Fake Victini “Stellar Forme” Image Surfaces

…and I know that readers of this site love fakes/rumors to discuss 🙂 All the alleged scan says is that it’s the Stellar Forme and questions what new power it has.  Of course, that’s all moot because this is COMPLETELY FAKE. Sill though, would you have liked to see an alternate forme similar to this for Victini?

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ps- Many thanks to LegolasTheElf for messaging me about this 🙂

  1. Stellar Forme. That’s a good one. I bet they’d call its current forme “Victory Forme”. But how do you know it’s fake?

    1. Take a close look at the quality of the shadingg on the Pokemon, it’s rather rubbish and looks noting like Ken’s style, that and just look at the screenshot, it’s all flat sprites, no 3D environment.

  2. If victini had another form It would have been shown in its movie, like for shaymin..

  3. Ohh don’t mention it! 😀

    I don’t think they will give victini a new forme. If they had any plan, then it would have appeared in M14 itself where it played a main character!

  4. I hope they don’t introduce any new ‘forms’ ..i’d rather just have a new Pokemon :/ the multiple forms thing worked well for Deoxys, but the idea is a bit tired out now..

  5. It wouldn’t have been the worse I guess… I kinda like it (except I can’t see it’s mouth). I do agree with what everybody was saying about the movie…Although I am still hoping for new forms for the Muskadeer trio.

  6. Haha, they weren’t even trying with that screenshot. It doesn’t look remotely 3d enough – you could have done something like that in 3rd gen.

  7. Fake as in, “confirmed fake” fake or “unconfirmed but you’re calling it fake anyway to cover your ass” fake?

    1. Look at that thing. It’s an abomination. There’s no possible way that can be real. Additionally, there’s been no new CoroCoro or any other news leak recently, so this is basically coming from nowhere. It has to be fake.

  8. Is totally fake. If we see the image of game, we can see the graphic isn’t equal to Black and White (the trees seem to have been taken from a tileset in RPG Maker XP)

  9. I think it’s fake as in “fucking look at it, it’s obvious” fake.

  10. I wouldn’t mind a new forme for Victini, but I definitely wouldn’t want it to look anything like that.

    1. id want more. their is only 5 so far. besides, NEW pokemon E from pokecenter, how on movie 14 victini loved the ocean, …. but, i understand

  11. Question guys – who here thinks that too many Pokemon are being given new forms? …

    The whole ‘novelty’ aspect of them is awesome, of course! But being overdone maybe?

  12. I feel sort of bad that I actually like how this looks. It just needs a mouth. Not quite sure why Victini would have a “Stellar Forme” though. something nuclear related would be better, perhaps a bit touchy though.

    Also, has anyone else on PJ ever created a fake scan? It’s a touchy subject, I know. I made one back when the Rotom formes were just silhouettes, but it looks terrible. Also made one at the start of last month, but that didn’t really get any heyday. I’ll provide pics if any one cares c:

      1. First one (which looking back it is downright awful. But it was four years ago! http://img384.imageshack.us/img384/5601/234898xs7.jpg

        Had a bit of discussion going on Serebii Forums. Can’t be bothered to log-in and link though. I don’t have the high quality images of this one any more, I’ve had two computer since then.

        Second one you actually posted on your Twitter. http://i.imgur.com/Ojkv8.jpg I want Cilan Back in BW2. And grown up. 🙁

        http://i.imgur.com/izKk8.jpg And there’s everything in Photoshop. And excuse bad quality screenshot, imgur made it ugly.

        Idea was Cilan go his own Gym, and he turned it into that. And he grew up and changed his hair, and outfit. Yeah. Anything else I can do for proof? ;P

        1. An, I remember the Cilantro scan 🙂 I think we dismissed it quickly because of the old artwork

          1. Indeed. I was going to attempt to do some renewed art, but that would have just made it even worse. The big green rectangle was actually going to be an arrow pointing to him 2 years on. Ah well!

            It’s fun just messing about with sprites and everything!

  13. I certainly do enjoy rumors and fake Pokemon but not anything like this Catini.

  14. I think Victini is perfect the way it is, besides, it’s movie and time of being marketed have long since passed, we should be focusing on Keldeo and Meloetta now, as well as the coming BW2

    I can tell the screenshot is from a fangame, as not only is it not in 3D, but it also uses tiles I have seen on DeviantART and numerous fangames

  15. I was just scrolling through the recent post and came apon this deformed.. thing and said “oh god please be fake” *phew* i’m so glad it is. I know the 5th gen pokemon have been pretty well…medicore but this would take the cake. Personally i feel victini needs NO changes. It’s already sickeningly cute.. Let’s not take off the cute

  16. I donno… to me it looks cool. But not as a form change for Victini… with some different colors… and a few changes… it could be a pretty cool new pokemon xD

  17. uh… my eyes hurt. not cute, not boss looking, new type? whatever, it’s fake who cares. would like a new form, though. this one just screams “shaymin sky forme clone!”

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