August CoroCoro Leak Begins; Teases NEW POKÉMON

We have the first look at next year’s Pokémon movie which features an ominous dark shape… that doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen before. The caption next to it says “Is th-this a new Pokémon?!” Most likely a new form for Zygarde… but you never know 😉 [poll id=”85″] Reminds me of Evangelionto be honest. … Read more

January CoroCoro Leaking, 2015 Movie Poster Revealed

Our first ‘look’ at next year’s Pokémon film is finally here! It features the Primal Reversions of Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza and an ominous eclipse in the background. There also appears to be a new Pokémon TCG design as well which will be clearer when more pages leaked. We’ll keep you updated! <3 PJ FEATURED … Read more

December CoroCoro Leaking!

The December issue of Japanese comic magazine CoroCoro, which is released in November, has begun leaking on Twitter and Japanese forums. New female character Higana who is searching for something We’ll keep you posted with any new developments in this post. <3 PJ FEATURED DISCUSSION: Themed Pokémon Parties

UPD: November CoroCoro Leaks: New Mega Evolutions!

CoroCoro has begun leaking on Japanese boards and there are no pictures yet, BUT details have been revealed and some new mega evolutions are featured. There’s also an early image released via Twitter user. Mega Latios & Mega Latias Mega Beedrill Type: Bug/P0ison, Ability: Adaptability, profound boost in attack and speed Mega Pidgeot Type: Normal/Flying, Ability: … Read more

Corocoro October 2014 Leaking – UPD

  UPD: Full (and new) scans have surfaced! An advertisement for the November issue(next month) of Corocoro, from Shonen Sunday, has surfaced, along with the actual October issue of Corocoro! First image leaked(the one in black and white) reveals that a serial code will unlock a trial version of Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire … Read more

September CoroCoro Leaks: Day 2

Mega Evolutions can be used in Contests once you fill the ‘Excite Meter’ CoroCoro mentions Feebas, but does not say that it’s evolution hinges upon contests, nor does it hint that Mega Milotic is a possibility. Sorry 🙁 <3 PJ FEATURED DISCUSSION: Future Mega Pokemon ideas from PJN by Malachite