Let “The Jungle Games”… BEGIN! (We’re hiring!)

And by “hiring” I mean “accepting more volunteer staff members”.  Sadly there’s no money involved.  The site makes enough to cover its own costs and that’s about it. The important thing is: we’re looking for tributes (applicants) to submit themselves to our rigorous staff-selection process.  This is actually the first time in a number of years that I’m asking the public for applications. Ozy, Kriff, NL, Dae, and past staff members were all chosen by me personally.  However, I think there are people here who may have a real knack for finding news, writing articles, and contributing to the site that I may not know about. This is why we’re now looking for people to submit applications.  I’ve already had a lot of interest when I mentioned it weeks ago on Twitter/Facebook, but sadly we’re only looking for around 3 people. Since there were a lot more than that we’re staging a little game (one loosely inspired by “The Hunger Games”) that should be fun for those participating and those reading. The top 12 applications the staff and I select will go through 3 challenges (fun writing prompts) that will be posted here without names and visitors will vote. The poll doesn’t dictate who goes and who stays, but it’ll give the staff and I a lot to think about.  Each challenge 3 applicants will be released into the wild and we’ll ultimately be left with 3 new members of our staff.

Interested in applying?  Here’s what you need to know: we work hard. We’re looking for people who are online a lot, are extremely knowledgeable about Pokémon, have good writing skills, and a lot of personality. You don’t need to know Japanese (it’s a plus though), you don’t need to know how to do insane graphics (it’s a plus though), or any other wacky stuff.  Since the current set of staff has very busy lives you need to be able to be called upon to post and also scour the web for news 🙂 As you may have noticed, we also do running series of original content and you may be called upon to start your own.  We take the “columns” seriously though so getting one is not guaranteed.

Here’s the application form:

[list style=”check” color=”green”]

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Country:
  • Favorite Pokémon (and why):
  • A little about yourself (100~400 words):
  • Additional skills (graphics, foreign language, etc – “none” is ok!):
  • Best thing about pokejungle.net:
  • What pokejungle.net should improve on:
  • + Sample news article or past work (100~400 words; if you’re not submitting a past work please write a fictional news piece about a B2W2 feature reveal, ex:4 on 4 battles)


You can use our contact form OR email us pokejungle at pokejungle.net. If you email me subject should be “I submit myself as tribute for The Jungle Games” 🙂 The questions about the site (best/what needs improvement) are mainly to assess how well you understand how things work here and if you have any interesting ideas on what direction we should take the site in. Let the games begin!

<3 pokejungle

ps- Feel free to comment if you’re entering (but do not post the application as a comment!!) and what are some good writing challenges for the contestants?!

pps- I guess this post sounds serious, but we’re really fun-loving and we’re looking for similar people.  We also like long walks on the beach at sunset.

  1. Name: Sara Swanson
    Age: 21
    Gender: F
    Country: USA
    Favorite Pokémon (and why): Aerodactyl, because of its Pokemon Power on the Fossil Expansion card (so cool).
    Favorite Type (and why): No favorite types, they’re all neat. If I HAD to have a type-themed team, though, it would be ground type–it incorporates more of my favorite Pokémon than any other type.
    A little about yourself (100~400 words): I’m a graduate in creative writing looking for experience/a job (but I don’t mind volunteer work here because…Pokémon!)
    + Sample news article or past work (100~400 words; if you’re not submitting a past work please write a fictional news piece about a B2W2 feature reveal, ex:4 on 4 battles): http://REMINISC3.com (so pro)

  2. This is going to be a blast!
    Keep the applications coming guys, I look forward to working with you!

      1. I don’t have good writing skills either.
        Do I have extreme knowledge about Pokemon, unfortunately no, just what every fan knows.
        Do I know Japanese, unfortunately no.
        Do I know how to do insane graphics, unfortunately no.


    1. The deadline is when enough time has passed and enough applications have been sent in.
      We haven’t set a date yet for the first round.

        1. Oh, no Monday should be fine.

          And if we still get a lot of applications next week, I’ll rally for delaying the deadline. This isn’t really a prize contest, it’s an investment in the site and the more potential good writers, the better.

