Halloween 2017 @ PokéJungle

Halloween is fast approaching and it’s time to release your inner Ghost-Type!

As you may have noticed PokéJungle has received a spooky facelift in celebration of everyone’s favourite fall-time holiday! This month we decided to carve out some Pokémon-themed pumpkins for our theme, something we’re sure a lot of our readers will also be doing to their own pumpkins. We always get very excited when we launch a new theme and love to hear what you guys think about them in our comment section.

Alongside this new theme we also want to announce the Halloween ’17 Fan-Art Celebration! We want our readers to submit their best Pokémon Halloween artwork, from which we will pick our favourites and feature them in a special post on October 31st.

We’re looking for anything you’re willing to create, from pencil drawing to digital art and pumpkin carving to cake decorations. So long as it’s an original piece and it’s suitable for all audiences feel free to submit it!

Sending a submission is easy! Simply send an email containing your username and the artwork to pokejungle[at]pokejungle.net (make sure you change the [at] part to @ or we won’t receive it!)Alternatively you can send us your artwork via twitter by mentioning @pokejungle and using #PJHalloween17.

The deadline for submission is midnight, October 28th in your time zone. After which we will publish a new article with our favourites!

We can’t wait to see what fun and original pieces you guys create and look forward to seeing you soon for more Halloween fun right here on PokéJungle.net!