CoroCoro Translation Nuggets [#6]

PokéJungle Translator Kriffix here once again. In just a few hours Pokémon Smash will air, hopefully supplying us with precious news! Masuda will also be making an appearance on the show and will be playing Pokémon Black 2/White 2 live!
In the mean time, whilst we wait for the all important announcement, I will update this post every 20 minutes or so with 6 “translation nuggets” from CoroCoro and the official Pokémon site which have not yet been translated elsewhere. Among these there are a few which other sites have overlooked but may turn out to be very important to the plot of BW2. Remember, you read it here first!


Translation Nugget #1: Pokémon Theater?



In Black and White 2 there seems to be some kind of stage where you role-play the hero defeating a giant robo-Tyranitar.

  • – In the first image we can see the logo. This same logo is also on the Red and Blue building (second image) which shows the Hero and the Tyranitar monster.
  • – In screenshot 3 we see a person in a motion-capture suit posing in front of green screen in order for them to put in the special effects, suggesting that it goes beyond theatre and stretches into movie somehow.
  • – In screenshot 4 we see the protagonist walk onto the stage to join Achroma (Akuroma) . There are cheers from the audience. “yay!”,”send him flying!”. Are Achroma and the protagonist role-playing a fight or are they going to have some form of battle…? (What do you all think?)
  • – In screenshot 5 we see the protagonist playing the hero character taking on a robotic tyranitar. The text reads: “Black2: Ugh…That worker is in the way so I can’t use my Pokémon well”



Translation Nugget 2 : Achroma


As we reported yesterday, Achroma’s (Akuroma)  name most likely comes from “Achromatic”. Meaning ‘colourless’.

Here is what the official site has to say about the mysterious researcher who is going to play an unknown major role in the events of BW2:

A figure of mystery who you can’t quite put your finger on.
He is studying the secrets behind a Pokémon’s strength.
Along the journey, he also helps out the protagonist from time to time.
  “What is it that draws out a Pokémon’s strength?”

His other quotes include “Oh how rude of me! I am Achroma, a scientist” and “With the tool that I created that ‘activates’ Pokémon…”



Translation Nugget 3: The Rival


We’ve known since the CoroCoro leaks that the rival character has strong thoughts on a “Pokémon’s strength”. Does this coincide with Achroma’s research somehow? The site says there is  a reason behind this, and trails out slowly when talking about the rival’s sister. Is the rival’s quest for strong Pokémon somehow related to an experience he has had involving his sister? Just where is his sister now? Is it a character we already know or someone missing?

The site has this to say about him:

“A childhood friend to the main character who lives in Hiougi City”. (Notice it says only “live” and not “from” which is less common in Japanese) It seems there is a reason behind his strong feelings towards Pokémon and Pokémon battles.
He also has a caring side towards his little sister…”



Translation Nugget 4: Homika


Homika is one of the new Gym Leaders and is set to make an anime appearence on June the 14th. How it is that there can be new Gym Leaders entirely unrelated to the types of Gyms from Unova of two years ago is still a mystery! She has only two Pokémon suggesting that she will be an early Gym Leader, most likely the first. Upon further inspection she actually has freckles! Here’s what the Japanese site has to say about her:

“One of the new gym leaders.
Her base guitar is her trademark, and her gym is actually a rock stage! She specialises in Poison Pokémon.
“Here I go! I’ll make you go crazy!!” (lit: send your rationality flying)


Translation Nugget 5: Shizui


Shizui is one of the new Gym Leaders.  He has a strange dialect which made many other translators run miles away from his quotes. Pictures show a sunny beach area meaning that the town he is in may well be near Undella Town. There are wooden buildings and platforms built over lumps of sand and shallow waters similar to that seen to the right of Undella two years ago. What do you guys think, is this possible?

Here is what the official Japanese site has to say about him:

Yet another new Gym Leader.  He is cheerful and does things his own way but gives advice to the main character at times. He seems to specialise in water Pokémon.” “The strength of your conviction gives power to you and your Pokémon!”

His other quotes include “I was out swimming with my Pokémon but it just felt so good that I floated out way too far”. “Listen up, you gotta have faith!”. “After all, the ocean excepts all rivers as it’s own…”



Nugget 6: The guys in Black

Technically not a translation but rather a focus. Who are this group of people wearing Black? Have team Plasma returned with a vengeance and a new get-up? The orange hair colour may suggest this.

Nuggets complete! If you enjoyed them let me know and I may do it again sometime!

  1. I’m glad these points have been elaborated on. I know a lot of people were unsure what was going on with the stage and stuff.

    Did anyone else notice that there was a hahakomori/leavanny in front of a GREEN screen? How would that work? They should sack it. Get a minccino or something.

    Looking forward to #2

    1. If anything, it does the opposite since it is evidently a tokusatsu movie.

      And Unova is based on New York, actually.

  2. I’m pretty sure these acting scenes will take place in Nimbasa City. They definitely further prove that Unova is based on America.

    1. If anything, it does the opposite since it is evidently a tokusatsu movie.

      And Unova is based on New York, actually, as per confirmation.

  3. Like I have said in another comment section, I think for the most part it’s going to be most of the same stuff, but at the very least we’ll get more insight on how the game play looks.Hopefully we’ll get something brand new, maybe something on the story line! Either way i can’t wait!!!!! haha

    1. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed. Just try to enjoy the nuggets instead, just incase Smash lets us down lol.

  4. Ahhh, I was hoping for details on the theater-place.
    If you ask me, this has been put to make up for Musicals, which seriously got obring after a bit. Hopefully this, whatever exactly it is, will be somewhat of another contest counterpart, but with more replay value and fun and whatnot.

