Pokemon Smash Coverage! [UPD5] HQ Gameplay Video


Pokemon Smash just ended, and as per usual we did our live coverage for the episode. Although nothing new was really revealed, some gameplay footage was seen showing the first few minutes of the game. This revealed Hiougi City as a far larger starter town then ever before and Azuril and Lillipup being available in the wild in an early route, among other things. The footage also confirmed that Oshawott, Tepig and Snivy will stay as the BW2 starters. Watch above for the full video. 🙂

UPD2: An HQ version of the trailer they showed for the 15th Pokemon Movie can be seen here. Also, an EXTREMELY high quality version of the new frozen Unova map can be seen here.

UPD 3/4/5: Updated post with higher quality videos of the gameplay footage. An HQ video of the Intro can be seen here. Also, battle footage of White Kyurem and Black Kyurem vs Serperior can be found here (thanks Pedro!).

Live Coverage:


  • – Confirmation that Masuda will appear with what they describe as being the first BW2 gameplay footage in all of the universe! (clearly not including trailers)
  • – The rerun anime episode just started. We might get some stuff during commercial breaks but nothing new for sure. :p
  • – The cast just started playing Pokemon Black 2!
  • – The opening of the game shows important characters and Pokemon opposed to in BW when it showed N’s coronation
  • – The opening of the game is in a VERY different style (Art wise) than every other opening to a main Pokemon game
  • – The starting town (Hiougi City) is much bigger than any other starting town we’ve had
  • -The rival owns a Pokémon before you and accompanies you to receive your first.
  • – Confirmation that Tepig, Oshawott and Snivy are the starters in BW2
  • – Rival music is different
  • – Animation for the Pokemon is different
  • – Azuril and Lillipup are available in the wild on the first route
  • – The cast and Masuda are now going over the new map and characters that were revealed in CoroCoro
  • – Revealed that Homika has a Koffing in the anime, implies that she might have one in game
  • – The cast is now showing off Freeze Shock and Ice Burn as well as the ingame sprites for Black and White Kyurem. It takes the legendaries one turn charge before they use the moves.
  • – Masuda left the show
  • – The cast is going over news about the 15th movie, as well as showing a trailer
  • – Shoko-tan will be the voice of Keldeo in the movie
  • – The cast is now going over Meloetta and it’s Pirouette Form
  • – Masuda called Shoko-tan and confirmed the June 23rd release of the game in Japan
  • – The episode just ended

//ozymandis & Kriffix

P.S. Just btw, for those who haven’t seen a Pokemon Smash episode before, the news part of the show isn’t until the last half-ish. So, in the mean time, be sure to check out our last post featuring ‘translation nuggets’ from the recent BW2 news!


    Okay thats a little exaggerated, a little, but I am excited Pokemon Black and White 2 are looking amazing.

    1. Yep, same starters. 🙂

      What’s interesting is that they cut how you actually get the starters. O.o
      They could’ve done this to save time or they could be hiding something. 😡

  2. I really didn’t like that unicorn Pokémon, Keldeo. When I first saw it in the avatar of someone at Bulbagarden forums I didn’t even thought it was a Pokémon… IT’S AN UNICORN…
    But ok… When you actually see the “group” it’s part of , it’s acceptable, I’m looking forward the story! The Sinnoh legendary movies trilogy was amazing!

      1. Keldeo is very much like an ordinary unicorn and Rapidash is a fire unicorn **beast**! LOL That’s my point… 😐

        But like I said, I may like it when it shows its personality in the anime.

    1. Juniper didn’t appear, and they skipped how you actually get your starter.
      You think they’re hiding something?

      I sense a conspiracy… lol

      1. I don’t think the professor who gives you the Pokémon will be the same as two years ago. If we were to guess only out of the characters shown it is likely Achroma IMO.

    2. I think you are onto something… I think I see Juniper walking around @ 1:02-1:09. it looks like she is wearing pink clothing, and she is approaching the main character’s home…

  3. -The attacks need t charge first, not after.
    -The battle was Reshiram vs Black Kyurem.
    There was a Koffing drawn on a banner in the Poison gym seen in the trailer, so now that she even has one in the anime pretty much confirms thats her first poke. Judging by the guitar Id be surprised if the second is not Venipede-line, but who knows.

    lv15 Keldeo!
    Looks like anyone getting one is supposed to take it through the story to unlock musketeer related stuff along, similar to how Victini and Zorua were handled midgame 😀

  4. This was the first time I’ve watched a full episode. I don’t know if I like it.. BUT Hiouga city is pretty big, and I liked the gameplay.

  5. So is the ice there or not? Bulbagarden said yes, I’d like to hear a second confirmation.

    1. If there is, say snow due to Kyurem anywhere, we don’t know yet as the ice obscures our view at the actual map.
      We just know there is none on the parts revealed already.
      But the overlaying fake ice is slightly transparent and it looks like most of Unova is still as green as it gets.

      1. Masuda confirmed that in the story you will find out why Unova is frozen.

        So to end this dispute, The parts on the Unova map that have ice on them ARE IN FACT FROZEN.

        Case closed.

        1. The beach is under the ice.

          We cant tell where its gone colder if thats really what Masuda meant, because the ice is obscuring the view.

  6. I love how they changed the animations. I never thought they would actually do that 😀

  7. The first Gym Leader is Shizui, you can tell because his Gym is the closest to Hiougi City.

    1. I noticed that too from the better quality map. He’ll probably have Azurill too. Or Marill.

  8. We got a lot of good stuff from this!

    But can I say that the thing I’m most excited about is being able to name the rival again?

