Unova: Frozen or Not?

Hello guys, pokejungle translator Kriffix here once again!

In just a few hours we will be having our usual live translation of Pokémon Smash right here.
We have been promised a demonstration of Keldeo in battle. What will this reveal? Who knows!
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In the meantime however, I would like to draw your attention to this little old map…

There has been much debate as to whether Unova is actually frozen over or whether this is merely a ploy to conceal information. My initial interpretation is that it was in fact frozen over. That is how the original Japanese text from CoroCoro read to me. It was only when someone pointed out that that it specifically uses the word “map” (as opposed to region itself) that I began to feel there was room for the latter interpretation.
To me though, word choice of “frozen map” always felt like it was trying to scream “Frozen map that reflects the actual state of the Unova region”, after all isn’t that what maps do? Plus, Japanese is a language that omits things that are considered to be ‘a given’. (I.E the map is frozen therefore the region it represents is). It feels very redundant to say something like “Here is the frozen map of the frozen Unova region”. It’s just awkward and unnecessary.
Alas, the fact that I too speak English has caused me to become split between my initial interpretation and  the somewhat sterilised English translation.Something that may be of interest though, is that it only really seems to be the western side of the internet that is currently debating this. I have searched many Japanese threads and it took me a good 30 minutes to even find someone who questioned it being frozen.

What’s more interesting, is that the few people who are questioning it all seem to be focusing their posts on this single thread. Out of the hundreds of posts here, there is about 5 posts suggesting that it is not frozen, 3 of which seem to be the same person (judging by how he/she comes across) although they are all anonymous.
These 5 or so posts versus the couple of thousand or so that are simply saying something along the lines of “Wow, I wonder what happened to Unova!” (1,2,3,4 among others).

I can’t help but wonder if it would be wise of us to trust the opinions of those native in the language in which the map was originally presented.
Another big reason for it being frozen over is the fact that the Japanese texts claims that an “異変” has taken place. Many translators are simply treating this word to mean “change”, leaving it open to English readers to interpret it as ‘man-made changes that they want to hide’ (which of course are also present!).
However, this translation does not actually deliver the proper connotations that the original Japanese contains. It should in fact be translated something along the lines of “an abnormality” having occurred , or even “an accident”. This coupled with the verb “起こる”  meaning for some kind of accident to take place (as opposed to “起きる” which is simple neutral for “to happen”). The fact is, the nuance is that something big and out of human control has happened.
In contrast though, an argument for it not being frozen would be that the ice looks somewhat artificial. Though even then it’s important to bear in mind that this could be a matter of artistic expression. Perhaps it is merely trying to get across that this is the work of Kyurem by using the stylised ice that surrounds him on the game covers? What’s more, as always this  drawn map will not be the one in the actual game, it may not look so artificial later on. This may just be a way for them to get across one message, one very simple message that is something along the lines of : LOOK ICE EVERYWHERE!
I know a lot of you guys are convinced it is not frozen. And yes, that is darn-right possible. Therefore, my purpose in writing this article is to help you see the other side of the argument. Big thanks to pokejungle for letting me write something that is potentially quite risky since no doubt the masses will not like to hear it.
Feel free to post any thoughts or opinions below. Also don’t forget to vote for whether you think it’s frozen or not! 🙂