First Trailer for BW2! [UPD] New Pokémon to be announced?


The official Japanese Pokemon Black 2 White 2 website has updated with the info we got fromCorocoro, as well as some new screenshots (Click the spoiler to view a few of them), and finally, some gameplay footage! (PJ edit: Finally uploaded the video to our own YouTube channel)

UPD: According to the preview in the latest Corocoro, the June issue (Which we’ll get the leaks for in May) will announce and showcase a new Pokémon!  Is it an untimely Genesect or something entirely new? Thanks to AAPF for the heads up!




P.S. Why isn’t June yet? ;-;


  1. Just a note, the HP bar has been redesigned, and the In-Battle landscape designs have been improved, such as the grass around the Pokemon being longer and more realistic, rather than a green circle. Also, there is a higher quality frozen-over map on the official site.

  2. Here’s what I get from the video:
    1. There seems to be a new evil team, or a redesigned plasma.
    2. That researcher guy is a big deal, and there is some stage you go on with him. It kind of looks like a battling stage…
    3. You get to star in a movie, and the overworld sprite of that one guy has one of those green suits with the yellow motion tracker balls on him.
    4. The Marketplace you go through is similar to the Castelia City walk when you at the farthest northern point.
    5. You have to find a lost Minccino in a forest?
    6. The Water Gym has a lillypad puzzle.
    7. The battle scenes are designed better.
    8. Trainer sprites move now as well.
    9. The Kyurems are in some kind of eerie black cave.

    1. And comparing the map some more, here are more things I noticed:
      1. There are actually boats docked at Castelia City.
      2. We have a lighthouse on the island at the opening of the bay.
      3. There is a new building to the right of the ferris wheel.
      4. Of course all of the new stuff at the bottom left of the map.
      5. Mistralton City is the same.


      It seems as though Opelucid City cannot be reached my normal means. If this ice IS coating most of Unova, that means that both entrances to Opelucid are blocked. The way we first got there – through Twist Mountain – does not seem to be accessible. And then the other side appears blocked too.

      1. We have no idea what the ice hides.
        The actual reasonable explanation is that Twist mountain has some surprises, they don’t want to show yet.

  3. This looks FREAKING AWESOME!!!!
    I love the look of the water gym and the trailer does seem to clear up the confusion with the map…looks like Unova is ACTUALLY frozen and it wasn’t just corocoro’s way of hiding parts of the map for future reveal’s. God i concur…why isn’t it June yet????

    1. Look at the damn ice. It has a white border.

      Are you fucking serious.

      I dont understand whether people are really that uncapable of noticing that, or if serebii and co have such a huge influence that no one actually checks for themselves when there is clear pictures available, WHILE noticing every single other detail on the map.

    1. Its just more use of other angles. We saw that even in HGSS on the lighthouse for example. Its not new graphics or anything.

      But yeah, I love that they use more interesting angles to show beautiful scenery.

  4. Hmmm, maybe the researcher is using the protags in his research. Would make sense since the protags always get crazy strong.

  5. The website seems to have the story posted as well.

    Stage of the adventure, a kind of region two years later from the “Pokemon Black and White”!
    Indicate the stage of the adventure, a map of the frozen sheets, and Why some kind of accident that occurred in a rural location two years later, what relationship.

    The ice sheets were caused by something happening two years ago. They are real and not something being used to hide something on the map.

  6. one thing nobody noticed, if you look at the very end, you see emboar punch his fists together, something he doesn’t do in his old sprite….they changed the sprites! 😀

    1. Great observation! So excited for this!! The graphics seem to have been altered ever so slightly, like theyve changed the viewpoint or something 😛

    2. Speaking of noticing things…
      Did anyone else notice the Mantine in the picture of the underwater passage just chillin’ there??

  7. from what i read in the above comments, unova is experiencing what happened in new york in the LAST MAJOR ICE AGE, so gamefreak must of possibly looked at books concerning this era in time

  8. No I mean the 2-3 seconds which show a metal like pokemon thing with a different character

        1. I thought it resembled a close up of rayquaza but maybe my minds just playing tricks with me :-[

  9. It says ‘Enemy? Rival? Mysterious Character Akuroma’ – This is really backing up the argument for his name deriving from ‘achromatic’ isn’t it?! He could be either a completely neutral character with a set goal who won’t go out of his way to help or hinder anyone or someone who sways from one allegiance to another. Well you seem to star in a movie as yourself and later are shown going onto a stage with Akuroma acting out dialogue, so presumably Akuroma is also starring in this movie for whatever reason

    In the starting city there is a trainer school and pokemon center, which is unusual. Also Homika has freckles, couldn’t see them from the previous scan lol

    1. When you go on stage with Akuroma, people cheer ‘yay!’ when he walks on and ‘ぶっとばせえ’ when you walk on from the opposite side, assuming Akuroma is still on the stage at that point, it hints at you going on to fight him. I’m still presuming this is acting

      The map shows that the piers coming from Hiun (or Castelia I think it is) are different and show boats outside now, it might just be more detailed since there was definitely atleast one or two boats there last time which didn’t show in the old map. There’s also a building with a yellow roof in Raimon (Nimbasa) that wasn’t there before, by the ferris wheel.

