The May CoroCoro Leak in Full!

Scoop 1 talks about White Kyurem’s attacks. Scoop 2 talks about the secret of the frozen map. Caption reads “What happened here?”. This takes place 2 years after Black and White. Scoop 3 says new pokemon will be in Unova, ie: old pokemon. The pokedex has about 300 pokemon now.

Scoop 4, new protagonists! Caption “Surprisingly, they are different characters than BW. This is unusual for Pokemon series. They are sporty and mature. Of course you can choose from Male or Female.” Scoop 5… new characters! Blue haired character is your rival and is from Hiougi City. His caption is “I’m gonna get mad now!” A new mysterious researcher named Akuroma! He’s studying about the strength of Pokemon. Sometimes he’ll help you… There’s a new gym leader named Homika (guitar player) and she is the “Master of Poison”. She will also appear in the anime on June 14th! Shizui is a new gym leader as well specializing in water types! He will give you advice.

Scoop 6, this adventure will begin from Hiougi City. It is southwest of Unova. It is a very hilly location. Male character is standing in front of his house. Hiougi has a PokeCenter and trainer’s school!  Unova has many new facilities. Caption by golden building says “What do the blue and red objects mean? Looks fun!”  Under that screenshot, on the road, the caption says “There are many stores! What can you buy?” Next screenshot is a glass-encased road underwater. Appears the preorder bonus is shown, could be a poster.

<3 pokejungle

    1. wow….nothing to add to this wonderful info but that….okay…anyway! i love this update! this is just what i wanted…too bad the pokemon can’t follow you though. but i love the fact that they are adding more areas to unova. and that they are even adding more gym leaders (water and poison so far) an i don’t know if my eyes are deceiving me but -points at picture under the girl with the guitar-…does that look like a cinematic scene? and one more thing, i don’t like seeing serperior getting beat by both legendary’s >_>

        1. That’s on a different page of the magazine. That page is about a different game entirely.

  1. 300 Pokemon? Holy crap.

    Also, yay for Poison gym!

    That bag the boy player is carrying looks way too big for him, lol


    Lol. Liking this information. Never thought by ‘new pokemon’ the rumors meant ‘old pokemon.

  4. I’m little disappointed at the lack of new pokemon. That eevee on the page is trolling me lol. Maybe they can still slip in an evolution or two, but I’m just being too optimistic. My favorite part is the new gym leaders, but I would have preferred to see the first dark type gym leader ever lol.

  5. Dang, the scans came by swift and fierce! I havent had time to update my FB fan page with the scans -_- Thanks for the uploads guys! To both you and Serebii!

  6. wait a second everyone!!!!! this is the first time we get more gym leaders in a region……how will this effect the anime? it’s already revealed the guitarist girl will be on the show on june 14. so how are they gonna do this? will ash get more badges? is this the reason why he’s at his 7th badge already?

    1. I think it will still be 8 gym leaders the south east is completely frozen so i doubt the trainer will travel there and the , lenora and burgh won’t be returning. The trio brothers may still be around but lenora will be replaced by this water gym leader whilst burgh will be replaced b the poison one. (if you look at his guitar it’s got a whilipede style to it, Burgh owned a whirlipede and gym leaders rarely have the same pokemon.)

      As for the anime. Ash may beat the unova league and then explore south west unova kinda loke the orange islands.

  7. hmm could it b that sum of the past pokemon may have new evolutions dragon type eevee OH YEE!!!!


  9. So… 300 Pokemon in the dex. How certain are we that this just means previous generation Pokemon only being added in? Because, to me, I could still see some new Pokemon being added in. I’m not ruling that out. I don’t care what people say. I can still see it happening, at the very least, new evolutions/pre-evolutions to Unova Pokemon.

    I hate the male protagonist’s look… He’s hideous. I’m playing as the girl for sure, because I’m really liking her. The rival looks awesome. The poison and water gym leaders look pretty cool, and so does the professor. What is with his hair?

    I’m not 100% satisfied, but it’s way better than what I was thinking would happen. (What I was hoping would happen, and what I thought would happen were two totally different things, so I hope no one tries to tell me I’m switching sides or anything).

    I’m very interested in the frozen region… I’m pretty certain that it will unfreeze after you beat the main storyline.

    1. Sure. Sure! New evolutions? Why not? Anything can happen. These are new games! New region, new stuff to explore! Maybe new Pokemon too, who knows? It’s exciting! I forgot how exciting this whole “waiting for a new game” thing is!

