Pokemon Smash Coverage! [UPD5] HQ Gameplay Video


Pokemon Smash just ended, and as per usual we did our live coverage for the episode. Although nothing new was really revealed, some gameplay footage was seen showing the first few minutes of the game. This revealed Hiougi City as a far larger starter town then ever before and Azuril and Lillipup being available in the wild in an early route, among other things. The footage also confirmed that Oshawott, Tepig and Snivy will stay as the BW2 starters. Watch above for the full video. 🙂

UPD2: An HQ version of the trailer they showed for the 15th Pokemon Movie can be seen here. Also, an EXTREMELY high quality version of the new frozen Unova map can be seen here.

UPD 3/4/5: Updated post with higher quality videos of the gameplay footage. An HQ video of the Intro can be seen here. Also, battle footage of White Kyurem and Black Kyurem vs Serperior can be found here (thanks Pedro!).

Live Coverage:


  • – Confirmation that Masuda will appear with what they describe as being the first BW2 gameplay footage in all of the universe! (clearly not including trailers)
  • – The rerun anime episode just started. We might get some stuff during commercial breaks but nothing new for sure. :p
  • – The cast just started playing Pokemon Black 2!
  • – The opening of the game shows important characters and Pokemon opposed to in BW when it showed N’s coronation
  • – The opening of the game is in a VERY different style (Art wise) than every other opening to a main Pokemon game
  • – The starting town (Hiougi City) is much bigger than any other starting town we’ve had
  • -The rival owns a Pokémon before you and accompanies you to receive your first.
  • – Confirmation that Tepig, Oshawott and Snivy are the starters in BW2
  • – Rival music is different
  • – Animation for the Pokemon is different
  • – Azuril and Lillipup are available in the wild on the first route
  • – The cast and Masuda are now going over the new map and characters that were revealed in CoroCoro
  • – Revealed that Homika has a Koffing in the anime, implies that she might have one in game
  • – The cast is now showing off Freeze Shock and Ice Burn as well as the ingame sprites for Black and White Kyurem. It takes the legendaries one turn charge before they use the moves.
  • – Masuda left the show
  • – The cast is going over news about the 15th movie, as well as showing a trailer
  • – Shoko-tan will be the voice of Keldeo in the movie
  • – The cast is now going over Meloetta and it’s Pirouette Form
  • – Masuda called Shoko-tan and confirmed the June 23rd release of the game in Japan
  • – The episode just ended

//ozymandis & Kriffix

P.S. Just btw, for those who haven’t seen a Pokemon Smash episode before, the news part of the show isn’t until the last half-ish. So, in the mean time, be sure to check out our last post featuring ‘translation nuggets’ from the recent BW2 news!