  10. Judging by the number of Pokemon she has (only two), Homika is either the first or second gym.
    Considering that he’s the only other confirmed leader, I’m guessing its safe to assume that Shizui will also be either the first or second?

  11. that building is probably pokealthon. black white kyurem seems to have ag like sprites. +: hopefully ”genesect” will hqve a regigas like role

  12. I feel like the fact that they’re announcing all the event-only pokemon this early means they’re gonna end this generation earlier than they have other ones. They waited a while in gen 4 to announce arceus, but they’re already maybe announcing genesect?

  13. Well i doubt it, Because it might have a new movie about genesect. Its kind of early to say it you know? Maybe it could be.. But A New Pokemon could be a forme of another Pokemon for the new movie, or a secret one. Which could be Keldeo new Alt forme (as a secret spoiler to it).

  14. Why would it be Genesect, that would be for the next movie.
    I’m thinking it will be a bonafide newbie. But we don’t know how new.

  15. I wonder if it’s a brand new pokemon(though I highly doubt it), what we will call it and probably the new pokemon that will follow it? Gimme dat Generation 5.5

    and @PokeJungle: I know you’re in love with Serebii, but man the people on that forum are so unbearable. ._.

  16. I have a feeling that the scientist girl is Bianca and the new haircut dude, Cheren

      People in the pokemon world make silly huge monster attack movies it seems 😀
      What better basis to use than Tyranitar.

      1. In the back of the shot it kind of looks like people leaning over a railing toward a boat… All I can think of is XD with Mecha Groudon & Mecha Kyogre. Chobin’s been at it again!

  17. So the building ing the third picture is apparently some sort of movie set. There was a giant green screen behind the player character in the trailer. Also in the picture, there are film strips on the outside of it.

      1. Giant Chasm was a forest and Kyurem insta-froze it.

        The Ice is real if you take the time to translate the story page. It was sudden which leads me to believe Kyurem froze it.That’s not to say that after you beat the game/evil team/e4 that it won’t thaw out. Three Gym towns are covered by the ice and we have two new ones announced. Perhaps a third leader will be announced or somehow another leader survived. I know lots of people are hoping for a battle frontier/high speed train to Hoenn, but these are facts. The Ice is real, it was caused by an accident two years ago.

        1. You personally understand japanese well enough to be sure?

          Its still bullcrap though. There could be a larger area than the crater affected by whatever activity, but we don’t know anything about that because the ice blocks our view.
          The ice we see on the map is fake. Theres clear pictures now, look at it.
          Undella has a sandy beach with palmtrees even though its underneath a doomsday glacier? I dont think so.
          Kyurem filled the crater with snow, not cover it with mile a high ice sheet.

        2. Hi there. PokéJungle translator Kriffix here.
          It was too my initial interpretation the the actual area was entirely frozen over. Though in the CoroCoro scans it was ambiguous saying the “map was frozen over”, which can be interpreted as A.The map you see or B.This map that reflects the frozen region.
          It can be interpreted both ways. At this point its difficult to say.
          Some people say the way the Ice is drawn makes them think its not real ice but instead just hiding the info. Though it is a valid arguement, equally it could be interpreted as a style to hint at this being the work of Kyurem. Which is fully plausible.
          There are good arguments for both sides, although I would like to point out that the page you linked to does not explicitly state it is the work of Kyurem (though if half of Unova really IS frozen over it almost definitely is).
          I’ve done some translations that I’m saving for tonight to go with a live Pokémon Smash translation post. Please keep checking back for more info that will shed light on the situation.
          Thank you for using PokéJungle as your news resource 🙂

          1. Look, if you
            -cannot tell from looking at it that its fake because of a white border, the ice going over the edge of the map, by the stylized texture and its zero interaction with the region (look at skyarrow bridge etc)
            -think areas covered by a single miles wide and thick chunck of ice makes any sense (its not even snow like in Kyurems crater)

            Then consider this:
            There is a beach accessible in the games.
            There is no beach on the already visible parts of the map.

