Jungle Asks: What’s your Black 2 / White 2 Team Going to be?

With Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 coming out tomorrow, there’s a lot of excitement in the air! So our question today is: Do you have a team in mind for your playthrough of Black 2 or White 2? Or, if the case may be, why won’t you be playing BW2?? As a helpful reminder, here’s the regional Pokédex list for the two games so you can see what you have to choose from if you can’t trade with anyone/

I’ll go ahead and give a preliminary idea of the Pokémon I have in mind: Carnivine/Leafeon, Galvantula, Sigilyph, Crustle/Bisharp, Vaporeon/Crawdaunt, Chandelure.  As you can see, I’m pretty conflicted about what partners to train.  Feel free to also vote in this poll:

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Can’t wait to see your answers!

<3 pokejungle

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  1. Well I’ve got my in-game and battle team sorted out (black 2)
    In-Game: Samurott, Lucario, Arcanine, Leavanny, Reuniclus & Unfezant
    Online: Ninetales, Scizor, Conkeldurr, Gliscor, Alakazam & Salamence
    Ive even got my white 2 team sorted out…Abilities, natures and all =D

  2. mmm… i don’t really know (because i don’t know which pokemon are available)… but probably i will do the same strategy as in Black: Emboar, Unfezant, one Electric-type (Ampharos/Electabuzz), Seismitoad (i like the Water/Ground combo)… i still need to think about the other two, again depending of the Pokemon available through the game

      1. thanks for the link, xD!
        looking at the regional dex… i think i will take flygon as my fifth and aggron as my sixth… and if i find spheal before tympole, i will take walrein as my water-type!

  3. Well I’m starting off with Snivy, I’ll use Psyduck, Mareep, Espeon, Trapinch, I don’t like any of the fire Pokemon so I’m sending over a Torkoal to use and then maybe a Klink or a fighting type.

    1. I usually hate fire types, but Chandelure really caught my eye 🙂 Volcarona is also *amazing*, but takes so long to train as a little larva.

  4. well, in the japanese version of black 2 i had used golduck, zoroark, and emboar VERY successfully. i know i’ll be changing it up this time with white 2 because i just loooove magnezone. it’ll take a while to get to chargestone cave, but it’ll be worth it. i might go back to my much-loved galvantula though. they’re just too cool. it’ll be sad to not have heracross for a while though… i’m sure crobat will fit in there as usual. maybe i’ll try to stick with serperior through the plot this time and get a few good bugs in honor of pokejungle. lol

    1. <333

      I can’t believe it, but I actually haven’t used Galvantula yet. Very eager to try out such a kickass spider 🙂 Ariados has been a favorite of mine since my first pkmn game, Crystal, but it’s base stats really don’t make it that viable. Was really happy when GameFreak decided to give us a decent arachnid.

  5. I’ve had both my initial teams decided for a few weeks now. On White 2 (which will become the game I’ll restart to play custom challenge teams on later), it’s going to be Serperior, Electivire, Golduck, Arcanine, Braviary, and Lucario. (Yes, Lucario. I’ve actually never used one in the main games, so I’m looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about.)

    Black 2 (my perma-save game) is the one I’m playing second, and on it the team is going to be Samurott, Magmortar, Sawsbuck, Gothitelle, Flygon, and Scrafty. Additionally, I’ve got the final movesets mapped out for both teams, and I’ve decided on the nicknames (and genders) for all of them as well.

    I’m trying to use Pokemon that I haven’t had any personal experience with before, but I am re-using a few that weren’t super stellar on previous teams (or old favorites, like Arcanine and Flygon). But I’m really looking forward to giving the repeats a fresh start where they have the potential to work well now that we have shard-based tutors again.