    2. I think this ice thing is for covering the map. Like they did with clouds then to cover some areas.

  10. Hold up. Hold. Up. Are you telling that we are NOT getting new sprites? Whatttttttttttt
    Serperior’s backsprite is still the same as in BW which is understandable because they almost never change the backsprites and they might just be holding out on us in terms of new front sprites for pokemon native to Unova. But the other pokemon they showcased( which happen to be non-Unova native), eg. Eevee, Psyduck, Metagross, did NOT have their sprites changed.

    I know this is a very minor issue/ detail but when it comes to new games one of things I look most forward to are new sprites for the pokemon.

  11. Okay, time to point out little things. I’m excited, so bear with me.
    1. The magazine flouts that Eevee, Riolu, Psyduck, Metagross, and Tyranitar will appear in the games. If you look closely, though, you can also see a Mareep and a Lapras being used.
    2. It looks like the new starting routes sweep up from the southwest around the left side of Unova. I could be wrong, but it looks like Driftveil City is part of that trajectory… is Clay still around?
    3. The center of Unova looks different now. EntraLink is something else entirely. The lake around it seems to have dried up, too.
    4. Route 4 looks strange. I can’t tell what it is, but it looks like giant structures are all around it now. There’s also some kind of structure at the mouth of Nimbasa City… wonder what it is? Also, this implies that Route 4 is able to be visited.
    5. Chargestone Cave now has two entrances! Or is it another cave entirely?
    6. Judging by the patterns on her guitar, the Poison-type Gym Leader might utilize a Scolipede in battle.
    7. I could be wrong, but is the blond-haired guy with the blue feather-looking thing on his head the new professor?
    8. There’s an underwater tunnel. What two areas might that connect?
    That’s all I’ve got for now. This is so exciting!

    1. Actually, that is just the entrance to Chargestone Cave and the cave that you find Cobalion in.

    2. 1. Exactly, and also you can see a picture of black kyurem with haxorus and lucario and white kyurem with zoroark and metagross so those are some more version differences.
      2. Yup and true, but since this is 2 years later, I wonder if he’s still around considering all these changes.
      3. This may mean more entralink activities.
      4. Yeah I guess the construction is finished and that actually kinda looks like the pokeathalon near nimbassa city.
      5. It looks like chargestone cave got expanded.
      6. Well considering you get scolipede at level 30 and she only has 2 pokemon it looks like it’s early in the game but of course she will have it’s pre-evos and maybe scolipede in a rematch if they have those.
      7. Yup new prof. and from serebii it says he studies pokemon “strength”. I kinda get bad vibes from him. Like “evil backstabbing scientist” type vibes.
      8. Yeah most likely it goes to the town with the water gym leader.

    3. I think the structures around Route 4 look the shipping containers you could find all around Driftveil City… It looks like the are stacked all around the route, so you can’t travel through the desert or to the ancient runes.

  12. NOW new info! Finally! Thank you! Pretty cool stuff, too, man. But wait… does this mean the Time Machine will return? Maybe this is what the whole “Thyme” and “Bach” thing in Opelucid was for: setting up for another trading Time Machine.

  13. I may be reading Serebii wrong, but it says the new Unova will be made up of new and old Pokemon…

  14. Any word on the names of these new gym leaders ( who imo are extremely attractive ) 🙂

  15. Anyone else think the Protags are wearing swimsuits under their clothes? I kinda looks like Hilda 2.0 is wearing a tied bikini thing O.o

  16. So this means B2W2 is basically what BW should have been.
    Old with new pokemon for a return to form.
    But it is nice to have new gyms, I wonder how this will affect the anime.

  17. On the scan with both kyurems at the bottom right it says the number 653 with a weird looking thin above it…. Can we be getting 4 more pokemon?

    1. That number is from the article on that page, which is about a completely different game. Sorry.

  18. Well it’s nice that in B2W2 we are getting new art for some pokemon. That’s a plus. Plus the fact there’s new art for Metagross is further proof that the R/S remakes are imminent.

    1. 1. there is no earlier proof that I know of
      2. maybe the art is there because Metagross is #254 in Unova now/Beldum can be caught near Lacunosa Town…

  19. Well, waiting for them to leak was fun, but…. I must say I’m a little disappointed, they could have at least given us more to chew on than this. The new player characters seem a little outageous, and so does the concept of half of Unova covered in ice. It’s like giving a baby half a lollipop and expecting it not to look at you funny. Needless to say, I will not be satisfied until I have the game in my possession, or when it comes out in Japan and I know EVERYTHING.
    I must say that the most exciting part I found is the new Pokemon Professor, his hair is so coooool, and his interest in Pokemon Strength really makes me wonder, how much has Unova changed in the past 2 years…..
    I am so excited for B2W2!!!!

