August CoroCoro Leak Begins; Teases NEW POKÉMON

2015-08_01We have the first look at next year’s Pokémon movie which features an ominous dark shape… that doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen before. The caption next to it says “Is th-this a new Pokémon?!” Most likely a new form for Zygarde… but you never know 😉

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Reminds me of Evangelionto be honest. More is expected so visit often!

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  1. I was kinda hoping for DLC in ORAS to compensate this year, but this is cool too. To me it looks a lot like Obelisk the Tormentor from Yu-Gi-Oh with really flat arms and Zygarde’s head. In all, I feel it’s either a X or Y mega, and will feature some new Mega’s for the possible Z version. Still hoping for a Gen 1 remake however!

    1. That dragon is history mate
      Besides the Two wont fuse back even if they wanted

  2. I belive that is a new form for Zygarde, for is say in the pokedex that Zygarde will show it’s secret power if ecosystem in Kalos is in disarray and it kinda have features of Zygarde, head and the pillers on the shoulders looks like the one Zygarde have on his back.

  3. I can kinda of see it being Zygarde. For a start, the pointed bits at the tops of its arms kinda looks like the 5 pointed bit of Z’s back, just taken in to become more angular or the 5 pointy things could become what look to be a crown on it’s head. Furthermore, it would support the theory that Zygarde is in it’s cocoon form now, therefore shedding and changing into something more human could make it look like the mysterious thing shown.
    If it is Zygarde, I expect it to keep it’s snake like features from the waist below

  4. I’m willing to predict that it’s a new Zygarde form. We’ve seldom heard news about the follow up to OR/AS and X/Y so I believe that this is the best way to promote the new Zygarde form (just like they promoted Mega Charizard X with Pokemon Origins).

  5. Certainly looks like a Zygarde form (new form more likely than Mega due to the radical appearance change in a similar vein to Hoopa) which i suppose confirms that we will be getting an announcement for the 3rd game/s fr this gen. Now for it to do a GS and combine Kalos with Hoenn and include Battle Frontier PLZZZ

  6. Looks like a Digimon o.o
    Most likely a Zygarde Form? Mega? Evolution? Primal? (Insert new term here)?
    If it is, I find it weird that he grows.. claws
    It’s design seems pretty complicated though, it’s hard to decipher much from the silhouette.

    I am excited that there is something teased after a long hiatus. Next year’s game is now pretty much confirmed to be announced this year, which is good. It also means that we’ll probably get the game(s) at the earlier quarters of 2016.

    Pretty damn excited for what’s to happen in the upcoming months! Just imagine all the new Megas *screams internally*

    1. Here’s to hoping the next games have new pokemon in it, as an expansion to those in X/Y? 72 pokemon isn’t a whole lot imo…

  7. I gotta go with a Forme; I do not want to hastily deem as a Mega Evolution since its too predicable
    As for the Silhouette I have high hopes that it’ll be some kinda “Vengeful guardian of the ecosystem knight that something or someone has invoked its wrath”
    And I really hope it doesn’t lose its Ground typing (Seriously Gamefreak you only had two f*cking Ground Types in XY so don’t dissapoint me)

  8. im pretty sure if this is real, its most probably a zygarde forme, but i would absolutely not mind it being a new legendary, going in the direction of a guardian of the ecosystem etc., like EarthenWarrior said. I also wouldnt mind if this guardian would be a sort of golem like the regis, but one step further. The reason i think this is bc that would mean we could have something to balance out all the chaos hoopa creates with the portals, and this new legendary could close/reverse the portals to prevent alternative universes to clash. literally how neat would that be

  9. This is no doubt a new Zygarde form; the head is remarkably similar to Zygarde’s. But has anyone noticed the large crystal-shaped pillars on its “arms?” That’s pretty cool in my opinion. It’s also getting this Xatu-like third eye. Pretty cool as well. But, what about Zygarde’s new moves: Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves? How will those relate to this Pokemon, if at all? It’s all up for speculation at this point.

  10. You already know-
    It’s the long awaited-
    Speculated for years-
    Regigigas sky form!

    But yeah it’s a new Zygarde form, it has the same diamond theme going on that Zygarde does (and if you look really closely the design of the top of the head resembles the design of Zygarde’s tail)

  11. Wow “Zygarde ” is looking pretty dope in that teaser. Gotta say I’m pretty excited for this new season of pre-release lol

  12. It’s not exactly what I’d expect from a new Zygarde forme, but that’s probably what it is.

  13. Honestly all wrong. Its my true form. all jokes aside. it could be connected to zygarde too

  14. There’s no mistaking it. This is a new Zygarde form. It has the eyes. And they’re at an angle like the regular Zygarde’s are. The only difference is instead of one eye glowing, it’s two and there’s a hexagonal pattern above the eyes, fits Zygarde’s theme of hexagons.

