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Nintendo has announced yet another color for the 3DS, and it’s been more than a year since it released, so we’re taking this opportunity to ask you about your general Nintendo love. Who has  a 3DS as of now? Who is going to buy one soon? Who is still reluctant? Has your opinion changed in the past year? And for those who have a 3DS: what games have you bought and what are your favorite choices?

I bought one at launch day, and received three games as gift. Those were Nintendogs, Street Fighter and Pilotwings. I sucked at Street Fighter, got bored with Nintendogs and raged at Pilotwings, leaving my 3DS gathering dust until Ocarina of Time released. It was the only game I really wanted my 3DS for and I enjoyed it thoroughly. A few months later I downloaded my Ambassador games and got Mario Kart for Christmas, but I played those games barely, and I didn’t buy anything else since then. Yet, I don’t regret my early purchase, although I don’t like the games that are coming out in this half of the year. I’m patient enough to wait for Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem and Paper Mario, even if they are coming out in 2013.

So, hop towards the comments and get commenting. Don’t turn it in a fanboy flamethread, as I’ll be standby to make sure everyone knows that the Game Gear is still the best handheld ever.


  1. Well i like kid Kid Icarus: Uprising and pokemon rumble blast and i have a few more games that are okay but im waiting for kingdom hearts

  2. I don’t have a 3DS. I don’t plan on getting one. I’ve played on my friends’ 3DS’ before and they’re kind of fun, but they’re expensive, and ultimately I think the whole “3D without glasses” thing is mostly a cheap gimmick, rather than something that really enhances gameplay. Furthermore, there haven’t been any really great games on the 3DS just yet. Apart from the Ocarina of Time 3D, but that’s just a remake of a game I already own. So I’m really not a fan of the 3DS. Since Pokemon main series games (and a few side-games, too, from the looks of Conquest) are staying on the ol’ DS until the end of the Gen, I see no reason to switch over to the 3DS now.
    The only thing that might make me change my mind is “Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward.” I really, really want to play that game, and it honestly might be worth getting a new system just for that…

    1. Well, with the pricecut it’s rather cheap, but I guess that depends on the disposable income you have.

    2. Go play Super Mario Land 3D with the 3d off, and than play it with the 3d on. It actually makes a difference.

  3. I don’t have one–yet. When I get one, I want it to be the black or purple! 😀

    Games-wise, I really want Fire Emblem: Awakening, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Ocarina of Time 3D, and perhaps Mario Kart 7. And Super Smash Bros. 4 when it comes out, naturally.

  4. I’m waiting for the 3DS Lite, which will inevitably come soon

    It will have 2 analog sticks rather than just one.

    1. Will it ever happen? Yes
      Will it be this year? Don’t think so. Too much Wii U stuff to advertise and the 3DS is selling rather well, so there’s no real need for it immediately.

      1. I don’t blame people for thinking this way, but I honestly doubt that a new 3DS will come out within the next two years. Nintendo is just now beginning to profit off of the system, they would be nuts to release a revision already, especially considering that the WiiU is coming out later this year.

        1. Agreed.
          Unless they released a revision with slightly different components, that although better in terms of battery life and overall form factor, is 10-20 dollars cheaper to produce. They could sell it for 180 dollars and make a break-even instead of taking a loss on every unit sold.

  5. I got one on launch day, and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. When people say that there are “no good 3DS games,” it’s because they haven’t played Kid Icarus: Uprising (or Resident Evil: Revelations). Seriously, Uprising has already climbed into my top 3 favorite video games ever (alongside Super Mario World and Pokemon Crystal). Oot and Starfox 64 were ok, but nothing beats actual original titles.

    Also, I’m obviously not alone, as the 3DS has sold more in it’s first year than any other console. Ever. And Pokemon hasn’t even come out for the 3DS yet…

    1. Well, to tell the truth, the 3DS didn’t sell everywhere gangbusters.
      In Western Europe and especially Japan, it’s the dominating console, although the games don’t sell that good in Europe.
      In America, it’s on par with all other console, not selling bad, byt not breaking records either.
      But at least it’s a better situation then June 2011.

