More English Names (UPD)

The Official UK Nintendo Magazine has posted a video revealing/confirming some English names! Sky Arrow Bridge is now Skyarrow Bridge Hodomoe City has been confirmed to be called Driftveil City (So far the map that we posted on what we think is the right order of the English city names is correct!) Finally the luxury … Read more


Pinwheel Forest is the English name of Yagaruma Forest.  Fun, huh?  Check out the new gameplay video here. ozy UPD from his phone during class :P: Tension is now Unnerve Regeneration is now Regenerator Vengeance is now Retaliate Bursting Flame is now Flame Burst Boiling Water is now Scald Evil Eye is now Hex Healing … Read more

All English Gym Leader Names

Thanks James for continually getting information for us! Cilan/Chili/Cress Lenora (Aloe) Burgh (Arti) Elesa (Kamitsure) Clay (Yacon) Skyla (Fuuro) Brycen (Hachiku) Drayden (Shaga) Iris How do you just feel about these names?!  Not too bad huh?  Share the on fb!  Imma go to sleep zZzZzZzZz <3 pokejungle ps- One of the seven sage characters is … Read more

City Names

May or may not be in the order in which they appear: – Nuvema Town – Striaton City – Nacrene City – Castelia City – Nimbasa City – Undella Town – Lacunosa Town – Opelucid City – Icirrus City – Mistralton City – Driftveil City <3 pokejungle ps- Thanks James!

Aloe’s English name is Lenora

That is all. In class right now. Researched a tip Missingno. Master gave me. Looks like a reviewer got an English copy of the game. Oh and the Victini event is confirmed to go from  March 6th to April 10th in the U.S. Alright, back to watching a vid of Buddhism. <3 pokejungle ps- Share … Read more

Breaking- Nimbassa City revealed! (UPD)

Previously known as Raimon City.  We’re still waiting for Kamitsure’s English name and her badge’s name as well.  Hopefully it’s something with a spark ;D The English version of the Zoroark movie has revealed this because the name of Kodai’s team in the Japanese version is the ‘Raimon Legends’ and in English it’s the ‘Nimbassa … Read more