Unova: Frozen or Not?

Hello guys, pokejungle translator Kriffix here once again!

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We have been promised a demonstration of Keldeo in battle. What will this reveal? Who knows!
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In the meantime however, I would like to draw your attention to this little old map…

There has been much debate as to whether Unova is actually frozen over or whether this is merely a ploy to conceal information. My initial interpretation is that it was in fact frozen over. That is how the original Japanese text from CoroCoro read to me. It was only when someone pointed out that that it specifically uses the word “map” (as opposed to region itself) that I began to feel there was room for the latter interpretation.
To me though, word choice of “frozen map” always felt like it was trying to scream “Frozen map that reflects the actual state of the Unova region”, after all isn’t that what maps do? Plus, Japanese is a language that omits things that are considered to be ‘a given’. (I.E the map is frozen therefore the region it represents is). It feels very redundant to say something like “Here is the frozen map of the frozen Unova region”. It’s just awkward and unnecessary.
Alas, the fact that I too speak English has caused me to become split between my initial interpretation and  the somewhat sterilised English translation.Something that may be of interest though, is that it only really seems to be the western side of the internet that is currently debating this. I have searched many Japanese threads and it took me a good 30 minutes to even find someone who questioned it being frozen.

What’s more interesting, is that the few people who are questioning it all seem to be focusing their posts on this single thread. Out of the hundreds of posts here, there is about 5 posts suggesting that it is not frozen, 3 of which seem to be the same person (judging by how he/she comes across) although they are all anonymous.
These 5 or so posts versus the couple of thousand or so that are simply saying something along the lines of “Wow, I wonder what happened to Unova!” (1,2,3,4 among others).

I can’t help but wonder if it would be wise of us to trust the opinions of those native in the language in which the map was originally presented.
Another big reason for it being frozen over is the fact that the Japanese texts claims that an “異変” has taken place. Many translators are simply treating this word to mean “change”, leaving it open to English readers to interpret it as ‘man-made changes that they want to hide’ (which of course are also present!).
However, this translation does not actually deliver the proper connotations that the original Japanese contains. It should in fact be translated something along the lines of “an abnormality” having occurred , or even “an accident”. This coupled with the verb “起こる”  meaning for some kind of accident to take place (as opposed to “起きる” which is simple neutral for “to happen”). The fact is, the nuance is that something big and out of human control has happened.
In contrast though, an argument for it not being frozen would be that the ice looks somewhat artificial. Though even then it’s important to bear in mind that this could be a matter of artistic expression. Perhaps it is merely trying to get across that this is the work of Kyurem by using the stylised ice that surrounds him on the game covers? What’s more, as always this  drawn map will not be the one in the actual game, it may not look so artificial later on. This may just be a way for them to get across one message, one very simple message that is something along the lines of : LOOK ICE EVERYWHERE!
I know a lot of you guys are convinced it is not frozen. And yes, that is darn-right possible. Therefore, my purpose in writing this article is to help you see the other side of the argument. Big thanks to pokejungle for letting me write something that is potentially quite risky since no doubt the masses will not like to hear it.
Feel free to post any thoughts or opinions below. Also don’t forget to vote for whether you think it’s frozen or not! 🙂
  1. The fact that translations are saying an “accident” occured over the 2 year hiatus in Unova screams that the ice is really covering Unova in the game (in my opinion).

    Also, the Muskeeters were shown in the opening of Black 2 and in the movie, they’re shown fighting against Kyurem which makes me believe that the Muskeeter trio are after Kyurem for what he has done to Unova (their home).

    1. An “accident” says something specific happened that they’re hiding. If they meant that it froze over, they wouldn’t pretend to be ignorant with the frozen picture next to it….

      1. But if you read through the translations, they mention the ice was the accident and the map froze over.

        If they wanted the map specifically to freeze over, they wouldn’t heavily talk about it so much in both CoroCoro and the trailers. The map reflects actual Unova and to the people saying the ice is just covering future reveals, think of this: They didn’t talk about the clouds as much as they talk about the ice, and the clouds had nothing else to do with the game whatsoever, but BW2 is surrounded upon Black Kyurem, White Kyurem, and regular Kyurem who’re all ice type Pokemon.