  6. I have a 3ds and I’m very happy with it.
    People say it lacks amazing games, but with RE: Revelations and Kid Icarus I have so much material to play. I also have nano assault and it was brilliant but really short (worth the 20 bucks I payed though.

    Right now I suggest to everyone to wait till E3 and if the lite isn’t announced there, buy the old model.

    Also, the 3D is really the leastof the things the 3ds has going for it, andd you can always play with it off.

    1. Honestly I don’t like Kid Icarus nor Revelaitons. But that’s just my personal taste, not any indication of the quality of the game. I think the games coming out are pretty good, but there’s nothing that really fits me.
      I’m just a demanding gamer. 😛

      1. Of course, to each their own. I’m sure something for your tastes is going to come out sooner or later, be it Fire Emblem, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Paper Mario, Castlevania, Animal Crossing or whatever other game you like.

  7. I bought a 3ds when ocarina of time was released, before that there were no games that really sparked my interest 😛 Since then ive bought mario kart, mario 3d land, pokemon rumble, dead or alive and a random dinosaur game haha. To be fair both mario games where good and dead or alive was the best hand held fighter game ive ever played. That being said the dinosaur game was kinda boring ( which was to be expected ) and pokemon was good fun at the start but got a little too repetitive for me.

  8. Iv had my original ds lite for 11 years(it’s not dead yet) and I think the only reason I still have it is because of my beloved Pokemon black game
    However I was prepared to buy the 3ds if Pokemon b w 2 was only for it
    I know that sounds crazy
    But there’s super fan for you

    1. The DS Lite came out in 2006, meaning you can only have had it for 6 years, half of the 11 years you say.
      So, how do you explain this?

  9. I got myself the blue 3DS pretty much the same day as OoT3D. I actually ordered the 3DS off of ebay for $225, all legit and factory sealed. I was pretty happy when I found that deal! So I was able to get a deal PLUS get Ambassador status. 😛 Then I ordered OoT3D off another website and I had it setup for both to arrive here on the same day.

    I only have 2 3DS games; OoT3D and Star Fox 64 3D, but I do have a few pre-orders locked in for more (Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts 3D).

    Also, some people need to realize that during the launch of the DS, it also didn’t have the *greatest* lineup of games either. It had like one or two notable titles, but nothing insanely impressive (SM64DS wasn’t exactly a new title…) The DS did have a bit of an easier time, but mainly because it didn’t have the 3D attached to it and it was back during Nintendo’s prime.

    I will be getting the purple 3DS eventually, as it’ll go great with my blue one and over the years now I do have a tendency to own more than one of a particular handheld. I don’t do this with consoles though, except when my dad went crazy with the N64 back in the day… >_>

  10. I bought one on launch day and got 2 free games : Lego star wars 3 and Rabbids. I love my 3DS not just because it produces pretty awesome regular graphics as well as 3D graphics but also because it has a cool, sleek design and a bigger screen. Plus on top of that it plays all the old DS games therefore has an enormous bound of titles for it anyway and its still young…a year in and there are already some pretty good games out for it.

    So far i have (in order of attainment :D)
    -Lego Star Wars 3 (7/10)
    -Rabbids (6/10)
    -Super Monkey Ball 3D (6/10)
    -Rayman 3D (7/10)
    -The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (10/10)
    -Super Mario World 3D (9/10)
    -Mario Kart 7 (8/10)
    -Super Pokemon Rumble (8/10)
    -Sonic Generations (8/10)
    -Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 (7/10)
    -Naruto Shippuden: A New Era (7/10)
    -Kid Icarus Uprising (9/10)

    So i mean most of the games i have i would recommend, i would definitely recommend a 3DS, ESPECIALLY if you do not have any model of DS already as with the price drop i think they are actually evenly priced with some models of the DS in some places. The fact they are selling well without a main series Pokemon Game out for them speaks lengths, just wait for one and sales will go through the roof…

    1. Oh, i have StarFox 64 3D too and id give it an 8/10- pretty cool game…the 3D is awesome for that one in particular 😀

          1. Hmmm..i did think about getting that one but iv’e never really been into the resident evil series… i may check it out at some point though 😀

  11. I just got a DSi last year, for the sole purpose of playing White. I might have gotten a 3DS if I had waited, but no way in hell was I gonna wait for that. Now, there’s little chance of me getting one anytime soon.
    They seriously need to make a 3DS XL. Why the hell did they reduce the size again anyway?