    I’m going to go pick out names for everyone~

  9. When they showed the map, did they confirm if it was really frozen or was it just concealed? Anyone who knows Japanese, can they find out?

    1. Masuda said you’ll find out in the game why Unova is frozen. So to answer your question, yes, half of the map is frozen.

  10. I haven’t been keeping up with the news very much. But all I know is that the rival music is pretty sexy…

  11. The blue dragon in the pokemon theatre picture isn’t tyranitar right? What is that?

    In the next month corocoro, i guess it is NEW pokemon scoop rather than NEW POKEMON scoop, assuming there won’t be any new pokemon in B2W2 😀

  12. i am going to have a guess about how you are going to get resh & zek, because i played spectrobes 2 and in it the gem that holds a legendary creature is still with you, so i am going to assume that the professor will hold the dark/light stone for you & they going appear when battling kyu in this game

  13. is the high-res map from a high quality pic? or is it extrapolated from the crappy ones? because i see what appears to be another runway with a plane on the eastern mountains near (what was) the entree.

  14. Hmm, let’s speculate a little more on the map and gyms now that the quality is bigger… This is what I think about them:

    First city: Hiougi, starting city. Ok. Then, the city next to it is the typical second city that is always located after a city which contains a gym. A long route, where you can go to a cave once you get surf.

    First gym city: it seems an industrial city with smoke from factories, so it would be perfect for the poison gym. One of the two buildings on its upper side (the black one) seems the gym. What pokemon does she have?? Koffing for sure. The second pokemon is… maractus? In the first gym picture in this link two maractus can be seen on the wall, as well as koffing.

    Then, how could we go to the next city?? Will it be Castelia or Driftveil?? I don’t see any path :'( Maybe we could go to Castelia by boat… 2nd gym… burgh??

    Then we cross the industrialised desert zone, we arrive at Nimbasa; 3rd gym… it seems the same gym

    Bridge; then Driftveil city, with a new building, same gym, probably same leader?

    Bigger chargestone cave; Mistralton City, same gym (same leaaader again?), but there’s a plane on the airport now. I think (and I hope) this plane will be very useful 😀

    Right now, 5 leaders have already been defeated, what can we do now?? The rest of the map is frozen?¿ :O
    I think skyla will let us use her plane and go to the area on Entralink’s right (where there’s a plane :OOO).

    Inside the cave near the plane will be kyurem, he makes all the ice disappear, we defeat the 3 following gyms: opelucid, shizui’s gym (which will be in undella or near undella, because some new islands can be seen there) and… ¿?¿?¿¿? Cheren in Striaton City¿?

    Then we go to the league, win and… some islands unlocked after the league?? No idea, so let’s stop speculating… I hope you liked my suppositions! ;D

    1. I dont just saying, you wouldnt beat kyurem after the 5th gym thats way to early and im guessing their is going to be more new gym leaders besides the poison and water

      1. You’re right, it would be too early… Maybe we find Kyurem inside that cave, it releases a big energy wave or something like that and it flies away, leaving eastern unova unfrozen. Then after the league we fight it 😀

        1. The ice is on the picture to keep areas secret.
          Its not on the region itself.

          The beach is hidden beneath it
          It goes over the brown edges of the map
          and you can even see clouds below it.

  15. if you look at the north east cost of unova on the ice map under the ice the coastline seems to have changed shape and of course theres a little island.

  16. according to filb.de you meet the proffesor that looks like hes part of team plasma in castelia city which means that he doesent give you your starter.

  17. It’s kind of funny how the only thing we’re getting in BW2 (from the poll that’s up right now) is the stuff we wanted least. lol

  18. The other link doesn’t work so here is the map swap

    Haven’t noticed anything that hadn’t been noticed before though, although there is an aeroplane on the runway in the flying gym town (was that always there?). I know there were always ships outside Hiun so it might just be added detail on the map.

    As for why the ice melts… maybe you have to change Kyurem’s forme to white Kyurem and use fire to melt it. 😐

    1. They cut out a large chunk of conversation probably to avoid spoilers. All that is shown is that he tells his sister to go home ahead of him since he will go with the protagonist to help them get their first Pokémon. His sister then bids farewell to the protagonist.

        1. Well I doubt it since his house was about 7 steps away lol.
          I think the whole “cares about his sister ploy” was not so much a plot device as it was a character device. They show the rival as caring about strength and rough in his choice of words. Hence, to show he’s not such a cold guy after all they felt it necessary to mention a soft side to him by using his sister.

  19. Regarding the starters…from the gameplay video, yes, it looks like the actual selection or whatnot seems to have been cut. But, if you look at it, the background of the selection screen is the same color as where the hero and rival are. Is it possible that the rival gives you your starter?

    If not, my guess goes to the Trainer School.

    1. There are 2 main things cut in vid. The narrative flow breaks hence we know.
      1.When the rival and little sister talk to the protagonist. The rival says he will go with you to receive your first Pokémon but why/who is entirely cut out.
      2.When the exclamation mark appears. Someone must have been waiting there but it skips straight to the selection screen.

      1. Wonder if the receiving was cut out so we can speculate if Juniper is there. If she is, that’s a pretty important tidbit, so it’s understandable for it to be cut.

    1. It says “Can also be played on the 3DS!”. But it means as in ‘fully functional on the 3DS!’.

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