  20. Okay. Serebii and here say something along the lines of, “The new Unova Pokedex includes a combination of new and old Pokemon.” Is this just a wording issue? Or does the really mean new Pokemon. I can’t tell if they would still be considering Unova Pokemon to be new, because I sure don’t. They are old news.

    I am crossing my fingers for new Pokemon included in this “300.” I just really want new starters.

    1. New starters seems out of the question anymore, since we can see Serperior up against both new formes of Kyurem. I was hoping for the same thing too… :/
      However, there is still hope that new Pokemon are among the 300 described. (b^,^)b If not completely original Pokemon, we can at least expect new forms.

      1. Honestly, I don’t see how a picture of Serperior rules new starters out… I noticed it, and my boyfriend already pointed the Serperior out to me. They obviously aren’t showing any new Pokemon yet, if the term “new Pokemon” really does mean brand new, never before seen pokemon.

        I feel like the gameplay shots in CoroCoro before just show whatever the hell they feel like… I think serperior is just a random Pokemon they decided to show for that screen shot. I’m not ruling out new starters yet…

  21. Oh, another thought… I’m wondering if maybe not so much of the region is actually frozen. You know how sometimes they third versions will have changes to the map, but they’ll cover those changes at first so we can’t see them? (Usually they do with clouds, but perhaps the ice is covering parts of Unova that got MAJOR differences.

    Okay. I’m done with my comments for now. lol

    1. You’re quite right, I just assumed it was actually covered in ice, but if you look at it, it doesn’t look…right. It’s definitively a rues.

      1. I bet the frozen part of Unova gets un-frozen after the main storyline, which will have something to do with Kyurem. I think after the story, the frozen areas thaw out and you can explore them. Kind of like the way the eastern half of Unova was in Black and White.
        Of course, since they’ve been covered in ice for a while, I don’t think there’s anyone in those areas now…

  22. Is anyone else getting a sense of “water” here?
    – Main characters appear to be wearing swimming gear of some kind
    – Underwater tunnel
    – Shizui (Who I friggin love already)
    – Lots of ice….

    Speaking of ice.. It’s covering the whole of one of the three “segments” and the top. Maybe it’s changed? Maybe Kyurem KILLED everyone there?

    1. Funny that there was a lack of water routes and water pokemon in the old Unova. Now it seems opposite.

  23. I still dont see about the (New) Pokemon question. Its just probably exclusives of it instead. Once again, its probably New Forms of Legendary Pokemon… The reason why the old pokemon are in it is because they are just mentioned as BW2 Version Exclusives seperately (hence why the Old (1-4 generation) and New (5th generation),Even if it was new Pokemon. I just dont really see it exist at the point. New Trainers and gym leaders are possibly the nearest info we have. But i still doubt about New Pokemon in it! If it was true.. Then i would be excited. But its kind of those speculations part i majorly doubt, because its Black and White (But just a few new things!, and No New Pokemon, and only forms)

    Sorry i had to say it, But i dont understand about it.

  24. Hmm…

    ・Your rival is your childhood friend
    ・Homika’s gym is a live house
    ・Many new buildings have appeared in two years
    ・Mantine appears over the underwater tunnel
    ・The new Pokedex has around 300 Pokemon
    ・The preorder bonus is an original illustration
    ・Akuroma is talking to the main character about having created a Pokemon…

      1. but didn’t team plasma make genasect according to the game files…

        mother of god

  25. YES! Water gym leader! <3 So if the starting town is outside of of the original map, who's to say there aren't more new routes and what not? 😀 I wonder what has happened to Nuvema Town in the 2 years…SOOO glad we're going to be able to use things from outside of Unova. I was getting sick of using the same Pokemon and fighting the same Pokemon over and over again in BW. It was just all too predictable and linear. Hooray for lots of changes!

