May CoroCoro Leaks!


REJOICE! CoroCoro has begun to leak!

The first image we have is the cover, which features Black Kyurm, White Kyurem and Pirouette Form Meloetta. As well as confirms that there is BW2 info in the magazine. :p

Check this post often for updates!


P.S. I’m pretty sure that the character on the right is Hilda 2.0 (It literally looks like she’s wearing Hilbert’s clothes imo), and the character on the left is possibly an entirely new character. Gym Leader perhaps?

    1. and also phew. New Pokemon announcement seems to just be Meloetta’s Pirouette Form.

      I was worried Gen 5 was already over.


  2. please new pokemon or sub region! or maybe pokemon walk behind you! or! or OR!! ganondolphins rumours to be true!!

  3. [quote]P.S. I’m pretty sure that the character on the right is Hilda 2.0 (It literally looks like she’s wearing Hilbert’s clothes imo), and the character on the left is possibly an entirely new character. Gym Leader perhaps?[/quote]

    (So not sure if BBC code works XD)

    someone on 2ch thinks they are part of a Corocoro manga. Hard to say at this point.

    1. Well here is the thing, they have to receive the scans first. Then, they have to have their translators transcribe the info. I assume that the people already have SOME of the scans and are busy translating it so we can get the gist of the info. We just gotta have patience at this point.

    2. We first have to receive the scans, than we post them on here and translate time almost real time.

      The scans are posted to 2ch, a japanese imageboard. (it’s mainly nsfw, so be warned) We have to wait till someone gets their hands on corocoro and takes pictures.

      1. I assumed as much. It strikes me as standard protocol. But I didnt know you had to wait for the people to get their hands on the magazine first though… XD But anyways, I am still waiting for this thing even though its 3AM here in Los Angeles.

        1. We don’t have insider contacts at corocoro, so we get the information at the same time everyone else get them. And even if we had insider information, that’s under nda and we’re not allowed to post that or even say we know about it :p

          1. True; we wouldnt want to have another Serebii Pokecopyright Fiasco now would we? Although, it wouldn’t hurt having someone on the inside to keep you guys on the up and up of what is happening. =) But! That is not the case at this point in time. I also have to report of what is going on with the Corocoro scans on my Facebook page. Although, I site whatever info I got it from, so if you guys have some info I need, I will be absolutely sure to credit you guys.

          2. We have our own translators, and it’s always stupid when someone doesn’t cite us, but they got the translations from here.

  4. i’m laughing that I’m going to be up for a while writing an essay due tomorrow, but now I have something to look forward to. 🙂

      1. Lol ours ended with Monday being the first day back to school… it should’ve been 2 weeks

  5. I have nothing better to do but read the news and wait for new scans/translations to come out. XD

  6. we usually have 2 weeks of easter break, but I even have 3 weeks off school this year because of my final exams 3 weeks ago

  7. Those 2 in the top right are defo from Pokemon, and the one on the right looks like they have a cap, so it’s probably the main char. I honestly can’t tell if that is a girl or a boy on the right. I mean you say it’s a girl, but everyone thought Cheren was a girl at first too.

    Maybe… maybe this means that we have only one protagonist but can still decide the gender!!!

    Hah, how unlikely is that. But if it’s true, I called it.

      1. Somehow I can’t imagine the one on the left being the male character, because if he is he doesn’t have a hat. D:

        1. I know. If the androgynous main protagonist of either gender were true (which it can’t be) then that kid (Grimsley jr.) would be the rival. They don’t need hats.

  8. I think that are the main characters: the one on the right is the boy and the one on the left is the girl. I don’t think the character on the left is an anorexic boy, so it may be the girl because she’s much thinner… It would also be more usual for the boy to wear blue clothes, and for the girl to wear pink clothes. However, their hairstyles are a little weird… T_T I don’t know what to think…

      1. Are you sure? They look like legit new characters to me (albeit not the ones on the cover). If BW2 were to take place significantly later than BW, the one in blue could be Cheren’s kid, and the one in red Hilda/Hilbert’s kid. But they don’t have hats. And I can’t conclusively tell their genders. They are definitely Sugimori’s art style and are consistent with the look of character designs of the Unova region, moreso than the characters on the cover.