  12. I bought my 3DS on launch day and I’m very happy with it. The games I have:
    Tom Clancey’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars(very underrated game)
    Star Fox 64 3D
    Pokemon Rumble Blast
    Mario Kart 7
    Sonic Generations
    Kid Icarus: Uprising(Best game right imo)
    (I’m going to piss a lot of people here)I had OoT, but I didn’t like it and I couldn’t get into it.

    Games for the future:
    Fire Emblem: Awakening
    Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed
    Heroes of Ruin
    Conduit 3D
    Ninja Gaiden
    New Super Mario Bros. 2
    And probably some others that I forgot. I want to get KH: DDD(lol 3 Ds), but I never played a KH before and I would have to play all the ones before it to understand what’s going on. :\

  13. 1. Super Street Fighter IV
    2. OoT 3D
    3. Devil Survivor

    And that is basically it. I feel that Pushmo deserves to be mentioned in that, while it is not a retail title, it is simply amazing in every way.

    I have to admit that yes, I am not impressed at all by the amount of quality titles (that appeal to me, of course) available for the console. All the games that I have bought I have done so after deliberation and I have tried plenty of others but they simply do not pique my interest.

    Animal Crossing looks absolutely stunning and I am certain that it will revitalize my enjoyment. Still waiting for any news on an international Monster Hunter release.

  14. Hm..I got the 3DS a couple days after launch. Though I regret it, it happens all the time, I’m impatient, then after I buy it all the beautiful colors come out that I would rather have then my Blue one. xD

    I have Nintendogs, Loz:OoT, Super Mario 3DS Land. Right now there hasn’t been any games that have been released that I’m not to keen on buying, except Mario Kart. But I’ve been saving up for when ever Animal Crossing makes its way here(I love this game to much). And some ambassador games. But if I was allowed/able to purchase games from the the online store, (which names escapes me right now), I would definatley buy some, as well as apps.

    It’s fun to play, though right now I haven’t used it in a while except for checking swap note every once in a while. Been using my Ds Lite to play Pokemon for now. :9

  15. I just got my 3DS (red) in France last month, and I love it! It always annoys me when people say it’s just a gimmick console, because it has so much more features than 3D. For example, there’s Streetpass, which is amazing.

      1. They’re discrediting a console to make them feel better about not owning it themselves? I believe he has a right to “blame them” as you put it lol ;D

  16. Anyone who isn’t enjoying the 3DS or generally feels pretty “meh” about it most likely have yet to play Kid Icarus.
    Resident Evil Revelations, Mario Kart and Mario 3D land are also decent.

    1. True Dat!

      It’s a shame that a lot of people aren’t going to get it because it “doesn’t appeal to them.” Try new stuff folks, it won’t kill you!

  17. i have a red 3ds 😀 and OoT for it right now . other games i want would be LUIGIS MANSION 2 (i really want this game XD) Super mario 3d land, starfox 3d and of course super smash bros 3ds when it comes out.
    P.S. i have a game gear in my closet 😛 although it doesn’t work at all now

  18. I have a 3ds, and im very much satisfied with the games im playing, the graphics and whatnots. The only thing that sucks is its battery life, though i can use an external one most of the time. It still annoys me, each time im on the middle of enjoying a game then suddenly the indicator will flicker red then it’ll shutdown. But overall, i love my flame red 3ds.