        Last thing: Kyurem can learn Freeze World/Glaciate, now research the move if you don’t know it and then think about whether or not the accident was caused by Kyurem.

      2. I’d just like to clarify something. The individual word means “accident” or “incident” but in the sentence it should be something like “There is a major abnormality in Unova” (with the nuance of the abnormality being something along the lines of an accident/incident). It’s quite hard to grasp with just English I’m afraid (^__^;)

    2. The map is confusing, as you need to access several places under the ice in the gameplay. Undella Town and Segeiha City are required in pre-Elite 4 gameplay. In my opinion, the region was frozen by Kyurem somehow, and then thawed out. While frozen, new towns were established so there could be more gyms. It may start out frozen like this, and then thaw out mid-game, so that you can access the eastern portion of the region. What if Kyurem goes on some sort of rampage or something, freezing this and you are required to catch/defeat him, calming him enough to unfreeze Unova? What if this was only frozen for seconds or minutes, instead of 2 years? That makes sense to me, if there were still air bubbles or something above towns and areas that need it.

  2. You can see through the ice and see clouds underneath the Ice so its most likely just a way to block out new changes to the region. Pokecommunity found a massive Port city or a Route right outside of Fuchsia City that has a lot of dock/piers. It started a speculation that that is the city where Shizui’s Gym is on PokeCommunity.

  3. I’m torn. I see the clouds underneath the ice that really does look as if it froze over an actual map as opposed to the region itself, feeding my doubt. Inversely though, the sea level has seemingly receded which is what the development of massive amounts of ice can do, the proof being the Ice Age. Hmmm. I’m leaning more toward the “hiding new map features” side of the argument, but I’m not going to dismiss the other theory.

  4. if the ice does cover anything which i dont think it does it will probably just cover a small area in the north east.

    1. And even then it’d be snow like in the crater, not a magical transparent glacier, right?

      Although Kyurem now gains energy instead of representing the absence of it, so it might as well burn down everything instead rofl.

  5. I’m pretty sure it will INITIALLY be frozen… then unfrozen to reveal new areas (after the capture of Black/White Kyurem?)

    The map itself is of Unova in the unfrozen state, with “artistically styled” ice sheets to cover it up initially (hence the clouds underneath the ice).

    1. I think you may be on the right track.
      If it is frozen, it’ll be interesting to see if is so right from the start or a few towns in. I’m guessing the latter.

    2. But the beach isnt visible on the frozen map (hence its somewhere below it), and we can be sure you get to visit it earlier.

  6. This is still a controversy? Look at the edges of the ice: it’s just a cover. Unova isn’t frozen.

    1. The thing is though, this particular map is indeed just a shot of Unova with some ice pasted over the top. However, the text on the official site and corocoro suggests that Unova actually being frozen as most likely.

      1. The texts on the site and Coro Coro say that the map is frozen. If it were the region itself, they would have said the Unova Region was frozen.

        1. Yes, it does say that the map is frozen. However a map reflects what it represents, otherwise it would be pretty darn pointless, no?
          It also then goes on to say that there is a major abnormality/calamity that has fallen upon the region, that coupled with it *covered in ice* shouldn’t be rocket science.
          I really think its as simple as this: For a part of the game it will be frozen, and to represent this they used a stylised ice effect over the top of the BW2 map that Sugimori drew. Instead of drawing a whole new map for something that would only be temporary it was more convenient just to express it this way.
          Now I can’t be 100% sure. But thats just the way it feels. The way its written also suggests its frozen.

        2. Why would Game Freak just keep the map of Unova frozen? What would be the point of that?

          I want an answer to that before I continue discussion.