  9. Some rumours that have been floating around Pokemon forums (mainly SPPf and Bulba)
    -The character on the right is the female MC and the one on the left is their ‘companion’. There is also a male MC and his female companion, shown inside the magazine
    -The companions play a similar role to Dawn/Lucas did in DP except not as much. They travel with you sometimes (?) but other times travel away from you and they also act as a rival to you
    -Bianca is still a rival, but Cheren is now a Gym Leader in the 8th Gym. He teams up with Iris and Drayden to form a Triple Battle
    -You still start in Nuvema Town
    -It occurs a few years after the events of BW
    -N is missing, Team Plasma has reformed
    -There is a screenshot of two women in robes addressing a crowd, and these women are presumably from Team Plasma

    I personally think there’s a lot of weight in these rumours…

    1. We’ve seen them, but we are awaiting confirmation. And these seem to come from 4chan, I can’t find some of them on 2ch.

      1. Agreed with Stego. These rumors hold the most plausible reality of what’s to come for the new games. Although, I would not mind more Pokemon, but I think that could be most unlikely…

  10. Are there any news when the other leaks will appear! This just made me crazy! Would be better it didn’t leaked till everything leaked! 🙁

    1. Nobody knows. They could come right now, this evening or maybe we have to wait till tomorrow.

    2. as I said before, they wouldn’t be leaks if we knew when they came…we don’t know when they will get released, something may pop up tomorrow (I live in New Zealand so our/Japanese time) it’s 8pm over there atm.

  11. I’ve never commented this but COROCORO IS FREAKING AWESOME. Seriously, manga and game news? That’s crazy!

    1. Hmm… lets hope so. Its 4AM here in the States, and I have been eyeing this place like a hawk for any news. So, assuming anything from my own opinion, I expect we get news by 6AM PST. At the LEAST.

  12. Who’s ready to see no new Pokemon whatsoever? I know I am!
    Incidentally, whose Refresh button is feeling a little worn out right about now? Mine sure is!

    1. Also, can anyone read the little kanji below the BW2 lgos? It say “100 (something) PRESENT” so….

        1. That… would make me laugh so hard. Trolled by the cover. “You know what? In this game…. There are PEOPLE!”

          1. Haha. I think actually if it were that kanji it’d be saying 100 people could win a present 😉 Not related to BW2 necessarily.

      1. Ehh not sure but I think it means they are giving away 100 free copies of the game as part of a contest.

  13. Y’know, I just want at least one bit of info right now. That way it can either line up or not line up with the rumors and those can be proven or disproven.

    1. It’s night in Japan right now. You’ll probably have to wait until everyone over there wakes up, in probably 6-7 hours.

  14. I’ve seen several people here and on other forms who are against the idea of new pokemon being introduced – why is that? I’m genuinely curious about what your reasoning/perspective.

    I, for one, am all for new pokemon. Is there a clinical term for being addicted to these little guys?

      1. I think it’s less “we don’t want new Pokemon” and more “we don’t think there will be new Pokemon”.
        Mainly since it is still Gen V and it’s too early, and only 1 and a half years since B/W.

      2. Also, if they make new Pokemon, some of us won’t be able to remember them all, let alone catch ’em all.

        1. You raise a good point – there are a few floating around in the 3rd gen that I couldn’t even begin to name.

    1. Its the same generation and the data of BW hints at Kyurem formes but nothing else.

      BW was basically created with BW2 in mind, so it has this huge lacking postgame east half of the region with lots of plot potential places and seemingly unimportant legendaries.
      Almost like they inetionally only gave us the first 75% of the story with BW *hint*

      Dont worry though, theyre surely working on gen VI in the background like crazy.