    1. As for Achroma, I have a feeling he may not give out our starters. For one thing he isn’t being called Professor Achroma.
      Starters will probably be given at the trainer school…

      1. Yes, its all very open at this point as to how starters will be received.
        I have a crackpot theory that they may do it in a similar way they did yellow, not that there is much proof. I won’t post this in the news section of course though since it is purely my wishes lol.

        1. Yellow you say? So they would be wild at first? Would mess-up the deciding system if you ask me.
          Aaaand now i just realised how brilliant it would be if instead of getting your starters in Pokeballs already, you were put in a room with them out of the pokeballs, and you could go up to the one you want, face it in battle, and throw a single Pokeball given to you by the prof.

          1. What I’d -like- for it to be is a kind of mascot Pokémon (like Pikachu in yellow) given to you. Then you go around Unova occasionally finding the Unova starters after they’re given to you/ saved by you (again like yellow).
            There’s a new Pokémon announcement around the corner, and if its not Genesect then it’ll be something for BW2, most likely early on in the game looking at the clues. If that IS the case, I’d love it to be a single starter Pokémon.
            Bare in mind though, this is not even speculation. This is just my wish lol.

          2. Ohh I get it. But which Pokemon could possibly fit as a single starter other than Pikachu/Eevee? Not to mention you’d need one for the rival as well.

            Wait I got it….. Victini and Mew O_O …. because to hell with logic.

          3. Haha yeah, “to hell with logic” indeed. The whole BW2 concept was totally out of the blue so now anything is possible. A possible starter is whatever the upcoming reveal is?
            I can dream… lol

    1. Yes, they seem to be marketing him as a kind of N to this game. They keep using the “mystery” theme, not to mention not specifying his allegiance.

      1. Come to think of it he does come off as one of those clcihed bosses in the disguise of weird people. Maybe he’s actually the head of Plasma/(new organisation)? That ould be kinda cool, especially since N turned out to be neutral-ish.

    2. That’s a bit Farfetch’d if you ask me… (HA. You see what I did there?)

      I mean, Achroma has yellow eyes, and N had green eyes. I don’t think they’d go to the lengths of having N wear colored contacts to be in the game yet stay in disguise. :p
      Plus, it’s only been two years, I don’t think N changed THAT drastically. xD

      1. Contacts are still fine. But he would have to have changed his whole damn identity, which really doesn’t happen with people with such, er, unique pasts.
        And you basically stole that last sentence from my first one -_-

  5. Inb4 Akuroma invented the poke ball. Someone should tell him someone got there before him *trollface*

  6. Here’s a theory.

    The “new pokemon” they’re going to reveal maybe genesect and that the mysterious researcher who’s studying pokemon’s strength was the one who created or helped create genesect. In the pokedex it say’s that genesect was modified and upgraded by team plasma. So maybe the mysterious researcher was a former team plasma.

    Anyone want’s to throw in opinions on my theory??

  7. Achroma is definitively the villian team’s leader! I have the feeling that a (villian team) logo is hidden underneat that coat!

  8. Maybe this tool that “activates” a Pokemon’s power that Achroma made is what causes the speculated “Overcharged’ modes for B/W Kyurem? Interesting…

    1. I think you could be onto something. That sounds quite plausible. Would raise the question of how he gets Kyurem though. It could be that the tool falls into the wrong hands

      1. True. I have two other ideas:
        -Out of scientific curiosity, with no intent to harm anyone or anything, he activates them (or one) just to see the capabilities of his machine and the Pokemon.
        -Or, he really is a villain that may or may not be associated with the main antagonist group, and sets off his own chain of events.

  9. I think the Pokemon Theatre thing is just gonna be a replacement for the Pokemon Musicals. I also think Akuroma’s device is what causes Kyurem to go into overdrive mode. I think the starters will be given at the trainers school.

    1. I agree with the device thing. I think it may fall into the wrong hands causing problems.

  10. Rival… childhood friend…. strength…. sister….. and that pose……. Gary anyone?
    But on a more serious note, he does seem kinda interesting. And that hair O_O
    Considering that even the website just lists him as Rival (for now), we’ll be able to edit his name, a pleasure which Cheren and Bianca were too high and mighty to give us.

    1. Considering what you say… maybe we couldn’t name them in B/W because they are going to have a different role in this game! (gym leaders.. elite four members perhaps..)

      1. DUDE. I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT. O___________O

        Flameo sir, flameo. You get a cookie. 😀

    2. Not gonna lie, I was actually seriously disappointed that we didn’t get to name Cheren and Bianca whatever we wanted to. :/

  11. Homika didn’t come off as poison to me at first glance, but then I started to notice her colour scheme and guitar.
    Seeing as her guitar has a Scolipede design, one of her Pokemon is probably Venipede (Whirlipede if she’s gym#2). And there’s a neon-light Koffing over her stage in theVS shot (on the japanese site), so that’s a viable option too.

  12. Did they say that they are completely overhauling the old gym leaders? Because it sounds to me that they are only giving preexisting, post-story, gym-less cities new gyms, as well as gyms to the new cities. O,o

  13. um Pokejungle its not a leavanny its the green suit with the white balls used in movies to control actions of cgi things in that case the tyranitar

    1. Well noticed! This actually makes a big difference since there is now no evidence of you using your Pokémon in these. Making the possibility of them replacing musicals less likely than before.
      Good detective work!

  14. Achroma reminds me of Cyrus. He helps the player at the same time is the head of the evil organisation.

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