Pokemon Smash Episode + Possibilities

The Japanese says "Announcement of the Present!"

The latest Pokemon Smash episode has just ended, and besides the announcement of a Mewtwo event and its details that will be revealed next week, it was rather rubish. Except for the preview of next week’s episode!  The preview showed Junichi Masuda coming into the studio, holding up a mystery sign. Now we already knew that he was going to appear next week to announce something massive to the , so no surprise there. :p For those who’ve stayed with the fandom through Pokemon Smash  you know he’s been on the program before to announce the up-coming games. So next week could very well be the moment we’ve all been waiting for–the third game announcement. And to even add to the excitement of the possible announcement the official Pokemon Smash site says that the “latest game info” will be revealed, but without referencing the Masuda appearance directly.

All of this being said it could well be an announcement of a “new Pokemon”. (‘Cause remember, Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect haven’t officially been revealed yet) Regardless of what is to come we have next week’s Pokemon Smash episode, Tuesday’s  3DS Nintendo conference, and of course there’s the CoroCoro leak that will come within the next few days.  So, news of *something* will hit the internet this coming week. So get excited fandom!

What do you guys think the announcement will be? A “new Pokemon” or the latest instalment of the Unova region? Or possibly even a RSE remake? Heck it could even be an announcement of a spin off game. Only time will tell. But in the mean time, discuss in the comments!

peace – ozymandis

P.S. If the announcement is the next Gen V game, it’ll probably be featured in this month’s CoroCoro leak. 🙂

  1. it BETTER be a new game >.< if its another event or a pokemon imma be pissed.

    i feel mean 🙁 i didnt mean to yell :'( i still hope its a game though 🙂 im tired of black and white 🙂

    i didnt even realize its 9-10-11 until you brought it up 🙂

  2. i’d like R/S remakes…
    but that’s being a bit hopeful.
    plus unless they’ve been in development for a while i’m not sure how good they’d turn out…
    i don’t really want “Gray” yet.

    i’d be happy with a neat MD Gen V too.
    i’d most likely not buy it though, and only get it as a gift.

  3. If anyone has been following TCG activity (or generally checking out Pokebeach) then you’ll know about the latest cardsets featuring Mewtwo and Kyurem.
    *Crazy incomprehensible fanboy theory*
    If they’re going to give away a Mewtwo, perhaps that is hinting towards a Unova based game starring Kyurem? The Mewtwo could activate an event in that game, and the way these two are being portrayed is akin to that of Shaymin and Giratina last generation (so perhaps a movie as well?). Of course, none of that makes sense in the least. -wanders off to collect ham-

  4. YES cannot wait for this! Really hoping for the 3rd game! 😀 RSE remake would be nice too. I also read something on a forum speculating about Mewtwo and Genesect, which in a way makes some sense, seeing as they were both created.

    I kinda hope if it is the 3rd gen it will be on the 3DS…I know a lot of people don’t want it to be, but it would be nice to see them utilize the 3d effects and what they could do with it.

    1. Actually, it wouldn’t have to be one of those three. I’m fairly sure Shaymin wasn’t revealed till after Platinum’s release, and Arceus definitely came after both Platinum and Shaymin.

      Anyways, if they are in fact giving out a Mewtwo, then I’m willing to bet the big announcement would be for a new game. This Mewtwo is likely to be used in a special event for Gray, after all.

      Another reason why I think this is because of the current Japanese TCG set. It prominently features Kyurem alongside Mewtwo.

      What strikes me as a little odd is, if they do in fact reveal a Gray version, why they would reveal it so late? Pokemon games in Japan are typically released around September. Perhaps they’re shooting for a Spring release, then? Maybe it won’t be released till next September, assuming of course if the next game(s) are actually going to be revealed soon.

      Either way, this is exciting news. It at least means something is going to happen, even if it isn’t a new game.

    1. “For those who read Serebii as well,they broke the news of a possible Mewtwo event.”

      Dude, ozy “broke” the news of the Mewtwo event as well in this post. -___-;

        1. You’re not getting my point. xD

          Sniper said it in a way that made it seem like ozy didn’t mention the Mewtwo giveaway in any way. But clearly he did in the very first sentance. Notice how I put quatations marks around “broke”. 😛 Besides, I’m pretty sure Serebii and Pokjungle “broke” it at about the same time. And if you wanna get technical then ShellSpider “broke” the news before even they did. And moreover, Pokemon Smash “broke” the news before anyone. It doesn’t really matter who “broke” it first. lol

          My point is that I’ve noticed that some people will “read” the post then they will comment on that post asking a question or saying something similar to what Sniper did even though ozy or PJ or Dae or whoever made the poast CLEARLY talked about xxx subject in the post.

