4/29 Pokemon Smash Live Coverage [VIDEO UPD]


Pokemon Smash aired earlier today, and, as per usual, we did our live coverage! The episode really focused on Keldeo, and to showcase some of it’s abilities the cast of Pokemon Smash used it in several battles! The gameplay footage shown revealed Keldeo to be #298 in the BW2 Pokedex and showed off a cool new route covered in balance beams. As well as revealing that Sewaddle, Growlithe, Sunkern, Koffing, Magby and Magnemite can all be encountered and caught in the wild early in the game!

Live Coverage:


  • – Pokemon Smash has started! The preview for the episode only really showed the BW Keldeo battle, so that’s probably all we’re gonna get. :/
  • – The anime rerun has started! ((Oh how I’ve missed Larvitar and Togepi. ;-; and lol it’s the episode where Brock actually opened his eyes))
  • – The anime rerun is now over!
  • – The cast is now doing some really creepy Pokemon cosplay scavenger hunt thing. :p
  • – The Keldeo battle is coming up next!
  • – Keldeo is #298 in the BW2 Pokedex
  • – Sewaddle can be found in a very early route at lvl. 2
  • – Gameplay footage shows a very cool looking route with balancing beams everywhere
  • – Gameplay footage also shows that Koffing, Magby, Magnemite and Sunkern can all be encountered in the wild and caught very early in BW2!
  • – Preview for next week’s episode doesn’t show anything news worthy. :/