Jungle Asks: What are your Halloween plans?

Sometimes… I ask not-totally-related-to-Pokémon type of questions 🙂 But perhaps you are incorporating Pokémon into your Halloween plans! So why don’t you share with us here at PJN! I’d love to hear what everyone plans to do and if there are going to be any stupendous Pokémon pumpkin carvings or costumes.

I’m teaching at a Halloween event happening at the English school I work at.  Probably get to dress up in a silly costume and entertain kids for two hours while practicing English.  I’ve been working there for over a year and a half now and I really enjoy teaching English.

Trick or treating?? Passing out candy?? Staying overnight in an abandoned house (and I sincerely hope you won’t be)??

<3 pokejungle

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