  3. Name: Rayner
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Country: USA
    Favorite Pokemon: out of all 649 pokemon that are known of my favorite would have to be Wartortle. Its Squirtles first evolved form. It has a great design and i love its tail thing :D. You have to know that while playing Pokemon FireRed version, evolving a pokemon for the first time is one of the best feelings that i know of :DD. Plus water types are the bomb!
    About Myself: Im a really complicated guy. Im creative, and fun and im a really weird person. Im just a regular person who has an unatural obsession with Pocket Monster.
    Additional Skills: Techy Guy, Spanish, French, Dr.Phil 😛
    Best Thing About Pokejungle: Usually they are really great with the articles they make. I love all of them. They make you think 😀
    Improvement: Well you know you could use…. i guess more diverse articles on Competitive gaming.
    Today on Pokemon Smash, Junuchi Masuda revealed the latest battle inovation in the Pokemon video games: 4 on 4 battles. These battles with come with a variety of new moves, abilities and a new items. On the show Junuchi decided that it was time to reveal this because of the closeness of the games reveal. He also revealed the abilities of White Kyreum and Black Kyreum. Both have of the formes have the abilty ice charger. Ice Charger powers up ice-type moves and will always freeze the opponent. BTW( I dont like restrictions ;P )

    1. Use your email, don’t disclose your private information where everyone can see it!

  4. Name: Daedardus
    Age: Late teens
    Gender: Male
    Country: Somewhere in europe
    Favorite Pokémon (and why): mudkipz
    A little about yourself (100~400 words): I’m a cheerful person, but people seem to think otherwise. I’ve been called bossy debbie downer and a pessimist but I think higher of myself. I’m a grammar nazi although I make a lot of unintentional mistakes.
    Additional skills (graphics, foreign language, etc – “none” is ok!): I’m good at procrastinating some articles.
    Best thing about pokejungle.net: dae asks!
    What pokejungle.net should improve on: more dae asks!
    + Sample news article or past work: http://pokejungle.net/category/opinions-2/dae-asks-opinions-2/

    Am I doing it right?

  5. sent, but i didnt know the stuff about me was supposed to be filled with personality stuffs… >.>
    for the record I’m hilarious. Yeah. And i can read minds. Right now you are thinking that i can’t possibly be reading your mind. Now you are thinking that I was just using logic. Now you are thinking of elephants.

  6. So just to make sure, if i sent my resume to the Contats page, my message will be read right? Just want to make sure!! If its not too much trouble, can you see if it was received?

  7. Any possibility I could use a video for my sample work? I have no written sample works, and I’m completely stumped on what to write for a fictional news article.

    I’m sure I can come up with something written… I’m just afraid I wouldn’t have enough time, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask about a video.

    1. But we need something written to gauge language skill. In your case we don’t have many doubts about your grammar, but we’d like to see a bit of your writing style to do the pre-selection. A video can be a plus though, but try to write something small, you’ll need to write a lot when you become team member anyway.

      1. Okay! I actually came up with something small and a little silly that I’m still working on. It also shows off some of my other skills too. I got bored last night when I couldn’t sleep and came up with it. I’ll send mine in later. I did write a lot on answering the other parts of the application, so that should give more insight on my writing style.

  8. “what are some good writing challenges for the contestants?”

    I think you should post a new fake pokemon somewhere on the internet and see if any of the new people can sniff it out, say if it’s realistic or not and make a good all around article about it.

    It would be nice to see if they are capable of starting thoughtful and deep discussions. Give them the chance to start their own and see how many people would reply to the topic with their own input.

    I also like having short stories as a “writing challenge”. Creativity is a plus and you also get to know how much they know about pokemon.

    Those are just some ideas. It’ll be interesting to see how you find those diamonds in the rough 🙂

  9. Curious that I haven’t seen mention of the words “may the odds be _ever_ in your favour” yet. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, let the 1st annual Jungle Games, begin!

  10. I just sent in my application. I don’t know why, but I am so nervous! I spend a lot of time on it though, so I’m also super excited! I hope it’s okay that I included a picture with my fake article. I wanted to show off my graphics skills, since I listed that I have them under, “Addition Skills.”

  11. Just sent my application- god im nervous… i hope the formatting survived the contact form submission 🙂

  12. Hey Guys,

    Sorry if I sent my application twice I wasnt sure if I sent it correctly first time 😛

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