          1. Same use as clouds. You have already “addressed” and apparently “discredited” this, but it is absolutely possible that it is simple hyperbole on their part.

            I don’t care about this either way, but there would certainly be a reason for “just” the map to be frozen.

      2. I should add though, Mistralon Cave and Chargestone Cave’s mountain is covered in a different stylized Ice on the map itself. The Mountain that seemingly held both is a lighter blueish grey than on the original map, so that particular spot IS indeed frozen.

  7. More curious, if the map is indeed frozen, then I wonder would this affect the seasons at all?

    1. Maybe this is just the magazine’s interpretation of the press package they received from Gamefreak. I’m sure they don’t want Corocoro to realease all of their secrets just yet…

      1. the way it’s worded makes me think otherwise. The same kind of things are also written on the official site and were brought up in smash two weeks ago.

  8. I say not frozen.

    1.) The ice is on the BORDER of the map.
    2.) Landmarks and clouds are clearly visible under the ice.
    3.) If Unova was frozen over, the ice should…conform (if that’s the right word) more to the shape of the region.

      1. Such a fantastical event (even for pokemon games) would leave considerable traces (like everyone and everything dead?), hence they’d have drawn the uncovered map with that in mind…
        We’re not talking about some rain or sunshine here.

        1. You know, Pokémon and humans being cryogenically frozen isn’t so out of the question. Those Darmanitan near the ruins have been in a deep sleep for centuries.
          Kyurem’s sheer coldness even froze itself! (don’t ask me how that works!)
          I really don’t think that the map we see here is going to be relevant in the actual game. I’m pretty sure they just iced over it for convenience. At some point even in the game, probably not right from the start but at some point, the region will become partially frozen. And to tease this crazy in game story they iced over Sugimori’s BW2 map.
          The hints to it being frozen in the text, especially with Smash from two weeks ago, is just piling up.

  9. No freeze for Unova. I looked closely at the map, and I can kind of see that the locations under the ice can still be seen. I would think if they wanted the region to be frozen, they would have tried to do a better job of doing that. It could happen, but I’m saying its not likely.

  10. Come on, It cannot be frozen..First ice would cover lands not the sky with all clouds, so those cities should be on the map maybe full of white..Second people of east Unova are dead? Or do they defrost after we caught Kyurem? -.-

  11. If,
    besides the numerous usual oddities and flaws and the fact they have ADDED a brown paper edge post-corocoro to indicate the obvious,
    you don’t think that CLOUDS GOING BELOW THE ICE are any convincing either,
    then I don’t know what they could possibly do except for getting rid of the ice and covering it with clouds again, which obviously won’t happen.

    Just don’t you people use this as an excuse later to be mad at gamefreak for getting your hopes high or some bullcrap like that.

    I get the initial confusion but now you’re just desperately defending flawed assumptions.

  12. I think that the ice will be there for part of the game, and it will eventually get removed. Plus what would be the big accident be if the ice wasn’t real?

    1. Literally anything you can come up with, it will make more sense than a mile high piece of transparent ice.

      A time machine blew and froze the east side IN TIME. Its ridiculous but its more likely than that.

      Id guess on something technology related, or even subway, like they were making tunnels close to the crater and the ground collapsed, triggering a quake, destroying all those useless pretty boring villages in the east XD… idk.

  13. What if the “accident” is referring to something completely different. Now I only know a handful of Japanese words and I can’t even translate it, but does it actually say the ice is the accident? I’m just not convinced.

    Just how the ice looks, it covering clouds and the borders of the map, and that you can see Unova underneath the ice leads me to think it’s just there to hide it.

    1. I think they were introducing the accident/incident without spelling it out. The fact it was simultaneous revealed with the frozen map can’t be a mere coincidence?

      1. I’m thinking it is just a coincidence, that’s what my gut is telling me. Now, Unova may be frozen, but I rather be happily surprised than disappointed.

