Dae asks: 3DS

Keep in mind that the applications for the Jungle Games are going to close very soon, so look at this before you do anything else.

Nintendo has announced yet another color for the 3DS, and it’s been more than a year since it released, so we’re taking this opportunity to ask you about your general Nintendo love. Who has  a 3DS as of now? Who is going to buy one soon? Who is still reluctant? Has your opinion changed in the past year? And for those who have a 3DS: what games have you bought and what are your favorite choices?

I bought one at launch day, and received three games as gift. Those were Nintendogs, Street Fighter and Pilotwings. I sucked at Street Fighter, got bored with Nintendogs and raged at Pilotwings, leaving my 3DS gathering dust until Ocarina of Time released. It was the only game I really wanted my 3DS for and I enjoyed it thoroughly. A few months later I downloaded my Ambassador games and got Mario Kart for Christmas, but I played those games barely, and I didn’t buy anything else since then. Yet, I don’t regret my early purchase, although I don’t like the games that are coming out in this half of the year. I’m patient enough to wait for Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem and Paper Mario, even if they are coming out in 2013.

So, hop towards the comments and get commenting. Don’t turn it in a fanboy flamethread, as I’ll be standby to make sure everyone knows that the Game Gear is still the best handheld ever.