Huge Announcement from Masuda on Pokémon Smash 2/26

I guess it’s official, something major will be announced on Sunday! Pokémon Gray/Grey?  We’ll have to see!  Here’s my translation of Masuda’s tweet: On Sunday the 26th’s Pokémon Smash! Masuda will make an appearance. There’ll be a huge announcement, so you must not miss it! Everyone please retweet and blog this! Hope you watch it! Wow, … Read more

Pokemon Smash Episode + Possibilities

The latest Pokemon Smash episode has just ended, and besides the announcement of a Mewtwo event and its details that will be revealed next week, it was rather rubish. Except for the preview of next week’s episode!  The preview showed Junichi Masuda coming into the studio, holding up a mystery sign. Now we already knew that he was going to appear … Read more