          1. Yeah, I’ve learned not to get my hopes up even if it’s obvious that it will happen.(I’m looking at you Oshawott line for not being part fighting type)

  14. What if it’s like gen 3, where after the legend is awakened, the map will be effected by the pokemons weather.

  15. They would simply say “look Unova is frozen” not refer specifically to the map every time.

    the poll on the side asks about the MAP.
    Is that a troll question?

  16. Maybe this could be an elaborate marketing ploy, a teaser. Think about the map existing in our real time. the map was revealed in spring, thus the un-thawed section. perhaps they will release a ice-less map in the summer, closer to the June release which would be summer (which would mean its too warm for ice), when the games are released. Just a thought…

  17. If you look at the edges of the ice it definately looks as though the ice is just covering the actual picture of the map and not the actual region itself.

  18. I’m in between on this debate. I’m pretty certain that parts of the map will be frozen from the start of the game. I do not think that includes everything that we currently see frozen on the map. That being said, I bet everything will be unfrozen by the end of the main storyline.

    1. Out of boredom, I just dissected the new frozen map… And I found minor, albeit speculative, proof that parts are either not frozen, or will become unfrozen during the game. Here’s what I found, and my short theory about it:

      1. If you look to the right of the map where Undella town should be, you can see the blur of two new things under the ice – islands. There are two tiny islands off the coast of Undella town. They wouldn’t casually add two islands there, if you wouldn’t be able to access them.

      2. I also inspected the new area carved into the mountain on the right side of the map. There is without a doubt a tiny runway, and airplane there. I compared the white shape there to the airplane in Mistralton City, and they are nearly identical.

      After noticing these two things, I put together this theory: Shizui’s Gym is in Undella town. I never supported this theory up until now. I think that after beating Skyla in Mistralton City, she gives you a lift on her plane to the airstrip in the mountain, because Iccirus City and all other access to that side of Unova is frozen over. There is a cave by said airstrip, which I believe you have to travel through to get to Undella Town (or at least near it)… Remember that screen shot of Shizui meeting the protagonist outside of a cave entrance on a beach? That’s where I believe this cave lets out.

      All this is just a theory, but a very plausible one in my opinion.

      1. and they have revealed that in black2 there is a water cave and in white 2 its a lava cave …and i belive that you may be correct and that may very well be where this new cave is

  19. It’s obviously just the map, not the entirety of Unova. It’s the only map with the frayed “map edges”. Meaning it is representative o a physical map. And it is covered in Kyurem’s ice to show Kyirem’s influence, but is not saying that the region is covered. It’s exacty the same as clouds from other maps, but with a theme to match these games.

    1. game freak would not have a new game in which anybody needs to leave their ruined home to become a refugee…

  20. if you look at the abundunt shrine, you’ll see it hasn’t frozen over suggesting resistance from the genies despite the type advantage, plus i am rekkoning that both people & pokemon became refugees and went to other places

  21. Well done, that was a well written article that made me doubt my stance on Unova noy being frozen over for the first time.
    I’m still leaning towards not frozen though – there are clouds under the ice! But then if I were Gamefreak, I would get rid of those clouds anyway to make it more convincing.

    So I guess that my current conclusion is that the ice is literally frozen over a copy of the map, which seems unlikely, or that Gamefreak cannot do Photoshop. ;D

  22. You seem to imply that Japanese thread’s opinion is that the region itself is frozen… but I read the entire thing, and almost every single specific mention of that ice is to point out it’s only the map, not the region that’s frozen, “it’s covering spoilers” “nothing is really frozen”.

    One opinion is “it will unfreeze as you play” with the reply “That would be a really narrow region”.

    Also I don’t know why the various ways to translate 異変 matter….something weird happened, a happening, abnormality, etc, but “accident” is DEFINITELY not the right way to translate that word’s meaning.

    Anyway I am just curious why you cite that thread as Japanese people thinking the region is frozen. People wondering “what the heck happened” isn’t the same as “because the region is super froze”.

