it will, for the first time ever, be introducing completely brand new Pokemon to the franchise alongside the return of the Unova Pokemon. These Pokemon will apparently still be considered “Generation 5″ Pokemon, although they will not be compatible with Black and White, akin to how RBY and GSC could link, but the new Pokemon could not be transferred. There are ten Pokemon set to be revealed this month, including a new set of Starters, with more apparently on the way, although no exact number is known to any of my correspondents. Some of them speculate that it will be around 50 or so, but will not be as many as a full generation, so probably not over 100.

Furthermore, I have also obtained preliminary information pertaining to the plot, setting, and characters as well that will be featured in Black 2 and White 2. Here is a bullet-point summary of the general information CoroCoro is set to contain this month:


[spoiler]* A second set of Starter Pokemon will be making their debut in Black 2 and White, and will still be the traditional Grass/Fire/Water triad. The Grass Pokemon is a bird, pure Grass, like Piplup and Torchic. Resembles an owl with a flower on head, needle eyebrows, and cactus wings. Seems to be based off the owls that live in cacti. The Fire Pokemon is a little orange elephant, different body design from Phanpy, rounder. Flame pattern on inside of ears–reference to the use of ears to regulate heat? Holes where its tusk would be. I assume, like Chimchar, fire comes out when it battles. Water Pokemon is a platypus, very playful in its design. Beaver-tail is large and looks like a surf-board, with a v-cut at the end. Magazine makes a note about the Starter Pokemon being “imported”, not sure what it means by this. Related to the region, I speculate.

* Two new Pokemon related to Unova Pokemon are revealed. First is pre-evolution of Heatmor, Normal, lacks the mechanical features of the former. Resembles a tea-kettle. Learns Scald as a move its evolution does not. No info given on how it evolves, but hints at Durant being involved. Second is an evolution of Swoobat, seems to be a reference to Crobat, very-feminine appearance, succubus like. Same type as Swoobat. No evolution method given yet. Hints at other pre-evolutions and evolutions appearing, but seems to specify only Unova Pokemon receiving them.

* Two version-exclusive counterparts. Pure Steel Pokemon, Black 2 exclusive apparently, a knight wearing a thimble with tiny needle swords. Pure Rock Pokemon, White 2 exclusive, human-shaped Smoochum-looking. Has a crown and brooch made of rock. Knight and maiden-themed duo.

* Pure-Ghost, possibly a new Gastly like Timburr/Machop and Roggenrola/Geodude. Classic cartoon ghost wearing a sheet. Sheet is cut into giving it the appearance of a tuxedo. Very classy looking and cute with a little bow-tie. Dragon/Fighting Pokemon, very fierce looking. Possibly a final form. Bipedal. Obvious Game of Death reference. Bug/Dark Pokemon. Looks bigger than a first form, but not final either. A cockroach. Its shell looks like a leather-jacket. Punk-inspired, it seems, 50s greaser as opposed to Scraggy’s urban youth. Pose it’s in is classic “crouched down” gangster. Very intimidating looking.

* No exact word given, but magazine seems to hint that none of the pre-Gen V Pokemon will appear once more during the main game. New Pokemon seem to be appearing alongside the Black and White Pokemon in the new region. Seems to be a nod to Gold and Silver containing a mix of Gen 1 and Gen 2.

*Pictures confirm Pokemon following you is back, but isn’t elaborated on if there are any changes to it since HG/SS.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]* Completely new region, with an official artwork map shown. Seems to be a bit on the small side at a glance. There looks to be 10 towns. Mix of modern cities, lots of bridges once more, and old world castles. Looks classic Final Fantasy-inspired almost. Other notable features seen are a giant Gothic-building, possibly a church, an airport (flying to Unova?), an aboveground train-line featuring prominently on the map, a shipyard, and a giant castle sitting on an island, surrounded by sharp rocks and with a storm-cloud above it. There is also an ice island up in the far north. No word given, but the general shape of the region, the castles, and the theme of the Pokemon hints towards being inspired by the U.K., but seems like an amalgam of Western Europe.

* In-game screen-shots show the starting town, which is very classy and seems to feature a Pokemon academy. One screen-shot shows the player character standing at what appears to be a graduation ceremony in a large garden. Other screen shots show the player climbing the inside of a clock-tower, and little transparent sprites of the previously mentioned tuxedo-ghost are dancing around the screen, looks neat. The probably-church is also shown, with the player talking to a robed-man in front of it, as well as the shipyard, with the player walking around a puzzle created out of girders being hoisted by cranes (a Gym Puzzle?), and a shot of the player walking on the inside of the train, with the windows being open and showing off a pre-rendered grassy field.

* Region seems to be steeped in history, and said to be important to unlocking various mysteries of the Pokemon world and so-and-so. Strong connection to Unova is implied. Also hints at having more differences between versions when it comes to layout than Black and White did, but no examples given or noticeable on the map, perhaps there are two maps for each version and they just chose one for the magazine?[/spoiler]


[spoiler]* Brand New Gym Leaders, four are shown, but not sure if they are in order. First Gym Leader is a repeat of the Straighton Trio, but female waitresses. Relation to them? They appear to use the original Unova Starters based on a screen-shot, like how the brothers used the monkeys. Second Gym Leader shown is a woman in a ringleader outfit, like a circus. No information given on type. Shows her in-game standing in a circus tent. Coloring on outfit, purple and yellow, seems like Psychic. Third Gym Leader resembles the cue-ball trainer class. Rides a motorcycle. Probably Poison, or perhaps first Dark Gym Leader? Fourth Gym Leader is a very classy looking young man holding a rapier. No clue what type he uses, Steel? Looks a bit like N, but with shorter hair. The magazine mentions the Unova Gym Leaders, and I think they’re once more hinting the G/S-nature of the game. Maybe we’ll fight them again?

