UPD: PokéPark 2: Beyond the World

PokéPark 2 has been announced! This new game, a sequel to the ‘Pikachu’s Adventure’ title that came out previously, will be released on the Wii and feature multiplayer games along with single player challenges. So far not much is known about it 🙂 The ‘Park series is always for 6-12 year olds though, so I’ll be skipping this one (but then again, I don’t have a Wii anyways!). You can give your opinions in the comments!

The Beyond the World subtitle makes me think that there MAY be a possibility for some Black/White connection features… but who knows… Could just be inclusion of Gen V pkmn. UPD: Cover art revealed at Nintendo’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Mewtwo event also confirmed for Japanese BW games, starts September 26th and lasts until October 31st. I’ve always loved Mewtwo, so I’ll definitely be downloading this purple powerhouse.