Pokéology: Giratina

  Hey guys! Sure hasn’t been a busy week. News has been pretty slow, but it happens. A week from now is Halloween, so consider it a theme! So, to start us off on the right foot, I decided to go with a legendary– in fact, the only ghost type legendary so far. Sure, it’s … Read more

Halloween C-Gear Skin – Now Live!

Halloween C-Gear Skin that was available in the Japanese Global Link is now available internationally! No password or hassle is needed for this guy, it will simply be added to the “promotions” section for you to get until November 15th! Can’t say I’ll ever use this C-Gear skin, I’m too in love with my Keldeo … Read more

First annual ‘Haunted House’ RP on the forum!

Welcome to my home, trainers! My name is Ghetsis.  You may have not have heard much from me since my departure from Team Plasma, but I’m back.  And tonight you will fight for the lives of three hostages you may know.  Mwahahahaha.   That’s right! Your darling friends, Cheren and Bianca, along with dear Professor Juniper have been kidnapped!  And … Read more

New Dream World Furniture!

…in Japan at least.  :p  You can see above, on the floor there’s a “Museum Mat” and on the right there’s a “Party Picture” as well.  The password on PGL is, cleverly, “ハロウィン” (Halloween in Japanese). This excite anyone?!  I don’t know how much you all care about decorating your room :p Available through October … Read more

Happy Halloween~ :3 + Sadness :(

Any plans for tonight?  I think I’ll be handing out candy at my mom’s house with a friend.  All dressed up in costume of course :3  Maybe kick back a few drinks 😉  Just thought we could have a fun HALLOWEEN discussion today! Otherwise I have the Bug and Grass ‘Focus On’ articles to put … Read more