* New Player Characters. Looks same age as Hilbert and Hilda. Blond boy, with newsboy cap. Ginger girl, with flapper hat. Both wear nice clothes, and the girl has jewelry, so they seem to be rich. One screen-shot shows them together (the graduation ceremony), so they both seem to factor into the plot. Rival Character is shown, also at the ceremony. He’s another character with green hair, probably related to the green-haired Gym Leader? Artwork shows him yawning, and he seems to fall asleep during the graduation. New Professor, fat, balding man, looks like the Penguin. Focuses on exploring the relationship between the development of human culture alongside Pokemon. Owns an academy for upcoming trainers, which is where the beginning of the game takes place.

* N is shown, and they are strongly hinting that he’ll definitely appear. Mentions the stinger ending of Black and White. The magazine also points out the green-hair trait of the rival and the Gym Leader, but doesn’t say anything else. One screen shows the player battling a Seven Sage (not sure if it was one of the ones from Black and White), and the magazine mentions how you never fought them in BW. The cloudy castle seen on the map is used in the background of the page focusing on N, and an in game screen-shot shows the player standing in an old room inside. A beautiful woman who has N’s hair is on a close-up of an old painting (very detailed) and there seems to be something extremely important about her.

* New Trainer Classes shown include a teenager in a black-white school uniform, a chic woman drinking coffee, and an actual mime trainer class. One sequence of screen-shots shows that even normal trainers have animated sprites, with the mime doing the “wall” motion with his hands. [/spoiler]

That’s all the main info my sources told me. There may be more they left out because they didn’t think it was important, or their may be pages they have yet to see. All this info should be leaked any day now.

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ps- Don’t believe any of this… seriously.  OK?  But please share your thoughts!

  1. Naturally, this is all bullcrap til I see concrete proof, but I honestly wouldn’t mind if it were true. Sure, I’d be a little disappointed that B&W didn’t get a third, but if Gamefreak really has gone this route and changed the plans up THAT much, I would applaud them. Plus, new starters always make me happy. (I’m a starter whore. I love them all.)

    1. Also, not to get any hopes up, but if/when this does turn out as a fake, I’m impressed with the troll who did this. A lot of this stuff seems radical and yet plausible if one thinks that Gamefreak is ready to throw the franchise a screwball. Some of the details seem detailed and yet vague enough to be real. I dunno, I’m just excited to see one way or the other how it’s gonna turn out!

    2. yea i agree and if this person seen these pics/screen shots y not show them off i mean like if it is great because i need nice ass fire pokemon for my team but if not they shouldnt get people hopes up, but we’ll see

      1. Why do you keep saying y so much? Are you a spanish speaker and you really mean “and”?

  2. To be honest, it’s like this person just wanted to please everyone with this rumor, but hey, it worked. I especially like the part about how there’s a bunch of green haired characters, because I too, have green hair! And if all of this information isn’t just lies, well I’m actually really stoked!

  3. I’m Hoping to god this is real
    maybe I’ll finally get that Dolphin and/or Peacock pokemon i’ve always wanted lol
    I feel as though this is legit as it was quite noticeable how they left out the pre-evo factor (breeding wise anyways) for all the new guys.
    Whose excited about the possibility of Pokemon folling our characters again? I know I am!!
    also i hope theres way more animation than last time as they said

    1. See what you’ve done now, PJ?
      People are gonna get their hopes up to a point where GF couldn’t possible satisfy them, meaning BW2, no matter what it is, will be labeled “a disappointment.”

      Tsk Tsk (;

  4. This is obviously totally fake. He says he got the information second-hand and didn’t see anything, and yet describes some “magazine” starting halfway through his story that apparently contains all these details. So his Nintendo friend also works at CoroCoro?

    Totally fake.

    1. If this turns out to be true, the magazine he could be referring to is CoroCoro. He said he received a descriptions of the planned information for the upcoming CoroCoro. However, this theory only holds true if the information is true, which I don’t believe it is.

      1. Also, if he does have connections within GF, they know what information is going to be in CoroCoro, as CoroCoro can’t publish it without GF’s permission. So his source wouldn’t have to work for CoroCoro also.

        1. His source would have to work for CoroCoro to know such specific details about the way the information is being laid out. Besides, there’s never been this big a leak before; the most we ever got were little screen shots, pictures of CoroCoro, or a list of names. This is way to comprehensive to be a leak.

  5. I was actually on the Serebii.net forums when Ganondolphin posted this on the B2/W2 Speculation thread. I’d like to note that he is a new member to the forums, that just created his account on the 3rd or 4th of April, can’t recall at this moment. Now, on his actual post, I’m not ready to completely disregard it, as it could very well still be true. I posted a post on the Serebii forums replying to many who are shouting that it is pretty much a fact that its fake, so to save time, I’ll just copy/paste.