  23. Re-reading you say it took you 30 minutes to find someone questioning if the region is frozen or not and thousands of people just say “Wow, I wonder what happened to Unova!”. You do realize wondering what happened to Unova does NOT mean they are saying “because it’s all covered in ice”.

    If you need me to C/P the posts on those links that say “it’s not frozen it clearly says its just the map” versus the VERY FEW that say it may be frozen, I will… it seems you may have skipped over them?

    1. Also want to say I am not being sarcastic or a jerk about saying I can C/P the posts saying it’s not frozen. I realized it might come off that way. ;_; I just am the original translator of “well it only says its the map and they even gave it paper edges so that’s my story i am sticking to it” and I swear I have been abused and accused of things back and forth like you wouldn’t believe. Now this was posted and I got more emails and messages going “HAH!! Proven wrong! Japan disagrees!”.

      I am also the only translator who seems to not favour the “there is a hidden meaning implied by map” theory. But to each his own, Japanese is a complex beast.

      Anyway I apologize if anything I said came off as grumpy… I was grumpy XD But I’m not being sarcastic. I’m just tired of these messages implying I am deliberately misleading people with my anti-ice agenda… as if I give a crap to the point of misleading people? Why bother? What would possibly be the point in that?

      1. I’m anti-ice. Kriff is pro-ice. We have a diverse range of opinions within our staff about this topic so thanks for at least giving us a little bit more to chew on :p

        1. i’m not even so much anti-ice or pro-ice as i am pro-facts. i feel to be pro-ice(?) you need to do a lot of speculating and interpreting. anti-ice(?) is simply reading what all sources say — a frozen map is frozen, and in one recent source (pokemon fan magazine), “you can’t see things because of that ice”. i believe it’s covering spoilers and not that physical land has been overtaken by a glacier. even if it is there in game it will be simply to block spoilers, is my opinion.

          i see a lot of “clearly they want you to think this” or “its clear they imply the ice is really there on the land”. i think anyone using the word “clearly” in this aspect does not understand what it means. if they wanted to be clear the land was frozen, they wouldn’t say map instead, and make the map papery to show ice going over the paper edges. they made it CLEAR a paper map is frozen. nothing else is clear! not what the event underneath is, or what the game’s plot is, or what they “want” you to believe. only one thing is CLEAR: we’ve got a frozen paper map that is frozen. any other translation or speculation or opinion is simply that: speculation.

          i feel trolled by how many times i have explained this standpoint in the past month ;_;

          1. Just seems like there wouldn’t be green showing through the ice if it were a colder landscape ala-Platinum.

            To me though, it’s not that important. The game comes out in a scant two months and the map won’t be a mystery anymore :p

          2. Don’t get me wrong, it could totally go either way, there’s just two things I want you to understand.
            1.It is undeniable that a majority of other native Japanese interpret the region to be frozen.
            2.異変 is, as you say an “abnormality”, however this does not 100% fit the English as it has the same properties as the word “accident” has. And even if there was room to argue that, the use of the verb 起こる over 起きる without a doubt confirms that some kind of large-scale accident has taken place. After all, 起こる can turn the most neutral nouns into “accident”, let alone something that already reeks of the same meaning.
            Also, on a more personal level, it would be nice if you stick around here. You’re very welcome here at pokejungle, your comments and opinions keep things interesting. This kind of drama is just the kind of thing our visitors love to read! It’s a pity it couldn’t have taken place when the article was more fresh however.
            Regards 🙂

          3. 1. I don’t know about undeniable but I will just shrug it off, as I am so tired of the ice I don’t care to go digging around deeply in 2chan, a place I hate anyways ;_; I know I went looking a month ago and found nobody who thought it was frozen or seemed to be taking that for granted. I still don’t know if i am seeing the same things you are but honestly it doesn’t matter much to me anymore… like PJ said, we’ll know soon enough anyways. At the end of the day it will seem like the silly thing it is…
            2. I explained why I wouldn’t choose “accident” below but again that’s up for interpretation. The use of 起きろ and 起こる is an interesting point but I don’t think it changes for me that I would not say “accident”. It just makes english speakers think of an oil spill or a car crash, I think. But that’s neither here nor there, again. “Something happened”, I’ll go with that, haha.

