Virizion’s Vision: Ghostly Concepts

The time has come once again to lock all the doors, close all the windows, and to cower in the corner in fear as grotesque monstrosities come towards you. That’s right, my articles are back.

Now usually I love seasonal celebrations, but on this occasion I’m a bit of a grumpy old sod. By that I mean I don’t enjoy or celebrate Halloween like most people do. To me it’s just an excuse for kids to bully old people for sweets, or money by scaring the living daylights out of them. However, the horror theme does provide Ghost and Dark Pokémon a chance to show off their awesomeness. Over the years we have seen plenty of inspired designs make it into the series. Plenty of them have deep meaningful backgrounds such as Yamask, and Cofagrigus which Mechanos covered a few days ago. Every generation we get some new takes on ghost and monster like creatures which span from centuries of myths, and legends from around the globe. We’ve had a doppelganger, a gas spirit, a possessed doll, and a werewolf just to name a few. So with all these great ideas how does Gamefreak top this? What myths, legends, or horror themed objects can they use to create a new menace for us to capture? Here are a few thoughts:[spoiler]


This traditional Halloween fruit is something I’ve seen a lot of Fakémon based on when scrolling through deviantArt. The menacing grin usually carved into it is a fantastic look. The myth which says the pumpkin is used to ward off demons gives it a great background story too. I think mixing this with a scarecrow could make for one awesomely terrifying creature. With scarecrows also being used for protective means, it would make for a great combination. It could be a glowing red pumpkin head on top of a scarecrow body. It could possibly look similar to Cacturne. Typing could be any two of Ghost, Dark, Grass, and Fire if you consider the flame lit head and the haystack body. This is just one idea for the pumpkin, but if you were to look on the web you’ll find plenty of other inspiring ideas. How would you approach this theme?

Jack in the Box:

This is a brilliant example of what innocently started out as a prank toy, but has now become a common horror icon. The tension you get when you wind up the box and you have no idea when the object inside is going to pop out is incredibly unnerving. Usually it’s some sort of frightening looking jester/clown which just adds to the scare after the initial jump. My primary thought was of an evil clown. Although we already have clown like Pokémon (Mr. Mime and Mime Jr.) neither of them were based on terror, but after reading about Cofagrigus (again courtesy of Mechanos) the jack in the box idea suddenly occurred. The sarcophagus is pretty much just a fancy box with a Pharaoh usually inside. If you added a spring mechanic and a wind up key, then it would kind of be similar to a jack in the box, just with bodily remains flying out at you instead. The solid state of this box gives this Ghost type high defenses which makes it rather unique compared to the rest of the spiritual monsters. The jack in the box idea could work in the same way, with it having high defenses. However, to put a twist on it, I was thinking of a second ‘form’ where it’s in its ‘popped up’ stance. Instead of having high defenses, it could have high attacks instead. As for typing perhaps the box could be steel so we get a ghost/steel combo? What are your thoughts on this?

Zombie/Mind Control/Possession:

Now some of you may roll your eyes and sigh in apathy due to the saturation of zombies in the games industry these days. Some of you may even know that there already is a ‘zombie’ Pokémon – named Parasect. However I feel that the idea is still largely unexplored within the series. Now because the games are rated E for everyone, we can’t expect a new pocket monster to look all mangled with its brains hanging out etc. But a zombie doesn’t have to be a half rotten corpse; you could have a skeleton or a being which does not have self control. The game could do with something which is scary and has a great story behind it; something more obvious than the aforementioned Parasect. I haven’t got a particular design in mind for this one, but another idea is some sort of possession. We already have Banette to fill that role, however, because he’s an object he doesn’t have any past life which makes him interesting (other than being a plush doll). Having a creature or person being possessed would make things far more chilling. Knowing they used to lead a normal life before being taken over by an evil entity is what horror is all about. For example the iconic creepy little girl from Bioshock is quite eerie what with her glowing eyes which seemingly stare into your soul.

[/spoiler]So there you have it, my ghostly concepts. What are your thoughts on not only my ideas, but the ghost and horror genre as a whole? What designs and themes do you have, and want implemented into the series?

P.S. Sorry I have been absent for a while, college work has kept me very busy. I was never truly gone though; I just haven’t had the time to contribute to the site directly (however I’m always active in staff discussions). Anyhow enough of my excuses, see you next time.


  1. Pumpkin: Ghost/Grass with Flash Fire ability – that way it gets powered up when hit by fire instead of hurt. Negates a weakness.

    Jack in the Box: (Banette evo?): I’d probably do it pure dark-type and have it use boosted priority moves for that “jump” surprise. Perhaps dark/steel for a closed-tight box but when sprung it changes to dark/ghost or something. Perhaps its ability is just a different play on “Zen Mode”.

    Possession: This one I thought of as a marionette, reflecting attacks back to the foe’s team mates or being able to choose an actual attack or target from the foe.

    1. Wow awesome ideas 😀 you should be snapped up by Gamefreak. The pumpkin one would be pretty ace. I wanted to somehow mix the three types, but I didn’t look deep enough into things such as abilities. Great idea though, makes me sad that there isn’t one like it at the moment.
      The jack in the box is actually one of my favourite concepts. I especially love the priority move idea. Would be interesting if there was an ability which always allowed the Pokémon to attack first.
      Being able to possess the opponent would be awesome! Not sure how it would work in a balanced way, but nevertheless it needs to happen!