  15. Now that I’m thinking about it, this could be the form for Zygarde’s Thousand Arrows, as the design seems to fit the scheme of the move, it’s frills are all pointed down but upward (in that drawing that Pokejungle showed on Twitter), like they’re ready to shoot at something.

  16. At first I thought it looked like a Mega Regi, but looking closer I believe it’s Mega Zygarde. You know what this means? New game/games next year!

  17. I really wanted them to pull a Zoroark on us, but I think it’s definitely a new Zygarde form. I’m totally fine with that, although it does imply that we’ll be returning to Kalos again instead of beginning a new generation for 2016. I honestly think they need to start fresh.

      1. Yes! The story was lost in time, and our mission is to retrieve it. We all know a game can’t be shipped without a story…right?

  18. At first it looked like a new slimmer regi
    Buut nowi see new zygarde form
    Confirming new pokemon game 2016
    I hope all the theories of more pokemon being in Z is right, I want mooooooore

    1. But you guys already know what I want the most
      They took a year off for this game so hopefully that is enough time for them to make it…

  19. So will we get Z or X2/Y2.
    I personally want sequels and I want them to give us more details about mega evolution,project AZOTH,AZ, and the multiverse .

    1. All I really want is a new story. Same place different story. I played both X an Y so I’m a little burned out on the whole original XY story at the moment lol Sequels or Prequels or whatever is good…just as long as it isn’t the “typical” third version game

      1. Yeah me too.
        There’s a lot they could do with sequels, I want them to build on the story of XY and Delta episode rather than give us the same story with zygarde thrown in

        1. Yeah definitely. Also I’ve had a feeling since they revealed the XY map that it might get the Unova treatment as there’s a large amount of space not used to it’s full potential. Maybe this new game will add multiple new areas like BW2 did? lol

    2. The whole multi-verse thing was already down in Black and White, it’s just that it was was less than even a subplot.

  20. It’s probably just me but I personally think it’s a new Kyurem form which I hope it’s not…

    1. I think the head looks like Kyurem….but only bc it has the diamond shape in the middle of it’s eyes. I don’t think it’s Kyurem tho bud lol

  21. I think it’s Zygarde’s new forme. I rather GameFreak take a break from Mega Legendaries! Still, this there would be a new game for 2016 or 2017. We already knew GameFreak were working on their next project! So, I can’t wait to see what this turns out to be. (Finally, Zygarde could be a good legendary.)

    1. Zygarde does pale in comparison to Xerneas and Yvetal, much like how Kyurem did to Reshiram and Zekrom in terms of base stats. That alone made me think that we would be getting a sequel/sequels involving Zygarde since the beginning and now it appears that time will come for next year.

  22. I do not understand how you can see Zygarde in this…I just don’t see anything from a snake ish pokemon in it.. More like a treelike dude or something.

    Maybe a new fusion pokemon? I hope a new pokemon though


    1. Because Zygarde was mentioned to be a prominent character of the Movie
      and also because of the data debunk revealing two unique Ground type attacks Thousand Waves and Thousand Arrows, all facts point to Zygarde
      and the fact of Zygarde’s subpar stats so a Forme/Mega is highly speculated

        1. Not likely Primals are kinda a one time deal
          everyone overlooks this the Ancient Hoenn region possesed extremely powerful primordial natural energy which Groudon and Kyorge drew power from forming the forms the native Hoenn deemed Primal


    We could seriously get a pokemon Z/XZ YZ/X2Y2 any week now.
    This looks like a primal Zygarde to me. It does have some sort of ancient power according to the pokedex. Maybe it can release it under priaml form

  24. Zygarde’s X/OR pokedex entry,

    “When the Kalos region’s ecosystem falls into disarray, it appears and reveals its secret power.”

    “Secret power” implies that it possesses that power currently, just not exuding it. So it leans to a being either a Mega or a Form. If it’s a Mega evolution, we might see a Mega Rayquaza-esque way of Mega evolving.

    “Serena’s thrown piece of gum wrapper has reached Zygarde!” or something

  25. My 2 cents aren’t even worth 2 cents usuallly, but just the crown looking points on the top of the pokemon head look an awful lot like the points on zygarde’s back.