            And I don’t want to go places and cause drama, I only came since I’ve got people on my butt about this ice accusing me of making up lies and misleading people and that the majority of english speakers thinking only the map is frozen is because of my evil influence. I really really just don’t care what has happened under that ice. I just don’t ;_; I tried to do a simple translation of what I thought was a simple line of text and it’s ended up basically ruining almost any excitement I’ve felt for this game. Not here, but elsewhere, and both in public and private, I have been attacked and called horrible things. It’s just ridiculous.

          4. I’m sorry to hear about your recent experiences. As I’m sure you’re aware, I’m afraid the world is full of people like that though, It’s just important to keep the friendlier people in mind too at times like this lol.
            It keeps us going after all 🙂
            I also agree with you about 2ch. I only go there if I have to. It’s a place where faith in humanity is easily lost lol.

          5. Thanks and sorry again if I seem like some big jerkface or anything. I’d sworn to myself I’d not talk about ice anymore!! Soon we will know and if I’ve been wrong I’ll accept looking stupid in exchange for the debate being over. As long as I don’t go down in history as “the dumbass who translated it wrong” since I really don’t think saying the map is frozen is a wrong translation. Other stuff is all up for debate but that much I would hope most people agree on.

            In any case I added you on twitter. I don’t know enough english-speaking people in Japan who do actually speak any Japanese AND love Pokemon to the point of ice debate 🙂

          6. It’s OK, you don’t come across as some jerkface but rather someone who is a little stressed out by recent events lol. Don’t let it bother you! 😀
            And sorry, I know you probably don’t want to discuss this any further but just for clarification allow me to say this. Despite how this article may come across, I could easily see it going either way. It’s just I lean towards it being frozen, and wanted to offer an alternate argument that I felt was getting less limelight on this side of the interwubz.
            I’ve added you back. Check out me begging Masuda for info and his less than helpful replies. It’s actually quite entertaining lol.
            For the record I try to avoid too much English on Twitter. PJ is almost exclusively English and Facebook I do 50/50 thing though. I’m not sure why I create these weird rules for myself haha.

          7. Yah I think it’s good to show the other side too. I just need to get away from it since I said my piece and it won’t really change unless some new thing comes through saying something other than 凍ってる地図.

            I am 25/75 Japanese/English on twitter, but my daily life is 100% Japanese speaking and has been for about 7 years so it’s one of my few outlets. But I follow so many Japanese speakers, use your Japanese, use it all the time on twitter, do this thing! No problem here!

      2. Sorry, I was doing an essay and have only just been notified of your posts.
        When 異変が起こった is present it most certainly can be considered an accident has taken place. An 異変 is something that cannot be consciously done by humans (though admittedly can be the indirect work of them). Therefore, to capture this nuance I use the word accident since this gets across the nature of the situation better to English readers. After all, if you translate that a mere change has taken place then it gives too much credit to the idea of it not being frozen (since some may interpret this is human development in the region merely being concealed. IMO “abnormality” is a decent enough translation, it’s just that it doesn’t quite catch the ‘strength’ of the original Japanese.
        Us translators have a responsibility in not just translating word for word, but also trying to help people simulate reading a piece how a Japanese would, no? 🙂
        Also, my significance in linking those threads is that only a handful of people are bothering to question it. The comments read that people are taking for granted that it is frozen. (because…well…most people are).
        My purpose in this article was to open people’s minds to the alternative frozen possibility, as well as the one I personally lean towards (and, the fact is, so do the majority of other Japanese bulletin board posters).
        I believe if we get too hung up on the physicality of the map we lose sight of a few important things. The biggest one being that this is not the map that will actually be reflected in the game, where things like clouds will no longer even be relevant.
        I leave you with 異変’s 和英 dictionary entry.
        〔事故〕an accident; 〔異常なこと〕something unusual
        父の身辺に異変が起きたのではないかと心配した|I was afraid that [something had happened to / ⦅文語⦆ some accident had befallen] my father.
        一大異変が生じた|An extraordinary event took place.
        去年は天候異変の年だった|We had unusual weather (all) last year.