  6. I’m getting Black 2 and my team is gonna be
    1) Samurott
    2) Sceptile
    3) Emolga
    4) Flareon
    5) Honchkrow
    6) Lapras
    I’m planning on trading eggs over for a lot of them so i can control when i get them. XD

  7. Is it sad I’ve been waiting for this question to be asked? ;o; I spent a good two hours figuring out my team and names so here they are 😀

    Locke(meaning commander) the Male Samurott

    Willard(meaning protector) the male Sawsbuck

    Aiden the male Flygon (My favorite Dragon type)

    Cedric the male Zangoose (I’ve always wanted to use one but could never find it in other games or am too lazy xD So I’m fine with this one being a bit of a wait to add to the team)

    Viviana(Means Lovely, Full of life) the Female Ninetails (I breeded a shiny vulpix with drought to send over as an egg I’m so excited to use her ;u;)

    Alina the Female Glaceon(my all time favorite Pokemon)

    I can’t remember some of the meanings of the names for the reasons why I chose them Dx I also usually try and go with 3 boys and 3 girls but this time the guys won xD

    Tommarow needs to get here faster ;o;

  8. samurott, arcanine, lucario, glaceon, golurk, braviary all of their weakneses are covered

  9. Getting black 2 and i need some advice on my team, so far…

    Snivy -Starter/Grass
    Riolu – Physical Type/Fighting
    Magnemite Electric/Wall
    Eevee – Water (Vaporeon)
    Tornadus Therian Forme – Flyer/Legendary

    Now for my last one i dont know what to choose, i usually choose a fire type on my team but i used growlithe and darmanitan already and want to use a brand new team. And also i was thinking maybe something like a ground or some type of hard hitter. Any ideas?

  10. Not playing the game until next year (July I guess). My life in France is so busy that I don’t have time to play (and enjoy) Pokemon.

  11. Well, I’m gonna try do the nuzlocke challenge for the first time, so I haven’t got my team planned out that much. I am going to start with tepig though 😀 I will call him Bacon, and he will be my Bacon.

  12. Geez, even seeing the regonal Dex, I still don’t really know. I know that I’m going to start with Snivy, though,and tat you can catch Riolu RIDCULOUSLY early, so I’m like gonna use Serperior and Lucario. Other than those two, I have n clue. :s

  13. well, i’ve already bought White2 (and i was hoping that you could do challenge mode right away) and once i reset for a shiny Oshawott, i’ll be sending over a team of shinies that i have in my White. I might either do a team that doesnt evolve, or a team that evolves once. Or, i can do what i did with regular White and hunt for my team (which most of them in the same place…… Shiny Ampharos, Azumarill, Lucario are in the same place, then who knows) during gameplay

  14. Going through mono normal
    and i’ll swap in/out whichever one holds it’s own best out of:

  15. 1. Serperior
    2. Flygon
    3. Aggron
    4. Starmie
    5. Gliscor
    6. Skarmory
    7. Growlithe (Only going to be used in Gym 2 and 3)

    1. Nevermind. Replaced Gliscor with Lucario. So now I have 3 dual- steel types. Great.

  16. Well i played both the japanese version of black 2 and white 2 (black 2 first) and will be playing both again in english when they come out on friday in the uk (they came into my work today and i held them and wasn’t able to buy it- one of the most difficult days in work ive had lol) and my teams were as so and i think will be so:

    Black 2 (J)

    -Lapras (what a pain to get =_= )

    White 2 (J)

    -Glaceon (still cant believe i did the league with eevee XD)

    and i think for my english copies im gonna go with….

    Black 2 (E)


    -Glaceon (no more eevee at the league =_=)
    -Archeops (why no fossil to after league 🙁 )

    White 2 (E)

    -Camerupt (gonna trade from black 2)


  17. My games haven’t shipped from Amazon yet. I was expecting them to ship yesterday and be here tomorrow but ;_;

    No idea what my team will be… I will have my ‘pedes though! That is a guarantee.

  18. My team on jpn W2 was:

    Planned team for eng W2 (with some switching):
    Camerupt/Emboar (not sure if dumping starter or not)

  19. mine will probably be


    and then 2 out azumaril/zoruk/espeon/vaporeon/sandslash/pinsir

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