    I honestly don’t see why everyone is assuming Ganondolphin’s post to be false. While it does seem unlikely that GF would give someone that much information to spread out when he said its going to be in CoroCoro, he could have gained this information from somewhere. I personally think the information isn’t true, but I’m not completely disregarding it. I actually like 80% of the ideas. I love the starter ideas, a grass owl could give us another Grass/Flying in its final stage, the elephant could give us a Fire/Ground/, and the platypus could be Water/Poison. The Ghost makes sense if it is a counterpart if Gastly, as we already have Geodude and Machop equivalents. Pokemon following you could be back as HG/SS and B/W were being worked on at the same time, so they didn’t know how big of a hit it would be. The ship yard and airport make sense if they are linked to Unova. The Ice Island would be where you fight Kyurem most likely. While I’m not getting my hopes up, I’m not ready to disregard this information until proven false. Again though, I personally don’t think its true, but there is the same possibility of the information being true as anything anyone else has said other than it being in Hoenn and Black Kyurem and White Kyurem because this is all confirmed.

    Also, if any of this information comes out in the Pokemon Smash trailer or CoroCoro, suddenly, we have to assume the rest to be at least a little viable, excluding the Pokemon following you or trainer animations, as all of this is expected anyways.

      1. Lo siento* español* xD But anyway…. I LOVE his ideas! I really hope it’s true ’cause I really love castles and the fact that gen 5 had alot of bridges! Please, please be true!!

  6. No. Just no. There is so much wrong with this rumor to where it’s so obvious. Your connection to the company is more than just your username? GANONdolphin? ANYBODY CAN MAKE UP SOME BS USERNAME USING ANY CHARACTER FROM ANY FRANCHISE IN IT! The first official numerical sequels? No way! I didn’t know that! /sarcasm New Pokemon in the same gen? That isn’t like GSC b/c GSC was gen2 so there was new Pokemon obviously! So saying we get new Pokemon in the sequel but just isn’t compatible with games from the same gen is stupid, we’ll get new forms, not new Pokemon completely.

        1. And why, why bother with posting the obvious? Yes we know it’ fake, it got fake written all over it, hell even the ost title says it’s fake. PJ told to share opinions to scream for the 1000th time “FAKE!!11!!ELEVEN!!ONE!!1”

          1. If you were on Twitter at the time where PJ told me to post exactly what I was tweeting then you wouldn’t be whining to me. He may have said to share opinions here but he specifically mentioned me on Twitter to post exactly what I was tweeting.

    1. Its all a bit of fun lighten up, true fans enjoy speculation and speaking about crazy rumors like this 😀

      1. I guess true fans also make up BEYOND absurd rumors, too, huh? I am a true fan whether or not you think so, I like speculating just as much as the next person but there is a limit to the absurdness I accept.

          1. I do know the extent so called “true” fans will go too and tbh it’s more of an annoyance to me. Just b/c I don’t go spouting easy to see lies doesn’t mean I’m not a true fan.

  7. I’d love to see this magazine he’s talking about… Internet rule! Pics or it didn’t happen. 😛

  8. How are you going to speak for pictures when you just said you had none? Did your friend really go through the trouble of risking his job just to leak out some BS info? Yes, yes he did. B/c this is all accurate. /sarcasm I’ve covered all the new Pokemon stuff, now for the region. Why would Game Freak jump the gun from North America when the US still has TONS of land to use along with Canada to go straight to Europe…? That’s completely stupid and thus a waste.

  9. Battle the Seven Sages? …They were arrested by Looker… >_> More green hair characters? Talk about obsessed with green haired characters… The first gym leaders just being female versions of the ones from BW? Wow. That’s so FU*KING STUPID. New trainer classes? Same generation… I know Gen 5 wants to reboot the series, but seriously? This is stupid. Who am I kidding? This is BEYOND stupid. The only plausible thing is the region thing imo, everything else can be flushed down the toilet.

  10. I don’t care if it’s all fake, just having a rumor gives you something to think and talk about and that’s great!

    So based on the U.K.? They wear uniforms there, hence the academy? I actually went to a school called London Academy ^^

    Is this where N is from? His mother lives here?

    Only one rival? 🙁

    Doesn’t seem so far away, time-wise, from the events of B/W seeing as the Unova Gym Leaders are the same.

    Loving these Gym Leaders though. Even the repeated concept but with Snivy and Co.

    Starters sound awesome! But that’s where I stopped believing all this haha.

    But if they’re doing what they did with G/S who am I to complain? So there will be a third version to these games, yay! With Kyurem God Forme with both Zekrom and Reshiram! 😀

    Only one starter? 🙁

    Love the historic theme!

    What else… New Pokemon also sound really good, especially the knight and maiden and the tuxedo ghost doesn’t sound corny x)

    Would be great if real but seems far fetched unless, of course, it’s meant to be like G/S

    1. Finally, someone who isn’t raging about it being fake or completely discrediting it. I also agree that it sounds pretty decent as far as ideas go, and that it is nice to have something to talk about. However, I also don’t believe it to be true information.

    2. Ahhh yes, its UK, I knew there was something I was missing.
      To me, N being English seems to fit perfectly. Its like a piece of my mind resounds on the thought. O_O

  11. First of all, I dont take this 100% on a serious note, second, thanks PJ for this, I love rumors like this( and always hope it is partly true) I dont know why some people here are going like *Oh god its fake ect* we can always wish and dream can we? I remember the time when this Pokexperto guy told us about the Pokemon in BW everyone thought It was fake, I did know partly it was real…so now I just wait and see, and hope we get new Pokemon in this game ( and like i say to other people I just know this is like how GS was in Beta *Pokemon 2* and we might see new faces of Pokemon) Oh well, thank you for this PJ! I really like it

  12. Hmm, these are definitely interesting facts. Although I don’t like all of what is said, I can see some of it being kind of cool to see in the game. Not sure exactly whether i wish this was fake or not……………. *sigh*

  13. but If this was the case of BW2, shouldn’t we have expected at least the silhouettes of the new starters a month ago back… where as everything is pushed into the final 2 months?