        1. i think saying they are “taking for granted” that it is a frozen depends on how you are reading it… I see some people saying “well that town’s been frozen so… bla bla” and i see others just talking about something having gone on, not many seem to be specifically voicing that the region is frozen? even if some do think that i doubt it’s anything more than…that is what could be going on. the bottom line is it’s not a fact, it’s all speculation beyond “the paper map has been frozen/and thus we cannot see what is underneath it (april pokefan magazine)”. i personally don’t think that what we see on the map reflects exactly what is under it, but that’s just one opinion.

          as for the 異変 i suppose i wouldn’t choose “accident” as in english-speaking one usually jumps right to something like a car crash when we hear “accident”. which in japanese would be a 事故 not an 異変. that’s the only reason i would say accident is the wrong way to translate that. those dictionaries always give you lots of options and i try to pick the ones that give the image the sentences are trying to get across most strongly.

          the 異変 doesnt matter much to me anyway since we have no idea what it is, and nowhere does it say “that ice? that’s the 異変”. i dunno what happened, i bet it’s ice related, i just know i’m over all of this frozen map nonsense ;_;

  24. Let me just point out one thing. It’s almost guaranteed that there’s more to Unova than what is currently presented. Unless we’re not getting an Elite Four challenge (which would be weird considering the fact that they’re still keeping Gym Leaders), then the Pokemon League will thaw out later in the game (or the map is simply covering it).

  25. I don’t think that we’re being tricked here, yes Unova is covered in ice, but it’s nothing the player character won’t be able to change AHAHAHA.

    Take that

  26. I personally think that the ice is jut on top of the map. In any case, there WILL be frozen places (you just can’t change that) but not all of Unova is frozen. Besides the underside to the ice, which clearly shows land, islands, sea, etc. under it, wouldn’t Black/White Kyurem change this somewhat (unless the form change happens later… ._.). Also, why wouldn’t you just SHOW a frozen landscape? If GameFreak really froze that area, they would show a frozen landscape, and if they REALLY wanted to keep it secret, they’d show a small part of the map (south-west) and keep peoplewondering about the rest.

    In a pro-ice mode, however, the ice may really symbolize ice… and I guess you clear it away with thunder or fire (the latter making more sense) … sorta explaining the Black/White Kyurem…? I dunno.

  27. I realize this post is old now and you have to scroll to page 2 to find it, but there is something interesting I stumbled across. I believe someone on the Serebii forums by the name of “sunyshore” said there are two pages for the town map. I’m not sure how accurate this is. On another note, the reason the ice could actually be covering the region is because that same ice is used in A HELL OF A LOT of other promotional artwork, implying that it is a plot element.

    1. Hm, Sunnyshore? That would be Gin (She posted in this thread quite a bit too, just a little above your post). Can you link us to where it says that she said there are two pages to the town map? Was this not just speculation? (I’d like to hope there is a second page, as exploring is my favourite part about Pokémon games, however as far as I’m aware there is not anything that suggests this yet).

  28. Kyurem is an Ice/ Dragon, right? so, if Kyurem had frozen Unova, and everyone fled to Hiougi City, then maybe Kyurem is responsible. And when you get Kyurem, the entrance to the E4 is open because the ice melts!

  29. I think that Unova is frozen and Kyurem is the cause.
    For example, refer to the Giant Chasm on the map.
    Giant Chasm
    legend says if you approch this big chasm, disasters will sure follow.
    My theory is that the Player had discovered the chasm two years before. Which caused Unova to slowly freeze.

  30. This is going to be a spoiler…….

    But it seems Team plasma captured Kyurem, which made unova freeze

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