Jungle Asks: What are your Halloween plans?

Sometimes… I ask not-totally-related-to-Pokémon type of questions 🙂 But perhaps you are incorporating Pokémon into your Halloween plans! So why don’t you share with us here at PJN! I’d love to hear what everyone plans to do and if there are going to be any stupendous Pokémon pumpkin carvings or costumes.

I’m teaching at a Halloween event happening at the English school I work at.  Probably get to dress up in a silly costume and entertain kids for two hours while practicing English.  I’ve been working there for over a year and a half now and I really enjoy teaching English.

Trick or treating?? Passing out candy?? Staying overnight in an abandoned house (and I sincerely hope you won’t be)??

<3 pokejungle

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  1. I’m going trick or treating with my little brother, some of his and my friends, and then I’ll be releasing the Beta 2 of my fangame.

  2. Frankenstorm is reeking havok in my neck of the woods. All trick-or-treating got moved to Saturday. and Normally i would pass out candy, but at that time, im at work

  3. Ah I was invited to pass out some candy with my friend and her boyfriend after they found out I had no plans for Halloween. And since I have no costume either she seems to be having fun planning out costumes for me xD Her boyfriend wants to dress me up as shed.mov fluttershy and creep on people which im totally looking forward to xD. Then she plans to also make me the Cheshire cat.

    Shall be interesting…I just hope the storm doesn’t do to much damage..then again I’d rather be safe then pass out candy x3

  4. I’m gonna go trick-or-treating with my little brother, and then later on (probably about nine) I’m gonna go and scare the crap out of my mate wearing a slenderman costume. He’s already told me that he’ll be watching Marble Hornets on Halloween, so it’s gonna be absolutely beautiful 😀

  5. I’m not doing anything. Halloween isn’t celebrated here like it is in the US. We mostly just decorate our houses with pumpkins and witches, but nothing else.

  6. Well it’s passed, and I didn’t actually have to deal with any kids coming to our door. It’s our reward for owning a dog and a gate.
    A lot of people I know went to parties. Mainly to get pissed. I guess that’s the only reason people celebrate it here. Also because the Internet said to.

    Personally, I studied. Rocks of all things. It was neat.

  7. It’s already done, but I was a Houndoom and my friend was a Team Magma Grunt. It was fun x3

    I was going to carve a Pokemon, but my little sister printed me out a neat Yoshi template, and I couldn’t pass it up c:

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