  14. The idea os the extra 50 Pokémon was really really good. I don’t think they’.ll use it, but well, it would be damn good.

    Now the fakemon mentioned didn’t seem like much 🙁

    Humanshape Pokémon, dodn’t like that one bit. Dragon/Fightning now that was cool

    1. Again, I don’t think the information is true, but the description and that fakemon don’t fit. The fakemon doesn’t have needle eyebrows, nor does it have cactus wings. Also, the fakemon doesn’t really resemble an owl very much at all. The only part of the description that matches is the flower on the head.

  15. this is NOT stupid! the greenes may be n’s family. PLUS come on peapole remember that post?! and the ceromony maybe black/white’s wedding. those mons mentioned arnt programed in b/w 1 so duh there not tradeable!!

  16. Did you know there are more powerful evolutions of some well known Pokemon just chilling in a garden behind Bill’s house?

  17. I really like some of the ideas thrown out there, especially the new starters thats always one of the main things I look forward to in a new game. Im taking this with a grain on salt as everyone is here but to be fair if it isnt true the guy who made this went into a great amount of effort to do it.This gives us fans some nice rumors to gossip about and share our opinions about it. Im glad to see some people enjoy rumors as much as I do even if there Basically zero proof to them ( no pics 😉 ) Thanks Pokejungle for posting this and giving us all something to talk about and bringing this community together 😀

  18. Admittedly though, the described region and characters look absolutely beautiful in my head.

  19. This isn’t even a very enjoyable rumor, imo. It just seems like a fan’s fantasy of what they want to see in the next game. It’s so unrealistic that I can’t even get excited about it. New Pokemon? Come on, that’s just ridiculous.
    Admittedly, I will eat my words if any significant part of this turns out to be true. But for now, it’s just ridiculous.

  20. Well, going by some research I’ve done, you can call this totally fake.

    ‘or their may be pages they have yet to see’ is another good example. I don’t think someone who has PR-relationships doesn’t know the difference between there and their.

    1. Hahaha i hated getting corrected as a kid for there and their, XD did my head in for about 2 years 😛

  21. Oh I forgot to add, this also makes sense for the fast paced Anime. They did say Cilan and Iris will be with Ash for more than one region and this region will be different. OMG this thing is real lol.

  22. Okay, though rumours can sometimes be surprisingly true, this is a bit excessive.
    But then at first I didn’t believe those mass postings of every single Unovan pokemon.

    Lets run under the assumption that its true:

    Now it would make sense if it were like a G/S to B/W, but considering its a part of Gen V it seems weird. All the supposed details are extremely indicative of the style G/S was made in compared to R/B/G/Y

    Coming to Pokemon, now I’m gonna skip some details here. Main things are
    elephant fire starter is common in fan pokemon, and it would probably not be fighting, which is good
    Playtpus? Surfboard tail? With a V-cut? Take my money. Now.
    Birds. Again.
    Pre-evolutions, evolutions, counterparts, all very similar to G/S

    Region, not gonna go much into it. History/Mytho motif similar to G/S (and D/P/PT though). Airport would be our new Magnet Train, or even better, new SS Aqua. And that would finally get Mistralton in the clear. That city just bugs me coz of the unexplained airport.

    Characters, to bored to focus on the GLs and PCs.
    N is bound to appear. And it will go into his past. Thats obvious, we don’t need rumours for that.
    “fat, balding man, looks like the Penguin”…. If this is true, I will probably laugh myself to insanity.

    The whole academy and all thing seems weird. And very set apart from everything else which just seems to borry from G/S and ofcourse B/W.

    My overall opinion is it seems just tooo much like G/S was to R/B/G/Y, and thus its a bit hard to believe. Also the fact that a crapload of info like this does not just come out.
    And if this is true, if it is just like G/S, WHY IS IT THE SAME GENERATION? That’s confusing.
    If these rumours are true, then…… actually, I have no idea what that implies.

  23. if this were true, im thinking that the setting is before BW… before we have the current UNOVA, how cit was built… looks kinda awesome.. i wonder how will they go back though…

  24. And so the rumors begin. I personally, while not daring to believe any of it for a second, really, really hope it turns out to be true. If we’re being trolled, then we’re dealing with someone who really put time and effort into this. Plus, I like the sound of that cockroach gangster and the supposed starters.

  25. Huh…if anything that was an…interesting read. Not really keen on the idea that there are new starters, just doesn’t feel right. Then again this is all just a huge rumor, I’m not taking it real until some sort of conformation. :9

  26. although, new pokemon would make sense because the 5th gen had the highest number of non evolving pokemon so far. so new an pre evolutions would be on the table.

  27. Heh. Figures rumors would start popping up soon. Personally, I’m sort of excited, but at the same time, not expecting any of this to be real. If anything, I’d want the Academy concept to remain, as well as the starters (provided they look nice).

    I’ll admit, this would probably be my first time starting with the Water starter. Never truly liked the other Water starters, save for Totodile, who was, in my mind, insignificant compared to Cyndaquil. I’ll have to see though. Might change my mind. That’s assuming these rumors are even accurate. haha

  28. If this stuff turns out to be true, then I won’t be trading over six eggs for my team as was the original plan. I’ll be trying out the new Pokémon.

