Gen III Coming to Pokémon GO This Halloween!

Generation III is just around the corner in Pokémon GO!

As per usual, our friends at Pokémon GO Hub have done their datamine of the latest APK and have found audio clips for all Generation III Pokémon, a new badge for catching Gen III ‘mon, and, most excitingly, a beautiful new loading screen wallpaper featuring some of the Gen III Ghost-types!

We’re not sure if the Ghost-type Pokémon native to Hoenn will be the only ones released during the Halloween event, or if the entire Generation will come at once, but one thing is for sure: Gen III is coming this Halloween!

Excited to get out this Hallows’ Eve and party like it’s 2003?! Remember to submit your spooky art as part of our Halloween ’17 Fan-Art Celebration if you haven’t already!

Is that a Mimikyu hat I see?!