  15. I don’t think that’s Hilda I think Hilbert has gone through some changes unless unova has gotten colder due to kyurem being active through out the entire region

  16. Yeah thats the new protagonist the one wit the cap is a girl the one wit no cap is a boy I just enlarged that pic it seems like that unova has gotten colder due to kyurem now being active through out the entire region similar to giratina an sinnoh in platinum they gave the protagonist warmer clothing

    1. Well it’s 2:11 am in Japan right now, so nothing will probably show up until it’s morning there. :\

  17. Yeah I’m fine with these characters if they actually are the new protagonists. They look good to me. Uhh from what I can tell. They look like they’re dressing warmer though, probably because of Kyurem being there? But then I feel like that’s a rehash of what they did with Platinum.

    At least Kyurem=Colder region makes more sense than Giratina=Colder region.

    1. The concept behind Kyurem is the absence of energy, not the source of Ice element. Hence why it gets a generator stuck to its plug-tail and is on power in BW2.

      1. Kyurem type is dragon/ice why wouldn’t it get colder ? In BW if you go to the town with the wall around it they say it specifically colder there then any part of unova reason being because kyurem lair is right next to the town

          1. both of kyurem new forms are still dragon/ice nothing changes but its appearance and they probably goin to added those special moves that was in BW coding to its moveset and more ice type moves. If kyurem has expanded to the rest of the region then that would be the reason why the protagonist now have on scarfs and long sleeve clothing because unova has become colder then normal or they could just have added the feature for the player character to be able to change appearance with the seasons

  18. NEW POKWMON!!! THAT’S WHAT I LIKE TO HEAR!!! 16 years and growing!! Hopefully they will throw in a few eevee evolutions with good move sets… And new starters with new typings instead of the now some what standard of grass, fire/fighting, and water. I’m tired of the Fire/Fighting type. I wish they would do Water/Dark, Grass/Fighting, and Fire/Psychic starters.

      1. I wouldn’t mind those combos either, I’m just tired of fire pokemon having an advantage over the other starters. But then again the “new grass type” starter is an owl which would probably make it a flying type. Supposedly.

      2. There won’t be new starters or new Pokemon. If there were, though, Grass/Psychic would be a disastrous combination. Double weakness to Bug? How embarrassing early in the game when there are bugs all over. Poor thing would be getting KOd left and right.

        1. Grass/Electric would be cool. I want Serperior to be Grass/Electric. Serperior with ElectroBall? How boss would that be?

    1. Seeing as Meleotta was on the top, its her. She is technically a “New Pokemon” just like Kyurem’s forms were “New Pokemon”. The “New Pokemon” was Meleotta’s Normal/Fighting Typed form.

  19. I skipped stage crew today to see the leaks. I didn’t even think about the whole “Japan has a different time zone” thing. D’oh. Well, I’ll wait it out. This had better be worth missing crew, lemme tell ya.

  20. Wouldn’t it be strange if those two characters were in fact from a random manga instead of BW2 characters??? I mean, who puts two random characters away from the rest of article in their own little corner and stuffs them RIGHT NEXT to the Pokemon Black & White 2 promotional pictures???

  21. Other characters on this page at least have a description about who they are or what franchise they are from, I would presume. Why do the characters in question have no info on them whatsoever?

  22. …So, apparently, the original leaker threw a hissy fit because people were harassing him on 2ch/4chan, and refuses to post any more. >_>

    1. I don’t know exactly who you’re talking about, but all the people that have said they have info are trolls.trolls trolling other trolls is what it is.

      It has happened in the past where due to the poor attitudes of the pokemon board on 2ch(said to be one of the worst boards on 2ch) that the leaker only leaked some images, but it doesn’t happen that often.

    2. Seems to be story with all of our leakers this issue. That’s unfortunate.

      And here I was hoping that wouldn’t happen because people would see the poster did the best he or she could given the illegality of doing this in the first place, but nope, instead the poster was harassed. Poor guy or girl.

  23. I don’t think either of them are girls. They both seem to be boys. The anatomy/poses are way too boyish for the Sugimori style of art. I don’t know why people are thinking either of them is a girl…I don’t see it.