    1. Haha yes. I prepping a team for Grey but if this turns out to be new starters, I’m good.

  29. All i want is that Prof.Juniper discovers the distant releationship between Luvdisc and Alomomola and finds an odd method to evolve Luvdisc into Alomomola. Just this!

    1. they’re based on different fish.
      they have completely different or even opposite:
      -gender chance

      all there is is the pink colour and a heart-like basic shape, which is only intentional for luvdisc, while alomomola is more like a healer.

      1. That’s how it goes in Pokemon World.

        They may be related because they have heart shapes.
        Remoraid and Octilerry is related because they both have weapon concept. Exeggcute and Exeggutor are related because coconuts look like eggs.

  30. I really hope this is all true! It would be VERY exciting! 🙂 The thing that makes me think it could be real is that they had said that initially Juniper was to be a fat balding man instead of a young woman and now this “new prof” is exactly that. Interesting. 😀

  31. Oh, and I came up with names for these supposed Pokémon. I was bored.

    Grass starter: Cactavia (cactus + avian)
    Fire starter: Pyroderm (pachyderm + pyro)
    Water starter: Plaquapus (platypus + aqua)
    Baby Heatmor: Heatles (“heat less”, a reference to it being inferior in terms of fire power to Heatmor)
    Swoobat evo: Floobat (flew + bat)
    Thimble-wearing knight: Needlance (needle + lance)
    Rock-wearing maiden: Maideral (maiden + mineral)
    Well-dressed ghost: Hauntux (haunt + tuxedo)
    Fighting dragon: Drachuck (dragon + Chuck Norris)
    Gangster cockroach: Greasroach (greaser +cockroach)

  32. a fancy set of ideas. i could write something like that just as nicely though, so i’m taking this with not only a grain of salt, but with a lime slice and a shot of tequila as well.

  33. when i read the first third of it or so, it felt like speculation ive been posting everywhere. Like the 50 new pokemon which Ive coined a mid-generation in some comments here too some day back XD

    The gym types are poison and steel (2 of 3 that arent gym or E4 in Unova) and dark (since its the only never used for gym before). Yeah no.

    Heatmor needs some scizor-like evo where it looks quite reshaped, gets a type (obvious) and its stats are just readjusted instead of increased, but durant staying as it is (perfectly useful). gamefreak started breaking duos with new evos like crazy in gen 4 anyway.

    Tea kettle that learns scald? sorry but someone saw my Torboil? http://saiph-charon.deviantart.com/art/116-Torboil-202250437

    I dont see the grass starter being an owl though. And elephant? That could be, but I think its time for some mammal with prominent fur in that department since we just had Tepig.

    1. But the interesting thing is, the gyms work perfectly johto style.

      I mean kanto had 8 types, and johto 8 of the 9 that were left.
      Unova used 10 (because of trio badge), leaving 7, but that is actually a more perfect match and contrast than johto was! if we assume the first gym would be starter types again.

      Also, if there really was like 50 new pokes,
      a new set of starters would be overkill.
      For example the Fire type is already now close to 50% made up of starter lines… if anything we need less frequent starters and more frequent regular pokemon of the starter types..

    2. The fact you think that your the reason behind the kettle poke, was enough for me to instantly stop reading the bullshit u’ve written, and realised that not only do you abuse other people idea’s on other older posts that you then go and have the arrogance to say such a pig headed comment. Just shows what an idiot you can be. Your not the only person in the world to have created a pokemon thats based on a kettle that could learn scald.There was one in the early pokemon Arcantithe version before it was re-done.

      1. sorry for my ignorance, I dont know of anyone elses kettle pokemon. It says it learns scald, but not anymore after evolving and thats what holds true for torboil. maybe the one you mean doesnt either, but what are the odds.

        abuse ideas? how does one abuse ideas?

        and no need to be rude.

        1. I dont mean to be rude at all, but when I see you saying such a large claim I had to say something. And as for abuse , I have seen on multiple occasion’s people share opinions on this site for you to then leave pure negative comments in return or saying that what they think is bullshit. I have no beef with you personally dont get me wrong, in fact ive complemented you in the past on some of your drawing’s, that comment was just a bit too arrogant for me.

  34. Fun rumours, lol.
    Having a dolphin or peacock mon would have made it obvious that this person is thinking of popular rumours, but the pokemon made up are quite creative!
    Totally want a tea kettle mon now. It evolving into Heatmor doesn’t make sense to me though.

    On another note, a super secret sauce of mine told me that vehicles would feature prominently in this game, and that they would in fact be habitats for mons that were previously only available through events. Also, they’re ironing out a bug that makes the game crash when you enter the female rival’s house.

    tlm confirmed!

  35. However, the “pokemon walking outside of the pokeball” thing makes it seem fake… hmmm…

  36. stopped reading at the mention of the fire starter being an elephant. I know it’s fake, but if you want it to be even the least bit believeable, keep with the trend of fire starters being of the chinese zodiac. what a waste of a whole minute of my life.

    1. In fact, elephant is part of the Chinese zodiac in Northern Thailand according to wikipedia lol


      Pig – 豬 / 猪 (亥) (Boar in Japan and Elephant in Northern Thailand) (Yin, 4th Trine, Fixed Element Water): Honest, gallant, sturdy, sociable, peace-loving, patient, loyal, hard-working, trusting, sincere, calm, understanding, thoughtful, scrupulous, passionate, and intelligent. Can be naïve, over-reliant, self-indulgent, gullible, fatalistic, and materialistic.