      1. Yeah that last one is a bit tricky since it’s a bunch of ideas that are difficult to think of them in pokemon logistics.
        “Zombie” is essentially making your foe into you and passing on the results. “Mummify” works well in that regard as well as “synchronize”.
        “Possession” is kind of already parasect, shedinja, banette, and yamask. You’d want control of the foe so things like encore+taunt/disable, snatch, thief, mean look+heal block/embargo, mimic+imprison, me first/after you would follow that idea.

        and thanks! I’ve come up with 300+ concepts, I’m quite proud. 🙂

        1. You’ve thought a lot about this haha, though I’ve got a whole folder of Pokémon designs. As you’ve pointed out there are a lot of existing abilities/moves which could be used to create a zombie/possession effect. But I feel they would need to introduce something completely new to make it unique and interesting (such as Zoroark’s ability). Should showcase your concepts, you never know it might lead to great things 🙂

          1. I should! I just need to figure out where and how! 😛

            As for a “possession” ability, I’m not sure how it’d work, maybe a 10% chance of controlling an opposing pokemon?

            Also for halloween: A Jekyll/Hyde or Werewolf pokemon that changes form at night.

          2. If I knew I would tell you 🙁

            Hmm maybe, though I’m still not sure how it would work. Perhaps there could be a 50% chance the opponent will hurt itself when it uses its first attack at the start of a battle?

            Ooooh yeah that could be pretty interesting 😀

    2. To add to your ideas, the Pumpkin could have high special attack but lower defenses(due to pumpkins being hollow) or at least a low physical defense and have the dream world ability Flare Boost maybe(boost special attack when burned). Also, make a move where the pokemon can burn themselves possibly(would add a dynamic to the game outside of just the pumpkin pokemon). On to the jack in the box, he could have an ability where when he gets hit with a physical move he switches types between ghost/steel(closed form) and ghost/fighting(open form). You could also give him an attack where called Wind Up or Crank Up or something in that area where when it reaches a count he switches types just in case the opponent doesn’t use physical moves. Finally, the Marionette is a great idea, I’ve long said that there should be a marionette pokemon. I personally think he would be best fit being a psychic type but seeing as the theme is horror/ghostly ideas, a ghost/dark, ghost/psychic, or ghost/normal(because some marionettes are based upon simple animals; if the marionette pokemon was based on an animal, it’d make sense to be normal, as alot of pokemon that immediately resemble animals(other than fish) are normal, such as: Rattata, Aipom, Lillipup, Meowth, Minccino, and Tauros just to name a few). As for the ability or method of controlling the opponent, I think the could give it an ability where all pokemon in the battle cannot use attacks of the same type immediately following one another( as in Ghost -> Ghost or Normal -> Normal). It would give the pokemon an element of control that comes with his theme, all the while keeping him from being OP/Broken. To do this effectively though, the pokemon would need a high speed stat I say close to that of a base stat of 105-115, making him the fastest of his type outside of Gengar and maybe Froslass and Mismagius. However, I don’t know how well these would keep the game balanced. Any thoughts/ideas?

      1. Yeah, Flare Boost for the pumpkin was what I was thinking of, not Flash Fire.
        Good idea on the Jack-in-the-Box types!
        Interesting idea for the marionette ability. It’d certainly play well with Hidden Power.

      2. Awesome comment 🙂 don’t apologize because it shows your interest which I appreciate since I don’t get too many replies usually.

        I love the idea for the pumpkin, it’s very well thought out and not only suits it, but also makes it very unique. One thing they could do (which may or may not be a pain) is have a second ability where it has ‘automatic flash’ outside of battle. So when you go through blacked out caves and what not, you don’t need to use the Flash TM. The only way it would be useful though is if there were many flash based areas or a large main area (which is what would make it annoying).
        The jack in the box switch thing is good too, a fighting ghost would be pretty cool. Scratch his steel box and he’ll punch your lights out haha. Something along the lines of Punch and Judy maybe?
        The marionette idea doesn’t have to include ghost or anything, I just wanted to focus on sinister beings which usually is only Ghost/Dark types. Psychic is definitely a must, the other type could vary depending on what the creature is. The ability is good, basing it on an existing move would make it quick and easy to implement, and already balanced. It would be nice to see something entirely new, but it would be difficult to find something not over powered.

    1. Zoroark’s body resembles one as it’s based on the same species – anthropomorphic canid. Although primarily it’s a shape shifting fox. I’m not so hot on the biological side, I’ll have a word with Mechanos to see if he can cover it soon 🙂

      1. Zoroark is probably just a kitsune, known for its shapeshifting in japanese lore.
        Kitsunes are usually kind of evil and usually female so that would explain the female zoroark in that movie and the one that is encountered in Lostlorn Woods.

  2. i love the fire/grass type idea, or a fire/water type would be nice, too. Eelektross has no weakness, so why not make pokemon with really weird typings? I don’t think we need another dark/steel type, though. It gives fighting types too much power/priority and most flying or psychic types don’t have high enough attack to even things out.

    1. I love weird typings, especially new unique ones. I was thinking of more ghost/steel, but yeah we don’t want too many of the same type combos. Gamefreak have done well in making sure there was plenty of variety in Gen V. Lets hope it continues for Gen VI.

      1. My ghost/steel idea was the stereotypical white-sheet ghost that carries chains with it to rattle around. The chain represents its sins and vices that keep it bound to this world, and thusly its ability is unburden.
        It also gains a signature move called “Burden” which significantly cuts the foe’s speed and doubles the foe’s weight as chains are placed on it.

        1. I’m loving your ideas 🙂 you put a lot of thought into it which makes it easy to envision in game. Hopefully some of them will come into fruition someday.

  3. U should make it so if u have a “death attack” so if u find a pokemon in grass it dies instantaneously,even with moves like rest and attract,and if trainer the trainer di I mean gives up so yeah only pokemon 2 use it would be zecrom, and/or any black, ghost dark or legendary pokemon(NO OH-HO!)

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