    1. Something I noticed…On the newer part of Unova, there’s a large dock or pier of sorts. I’m thinking that you end up in Castelia and proceed up towards Nimbasa. The 2 new gym leaders would make sense, because it appears that the area of Unova containing the Triplets and Lenora’s gyms is frozen off. Thus, we have 2 brand new leaders to take their place! Also, I recall there being lots of construction around Old Unova in BW. I’m thinking that all of that construction has finished in 2 years and has resulted in new buildings and such! Because the part of Unova where all the Pokemon from Gens. 1-4 lived in Old Unova in BW has frozen over, I’m thinking maybe there was sort of a forced migration that occurred, that resulted in foreign Pokemon having to live in livable parts of Unova.

      1. Its not frozen off. Its covering half of the region to keep it secret. Its the fancy cloud replacement. ON THE MAP PICTURE.

  26. I wonder if this will be the first game where I initially start as the girl. I’ll just name her Stephen like I did with Lyra.

    But I am loving the newness of this game. Some things bug me but the idea of all of these renovations and such to series’ formula is refreshing.

    I love that a water gym leader is present, as that is my favorite type and always has been. I’m sure the character designs will grow on me. And I love the underwater route concept, so much!

    The hometown, excuse me, home CITY sounds incredible and screens we have of it are fantastic.

    The hairstyles are very over the top, even for Pokemon, but I’ll get used to them. I can’t wait to explore the new areas of Unova and catch Pokemon from the previous games right from the start!

    I like Kyurem’s Zekrom form better, but White 2 has better exclusives. I like Metagross and Zoroark a ton more than Haxorus or Lucario.

  27. I was hoping for better version exclusives besides Gothitelle/Reuniclus, Lilligant/Whimsicott and Reshiram/Zekrom, and it looks like it’ll finally happen! Also, the lack of gender differences for most Pokemon in BW was a letdown. Even if they don’t full-out edit sprites, I think the least they could do if differentiate more Pokemon by gender.

  28. hiougi city has a trainer school according to serebii…… well ganondolphin got one thing right

  29. This is SUCH a Gold & Silver move. A newish region, bordering the old Unova (which you can revisit during the main adventure), old Pokemon mixed up with new Pokemon,… seriously? This may be the same generation, but they seriously pulled a Gold & Silver move right here. I love how much they’re rebooting the franchise.

  30. I’m actually kinda hoping that the battle scenes won’t look EXACTLY like Black and White…maybe a more 3D battlefield, as in zoomed out for the entire battle, not just when you don’t attack. Just something I wanted to throw out there, since the battle pictures look too similar, I guess.

    1. I would agree that the ice is fake and just blocking the rest of the map, but I think the magazine actually describes the ice as being a part of the plot surrounding Kyurem. Since there is no visible Pokemon League, I bet the rest of the areas will defrost after you catch Black or White Kyurem. Wouldn’t it suck if those areas remained frozen? All they need to do is copy and paste the old routes and cities in the north and east…

  31. Guys, look on the map page. There is an arrow from a small version of the map, pointing to the big map. Look just under the arrow – there is something embedded in the mountain!

    Also, this ice doesn’t seem to fit with the map. And you’d think that Kyurem’s former home would be important, so I think the ice is just a tool used to hide sections of the map.

    1. Also, Shizui the swimmer reminds me of Kamina from Gurren Lagann for some reason: shirtless I guess, but mainly this from Bulbapedia: “He is described as a big-hearted big brother who gives passionate advice.”

    2. Also, it looks like Haxorus and Lucario are exclusive to Black 2, and Zoroark and Metagross are exclusive to White 2.

    3. Looks like an Aeroplane on the ledge to me. Perhaps Mistralton Airport will be of use afterall. Perhaps that’s the new location of either the League, or the Ice Gym. Both original locations look fairly encased in ice on the new map.

      1. There is also something at the bottom of the cliff there, possibly a bridge to the entralink area?

        1. That’s always been there. It’s the bridge that you cross to enter another player’s game.

  32. …Are there 300 Pokemon TOTAL in the updated Unova Pokedex, or 300 Pokemon from previous generations IN ADDITION to the 156 Unova Pokemon??? Bulbagarden is implying that the latter is the case. If what Bulbagarden says is true, then the Pokedex seriously has about 450 Pokemon. This could mean that Unova has become a lot more vast, each old route has an expansive list of Pokemon to catch in it, and/or trainers use a variety of Pokemon as opposed to something like spamming Patrat and Rattata.

  33. So, after 2 years, they brought old pokemon to Unova and made them live there. I will miss the old intact Unova but this Unova will be more fun.