    2. So if there was to be a new fire starter from the zodiac, where would that leave us?

      >Mouse (Cyndaquil)
      >Ox – Flaming Bull??? Probably not a good starter. Single Pokemon, maybe, but not starter.
      >Tiger – Too close to Arcanine. He may be a dog, but the tiger stripes on him make a tiger fire-type unlikely.
      >Rabbit – Uhhh…. I can’t even IMAGINE how that would look…
      >Dragon (Charizard)
      >Snake – We just had a snake starter in Serperior, so I couldn’t see them turning right around and using it again.
      >Horse (Rapidash)
      >Goat – Not a glamorous animal, not the type of material they need for a awe-inspiring starter.
      >Monkey (Pansear)
      >Rooster (Blaziken)
      >Dog (Arcanine/Ninetales)
      >Pig (Emboar)

      So everything in the Chinese zodiac either has already been done or is not the most inspiring.

      Another thing to consider is that there are variations in the Eastern countries as far as the Zodiac goes. Thailand HAS the elephant in its zodiac. So while this rumour is most likely fake, throwing it out just because the elephant isn’t in the Chinese zodiac is kind of silly. 🙂

  37. By the way, yes this is all fake. I agree. However, is the “new Pokemon” rumor really too good to be true? Sure, I doubt it myself, but there was a 2ch magazine article you posted that is supposedly legit and is asking us whether there would be a new region with new Pokemon in it. I hope it’s not just some editorial, and this is indeed an official source hinting this to us. Above all, I hope that the article doesn’t turn out to be fake or incorrect. I’m kinda getting sick of travelling through the same region after two years.

  38. First for the people saying it fake, thanks for stating the obvious. The article clearly says it’s fake & to not believe it.

    On the upside, This is the best rumor I ever heard! This month & next month should be filled with info giving it the last 2months before release, so if this turns out to be fake (most likely it will) kudos to whoever thought it up. I would like it if some of it was true don’t care which part though.

  39. When i read this my brain just clicked. I think the reason of this game rumor(IF IT WERE TRUE) are blantiling showing that nintendo is aimingg thier games at older audiences. For example pokemon conquest. This game would be hard for someone under 10 to fully comprehend but older kids will slowly but surely fully understand. Black & White had a quite complex story line. It seems that according to this rumor that this storyline would be very complex. It still seems can of ridiculous to let ALL this information out in ONE sitting.

  40. I am not sure if anyone had said this, but, I think its fake guys. ( light sarcasm) Though it seems lime most of you like the idea, but, I personally would like them to finish making Pokemon games based on this part of the world before jumping to the other side. ( The rest of the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, etc). Since, I too would love to hear the game orchestra in the area the game is based on. If I am recalling a certain interview correctly. So I don’t think they have fulfilled everything they can do for Unova and, perhaps, its neighbor. Like perhaps a bayou, poke’Vegas, poke’yellow -stone safari, amazon river, Sequoya tree city..? I think they can milk this area just a bit longer. We do have some history too. hmm? :3
    But for Pokemon to be based on England is just as awesome. But I want it to wait its awesome turn. If it is going at a much faster pace, then it shouldn’t be long.

    But guys, guys, GUISE. Pokemon. Africa. would have the most beastly Pokemon, me thinks.

  41. Although I know it’s a fake, but I really want to see new maps and new Pokemon.
    Two years later I was still in the same place, and almost no innovation, I am really disappointed.

  42. Fake? Nice 😀 I don’t think there will be any new pokemon in BW2 other than the new formes of Kyurem. Well, when is the Pokemon Smash set to air? I mean how many hours more??

  43. I would like tonight’s pokemon smash to show this fake starter silhouettes 😛
    I think there will be more new pokemon in bw2, or at least one new legendary. This seems so elaborated to be fake, and the 2ch leaks posted some days ago say exactly the things that would change in this supposed fake plot.

    By the way, I’m really looking forward to seeing pokemon smash!!!!! D:

  44. Just going thorugh everything on Pj.net seeing as how I have been In Majorca for a week and have completely been cut off from the online world (not that I’m addicted or anything…) and straight away noticed this… brings back the awesome pre Black/white Jap releases as there was sooooo much bullcrap (like the Mawile pre-evo?)…

    Some of these ideas would work and I like the idea of having a Swooat evo but only because it is sooo weak defense wise.

    New Gym leaders + new Pokemon + new region would be nice and would give players a new feel while still in the same generation… my only concern is… would it still be generation 5, 6 or 5ii?

  45. I really, really wish the starter thing was true.

    I hate the idea of a cockroach, though. And I don’t want Swoobat to evolve…

  46. I just thought of something. This can’t be true unless they reveal Genesect first. What happens when you get the National Dex in BW2? People would notice there’s a Pokemon #648 and a #650, but no 649. So they’re not going to make new Pokemon until Genesect is out, unfortunately. And they won’t reveal Genesect until next year probably, so they can make a movie around him.

    So fake. 🙁

      1. How is it like Victini? Victini wasn’t a secret when BW was released. Besides, it was 000 in the Unova Dex; you could play through the game and not notice it because it still starts at 001. And when you get the National Dex and notice Snivy is 495, it still doesn’t matter because Victini was not hidden. It was even advertised.