          1. @Noah I read your post. Serebii and pokejungle didn’t “broke” it same time cause i kept checking repeataly checking back and forward on both sites to see what “news” is up, but at the same time. serebii was the only one up between the two at the time of the annoucement and it wasn’t till hours or a day later than pokejungle was up on news. True shellspider may gotten it before other websites but i know for sure serebii was next follewed by pokejungle along with pokebeach. Yeah i agree pokemon smash was first because its pretty obvious XD. I also agree on last part. its pretty dumb of people to do that. I just hope we get a level 5 mewtwo just like mew but with two moves: its signature move and recover.

  5. Pokémon Emerald was announced 10 months after R/S’ release in Japan.
    Pokémon Platinum was announced 8 months after D/P’s release in Japan.
    Pokémon B/W have been out in Japan for a year.

    So yeah, my guess is that it will be the third game! 😀

    1. That’s wrong. Platinum was announced a YEAR and 8 months after D/P released in Japan. D/P was released in September 06 and Platinum was announced in May 08. By May 07, D/P weren’t even out in Europe yet. Also Emerald was announced 18 months after RS were out in Japan. Nov 02 – Jul 04. I still think it’s too soon for a third version

  6. If they anounce third game i will be happy.
    If they anounce r/s/e remake i will be happy.
    If they anounce a new pokemon i will be happy.

  7. Haha, finally some awesome news!! I hope it is a game, either third version unova or rs. Either way, making those games for 3ds would be a smart move. Why? I’d you dont have a 3ds, you gotta go buy one like myself, haha

  8. hmmm… interesting.. well maybe the mewtwo that was announced will have something to do with Kyurem (because of the new cards coming out) so that could hint towards the 3rd installment… and maybe Masuda will reveal Kyurem’s other forme (if it has one)…?

  9. Md Md MD Please…….

    Or RSE Remakes.

    Gray… I wouldn’t mind it, let’s just say,. There’s a lot of things I want out of Gray that aren’t available in B/W (Following Pokes again, New poses for all my Unova faves, Move Tutors, to name a few)

    Equally though, I wouldn’t mind if it were just an event. I really would like Keldeo. Meloetta… Less so. Genesect… Les so. But Keldeo completes my Musketeers awesomeness and is a Special Orientated Fighting types. And I love Fighting types.

  10. definitely going to be gray.(if you read serebii’s announcement, then the reason why its a “massive shock” announcement is because it will be coming out later this month. mewtwo will activate something in game (such as reshiram/zekrom or something). why mewtwo? is my question. it also may come as a shock to people that it will be on the ds…

    whatever happens, it will be important so i will have my eyes glued to this site until i know all the details.

    so excited 😀

  11. I’d love to have a MD game with the gen. V ‘mons, but at this point it’d probably be on the 3DS, ’cause it’s a kinda gimmicky spinoff anyways, and then I’d be SOL. :\

    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to play MD as Snivy, though! :O

  12. I don’t get the MD. What are you doing in this game, it doesn’t sound something fun to play it sounds childish.

    1. Sorry for liking childish games…? If you’re going to complain about that, why are you even playing Pokemon games in the first place? :\

      The MD games are fun, challenging, and a fresh spin on a rather repetitive series. I mean, really, the main games get rather monotonous after a while. Having spinoffs like MD gives things a little spice. 😀

      1. no, i’m not complaining, i’m not complaining. you totally get me wrong. anyway sorry if i sound offensive.

  13. yeah i agree with the two other people above who stated relation “mewtwo” and “keyrum”. knowing the fact that keyrum and mewtwo was released on tcg could very well mean third installment and mewtwo event “including its signature move but lower lv. hopefully” and involving keyrum. hopefully keyrum has another forme because it needs one. who knows maybe lucky enough get a movie starting those two.

  14. So when they call it a “massive shock announcement” do they mean it’s genuinely something huge or is that just the typical Japanese exaggeration of things?

    Here’s what I consider a massive shock announcement: announcing two brand new main series games with all new pokes. Very shocking and very massive xD but that’s not gonna happen 🙁

  15. PokéPark 2… There’s no Pokémon game I could have been less interested in…

    It may surprise me, but I doubt… 🙁

    1. Now that I think of it, the “shocking” part of that announcement makes sense… Since it’s a game about Pikachu…

      Oh well, I’ll go watch that one video…

  16. Why do so many people want R/S/E remakes so badly? Those games are pretty good as they are. There’s no reason for there to be remakes. Soon, people will be asking for D/P remakes, and then Red/Blue re-remakes. Some things need to be left alone. On the other hand, a third 5th generation game (gray) would be awesome. And so would a ‘new’ pokemon. But I don’t think they’d say it’s “big news” and then make us wait a week for a pokemon, that everyone already knows about.

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