  34. Is there going to be a new evil team? Or will we try to solve another problem rather than an evil team?

      1. Maybe, if the frozen region is the case, we will try to solve this problem. And this scientist looks a little evil.

    1. it’s likely that Team Plasma will reappear. Or maybe, this game will solely be about Kyurem. From what has been said, he sounds like a very antagonizing Pokemon himself.

  35. Well, by looking the map, it seems that the cities in bw2 that remain unfrozen since bw1 are Nimbasa, Castelia, Opelucid, Driftveil, Mistralton and Opelucid. Oh, and also Anville Town. This might mean Burgh, Elesa, Clay, Skyla and Iris/Drayden are still gym leaders, or, at least, their gyms are active. Two more gyms, water and poison. And the other gym? Cheren, a fire gym, a plant gym…??

    The poison gym leader has two pokemon so it’s probably the first leader; I think her city will be the city under Driftveil. Her pokemon: Venipede and Zubat/Skorupi maybe??

    I think the water gym is located exactly where you can see psyduck pokedex’s information, and it will be accessible when you get surf, so you can surf the river on psy’s info left. Or maybe waterfall, and it’s the last gym?? The water near psy’s info upper left edge seems to be going down like a waterfall.

    A city in the desert?? I can see a path, some buildings and a big, weird one :/
    It also appears to be a new building in Driftveil (and it seems important).
    My final speculation: May the thing on Entralink’s right be the entrance to Victory Road?? And maybe the league is somehow inside the cave?? :O

    By the way, I really like the rival design *_*, and the MC designs are very original. I really wanted an Eevee in bw1 and now I’ll finally be able to get it!!! I will definitely buy BW2 :DDD

      1. It can be fake or not, but, anyway, I don’t think any of the 8 gyms will be under that ice… If it’s fake, the zones under the fake ice will probably be unlocked after the league. If it isn’t, they will probably be unfrozen after fighting Kyurem (after the league or near the 8th gym maybe?) . That’s what I was only saying, I don’t really care about the ice fakeness… I care more about new gyms 😀

    1. @Uyi – Finnick Odair? The guy form the Hunger Games Series (Catching Fire & MockingJay)? Now that I think about he kind of does :).

      I’m so glad I can finally have my precious Umbreon with me in Unova (Obviously that’s depending on what eeveeloutions the decide to add. If not I’ll settle for Eevee).

  36. Here is my speculation:

    The ultimate goal is to head north (or east, not sure which) because it’s the coldest area. It only makes sense that Kyurem would live there.

    Second, the Ice will clear, post-game, when Kyurem is dealed with.

    Third, Riolu will be in B2 while Beldum is in W2.

  37. This is great news to hear! 😀

    And…woah. Pokemon from older regions? That suprised me, but that’s great! Trainers now have a bigger selection on what the want on their team

    I can’t wait! 😀

  38. I don’t know why, but I’m almost sure that the new Water Gym Leader will have a Lapras on his team!

  39. Awww….I hope these new characters are Hilda and Hilbert 2.0 because if we meet N somewhere in BW2 he won’t recognize these new characters and either battle or think you’re new

    Also, I don’t understand why people are saying “I wonder how these new gyms will effect the anime”. I’m pretty sure in the anime they say lots of times that there are more than just 8 gyms in each region. The guitar player and the water monk guy are probably one of those other gym leaders. And remember Trip’s badges? They had completely different looks than Ash’s so maybe they’re from those new gym leaders.

  40. The new characters look SOOO awesome!!! But am i the only one who thinks the new professor looks like Ghetsis in disguise? The male player character also looks like Hilbert tried to sneak back into the games. Wonder what happened to the Junipers and the old gym leaders though… I really don’t think that that much of Unova is frozen. Seems like they are just hiding it

    1. It’s on a different page, and referring to a completely different game. Nothing to do with B2/W2.

  41. this was worth the wait. 🙂 its gonna be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  42. New Poison-type Gym Leader appearing in the anime…

    Proof that B2W2 is affecting the anime…

    In B2W2 the Unova Dex is expanded so it includes practically half the National Dex…

    Old Pokémon in Unova in B2W2…

    Old Pokémon might start appearing in Unova in the anime…

    Poison-type Gym Leader might have old Poison-types…

    Might have a Weezing…

    Might give Ash a Koffing Egg!

  43. I think Pokemon is experiencing its golden age with B&W. They’re doing a very good job.

  44. Lol. I don’t get why the sudden 141 addition to the pokedex. I’m still keeping my hopes up for new pokemon. Come on, think of it, since there are new areas, wouldn’t it be possible for new pokemon?