  24. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a bunch of silhouettes if there are any new pokemon. They seem to like toruturing us in that sense before every new game (I say that in a happy silly way).

    A lot of people’s hopes ride on these scans, I just hope it’s worth the wait!

  25. It would seem that users from 4chan have completely ruined any chance of corocoro leaks this month.

    User from 4chan decided to hassle the guy who posted the cover on 2ch for speedy leaks. Now the guy is reluctant to leak the scans, claiming that users are ungrateful/ignorant.

    If worst comes to worst, we could possible have to wait until Saturday for scans when the actual magazine is publicly released. That would mean that this would be the first ever issue of corocoro not to leak before it’s intentional release. But I still expect we’ll receive the leaks.

    1. Yes, that is what happened back when B/W was released.

      That however did not happen at all this year. Dont go spewing information that you aren’t even sure of.

  26. All I want to know is if Ghetis returns and if the Seven Sages and Looker make a comeback.

    I’v been reading a few rumors on N being missing in BW2 which goes along with my fanon where the MC discovers N and they have to work together for the first time as friends in order to stop Ghetis and find out the secret behind Black and White Kyurem.

    I won’t care if there will be new Pokemon or not (most likely not), the most importsant things I’m looking forward to are the return of N, Ghetis, Looker, and the Seven Sages. Cynthia actually being apart of the story and the BIGASS RETURN OF HOENN AND THEIR BELOVED CHAMPION: STEVEN! (well…ex-champion)

  27. I guess this pretty much debunks those rumours mentioning there would be new starters because those rumours also said the protagonists would have blonde hair. 🙁

    May cactowl forever remain in our hearts.

  28. Wait until saturday?!?!? ARGHUGHRAFHUGJ NOOO its just one bloody thing after another! I WANT INFO AND I WANT IT NOW!!!

    1. Someone who has a copy of it is just screwing around, thinking they’re all-powerful because they can choose whether to leak it or not. Someone will eventually post images. Either that or I missed crew for nothing.

      1. I don’t really think it’s a superiority issue, as I said before leaking the images has always been illegal, we’ve been very fortunate to receive the leaks we have in the past. There’s no point in blaming or accusing people of holding out on us if they don’t want to run the risk of getting in trouble for doing so for our sake.

        1. I guess I just don’t have enough of an understanding of the laws surrounding this sort of thing, then. I know it doesn’t help matters any, but it seems ridiculous to me that leaking images of a video game a few days before their official unveiling is an actual criminal offense.

          1. Yeah, it’s one of those copyright laws or something. I don’t know much about it or the reasoning behind it other than the fact it’s illegal.

  29. Its frustrating though to know that while we are all desperately waiting for it to leak, someone has all the info literally at their fingertips yet they just tease us by showing the cover 🙁

  30. i wonder if we’ll get leaks or if we’ll just have to wait until saturday. 🙁

  31. Why Impatiant(?) Just wait 2 more days, Its not the end of the world. I dont understand why some people are greedy for the leaks =_=

  32. I can’t believe people would seriously harass someone over information on a video game, that at the latest, will come Saturday. That’s only 2-3 days away depending on where you live. I’m as big of a poke’fan as anyone else, but that is just unnecessary. I’m on edge waiting for the information just like everyone else, but its a privilege to get it leaked early, not a right. Can’t believe people on 4chan harassing people, to me it’s just sad.

    1. That’s the entire existence of 4chan. Troll, harass, and flame random people just to get yourself off.

      1. I just checked it out….just the gay hate speech alone is enough for me never to go back. That place is terrible.

  33. idk why everyone is in such a frenzy whether it will leak serebii will have it before saturday he probably have images up thursday morning EST either way smh just be patient pokejungle and his crew will post whatever he finds

    1. tis real! i saw it on serebii. apparently they have more version differences. they will both have 300 pokemon meaning they will have more version exclusives (like lucario/haxorus for white 2 and zoroark/metagross for black 2)

    2. Please don’t link to 4chan images. They will 404 very quickly and we don’t want to link to possible 18+ stuff. This is a childfriendly site which 4chan isn’t.

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