        1. Well, you just said how they could solve the whole issue.

          I still don’t believe this is going to happen, though. No wait, I know this is completely fake 😛

          1. What? How did I say they could solve the issue? The only way would be to reveal Genesect before, and I really doubt they’re going to do that. They’re going to want to save him for the 2013 movie.

          2. Well, they could leave that gap for a year. I guess there are still little kids that don’t know what fits in the 494 slot.

            Just because it doesn’t seem likely they would do that doesn’t mean they cannot do that.

  47. I’m holding this at a grain of salt. Honestly, I love everything I just read. It all sounds so amazing, and exactly what I wanted out of Black and White 2. I think my favorite things that I read, was the clock tower, and the Ghost Pokemon that looks like a tuxedo/sheet. I would definitely train one of those. LIke I said though, I’m not believing for a second that any of this is true. I would be beyond happy if it turns out that it is true, but I’m not going to be disappointed if it isn’t.

    The thought that gives me a little bit of a hope, is 4th generation. Does anyone remember when back before Diamond and Pearl came out and some guy revealed a bunch of information like this (like the starters, etc.)? Most of it turned out to be true, so that gives me hope – since I liked all these descriptions so much.

    I guess we will all just have to find out later today.

    1. I’m just saying, don’t set yourself up to be dissapointed. It’s very very unlikely that this is true. Yes, we had accurate leaks about starters in the past, but for every real leak we get about 100 fake ones. And the real ones are never this detailed. It sounds like he made all of this up. And there’s too much evidence against them adding new Pokemon. Compatibility issues, the gap in the Pokedex I previously mentioned, plus the fact that if they were planning on adding new Pokemon, why didn’t they code them into BW but just make them unobtainable, like Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect? That would have avoided the compatibility problems. There’s too many holes for this to be true.

      1. I just love how everyone assumes I’m some sort of idiot whenever I make a comment. I even said in my post that I am not going to be disappointed when this isn’t true, because I’m not believing for a second that it is true. I’m only hoping that it is true, because I’m optimistic like that. I really enjoy reading and looking at peoples at ideas of fakemon and fake regions, so even if this is all fake (which I’m already assuming it is) I’m still enjoying it.

        And, like I said, I’m not an idiot. I know there are a million false rumors for every Pokemon game. Hell, I’ve been around long enough to have to deal with them all. Rumors are still fun to read, whether they are obviously fake, or seem believable – like this one. I think everything in this rumor is highly believable.

        As for your whole programming/compatibility issue, it’s just crazy. They aren’t going to program new Pokemon into old games; because, that way, everyone knows what they are, and it ruins the surprise of the whole “sequel thing.” That’s called marketing. Also, with Genesect, I don’t think it’s going to bother a lot of people if there is a random gap in their National Pokedex, because eventually Genesect will be revealed. For a lot of people, myself included, I don’t have a Victini, so my National Pokedex has – and forever will have – a gap. It doesn’t bother me.

        All I am saying is, I really hope all of this info is true, because I like it. In my mind it has a ten percent chance of being true, and a ninety percent chance of being fake. I’m not going to be disappointed if it turns out to be fake. It was still an interesting read, and speculation is always fun. We’ll find out when in about seven hours during Pokemon Smash.

        The only things that will disappoint me, is if there is no new region. I don’t care as much if there are new Pokemon, but I would like the games a lot more if there were. A new region is a must in my opinion. If there is no new region, then these aren’t sequels. Instead of one third game, we would just be getting two versions of a third game. I’ve been saying since the announcement of the games that a new region is a must; they are disappointments as a “sequel” without it.

        1. I never said you were an idiot.

          “They aren’t going to program new Pokemon into old games; because, that way, everyone knows what they are, and it ruins the surprise of the whole “sequel thing.” That’s called marketing.”

          Dude, that’s exactly what they did with Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect. Game Freak still acts like they think everybody lives under a rock and has never heard of the internet. They know people hack the game hours after release, that didn’t stop them from making three more secret Pokemon in BW and then acting like some big shock/surprise when they reveal them. Because a lot of kids actually don’t know about them. No reason they couldn’t do the same thing with these alleged new BW2 Pokemon.

          And Victini is an entirely different issue. Victini was not a secret, it was revealed, even advertised. If people don’t know what goes in the gap between 493 and 495 that’s no different than them not knowing what goes in the Pokedex slots of Pokemon they haven’t seen in-game yet. If they haven’t heard of Victini, then they probably don’t know what goes in this or that Pokedex slot. But leaving a gap for an unrevealed Pokemon is entirely different. They like to surprise people with the “new” Pokemon to sell the movies. They’re not going to reveal a 650 without revealing 649.

          1. That’s exactly the reason why they aren’t going to put 50 pokémon in the hidden files. They don’t care that the hardcore easily finds those three secret Pokémon, there are still a lot of kiddies that don’t know about serebii/other fansites.

          2. I don’t get your logic. If they don’t care about hardcore fans knowing, then they would have no problem with putting 50 new secret Pokemon in the code.

    2. While it’s true we had some leaks in the past (the unova starters, the whole unova dex, …), keep in mind that we’ve also had a lot of false rumours, more than those who turned out to be true.

  48. I don’t think this stuff is completely out of the question. Like the statement says, Yellow was originally planned as a sequel to Red/Blue and would have featured several new Pokemon, including Steelix and Togepi.

    I think this is at least POSSIBLE, especially as the last issue of Coro Coro made cryptic remarks about the region and starter Pokemon. This is the first time they’ve done a numeric sequel, so we can presume it will be more than just the typical third version palate swap.