  26. I see different traits of Zygarde’s regular form. It looks kinda like a knight. But you know what it’s head reminds me of?

  27. The way the from seems to look on it’s top half has me wondering what it’s bottom half looks like. Does it have legs or is it just a snake like bottom?

    1. It seems like it’s gonna be snake like. What I’m interested is what is on the bottom of it’s four protrusions on it’s side. They’re obviously similar to the frills on the Zygarde’s back. It’s possible that both ends could be pointy, that would make for and interesting design and the bottom has more points than the top, like the frills on Zygarde’s back or it could just be arms. It seems to like this form represents one of Zygarde’s moves, possibly Thousand Arrows?

  28. Let’s Silhouette analysis
    Humanoid Torso
    Unknown pelvic region (could be Biped quad or serpentine)
    Massive Clawed hands
    Gigantic pillars attached to the arm could be sheathed wings there appears to be 2 of them
    2 gleaming eyes and a glowing rhombus in the forehead and crown like features ob the head

    1. Can’t forget the glowing diamonds on its hands and lower torso, as shown in the 3rd picture (the one on the torso is kind of obscured by the exclamation point).

      1. Zygarde does have something inbetween its eyes, though. So it’s possible that if it opens up, it will be more diamond shaped.

  29. Looking forward to the new game for early next year. Guessing either March time like the original games or perhaps June like Black and White 2. They are going to want the game(s) out there before the movie so that they can have a special distribution for Zygarde. So it is looking like it might be Pokemon Z but they have been shaking things up recently so it could be a sequel game (my preference) or something else entirely…. i’m currently hoping for a G/S type game with Kalos being the first region and then travelling to Hoenn later with updated gym leaders and a finished Battle Frontier (i mean they have stated Kalos and Hoenn are neighbours and there was so much talk in ORAS of things that would be “finished” soon). PLEASE GF!!

    1. Yessss!!!
      I hope this Sequel is as good as B2W2
      And I hope it includes Battle Frontier too!!(I love how you like the Battle Frontier, nobody else really cares about it)I hope they bring a bunch of cool features too Character customization please
      And more megas!!

  30. Here’s another artist’s interpretation of the Zygarde form. This one *to me* looks a little more accurate. I just realized something too. Xerneas is quadrupedal, and Yveltal is avian. Neither of them have hands. So Zygarde possibly having hands could even out the playing field, yet still keeping it’s serpent characteristics for the bottom half of it’s body. I wonder if there’s any creatures in Norse Mythology that match either this design or the design below.

  31. Could it just be the evil adversary’s giant mechanical creature that Ash and co. have to stop from causing massive destruction?

  32. Rest in peace Iwata-san. Your words alone have changed the gaming industry and the world itself. You will be missed beyond words can describe, <3 🙁

  33. Does anyone else think that the outline of this new zygarde form’s face resembles the face of the Strange Souvenir?

  34. Guys, did you notice how the new Zygarde form kinda looks lika an “A”? Do you think the new game will be titled Pokémon AZ?

    If it is, it’ll be funny to see Kusaka’s reaction to having to make AZ a PokéDex Holder in Pokémon SPECIAL, assuming he will make a comment about it.

  35. Definitely the Strange Souvenir ‘mon. Look at the headshape. 😉

  36. guys, doesn’t that dark shape kind of looks like that statue located inside the pokemon league in x and y. you’re able to see the statue when you take the circle elevator to fight diantha. maybe that statue represents this new mysterious pokemon?

  37. i would be kinda sad if it ends up being a zygarde form, even if its pretty likely, i like it as a weird bug serpent

  38. Unless you’re looking at it from an abstract point of view, it actually looks similar to one of the legendary golems. Notice the glowing eyes and the fact that it shows three separate things, I think it’s a safe bet that it’s a new Regigigas form(s).

  39. its volcanion mega evolution. Hoopa and Diancie, two recently released Pokémon have their own movie why not Volcanion. Volcanion’s chest has two diamonds just like the diamond on the head. Volcanion has the same feet as the mysterious Pokémon. Volcanion is classified as a “Steam Pokémon” (Source Serebii) with both water and fire types. Therefore Volcanion may be disrupting the Ecosystem, and so Zygarde is called upon to save it, which is why the green minions looked in distress. Guess what, the only known ability it has yet is “Water Absorb” (Source Serebii), ring a bell now, or are still drifting in space (lol pun intended). Volcanion also has the power to blow away mountains which is NOT a good thing. So it must be Volcanion’s mega evolution.

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