Jungle Asks: What are your Halloween plans?

Sometimes… I ask not-totally-related-to-Pokémon type of questions 🙂 But perhaps you are incorporating Pokémon into your Halloween plans! So why don’t you share with us here at PJN! I’d love to hear what everyone plans to do and if there are going to be any stupendous Pokémon pumpkin carvings or costumes. I’m teaching at a Halloween event happening … Read more

Jungle Asks: How’s Pokémon Black 2 or White 2 Going?

I don’t usually like to do “Asks” posts so close together… but I can’t help it! I want to know how my visitors are doing in their playthrough 😀 Here are some things to consider when answering (and remember, I read all your comments 😉 ): [list style=”orb” color=”green”] What’s your current team? How far … Read more

Jungle Asks: What’s your Black 2 / White 2 Team Going to be?

With Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 coming out tomorrow, there’s a lot of excitement in the air! So our question today is: Do you have a team in mind for your playthrough of Black 2 or White 2? Or, if the case may be, why won’t you be playing BW2?? As a helpful reminder, here’s the regional Pokédex list … Read more

Jungle Asks: Who would be your best friend?

Welcome to our “Dae Asks” replacement series! We’re very sad that he had to focus on non-Pokémon endeavors, but his idea of having a column based on reader comments and feedback will live on! On to the question of the inaugural post! Out of the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) in any main Pokémon game, who would be your best friend … Read more