PokéJungle Does New York Comic Con

I had the pleasure of attending New York Comic Con on Sunday, October 8, 2017 and running into all these wonderful people cosplaying as our favorite characters from Pokémon. They were all ecstatic to be shared on PokéJungle too, whether they were familiar with us or not. Check them out!

Mario Guerra & daughter

“I’m glad she’s into Pokémon and not My Little Pony, or else I’d be dressed like a pony.”


Team Skull was too busy trying to win some free swag, or possibly steal it.

@MaxBien & friends

“Where my Nurse Joy at?


This Pikachu did not want to Play Nice when I asked for a quote. Not even a Growl.


“Prepare to burn…?”


The little Squirtle was shy when I asked if he knew what sounds a Squirtle makes, so I’ll just put down “Glub, glub, glub.”

Zachary Fuld & @kim_ception

“Don’t catch ’em all.”


They didn’t seem like they actually knew any Team Rocket lines.

@cuddlycactus, @_jeanster_ & son

“What would Ash say?” I asked the kid. He simply shrugged his shoulders and walked away.

@danjerface & @gogo_incognito

“I’ve seen a lot of strange Pokémon around and when I ask them if they’re well, they run away. I think Team Rocket is behind it, I saw them somewhere around here.”

So which cosplay is your favorite? Were you lucky enough to attend NYCC? Share your memories of the con below!