    I currently own 8 titles.
    Mario Kart 7 (8/10) not really a fan of racing games
    Legend of Zelda:OoT (9/10)
    Starfox64 3D(7/10)
    Resident Evil:revelations (10/10) the 3d is tolerable
    Kid Icarus:Uprising (10/10) a game i enjoy playing with friends, nearby and far
    Tales of Abyss(9/10) rare game,i must say. Dialogue-heavy game and a way too long storyline..
    Pokemon Rumble Blast (7/10) just collecting pokemon games.. XD
    Shin megami Tensei: Devil Overclocked (8/10) havent touched it yet but ive already played the ds one, and i think its a good one..

    I also used to own nintendogs and resident evil mercenaries but i sold them.

    Im still waiting for heroes of ruin, kingdom hearts, zero escape and pokemon bw2(although they’re not yds exclusive). Im also waiting for pokedex pro.

  19. I do not have a 3DS.

    At first the price was a big turn-off for me: I had just gotten a limited version of the XL, and paying that much for another system so soon wasn’t something I was willing to do.

    Then the price drop came, but by that point I’d had a chance to play a friend’s 3DS, and I realized something: the 3D effects made me nauseous and gave me migraines. Even at the lower price, I didn’t see the point in buying something I could only use half the functions of.

    At this point I’m still on the fence. I’m interested in the new Animal Crossing game, and that’s about it right now. It’ll take a lot more 3DS-only games being released, that I’m interested in, to make me want to buy it. Something about buying a 3DS and turning off the 3D part makes it feel like buying a DS and only using one screen.

    1. l. After playing it in short intervals for the first few days you become accustomed to the 3D effect. It’s a matter of training your eyes to something they are not used to.
      2.The 3DS is so much more than just a 3D DS.There are plenty of other great features that make it worth buying! 🙂

      1. I’m definitely leaning toward buying one at this point – I’m mostly waiting for a game I have to have, or else a really good bundle/sale deal.

        And I can’t even watch 3D movies, so I’m afraid I’d never be able to use the 3D function. :'( Not everyone can, and I guess I’m one of those people! I’m grateful that the 3D can at least be turned off.

      2. “After playing it in short intervals for the first few days you become accustomed to the 3D effect. It’s a matter of training your eyes to something they are not used to.”

        Actually, there are people (usually those who suffer from severe migraines) that simply cannot play the 3DS for more than a few minutes without feeling fatigue and headaches. There are others who, with time, eventually focus on specific areas and the strain is reduced, but for some it is simply a no-go.

  20. I have a flame red 3DS opened it on new years eve 2011 I have these games shinobi
    Nintendogs+cats golden retriever and friends kid Icarus uprising centipede infestation Pokemon rumble blast super Mario 3D land and madden nfl and starfox 64 3DS and the legend of Zelda OOT and ace combat assault horizon legacy

  21. Theyd have to announce one of the following for me to start contemplating the idea:
    -Pokemon main series game
    -a true FF CrystalChronicles

    Sadly none of this seems to be in sight. Games in general seemed really lacking the past year… I hope E3 has some surprises.

  22. I got a Flame Red 3DS for Christmas this last year. I love it! I think it’s so cool! I only have 3 games for it so far: Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart 7, and Pokemon Rumble Blast. They’re all really fun – although mostly beaten. I’m being patient in waiting for games I really want like Luigi’s Mansion 2, Paper Mario, and Animal Crossing. I also suspect that a new Zelda game will get announced at E3 this year…

    But, can I just say how upset I am that they choose NOW to release the purple 3DS… I am just so pissed. It’s only been a few months since I’ve had mine, and then they release a purple one… Purple is one of my favorite colors. 🙁 I swear to God, if they announce that orange one also showcased at e3 I am going to be in a furious rampage.

  23. I don’t have one yet because it is kind of expensive in Brazil. My parents are going to Miami next month and they’ll bring me one 😀 What games should I buy?
    The last Nintendo Ds I had was a Lite one and it is broken now, but even if it still worked, I think the 3DS is amazing 🙂

  24. I have a Black 3DS (was really hoping for a blue one, but they were out)

    The only 3DS games I have are Mario 3D land, Rumble Blast, and Mario Kart 7

    I have Pokedex 3d and cannot wait until the AR searcher and Pokedex 3D pro come out 😀

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