Waiter Trio: Cilan, Chili, Cress [UPD2]

New Information (with Japanese in parentheses): Cilan (Dento) [Grass] Chili (Poddo) [Fire] Cress (Koon) [Water] Striaton City (Sanyou City) Trio Badge (Tri Badge) TM83 Work Up (Cheer Up) UPD: Nacrene City (Shippou City) News just surfaced from the Official Nintendo Magazine UK!  They also have posted a gameplay video in English if you’d like to see … Read more

English names for the Monkey Trio

Serebii was recently sent English promotional materials and they named the monkey trio, as well as confirmed that ‘N’ would be keeping his “name” (duh?).  Here’s the breakdown: Yanappu = Pansage (Sage is a plant) Baoyappu = Pansear Hiyappu = Panpour Aaaaaaaaaaaand what do you think? Any guesses about their evolution? (I’ve updated the English … Read more