          2. The Beach may well go off of the map to the left or right. We know nothing for sure.
            It’s honestly impossible to come to an absolute conclusion with the information currently available. It’s simple enough to say it doesn’t look like ice is physically there, but then we’d be denying the possibilities of abstractness or style to get across the idea or hint and Kyurem. Not to mention the fact that the Japanese text focuses on the ice abstracting things. (admittedly saying “map” but at the same time not outright denying the possibility of anything else).
            I honestly believe it could go either way, but now lean towards it being a ploy to hide the map (In my PERSONAL opinion 60%/40%, but its best to be as unbiased as possible when translating and reporting).

  18. Yay! So frozen region is true! I want to know more about this game ;< awww When they could reveal more info's….

    1. Its not. Stop believing these unrealistic claims (like seriously, if it was snow Id understand, not freaking ice) and look at the picture. The ice is not part of the region.

      1. I would agree to your claim that the ice is fake and just serves to block off edited areas of the map, but the official site actually said that the ice is the result of some sort of accident that occurred two years ago. Is this a lie or a mistranslation to you?

        1. Basically CoroCoro and the Japanese site says “What has happened to Unova!?”. And then goes on to talk about the map covered in Ice. Whether it means map as in the map displayed on the page or whether they mean map as in the map that reflects the region is quite ambiguous.
          There is no defining evidence for either one, so just sit back and we’ll let you know as soon as we do. 🙂

        2. It doesnt directly relate the two.
          It points out how half of the map is covered in ice for now and mentions that some rural accident happened in Unova.

          No idea what that means since the ice is in the way

  19. if you think about it it’s impossible for the ice to cover as much as it does on the map bacause in the picture it covers the pokemon league.

  20. I’m not sure if anyone noticed this, but I seen this from the video… It definitely says “Black 2” which is the name they’ve been using for the male player character. Here’s a (bad) paint thing I done for y’all!

    1. yep. I’ll be writing an article about the potential PokéPerfomances later on. Keep your eyes peeled.

  21. just an idea. alot of people have pointed out that in castelia city’s port, theres what appears to be some new boats. alot of people have questioned how we would get to opelucid city, so maybe, castelia will be the second to last city, so you could get on a boat there, and travel from there to opelucid, under the bridges or something.

  22. @Charon You seriously need to lighten up dude. Jumping all over others for their personal opinion trying to get your opinion across doesn’t make for good discussion. You are taking the fun and friendly part out of fun and friendly debate and discussion. Lighten up. We are all entitled to our opinions. Thank you.

  23. That new water gym leader kinda….scares me. xD

    ASDFGHJKL so excited. I need this. ;o; Everything looks amazing so far!

    1. I think there will something little at the very least. Possible something of medium size if we’re very lucky.
      Don’t forget we have the possibility of a new Pokémon on our hands so we need to keep our eyes peeled.
      We’ll be doing live translation of the news here on PokéJungle with regular updates and other translations that we’ve made and have been saving for the trailer shock to cool off.

      1. What time does Pokemon smash air? I checked serebii and it says they will be most likely playing BW2 and it will have “a lot of information”. Here’s hoping!

        1. It’ll air in about 4 hours. Theres a chance that the new trailer spoiled most of what they were going to reveal. But either way Masuda will be there. We’ll be doing a live news report so keep checking back!

          1. Awesome! At the very least there will be proper gameplay, which I’ve been waiting for..

    2. I have feeling that it’ll just give us a little more insight on how the actual game play looks. Noting much more in terms of brand new info though.

  24. If everyone looks at the map in the trailer and look to the right, there is a city/town in one of the mountains on the border of the glacier.

    Maybe the rumored “3rd” replacement gym leader is located there?

  25. Stuff I can see through the ice: new islands on the right of the map, and some kind of lake near Victory Road.

    PS: Animated trainer sprites, yay!
    Cannot WAIT for this game!

    1. Also, I can see that Giant Chasm is all iced up. Further proof that the ice is fake – how can you have ice under more ice?

  26. I think Smash may reveal what Overdrive is. Also the guys over at smogon will be watching the battle to see if we can can some estimates of what both of the formes BSTs are.

    1. I’m pretty sure Black Kyurem has 150 Attack and White Kyurem has 150 Special Attack, because if you look at their signature moves, Freeze Shock is physical and Ice Burn is special.

  27. Lol, its not frozen. its just a way to ”cover” up other parts of the map for new areas, like how they did with the clouds in DP if i remember

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