    I guess the sudden addition of old pokemon is because of Unova becoming colder. The migration patterns of some pokemon would shift and thus the old pokemon.

    1. Oh yeah. I don’t like the design of the male protagonist. He really reminds me of Hilda which makes him look tomboy-ish

    2. Migration from part of a distant region being colder (of which there is no proof yet) does not cause hundreds of pokemon from the different side of the planet go there all of a sudden.

    1. Yeah 🙁
      I felt cheated when postgame was full of old pokes in BW already though.
      They should have made 200 for BW to fill the complete region without using random old ones, and then make a johto like region for Unova, improving on Unova pokemon ONLY.

      But this will still be hella fun.

  45. pokemon following you =(

    another thing, how will this link with the characters from BW1 or the pokemon you’ve caught… maybe post-game? much like pal park or poke transfer?

  46. Wait… If their doing a Gold/Silver type of thing here then is there going to be a battle frontier. If there isn’t then I’m going to be mad.

  47. ‘Kay I hoped I’m wrong, but probably I’m right; thoese people from nintendo and game freak must be really big’s ignorant’s or just out of idea’s, if corocoro magazine put nice idea for the mian game storyline by chance, that part of Ishuu [people and pokemon’s too] will be covered in ice by kyurem and we must found the hero with one dragon for rescue whole region or something more epic, you know I wonder why plot of Pkmn game’s are that WEAK… ideas are located everywhere and I don’t believe, that creator’s didn’t have any idea for this series… this is j-RPG after all and have world with MONSTER’S soo I think they should put more seriou’s problem’s in thi series of games ‘for children’ even adult’s play in it because they probably wishes better story, gameplay etc. This serie’s is waste of idea’s and you Pokejungle can tell that thoese buddies from GF and Nintendo.

    1. half region being covered in ice seems way too silly to me and not serious at all (not as in how harsh, but how thought through)

      1. I’m sorry maybe I just should say; frozen people. frozen corpse’s etc. I really wish more serious pkmn storyline, for some reason’s dramatic moment’s in pkmn game’s look’s really silly because we alway’s have happy ending. I wish more dramatic story for main hero, that we’re playing and in few moment’s we don’t really know , if we’ll be still alive or anything better. It’s children game GOOD, but as adult player… Iwishtoomuch xD

        1. Nothing frustrates me more than when someone says GameFreak or Nintendo are “running out of ideas.” That’s a bold-faced insult to the people who spend their livelihoods making games for fans like you to enjoy. For you to bash the work they’ve put into these games just because they’re not filled with dark subplots and frozen corpses is absolutely ridiculous.

          1. You’re right, but you know… in plot of B&W they mention destroyed part of the ancient unova, this is one serious thing and Kyurem is just frozen shell or something, in that case there can be possibly, that someone try to do something with him and Kyurem goes wild and has not been able control himself… I just write it on instant, so I think there can be created even more awesome plot. You know; Liberate pokemon’s plot and whole plot of B&W was nice and refresh… maybe this is just faul of technology progress, because I had feeling, that it was introduced toooo late… liberation of pokemon’s sound like ‘elemental “evil plan”‘ for me xD But I’m glad they do great progress in B&W and I’ll wait for more better plot’s for this series. I REALLY LOVE the whole idea of Pokemon’s don’t get me wrong, this is painful for me to watch how slow it’s going foward.

    2. This is what happens when people cant differentiate page decorations (INTENDED TO HIDE HALF THE REGION) from fact.

      dont worry- the regions not covered in ice
      much like how the unova wasent covered in clouds in b/w 1. common sense people.

  48. I don’t think B2 & W2 are gonna affect the anime that much because of a couple of Gyms. These Gyms are definitely new to US, but, as Nuzamaki90 said, it’s been stated a bunch of times that there are more than eight Gyms in a region. You just need to have eight Gym Badges to enter the Pokemon League.

    Nazumaki90’s comment:
    “I don’t understand why people are saying “I wonder how these new Gyms will effect the anime”. I’m pretty sure in the anime they say lots of times that there are more than just 8 Gyms in each region. The guitar player and the water monk guy are probably one of those other Gym Leaders. And remember Trip’s Badges? They had completely different looks than Ash’s so maybe they’re from those new Gym Leaders.”

    Trips’s 3rd badge could /possibly/ be the Poison Gym Badge. Or not.
    Here’s the link:

  49. I just noticed that the little circle that the pokemon sit on during the battles are more detailed

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