Pokémon Shuffle: Arceus, Seviper and MORE!

Pokémon Shuffle has been updated yet again today! First off, Seviper makes an appearance in the ongoing Daily Pokémon list completing the group of five Pokémon making appearances this week and next. For those who haven’t yet had the chance to defeat and catch the Daily Pokémon, next week Wynaut will appear on Monday, Torkoal will appear on Tuesday, Zangoose on Wednesday, Luvdisc will show up on Thursday and finally Seviper will appear again on Friday.

After the departure of Jirachi from the game, Arceus has appeared in an all-new Ultra Challenge. Players will be able to face Arceus until July 24th. Be warned though, Arceus is extremely tough and you’ll need to bring your strongest Pokémon.

Finally, Mega Lucario will be returning for the third time to the game. From the 13th of July players will be able to compete against others in their region to be in for a chance of winning a Lucarionite.