    That’s not to say this is true, of course, I certainly still don’t believe it. But it’s an interesting idea.

    1. “Yellow was originally planned as a sequel to Red/Blue and would have featured several new Pokemon, including Steelix and Togepi.”

      They weren’t planning on putting new Pokemon in Yellow. Where did you hear that?

      “especially as the last issue of Coro Coro made cryptic remarks about the region and starter Pokemon”

      Uh… no they didn’t.

  49. Lol, sounds like Pokemon Crimson and Violet (look it up if you don’t know what it is)

    I’d lol so hard if any of this turnt out to be true, it’d just be flat out terrible xD

  50. Am I the only one hoping the sequels will have your pokemon following you like in hg/Ss? Why did they not have that in B/W anyways?

    1. Some speculate is was to promote the new battle opening, where your trainer throwed the ball in an awesomely fashionably way, instead of the Pokémon just moving into the screen.

  51. Platypus pokemon? YESS. lol

    I doubt it though. I’m wishing this’ll be real, but it’s probably fake, just like you said in the beginning. Oh well, we can always hope. By the way I’m making Pokemon updates on my Youtube channel ‘EliteEmperor’ also.

  52. The England/Europe location would make sense if they’re exploring culture and history as we all know that’s where the history is.. And assuming GF America had a part in the development, it does appear all Americans think that all Brits live in castles..

  53. I’ve been waiting bird grass type starter for ever. Don’t you fail me gamefreak.

    1. never say never. remember the web manager posted a leak of corocoro if all gen 5 mons been discovered? and since b/w 2bare sequels there maybe something new in pokemon handhelds. i wannapoint out that gf revealed meloetta and keldeo near the same time. genesect MAY be revealed

  54. B&W 2 is a sequel to B&W. Why would they spend their time on a sequel to create new region and new pokemon. They would keep it for another game which will probably come out after 3-4 years.

    1. I don’t think they have to worry about saving ideas. They said in an interview that only about 1/3 of the designs each generation get made into actual Pokemon. They’ve got hundreds of unused Pokemon laying around.

      1. Oh, i cannot imagine their nonselected ideas since they put fugly ice creams in this generation.

  55. gotta love those rumors!! always welcome to have stuff like that to pop up everytime that theres a new game..i’d rather read that than wait, cause eventually the real news comes out anyway. it’s a fun read, fresh ideas, wishing Gamefreak would surprise us something close to that.
    kudos to Ganondolphin for sparking interest of both hopefuls and haters
    you cant please everybody with these kinds of rumors, but what the hell its enough to cause tension among fans..keep em coming!!

  56. obviously fake. i doubt Pokemon is that risky of a game to introduce new Pokemon in the same generation. especially replacing the starters. Obviously this is a fake and the troll just wasted it’s time. the grass starters are always reptiles. Bulbasaur= frog or Dino
    Chikorata= long neck Dino, treecko= gecko, turtwig= turtle, snivy= snake. so a bird grass type is false. the fire types are based on the Chinese zodiac. Charmander= year of the dragon, cyndaquil= year of the rat, torchic= year of the rooster, chimchar= year of the monkey, tepig= the year of the pig. A elephant is not in the Chinese zodiac so false. at least the water starter sounds convincing. water starters are always marine creatures so a platypus make since, but yet again game freak wouldn’t do something that stupid

  57. Guys, we’ve started to get stuff

    [QUOTE=P-K-M;14401630]Someone at 2ch has posted some pictures which apparently comes from CoroCoro [url]http://hayabusa.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/news4vip/1333982151/601-700[/url]


  58. Whether or not this rumor is true, there is one thing to remember, when G/S came out, the Johto Pokedex contained a re-numbered mix of Generation 1 and 2 Pokemon. So the numbering for this Generation5.5 does not necessarily have to be the same as the Unova Dex…
    Meaning All of the ‘hidden’ Pokemon like Genesect, for instance could still be placed at the end of this upgraded Pokedex. This would be relevant to not only the Johto Dex, but the little expansion in the Sinnoh Dex (in Platinum).
    Just “food for thought”…

  59. Oh gosh, fake or not i luv it all. New stuff (pokemon!) excites me, and if thats not true i have B&W2 to look forward to 😀 So in any case its all win-win.

  60. While this probably isn’t true, you know there’s really no reason they couldn’t add new Pokemon mid generation, right? Just because they haven’t done it before does not bar them from doing it in the future.

  61. guys, 99.9% of this is fake…the only stuff thats true is N and ghetsis returning, and the fourth new gym leader he talked about, who is cheren (normal type, 1st gym leader, uses patrat and i think a herdier….around lvl 14-16….) everything else is bull****…there are 2-3 other new gyms…1 is run by a guitar player girl who uses poison types, the other run by a swimmer who uses water types…and chili from striaton gym may (MAY) open his own gym (due to the latest aired episode of b/w rival destinies) he travels to driftviel city and tells cilan that he wants to become stronger, and hopes to open his own gym someday…there are like…5 new pokemon…the beast forms of the legendary kami trio, and black kyurem/white kyurem…i also heard a rumor that meloetta would become catchable in game, but i cant confirm that happening… and…ya…thats pretty much it…all i really know…

    1. I’m not sure how much swing the anime will have on the games. But its a decent idea.
      Unfortunately the Meloetta being catchable is nothing but a rumour since no Japanese sources have suggested this. It seems to be a guess by the anime fans guessing there will be some relation.

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